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  The authoritative board on conference realignment? -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/04/2015 12:13AM
  ACC to new sports? -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 11:47PM
  No ** -- Maroon Baboon  08/04/2015 12:01AM
  Big 12 teams to ACC -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 11:46PM
  Re: Big 12 teams to ACC -- cubucks  08/04/2015 12:06AM
  Re: Re: Big 12 teams to ACC -- HokieFromOhio  08/04/2015 12:33AM
  Another thought -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 11:04PM
  Posted this below about a minute ago... -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 11:17PM
  Re: Posted this below about a minute ago... -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 11:29PM
  I'm not talking about conference tourneys... -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 11:45PM
  Re: I'm not talking about conference tourneys... -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 11:50PM
  Please allow me to introduce myself -- cubucks  08/03/2015 9:23PM
  Re: Please allow me to introduce myself -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 11:48PM
  Re: Re: Please allow me to introduce myself -- dayooper  08/04/2015 12:21AM
  Re: Re: Re: Please allow me to introduce myself -- dayooper  08/04/2015 12:21AM
  Re: Please allow me to introduce myself -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 11:38PM
  Re: Re: Please allow me to introduce myself -- cubucks  08/04/2015 12:03AM
  Re: Re: Re: Please allow me to introduce myself -- HokieFromOhio  08/04/2015 12:06AM
  Almost to a person, we'd be thrilled with OU and VT to B1G. -- Maroon Baboon  08/03/2015 11:17PM
  "I'm a man of wealth and taste"? Welcome !!! ** -- Hokiefan5  08/03/2015 10:38PM
  Do you drink Dos Equis? ** -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 10:47PM
  Re: Do you drink Dos Equis? -- cubucks  08/03/2015 11:00PM
  Pleased to meet you, ** -- corvt2000  08/03/2015 10:45PM
  Re:  -- cubucks  08/03/2015 10:42PM
  Welcome aboard -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 10:14PM
  Not that they carry any weight, but Rutgers has also. ** -- Atlee Hokie  08/03/2015 11:26PM
  Mental block. -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 11:50PM
  Re: Welcome aboard -- JT4VT  08/03/2015 10:49PM
  Re: Re: Welcome aboard -- cubucks  08/03/2015 10:57PM
  Re: Welcome aboard -- cubucks  08/03/2015 10:37PM
  Welcome. Civil discourse of the realignment topic is rare. -- DMaroonHokie  08/03/2015 9:44PM
  Welcome! -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 9:44PM
  Re: Welcome! -- cubucks  08/03/2015 9:47PM
  Yep. World seems to get smaller everyday. -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 10:05PM
  Re: Yep. World seems to get smaller everyday. -- cubucks  08/03/2015 10:11PM
  Tramel: B1G scheduling model further cripples Big XII -- HOO86  08/03/2015 7:26PM
  As part of this scheduling change, is there a caveat... -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 10:57PM
  Other P5s mandating P5 OOC games is a positive for Big XII OOC -- Colonel Jessup  08/03/2015 7:55PM
  Anyone not want to see ACC expand again? -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 5:12PM
  No. I like what possibilities exist -- Victor Tango  08/03/2015 7:53PM
  No. Expand to 20 members -- DMaroonHokie  08/03/2015 6:05PM
  Re: No. Expand to 20 members -- HokieFromOhio  08/03/2015 10:57PM
  Yes, I would like to see the ACC expand to 16 members -- VTHokie2000  08/03/2015 5:33PM
  Agreed in the 4 directional super conferences -- BigTenPride  08/03/2015 8:26PM
  Ultimate solution IMHO would be... -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 11:13PM
  16 would be my limit, but.... -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 7:49PM
  Fifteen is my limit  -- PadrosWindup  08/03/2015 9:27PM
  VT & ACC Insiders Roll Call - Future Additions -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 3:30PM
  No insider info whatsoever, but... -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 8:23PM
  Real insider info? Good luck. ** -- marcbvtgm  08/03/2015 6:11PM
  Very true. No "Dudes" throwing out rumors every 3 days. ** -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 7:53PM
  Great post. ** -- Will Stewart     08/03/2015 7:38PM
  Agree... -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 6:23PM
  In what year does the Big-12 GOR expire? Thanks. ** -- Bentwood Apartments  08/03/2015 2:59PM
  2025 I believe. ** -- goldendomer  08/03/2015 3:53PM
  ACC GOR void if no ACC network by some specific date? -- hokie77  08/03/2015 2:35PM
  Incorrect. ESPN will add $30 million per year in -- HOO86  08/03/2015 5:01PM
  I do not believe that the GOR contains such a provision. However..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  08/03/2015 4:45PM
  Re: ACC GOR void if no ACC network by some specific date? -- SAMMYNOLE  08/03/2015 4:02PM
  Rumor in 2012-13 was that FSU stayed because of a promised ACCN. -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 7:40PM
  Chip Brown article: OU potentially angling for SEC -- Colonel Jessup  08/03/2015 09:48AM
  I thought the SEC didn't give out "bids" or make invitations? -- Mr. Touchdown  08/03/2015 3:10PM
  Re:  -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 3:22PM
  If OU has an "actual offer", they are gone. -- Atlee Hokie  08/03/2015 11:38PM
  Brown's timeline? -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 1:22PM
  The Big XII talked to Pitt, but it was before WVU. -- HOO86  08/03/2015 1:43PM
  Luck tried to sell WVU and Pitt as a package, but failed -- Tailgate Guru  08/03/2015 5:21PM
  Guessing their choice of the ACC -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 2:52PM
  Yes and also Geography. -- HOO86  08/03/2015 4:53PM
