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  Wow. The ACC is a second tier league. -- chuckd4vt  05/27/2015 12:24PM
  We'd be 13th in both the SEC and Big Ten, and these numbers -- reestuart  05/27/2015 1:26PM
  The subsidies aren't HORRIBLE. 10 million/40K equals $250. -- chuckd4vt  05/27/2015 12:49PM
  How Realignment Changed Missouri's Recruiting -- HOO86  05/26/2015 6:15PM
  I always thought the play for the B1G was to get FSU -- Maroon Baboon  05/26/2015 10:07PM
  FSU would've bolted to the B1G in a heartbeat. -- chuckd4vt  05/27/2015 12:56PM
  I think ND finds a path to ACCCG w/ less than 8 games. ** -- chuckd4vt  05/27/2015 11:46AM
  This is the correct answer. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  05/27/2015 12:01PM
  Very good thoughts kind sir. ** -- hokie4ever  05/27/2015 10:25AM
  If Texas came I doubt we would request anyone -- goldendomer  05/27/2015 12:00PM
  IMO p5 conferences go to about 20 then fissions will happen -- PadrosWindup  05/25/2015 2:38PM
  If we learn anything from history, -- Maroon Doom  05/25/2015 11:08PM
  Think nfl inc -- Mercury  05/25/2015 5:01PM
  PODs (sorry) for everything but hoops -- 12volthokie  05/25/2015 08:59AM
  Notre Dame "insider" from landtheives -- goldendomer  05/23/2015 6:57PM
  That makes it sound like a bit of a conspiracy. -- HOO86  05/23/2015 10:32PM
  Baylor will not be Texas partner -- Mercury  05/24/2015 10:17PM
  Has nothing to do with being "progressive" or "conservative".... -- Old Line Hokie  05/25/2015 2:23PM
  Money and TV hasn't been the factor in the ACC.  -- chuckd4vt  05/25/2015 8:26PM
  There's a big difference between Baylor and BYU culturally. -- Old Line Hokie  05/25/2015 10:05PM
  Money was behind all the politics. -- Old Line Hokie  05/26/2015 2:26PM
  It would be an interesting decision if it takes place. -- HOO86  05/24/2015 11:55PM
  Add Penn State to the list. Isn't the B1G GoR up soon? ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  05/25/2015 12:30PM
  I just don't like the concept of Texas being in ACC. -- Atlee Hokie  05/26/2015 09:06AM
  That's why I think Texas would need its own Division -- HOO86  05/26/2015 12:32PM
  It really could.  -- HOO86  05/26/2015 5:31PM
  Highly unlikely IMO. ** -- marcbvtgm  05/26/2015 6:08PM
  Could, but others would be ahead of SMU. -- HOO86  05/25/2015 06:25AM
  How many schools do you want to be in the ACC? 20? 30? -- Edgeman  05/25/2015 06:54AM
  Looks like Tech, Clemson, Louisville, NC State and FSU... -- Old Line Hokie  05/23/2015 9:18PM
  Wouldn't bet on that. We have a new sheriff in town with -- maddogbob  05/24/2015 10:24PM
  Yep, 2027 is the earliest Tech can leave the ACC. -- Old Line Hokie  05/24/2015 5:02PM
  'Public Ivy' is an oxymoron... -- crabcake77  05/24/2015 08:42AM
  It simultaneously indicates 'pretentious' and 'wannabe.'  -- Edgeman  05/24/2015 11:14AM
  Yeah i know it's rare for anyone to say they're  -- goldendomer  05/23/2015 8:49PM
  Another post from Universal Horn -- goldendomer  05/23/2015 5:55PM
  If Texas et al come, I'd prefer to bail for the SEC. -- Maroon Baboon  05/23/2015 1:10PM
  UT coming would be AWESOME... think big picture... -- jesuisvtguy  05/23/2015 2:18PM
  Would it still be awesome if.... -- VTHokie2000  05/24/2015 6:15PM
  By 2016 conferences can pick who they want. (LINK ) -- Stech  05/24/2015 9:04PM
  Wouldn't that format allow a conference to potentially play -- VTHokie2000  05/24/2015 9:24PM
  That would be the logical decision... -- jesuisvtguy  05/24/2015 9:22PM