  I just sense that WVU is doomed... -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 10:23PM
  The Big 10 was interested in Pitt & Syracuse before those 2.. -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 2:28PM
  Interested is a strong word -- BigTenPride  08/03/2015 2:59PM
  Re: Interested is a strong word -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 4:43PM
  PSU is not the Big Ten -- BigTenPride  08/03/2015 5:26PM
  B1G was more interested than you want to believe.... -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 7:22PM
  Re: -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 1:30PM
  Chip Brown is speculating SEC -- BigTenPride  08/03/2015 12:01PM
  I only see the ACC or Pac 12 taking both OU/OSU. ** -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 1:10PM
  SEC + Oklahoma = most likely? -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 12:28PM
  .... -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 1:28PM
  How does Boone Pickens influence this? -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 2:41PM
  Big national conference...... -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 3:17PM
  Yep, something along those lines. -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 7:15PM
  Re: T-Boone -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 3:02PM
  Let me ask a question and I may already be answering it. -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 5:14PM
  Re: -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 6:31PM
  Since T. Boone is getting up there in years -- VTHokie2000  08/03/2015 2:59PM
  WRT T. Boone, he may be very connected with people -- VTHokie2000  08/03/2015 5:24PM
  I'm thinking more hired gun professional management -- Alpharetta Hokie  08/03/2015 7:21PM
  So you are saying GOR can be defeated? -- Colonel Jessup  08/03/2015 12:43PM
  2 tactics to break GOR (well 3) -- BigTenPride  08/03/2015 3:01PM
  Re: 2 tactics to break GOR (well 3) -- 33laszlo99  08/03/2015 8:47PM
  I'm going with #1. -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 1:36PM
  #1 seems the most likely -- Victor Tango  08/03/2015 1:35PM
  Texas Tech -- BigTenPride  08/03/2015 3:05PM
  Except the Pac-12 doesn't want Texas Tech -- VTHokie2000  08/03/2015 4:27PM
  The Dude of WV is losing his mind on Twitter -- CobbCountyHokie  08/02/2015 11:25PM
  He just got outed as a Liar by Luck him self -- goldendomer  08/02/2015 11:41PM
  Article -- goldendomer  08/02/2015 11:47PM
  I'd pay money for an annual WVU vs UVA -- Colonel Jessup  08/03/2015 12:20PM
  Hopefully the WVU fans have lightened up a bit. -- HOO86  08/03/2015 1:51PM
  The last time wasn't pretty -- Nortazhokie  08/03/2015 12:30PM
  Except that nobody in the SEC thinks that... -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 11:42AM
  A case could be made that WVU would give the SEC -- VTHokie2000  08/03/2015 1:14PM
  It could be made, but it would be pretty weak ** -- marcbvtgm  08/03/2015 1:39PM
  WRT the DMV, it may or may not be as weak as you think. -- VTHokie2000  08/03/2015 1:57PM
  WVU is, at best, the 5th biggest player in the DC market. -- marcbvtgm  08/03/2015 6:10PM
  I guess Oliver Luck would disagree with you. -- VTHokie2000  08/03/2015 7:43PM
  SEC will get into the DMV when VT joins... -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 2:03PM
  IMO, WVU has just as good a shot joining the ACC. -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 09:57AM
  Big difference between "as good" and "good" ** -- marcbvtgm  08/03/2015 1:40PM
  The ACC was desperate when they took UL... -- Mr. Touchdown  08/03/2015 11:38AM
  I'd say there is essentially no chance of that... -- lawhokie  08/03/2015 08:46AM
  Precisely. That tiny window has closed. ** -- marcbvtgm  08/03/2015 09:55AM
  Possible but B1G & PAC would have to out maneuver the SEC -- BigTenPride  08/03/2015 09:40AM
  Re: -- KinboWonkly  08/03/2015 1:46PM
  The SEC blew their chances with the ACC. -- Old Line Hokie  08/03/2015 09:55AM
  So more "market" adds for B1G -- Colonel Jessup  08/03/2015 09:54AM
  Grow sec acc inter conference games -- Mercury  08/03/2015 08:01AM
  Can you picture Frank Beamer being in on some plot -- Colonel Jessup  08/03/2015 10:06AM
  Absolutely. Isn't a conspiracy.  -- chuckd4vt  08/03/2015 5:40PM
  Hate to break to you but if we joined in full recruiting  -- goldendomer  08/03/2015 5:55PM
  It's a risk if they of make us feel alienated -- goldendomer  08/02/2015 11:26PM
  ND will join sooner than most expect, IMO  -- daveinop  08/02/2015 09:05AM
  GOR is nothing more than a larger exit fee -- BigTenPride  08/02/2015 12:33PM
  Not quite. -- 133304Hokie  08/02/2015 1:27PM
  Who paid Maryland's exit fee? ** -- BigTenPride  08/02/2015 7:38PM
  Maryland "paid" it. When it became  -- RJHokie  08/02/2015 8:27PM
  Texas -- Old Line Hokie  08/01/2015 11:51PM
  Where is there to go? -- VaTechHokiesACC  08/02/2015 10:23PM
  Geez, who peed in your cheerios this morning? -- Freddyburg Hokie  08/01/2015 9:03PM
  Also now in Duke's. -- HOO86  08/01/2015 4:56PM
  Neither article says what will happen to K-state and OkSt. -- Maroon Baboon  08/01/2015 7:17PM
  KSU and OSU would have to be taken care of.  -- HOO86  08/02/2015 4:42PM
  They are perfect candidates for the Pac-12 ** -- Edgeman  08/02/2015 5:57PM
  I don't see the Pac12 taking these unless with UT or OU. ** -- Maroon Baboon  08/02/2015 10:04PM
  If UT, OU, KU go to B1G, the balance of power shifts to B1G... -- Maroon Baboon  08/02/2015 10:02PM
  Some here are saying the ACC will expand to 20. -- Old Line Hokie  08/02/2015 9:22PM
  32 Teams* ** -- BalmerHokie  08/02/2015 8:30PM
  Yes. Big South or Colonial. ** -- jesuisvtguy  08/01/2015 10:58AM
  Yes. A bottle of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 (Black Label). ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/31/2015 10:01PM
  Not Wild Turkey? -- VTHokie2000  08/01/2015 11:45AM
  Maybe Wild Turkey Rare Breed if things get bad. ** -- Old Line Hokie  08/01/2015 4:12PM
  Could at some point college athletics be played year round? -- VTHokie2000  07/31/2015 4:48PM
  Some on here have suggested moving baseball to May through July. -- Old Line Hokie  07/31/2015 9:53PM
  Even though there are "sports" going on in June and late August -- VTHokie2000  08/01/2015 11:43AM
  SEC fans will gladly watch re-runs all summer. -- Old Line Hokie  08/01/2015 4:06PM
  An advance party from VT to the B1G? -- Perfesser  07/31/2015 2:53PM
  B1G Scheduling Model Moving Forward -- goldendomer  07/31/2015 12:04PM
  Even with a 9 game conference schedule -- VTHokie2000  08/03/2015 11:38AM
  Re: B1G Scheduling Model Moving Forward -- osubuckeyes27  08/01/2015 12:46AM
  Well that is interesting, either UConn or Big 12 i assume -- goldendomer  08/01/2015 12:03AM
  I can't see the ACC losing any members until 2027. -- Old Line Hokie  08/01/2015 10:15AM
  Re: I can't see the ACC losing any members until 2027. -- dayooper  08/01/2015 10:25AM
  Good point...... -- Old Line Hokie  08/01/2015 11:26AM
  Re: Well that is interesting, either UConn or Big 12 i assume -- osubuckeyes27  08/01/2015 12:42AM
  Im not sure if it's required, but it makes it a bit -- reestuart  08/01/2015 11:43AM
  P-67, SEC is including Army at non-conf. P-5 game. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/31/2015 3:03PM
  Well they might just as well go with ODU ** -- BigCrumpy  07/31/2015 5:17PM
  Would VT and UVA allow ODU to go to the SEC? -- VTHokie2000  07/31/2015 5:25PM
  Odu is now the same as east carolina -- Mercury  07/31/2015 6:10PM
  I realize that ODU is a member of CUSA. -- VTHokie2000  07/31/2015 6:38PM
  Re: I realize that ODU is a member of CUSA. -- mrcaniac  07/31/2015 11:31PM
  I don't disagree with the logic. -- VTHokie2000  08/01/2015 11:34AM
  Sticky Situation -- mrcaniac  08/02/2015 12:39AM
  Need common rules for all of P66. Makes for much better -- hokie4ever  07/31/2015 1:48PM
  How long will it take the ACC to cut out FCS games? ** -- daveinop  07/31/2015 12:45PM
  Hopefully soon, I know that some FCS schools obtain there whole -- goldendomer  07/31/2015 1:54PM
  What if a state passes a law requiring a FBS school -- VTHokie2000  07/31/2015 1:59PM
  Probably a future lawsuit. ** -- wwhokie1  07/31/2015 2:41PM
  From a budgetary standpoint, that may not be the case. -- VTHokie2000  08/01/2015 12:08PM
  I get that -- daveinop  08/01/2015 3:58PM
  I was not suggesting that the power conferences -- VTHokie2000  08/01/2015 7:13PM
  What politician in SC is gonna mess w/ Clemson and USC? ** -- chuckd4vt  08/01/2015 10:40AM
  I agree that a team should not play more than 1. -- VTHokie2000  07/31/2015 2:24PM
  Yes, I understand the reason behind moving 1 to West -- VTHokie2000  08/01/2015 7:14PM
  Re: Yes, I understand the reason behind moving 1 to West -- dayooper  08/02/2015 08:10AM
  I disagree because the protected Indiana-Purdue game -- VTHokie2000  08/02/2015 8:46PM
  I'm all for eliminating FCS teams from ACC schedules. -- Old Line Hokie  07/31/2015 12:32PM
  UVA will be playing Indiana and Illinois -- HOO86  07/31/2015 2:04PM
  The ACC needs to do this - SOS and to drive media value... -- Mr. Touchdown  07/31/2015 12:51PM
  As a fan/season ticket holder, I didn't like them either. -- VTHokie2000  07/31/2015 12:45PM
  How much time have our back-ups seen in the FCS games? -- Mr. Touchdown  07/31/2015 1:36PM
  Of course ND can.  -- daveinop  07/31/2015 12:28PM
  You better play a good schedule if you want to be in the playoff." It's  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  07/31/2015 07:34AM
  Of course that is the official word..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/30/2015 10:22PM
  Nd is equity partner as the 5 conferences  -- Mercury  07/31/2015 12:50AM
  Deleted ...accidentally clicked submit -- seekoHoG  07/31/2015 2:35PM
  5 conferences for 4 spots is the bigger issue -- Colonel Jessup  07/30/2015 9:29PM
  Boy do I disagree -- crabcake77  07/31/2015 3:26PM
  I'll take the under...more like 3 to 5 years. -- daveinop  07/31/2015 1:11PM
  Man Domer, you've been a buzzkill today! ;) -- Old Line Hokie  07/30/2015 6:30PM
  PAC likely out of expansion -- goldendomer  07/30/2015 1:52PM
  More Larry Scott Comments -- HOO86  07/30/2015 10:33PM
  Interesting comments. -- Old Line Hokie  07/31/2015 09:48AM
  I agree, but will not happen under current leadership. -- HokieHollar  08/01/2015 6:56PM
  Misdirection -- BigTenPride  07/30/2015 5:00PM
  Exactly. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  07/31/2015 09:46AM
  I wonder if they regret adding UU and CU? -- Maroon Baboon  07/30/2015 4:07PM
  A majority of Pac 10 fans weren't thrilled about adding 2.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/30/2015 4:22PM
  Utah and Colo were good additions for the PAC. ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/30/2015 4:12PM
  SEC, ACC, and B1G can handle the B12 teams just fine ** -- hokie4ever  07/30/2015 3:43PM
  Okay then what's the breakdown? That is the issue I'm -- goldendomer  07/30/2015 3:47PM
  This assumes that conferences see that working -- hokie4ever  07/30/2015 5:29PM
  Re: This assumes that conferences see that working -- 33laszlo99  07/30/2015 11:49PM
  I think that a number of B-12 schools will be left out ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/30/2015 4:07PM
  Quick Q for you -- daveinop  07/30/2015 3:12PM
  RyND? ** -- moonda  07/30/2015 5:10PM
  On irish envy it's cali domer ** -- goldendomer  07/30/2015 5:34PM
  Ok. I was on Rock's House ** -- moonda  07/30/2015 7:41PM
  "Foreseeable future" Didn't Swofford say something similar -- seekoHoG  07/30/2015 2:45PM