  In a 20 Team League with 4 Divisions -- obxhokies  05/24/2015 11:34PM
  I'm just curious as why this is a "Need"? -- obxhokies  05/25/2015 8:04PM
  Assuming the ACC goes with a 9 game conference schedule -- VTHokie2000  05/27/2015 01:28AM
  I don't to play at F$U but they return 5 or 6 years later. -- Atlee Hokie  05/26/2015 09:03AM
  I will just add... -- Stech  05/24/2015 9:53PM
  What would the divisions look like? -- crabcake77  05/23/2015 9:13PM
  Is there any possibility Penn State and Nebraska join... -- Hokie Dale  05/23/2015 11:22PM
  Unfortunately highly unlikely. ** -- Stech  05/24/2015 08:09AM
  I agree with PSU, not so much Nebraska. ** -- Atlee Hokie  05/24/2015 05:57AM
  Lots of talk about east or west... -- Calamitous  05/23/2015 08:23AM
  Remember the 2nd Most important sport to Texas. -- HOO86  05/23/2015 7:03PM
  You have to mention the bad Big10 teams too... -- jesuisvtguy  05/23/2015 12:55PM
  Caveat Emptor -- NW Raleigh Hokie  05/23/2015 10:12AM
  OU would make sure that OSU would come along as well. ** -- ValveHokie  05/23/2015 11:46AM
  I think STECH was talking about a 5 team North Division -- HOO86  05/22/2015 11:14PM
  Goldendomer.... what do you think about that? -- Calamitous  05/23/2015 08:47AM
  We would never agree to that, not in a million years. -- goldendomer  05/23/2015 2:16PM
  There-in lies the crux of ND football's problem -- crabcake77  05/24/2015 12:02AM
  There shouldn't be objection to Pitt and BC. -- HOO86  05/23/2015 6:49PM
  Pitt would be fine, BC?we have only played them 24 times -- goldendomer  05/23/2015 7:15PM
  Have to have some partners for Texas otherwise -- goldendomer  05/23/2015 7:26PM
  Re: Have to have some partners for Texas otherwise -- 33laszlo99  05/24/2015 03:35AM
  Technically, ACC got Fredo a month later. -- Atlee Hokie  05/25/2015 05:15AM
  Miami, which is no Texas, had that clout originally -- Atlee Hokie  05/24/2015 06:13AM
  Re: Miami, which is no Texas, had that clout originally -- 33laszlo99  05/24/2015 06:41AM
  Exactly, if the ACC is so desperate and rudderless... -- crabcake77  05/24/2015 08:40AM
  Further, if the ACC IS so desperate and rudderless... -- crabcake77  05/24/2015 12:04PM
  So FSU-Miami would no longer be an annual game? ** -- crabcake77  05/24/2015 08:46AM
  I'm not sure that the Okies like the East. -- HOO86  05/22/2015 9:46PM
  If we don't get OU, I'm not sure it's worth it for the ACC.  -- chuckd4vt  05/22/2015 9:11PM
  I'll go a step farther.... -- Calamitous  05/23/2015 08:12AM
  Very true.... -- Calamitous  05/23/2015 10:29AM
  3 or 4 nobodies wouldn't beef up ACC schedules -- 33laszlo99  05/23/2015 02:31AM
  Texas Oklahoma and any two would add value.  -- chuckd4vt  05/23/2015 11:24AM
  Re: Texas Oklahoma and any two would add value.  -- 33laszlo99  05/23/2015 3:25PM
  You seem to understand the situation pretty well. -- crabcake77  05/24/2015 11:41AM
  Because Texas and OU aint coming alone. Not gonna happen.  -- chuckd4vt  05/23/2015 9:39PM
  ... ** -- crabcake77  05/24/2015 11:33AM
  Second post on Landthieves -- ScottyHeel  05/21/2015 9:44PM
  If the ACC agreed to a Notre Dame-like arrangement with UT -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 11:45AM
  Indy in football it seems. ** -- goldendomer  05/22/2015 11:55AM
  Could Texas gain more east coast presence as an Indepedent -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 2:31PM
  I know people on the Committee have made it clear -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 3:03PM
  It will take a few years to test all of that.  -- HOO86  05/22/2015 3:27PM