  I think it's true because OU and Texas don't want the PAC -- goldendomer  07/30/2015 2:40PM
  Posturing... ** -- daveinop  07/30/2015 3:03PM
  Not a big surprise there ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/30/2015 2:44PM
  Probably good news for the ACC? -- Old Line Hokie  07/30/2015 2:36PM
  A conference with 12 members can work -- VTHokie2000  07/30/2015 2:56PM
  ** ** -- Maroon Baboon  07/30/2015 4:06PM
  Why doesn't OU want to join the ACC? -- jesuisvtguy  07/29/2015 4:10PM
  Because all the know about the east they learned from WVU fans. -- Mr. Touchdown  07/30/2015 12:25PM
  Hard to say -- OU_Sooner  07/29/2015 9:04PM
  Why so down on the SEC? ** -- Stech  07/29/2015 10:01PM
  It's not what I'd want for us -- OU_Sooner  07/30/2015 01:21AM
  One thing to remember if the A5 becomes the A4... -- Stech  07/30/2015 07:31AM
  When we get to the A-4, I don't think the SEC will be able to  -- DMaroonHokie  07/30/2015 09:55AM
  Stech, this may your best post. Concise and informative ** -- hokie4ever  07/30/2015 09:22AM
  My wife just rolls her eyes at me.A fight is on going  -- goldendomer  07/30/2015 12:48PM
  :) ** -- goldendomer  07/30/2015 7:00PM
  That is one of the best things about this new world order  -- DMaroonHokie  07/30/2015 09:15AM
  Until coaches treat them as preseason games -- Colonel Jessup  07/30/2015 1:42PM
  Absolutely  -- OU_Sooner  07/30/2015 09:10AM
  Re: Why so down on the SEC? -- mrcaniac  07/30/2015 12:34AM
  OU to the ACC is a real possibility. -- Stech  07/29/2015 8:10PM
  I've read their board for a while now. It's culture. -- HOO86  07/29/2015 5:54PM
  Texas don't need Oklahoma . -- Mercury  07/29/2015 6:55PM
  ACC would be their 4th choice. B1G, SEC/Pac12 -- Maroon Baboon  07/29/2015 5:33PM
  Why wouldn't we want to join the Big 12? ** -- Colonel Jessup  07/29/2015 4:52PM
  Team Travel Expenses -- mrcaniac  07/30/2015 12:26AM
  I was answering a question with a question -- Colonel Jessup  07/30/2015 08:09AM
  ^^ this ** -- jesuisvtguy  07/30/2015 01:12AM
  The WVU fans I know loved the idea 3 years ago. -- HOO86  07/29/2015 6:01PM
  Re: The WVU fans I know loved the idea 3 years ago. -- Muddywolf  07/29/2015 7:17PM
  Question. Are you a blues fan? -- Atlee Hokie  07/31/2015 06:49AM
  Re: Question. Are you a blues fan? -- Muddywolf  07/31/2015 10:02AM
  Yes. The Jimmy V event. ** -- HOO86  07/31/2015 3:35PM
  Yeah, not fun to be a world away from most schools ** -- Colonel Jessup  07/29/2015 6:09PM
  The Pac 12 will finally get it right this time. -- Old Line Hokie  07/29/2015 4:21PM
  Assessment Pretty Bias and Incomplete -- BigTenPride  07/29/2015 6:54PM
  Travel will be tough on most ACC Olympic sports teams traveling.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/29/2015 6:41PM
  Texas wants nothing to do with the sec -- Mercury  07/29/2015 4:57PM
  Vandy disagrees with your post. -- Old Line Hokie  07/29/2015 5:15PM
  UT wants 18 team ACC w/ ND, OU, KU -- Colonel Jessup  07/29/2015 2:55PM
  Add WVU and one other (Cincy?) to make four five-team divisions. ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/30/2015 06:40AM
  Identifying 9 team divisions -- Colonel Jessup  07/29/2015 4:33PM
  What about three 6-team pods? -- Edgeman  07/29/2015 7:56PM
  Right I think the big gripe people have is that we never play -- Hokies4Life  07/29/2015 4:35PM
  Three divisions of 6. Top 2 ranked teams play each other... -- jesuisvtguy  07/29/2015 4:30PM
  Imbalanced conference schedules are relative though. -- VTHokie2000  07/30/2015 12:55PM
  I seem to remember bringing this up a long time ago ** -- CobbCountyHokie  07/29/2015 3:59PM
  And even if we did, bring it on! -- Maroon Baboon  07/29/2015 3:24PM
  Penn St. to the ACC would have changed everything -- Roanokie  07/29/2015 2:12PM
  Who would get left out if the Big 12 breaks up one day? -- Tailgate Guru  07/29/2015 12:56AM
  No one ** -- daveinop  07/30/2015 2:43PM
  Iowa St is an AAU member -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 1:45PM
  Not a good geographical fit at all. -- HOO86  07/29/2015 6:09PM
  If a "good geographical fit" is the criteria -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 7:44PM
  I know Iowa State is an AAU member -- Tailgate Guru  07/29/2015 2:28PM
  I've always found Iowa State's AAU status dubious -- I85Hokie  07/29/2015 2:45PM
  Something to keep in mind is AAU was founded in 1900 -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 3:02PM
  Boston College's problem is fielding 29 NCAA sports. -- Old Line Hokie  07/29/2015 11:35AM
  Not much value going to 20 -- BigTenPride  07/29/2015 1:26PM
  4 conferences with 20 members  -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 1:48PM
  Politics can't raise the power level of a school -- BigTenPride  07/29/2015 3:22PM
  What about in the case of Utah? -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 3:37PM
  Senator Hatch was not the reason PAC added Utah -- BigTenPride  07/29/2015 7:04PM
  At the time the announcement was made -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 8:19PM
  Utah got in because TA&M went to the SEC -- BigTenPride  07/30/2015 01:38AM
  We got in the ACC because of several issues. -- Atlee Hokie  07/30/2015 01:01AM
  FWIW, most of KC (med sized market) is Mizzou, not KU. -- marcbvtgm  07/29/2015 10:41AM
  KU = Kansas City, Mizzou = St. Louis -- BigTenPride  07/29/2015 2:40PM
  Incorrect. KC area population is ~60/40 MO/KS -- marcbvtgm  07/29/2015 5:11PM
  Not sure where your 60/40 is coming from -- BigTenPride  07/29/2015 7:11PM
  First and foremost -- BigCrumpy  07/29/2015 07:47AM
  Unless something drastically changes -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 1:53PM
  If the ACC could get Texas, it would take TCU... -- lawhokie  07/29/2015 09:46AM
  The problem with Texas and TCU is -- HokieDelNorte  07/29/2015 12:11PM
  About TCU -- Tailgate Guru  07/29/2015 09:09AM
  I think you meant Texas Tech, not TCU -- Tailgate Guru  07/29/2015 12:44PM
  Wake - the school - benefits more from major conf -- Colonel Jessup  07/29/2015 08:48AM
  If it wasn't for Bball, most people wouldn't know Wake exists. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  07/29/2015 11:26AM
  I think OU is playing a game. -- Mr. Touchdown  07/29/2015 11:28AM
  Conf champ req renders many games irrelevant -- Colonel Jessup  07/29/2015 08:39AM
  The Math -- JT4VT  07/28/2015 10:23PM
  Do remember there is talk of an 8 team playoff -- BigCrumpy  07/29/2015 07:50AM
  Re: Do remember there is talk of an 8 team playoff -- BigTenPride  07/29/2015 11:41AM
  Even if BC and Wake don't want to participate in ACC football -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 3:18PM
  Re: The Math -- BigTenPride  07/29/2015 12:16AM
  Re: Re: The Math -- mrcaniac  07/29/2015 12:18AM
  The math never adds up to 64. -- Maroon Baboon  07/28/2015 11:24PM
  How about.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/28/2015 10:49PM
  OU was going to leave OSU in 2010 -- Colonel Jessup  07/29/2015 08:52AM
  Not so sure. If OSU has a good op as well, OU can bounce. ** -- chuckd4vt  07/29/2015 05:07AM
  Nope ** -- hokiesrule98  07/29/2015 8:41PM
  No ** -- RapmasterAC  07/29/2015 1:38PM
  This is all you will see and hear until the deal is signed. -- ColumbusHokie  07/29/2015 1:58PM
  I agree. Verbal pressure is only verbal pressure.... -- jesuisvtguy  07/29/2015 01:13AM
  Yep, they are in the ACC now. -- Edgeman  07/28/2015 9:40PM
  I know espn is behind this no doubt, the question  -- goldendomer  07/28/2015 8:56PM
  Any thoughts on the Oklahoma to B10 or SEC rumors? -- Hokie Dale  07/28/2015 9:26PM
  FWIW, if the B12 breaks up, I think some conferences go above 16 ** -- Maroon Baboon  07/28/2015 10:20PM
  WVU would be begging on hands -- RJHokie  07/28/2015 10:19PM
  Re: WVU would be begging on hands -- JT4VT  07/28/2015 10:46PM
  Pat Narduzzi on the Backyard Brawl -- HOO86  07/28/2015 6:56PM
  The WVU/PSU game used it be bigger than Pitt/WVU too. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  07/29/2015 11:30AM
  They play Marshall in '16. That has to burn the 'eers sofa too, ** -- Victor Tango  07/29/2015 08:42AM
  That's very very interesting perspective  -- Mercury  07/29/2015 08:01AM
  Pitt-Penn State in the '70s and '80s was bigger than BB ever was. -- Maroon Baboon  07/28/2015 8:42PM
  From about 1975 to 1983, to be more specific -- Tailgate Guru  07/28/2015 11:19PM
  Re: Pat Narduzzi on the Backyard Brawl -- VT75  07/28/2015 7:16PM
  West Va. would put alot of butts in seats at Heinz Field. ** -- Maroon Doom  07/28/2015 7:33PM
  No more than PSU would - both would probably sell out. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  07/29/2015 11:31AM
  Beamer and co. join the chorus. -- goldendomer  07/28/2015 1:53PM
  This is non-news. It would be a real story if an ACC coach said... -- Maroon Baboon  07/28/2015 8:44PM
  ESPN is behind all this for sure (Mcmurphy's latest tweet) -- goldendomer  07/28/2015 4:40PM
  I've not heard of the ACC wanting NBC. -- HOO86  07/29/2015 02:23AM
  No worries and I wasn't suggesting that the ACC wants NBC. -- VTHokie2000  07/29/2015 2:04PM
  They're wrong on that count though... -- lawhokie  07/29/2015 09:36AM
  Even if everything goes against ND, you'll still have -- Colonel Jessup  07/28/2015 3:48PM
  We could join any conference we wanted but we have chosen -- goldendomer  07/28/2015 3:58PM
  ND needs the other 64. Those 64 don't need ND.  -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 3:09PM
  As stated below  -- daveinop  07/28/2015 2:05PM
  They're all doing these ESPN Carwashes. -- HOO86  07/28/2015 2:04PM
  Everyone other than ND and its fans want them to join. ** -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 3:10PM
  Re: Everyone other than ND and its fans want them to join.  -- 33laszlo99  07/28/2015 4:49PM
  Only the Big Ten feels the way you are suggesting. -- HOO86  07/28/2015 6:31PM
  Removal of recruiting advantages is a business decision.  -- chuckd4vt  07/29/2015 04:51AM
  Well of course they are envious of them.  -- Maroon Doom  07/28/2015 8:00PM
  They voted again or are yo talking about two years ago? ** -- goldendomer  07/28/2015 5:51PM
  I think it maybe because we're actually suppose to be good -- goldendomer  07/28/2015 7:18PM
  They want you in the ACC to get you away from NBC ** -- daveinop  07/30/2015 2:31PM
  If TerryD is over there, for sure. -- HOO86  07/28/2015 3:06PM
  Agree. Only a fool would say they wouldn't... -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 2:40PM
  It is going to impact the selection committee, and  -- daveinop  07/28/2015 2:13PM
  This is essentially death by 1,000 cuts. -- 133304Hokie  07/28/2015 2:40PM
  This happened to the Big 12, too, and it is wrong -- Colonel Jessup  07/28/2015 3:34PM
  ND's schedule would be harder in the ACC actually. -- HOO86  07/28/2015 4:07PM
  ND has the 29th hardest schedule according to ESPN FPI (link) -- Colonel Jessup  07/28/2015 4:30PM
  They should not get to pick who comes with them.  -- wwhokie1  07/28/2015 5:11PM
  There is a 97% chance of conference realignment next year.  -- Tercules  07/28/2015 11:56AM
  100%  -- mrcaniac  07/28/2015 5:28PM
  If you consider all the schools that either start or stop -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 12:22PM
  Guys everything hinges around the old Metro Conference -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 11:12AM
  Torches & Pitch Forks... M e t r o ! ! ! ** -- obxhokies  07/28/2015 11:55AM
  Stupid Metro. ** -- reestuart  07/28/2015 11:33AM
  Lets see -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 11:59AM
  If there was a Metro Conference in football -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 12:06PM
  Metro Conference football did not happen because -- Tailgate Guru  07/28/2015 1:36PM
  That's incorrect -- Tailgate Guru  07/29/2015 12:50PM
  You could make the argument that ever power conference -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 1:53PM
  VT fans owe a lot to Dave Braine for getting us in the BEFC. -- Atlee Hokie  07/29/2015 09:29AM
  Think About -- mrcaniac  07/28/2015 2:56PM
  Great question. It could have been a really nice conference. -- reestuart  07/28/2015 12:14PM
  Don't know for sure but I think FSU and USC blocked it -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:13PM
  Loserville absolutely was 100% against Metro going all sports. -- Atlee Hokie  07/29/2015 09:24AM
  If FSU did start talking to the ACC back in 1983-1984 -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 12:34PM
  HOO86 knows his stuff, he is someone to listen too... -- Stech  07/28/2015 8:28PM
  Texas Independence is an Illusion -- BigTenPride  07/28/2015 1:35PM
  Survive ? Yes Thrive? No.... ** -- goldendomer  07/28/2015 1:30PM
  This. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 1:38PM
  Leaked info has an agenda behind it. You can look to Twitter -- Colonel Jessup  07/28/2015 10:51AM
  NCAA used to have Minimum Conference Requirements  -- ahokie4u  07/28/2015 12:44PM
  That requirement has not changed. -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 2:02PM
  The 5 schools must include 5 of the original 8 -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 11:00AM
  Some "insiders" don't want to lose their jobs. -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 10:53AM
  Yep, on ND side when a tid bit comes it comes through -- goldendomer  07/28/2015 12:20PM
  Ollie Luck -- SoCloseHokie  07/27/2015 5:00PM
  Dabo has joined the chorus -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 4:12PM
  The selection committee was very open -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 11:02AM
  Also slam against the Boises -- BigTenPride  07/28/2015 12:50PM
  Gee...Who could've seen this coming?  -- VTBB  07/27/2015 9:11PM
  Who is upset with ND partial membership? -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 11:04AM
  I am not a big fan of it. -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 11:51AM
  I really think the ACC should do more of it -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:03PM
  Partial membership makes sense if a conference -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 12:09PM
  Simply put: there ain't no one out there with an ND stature -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:15PM
  Even with Notre Dame's stature -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 12:41PM
  Not upset, but it should would be nice to have Notre Dame.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 11:46AM
  I think it will come in time ** -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:00PM
  It's not unequal conference membership... -- jesuisvtguy  07/28/2015 12:59AM
  Dude delete Wake Forest and Duke and your problems go away ** -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:01PM
  ?? empty stadiums -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:11PM
  Do you have numbers? -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:17PM
  If Tampa's so amazing, why did they move it? ** -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 2:56PM
  It wasn't a permanent contract, it was meant to rotate ** -- hardcorpshokie  07/28/2015 5:14PM
  Well it aint rotating no more. ** -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 5:44PM
  And it's shame it isn't. Charlotte in December sucks. ** -- hardcorpshokie  07/28/2015 6:22PM
  Well more folks are showing up in Charlotte than Florida.  -- chuckd4vt  07/29/2015 12:08PM
  Now you've switched to confirmation bias ;) -- ColumbusHokie  07/28/2015 12:02PM
  Honestly feel a polling of TSL would produce better results.  -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 12:28PM
  NO ONE wanted BC as a rival -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:18PM
  I don't want them in the league. Said that in 2002. ** -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 12:29PM
  I once supported BC, but now I wish the ACC would've added UConn. -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 11:53AM
  The problem with UConn at the time was that it was -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 12:00PM
  Yep. ACC should have taken Syracuse over BC and waited.  -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 12:07PM
  If Syracuse had turned down the offer to become #12 -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 12:10PM
  Pitt? BC would've been #12 since Miami wanted them. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 1:04PM
  About Pitt and Syracuse..... -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 1:36PM
  Interesting take on Pitt since JoePa/Penn St -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 1:41PM
  Paterno wanted to take the easy non-conference route... -- Old Line Hokie  07/28/2015 10:07PM
  The "football schools" have only themselves to blame. -- Perfesser  07/28/2015 08:25AM
  These numerous mistakes certainly didn't help. -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 11:44AM
  WFU/GT sold more tickets in Jax than Clemson/GT did in Tampa -- Perfesser  07/29/2015 4:58PM
  I upvoted this. I don't see anything wrong with it except ... -- Atlee Hokie  07/28/2015 06:41AM
  What was the final vote on Notre Dame? -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 10:05PM
  Unanimous. And it was actually in Chapel Hill. -- HOO86  07/27/2015 10:08PM
  ACC's been desperate for years now. ** -- chuckd4vt  07/27/2015 9:52PM
  Secured members it never wanted too. Also lost a member. ** -- chuckd4vt  07/27/2015 10:40PM
  Yes the secured US and they never wanted VT ** -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 12:19PM
  Where we are today is absolutely fantastic. -- HOO86  07/28/2015 02:20AM
  There's a lot more support for the acc than on this board -- Mercury  07/28/2015 08:18AM
  The other conferences won't lose their networks. Things will -- reestuart  07/28/2015 11:35AM
  And Paul Johnson today.  -- HOO86  07/27/2015 7:51PM
  Cool thing is we play both this year ** -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 7:55PM
  "OR play 13 games"? How does that work? ** -- Maroon Baboon  07/27/2015 7:01PM
  It doesn't work for the ACC, dumb comment by Dabo. -- crabcake77  07/27/2015 11:34PM
  Currently the only way a team can play a 13 game regular season -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 7:19PM
  Hawaii would hurt our strength of schedule likely. ** -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 7:38PM
  It would be a wash at best with the committee. -- Maroon Baboon  07/27/2015 7:41PM
  Nice road trip but not much else. ** -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 7:43PM
  I didn't know that about Hawaii. Thanks. -- Maroon Baboon  07/27/2015 7:37PM
  As of last season, I believe Colorado and either UDub or Wazzou -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 8:09PM
  So who is going to force ND to do anything?? -- PadrosWindup  07/27/2015 6:07PM
  Wonder if any conference would sponsor  -- Mercury  07/27/2015 8:06PM
  100% Accurate  -- BigTenPride  07/28/2015 12:57PM
  Re: 100% Accurate  -- mrcaniac  07/28/2015 5:40PM
  It would also cause the A4 to break with the rest of FCS -- wwhokie1  07/27/2015 8:34PM
  Solution is not difficult -- daveinop  07/27/2015 9:44PM
  I really like that concept let me say. ** -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 7:31PM
  THIS GUY ........... -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 6:30PM
  Got lost in translation like much of the stuff he says :) ** -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 6:45PM
  Very true. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 6:51PM
  Motivation is to no longer allow ND special privileges.  -- chuckd4vt  07/27/2015 9:34PM
  Re: Motivation is to no longer allow ND special privileges.  -- 33laszlo99  07/28/2015 12:47AM
  All about recruiting. ** -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 02:49AM
  Big 12 will be toast, if not now soon ** -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 7:49PM
  Couldn't NBC as well? -- Roanokie  07/27/2015 7:13PM
  Who said they will leave  -- Mercury  07/27/2015 8:16PM
  When does the contract end? ** -- wwhokie1  07/27/2015 6:51PM
  God forbid the guy focus on more than a network and golf.  -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 3:14PM
  Swarbrick will be gone IMO 2 years or less -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 6:55PM
  All it would take is a vote. Momentum aint on ND's side.  -- chuckd4vt  07/27/2015 6:33PM
  Are any schools refusing to schedule ND due to Independence? -- PadrosWindup  07/27/2015 6:29PM
  ND is same situation as all Big 12 teams. -- wwhokie1  07/27/2015 5:19PM
  Apparently the SEC coaches voted on it two years ago. -- HOO86  07/27/2015 4:46PM
  More "rumors" regarding OU(Kansas) -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 12:11PM
  LOL. The Dude of WVU is attacking Dick Weiss. -- HOO86  07/27/2015 9:24PM
  The Dude should be happy. WVU may be 1 step closer to the ACC? -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 9:52PM
  WVU would need good sponsors. -- HOO86  07/28/2015 12:29PM
  Don't underestimate Gee -- Tailgate Guru  07/28/2015 1:21PM
  No spot for WVU unless ND joins full time. -- Mr. Touchdown  07/28/2015 10:42AM
  I would agree with your evaluation -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 10:59AM
  SEC doesn't need KSU or OSU and..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/28/2015 12:14AM
  You underestimate both programs -- ColumbusHokie  07/28/2015 08:49AM
  Ego, perception and dollars are more important.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/28/2015 10:37AM
  Thinks leagues are working together much more nowadays.  -- chuckd4vt  07/28/2015 02:51AM
  Correct -- BigCrumpy  07/28/2015 11:10AM
  Why would the ACC still want 4 schools from 1 state? -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 9:59PM
  What does that have to do with anything? -- marcbvtgm  07/28/2015 10:04AM
  Poor Iowa State. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 6:43PM
  Another school from a state with stagnant demographics... ** -- marcbvtgm  07/27/2015 9:31PM
  If the Big Ten or even the SEC doesn't want Iowa St -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 8:23PM
  Possible? Yes. But why does ACC need to add ISU...or WVU? -- marcbvtgm  07/28/2015 10:28AM
  In part it was a somewhat TIC post. -- VTHokie2000  07/28/2015 11:34AM
  State of Iowa Has Way Too Much Political Clout -- mrcaniac  07/27/2015 9:17PM
  Except only four sitting senators have announced .... -- Perfesser  07/27/2015 11:20PM
  Re: Except only four sitting senators have announced .... -- mrcaniac  07/27/2015 11:58PM
  Few points.... -- Perfesser  07/28/2015 06:58AM
  Re: Few points.... -- mrcaniac  07/28/2015 2:32PM
  ISU never going to B1G -- BigTenPride  07/27/2015 9:13PM
  Who ever thought Maryland was going to the B1G? -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 9:39PM
  ISU adds less value to B1G than an open spot -- BigTenPride  07/27/2015 11:06PM
  KU and Mizzou in the Big Ten would be awesome -- hardcorpshokie  07/27/2015 4:51PM
  More tweets(Texas Reporter)Pac12 bound? -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 3:46PM
  Texas will go where they will get the most money. -- DMaroonHokie  07/27/2015 4:47PM
  That would let OU/KU out of GOR issues -- Colonel Jessup  07/27/2015 4:46PM
  IF Jim Delany wants to make some real noise.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 3:43PM
  KU-MU would be a stealthy good add for B1G -- BigTenPride  07/27/2015 6:18PM
  THIS. -- hardcorpshokie  07/27/2015 4:56PM
  Re: THIS. -- JT4VT  07/27/2015 8:35PM
  Why not just take Colorado and complete the sweep? -- Mr. Touchdown  07/27/2015 4:44PM
  How would the Pac-12 react to such a move? -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 8:16PM
  Because Colorado would be like..... -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 6:10PM
  CU athletics are a joke. Don't want to add another time zone. ** -- hardcorpshokie  07/27/2015 4:56PM
  Fox must be showing them some $$$$$ on their upcoming contract -- Victor Tango  07/27/2015 1:06PM
  KSU and OSU would just need landing Spots. SEC? ** -- chuckd4vt  07/27/2015 6:08PM
  PAC can only expand East -- BigTenPride  07/27/2015 2:24PM
  KState and OKState could go to SEC as well. -- I85Hokie  07/27/2015 2:30PM
  You are correct that Alabama and Auburn could move to the East. -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 3:17PM
  That would be quite the coup. ** -- RapmasterAC  07/27/2015 12:27PM
  Oklahoma recruited in Texas when in Big 8 -- BigTenPride  07/27/2015 12:37PM
  That would depend  -- OU_Sooner  07/27/2015 12:30PM
  If OU left the Big XII and let UT twist in a Texas tornado -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 12:46PM
  Isn't a good move for ACC to take Texas w/out OU. -- chuckd4vt  07/27/2015 6:36PM
  It's possible, but -- OU_Sooner  07/27/2015 12:52PM
  I could see UT allowing the current contract to run its -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 1:23PM
  Texas will be all alone -- BigTenPride  07/27/2015 2:18PM
  You are correct. -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 3:02PM
  Candidly, this is nothing new ** -- BigCrumpy  07/27/2015 12:26PM
  Disney CEO: ESPN may be sold direct to consumers -- Colonel Jessup  07/27/2015 10:45AM
  What happened to the idea that NBC might venture into the  -- seekoHoG  07/27/2015 4:39PM
  Sometimes the move is to put stuff on ABC -- Colonel Jessup  07/27/2015 3:09PM
  Yes. The more the better. -- HOO86  07/27/2015 3:39PM
  They've done everything imaginable to make ACC 2nd rate.  -- chuckd4vt  07/27/2015 2:29PM
  Best case and worst case -- wwhokie1  07/27/2015 2:09PM
  Even though the ACC leadership lacks a progressive vision -- VTHokie2000  07/27/2015 1:12PM
  Actualy in a long term historical context , pretty well.  -- Vippie1  07/27/2015 12:38PM
  Nothing could have put it on par with the Big 10 or SEC  -- 33laszlo99  07/27/2015 7:07PM
  I get it. You don't like Boston College -- HOO86  07/27/2015 12:54PM
  Hey, since you like BC so much -- I85Hokie  07/27/2015 2:26PM
  "The ACC has wanted to be in the Northeast" But why?  -- RapmasterAC  07/27/2015 1:40PM
  I really hope that wasn't a deciding factor... -- RapmasterAC  07/27/2015 2:51PM
  Nobody is making a private, OOS college decision based on... -- RapmasterAC  07/28/2015 12:15PM
  The ACC leadership has been a joke.  -- RapmasterAC  07/27/2015 12:14PM
  They certainly did better than the Big East. ** -- jesuisvtguy  07/27/2015 11:49AM
  The make up of the ACC will always make it the #4 Power 5 conference. -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 10:33AM
  Yep, but the same can be said for the other conferences. -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 3:32PM
  Very poorly. Reactive instead of proactive -- I85Hokie  07/27/2015 10:25AM
  But wasn't expanding to 12 in 2003 being proactive. ** -- wwhokie1  07/27/2015 10:27AM
  I just answered your question above. ** -- Stech  07/27/2015 10:50AM
  Could have added WVU and UConn -- KnoxHokie  07/27/2015 10:09AM
  We can thank WVU's unprofessional administration for that. -- RapmasterAC  07/27/2015 12:25PM
  ACC didn't want UConn, and appearantly still doesn't. ** -- wwhokie1  07/27/2015 10:25AM
  And no one else wants them either... -- Mr. Touchdown  07/27/2015 11:14AM
  They bring a state that is in the ACC footprint. -- HOO86  07/27/2015 1:25PM
  UConn was next in line but FSU and other southern ACC....  -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 10:41AM
  I'm not sure the recent additions were necessary. -- reestuart  07/27/2015 10:02AM
  At the time, the ACC was lauded for beating B12 to the punch -- Colonel Jessup  07/27/2015 10:15AM
  Good point. I think the ACC is finding out that even though -- reestuart  07/27/2015 11:24AM
  You nailed it. ** -- reestuart  07/27/2015 09:17AM
  I hear you, but as a VT guy ... blech. -- Will Stewart     07/27/2015 11:01AM
  Yep. It makes great sense, but it's terrible. ** -- reestuart  07/27/2015 11:34AM
  I'm with you...puke. i quit ** -- Fore_Hokies  07/27/2015 11:10AM
  Well said.... -- Calamitous  07/27/2015 08:04AM
  The ACC was first to strike of all conferences -- Colonel Jessup  07/27/2015 10:04AM
  I'd like the ACC to remain an eastern conference. -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 10:25AM
  The 16 team league I proposed is an eastern league -- Colonel Jessup  07/27/2015 10:52AM
  Texas is poison. Notre Dame will do everything... -- Old Line Hokie  07/27/2015 11:06AM
  I LOVE THAT POD!!!!!! ** -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 10:15AM
  I HATE THAT POD!!!!!! ** -- Will Stewart     07/27/2015 11:16AM
  :) ** -- goldendomer  07/27/2015 11:59AM
  Thought you would. Get everyone on board! ** -- Colonel Jessup  07/27/2015 10:47AM
  I'll take a stab... -- Alpharetta Hokie  07/27/2015 12:18AM

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