  Bluebloods will win out. -- Atlee Hokie  05/23/2015 09:09AM
  That's not what that post was suggesting UT wanted -- ScottyHeel  05/22/2015 1:48PM
  I think UT would be stupid to go Indy but I  -- goldendomer  05/22/2015 2:10PM
  What do you think about ND staying indy? -- Edgeman  05/23/2015 11:42AM
  I would like to join the ACC. ** -- goldendomer  05/23/2015 11:55AM
  If Texas joined the Indy ranks -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 12:10PM
  If Texas is indy then it will solidify our indy status ** -- goldendomer  05/22/2015 12:34PM
  Makes sense and what I was initially thinking -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 12:50PM
  I know Texas would prefer travel partners -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 2:24PM
  Yeah, not sure what that part was about, unless -- ScottyHeel  05/21/2015 9:05PM
  Either that or someone hoping Wake drops down... -- Calamitous  05/23/2015 08:03AM
  ACC schools dropping out of the 'FBS' you say..? ** -- crabcake77  05/21/2015 8:45PM
  Re: Andrea Adelson suggests ACC Division Realignment Scenarios -- Old Line Hokie  05/21/2015 6:49PM
  That other division is Big East-tastic. ** -- Will Stewart     05/22/2015 10:35AM
  Yes that option 1 would work for VA and NC schools -- HOO86  05/21/2015 7:56PM
  Do you think UVA would agree to a division realignment -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 11:41AM
  UVA just wants to play both UNC and VT every year. -- HOO86  05/22/2015 1:51PM
  It would seem logically that since both divisions have  -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 2:51PM
  I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that VT -- VTHokie2000  05/22/2015 4:55PM
  Academics / Conferences -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 2:07PM
  Kinbo, quick question. -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/23/2015 9:23PM
  Re: Kinbo, quick question. -- KinboWonkly  05/25/2015 2:08PM
  Thanks. -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/25/2015 9:15PM
  Welcome, wow this thread has taken off, lol. -- goldendomer  05/21/2015 2:47PM
  Re: Welcome, wow this thread has taken off, lol. -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 2:53PM
  As long as Unions stay out of College ball -- goldendomer  05/21/2015 3:32PM
  For undergrads, the college/U hardly matters.  -- chuckd4vt  05/21/2015 12:52PM
  We rarely agree, but you hit it here IMO. -- marcbvtgm  05/26/2015 6:18PM
  Really ?? See attached list  -- Mercury  05/21/2015 2:24PM
  You didn't read all of what he wrote -- marcbvtgm  05/26/2015 6:23PM
  But does geography influence these results? -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/22/2015 1:52PM
  Re: Really ?? See attached list  -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 2:50PM
  Vandy always had their own priority  -- Mercury  05/21/2015 3:50PM
  Re: Vandy always had their own priority  -- Hokie Flyer  05/27/2015 09:46AM
  Really check list  -- Mercury  05/21/2015 2:21PM
  Re: For undergrads, the college/U hardly matters.  -- hokiego  05/21/2015 1:32PM
  Kinbo! For someone who hung up just to listen... -- IB4TECH  05/21/2015 12:27PM
  Re: Kinbo! For someone who hung up just to listen... -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 12:31PM
  Yes -- very good point about marketing -- Hokie Fiji  05/21/2015 2:08PM
  My son is looking at schools now... -- Go VT  05/21/2015 11:30AM
  Go VT..As most of us know here in Florida, -- Ruffian99  05/22/2015 3:51PM
  The parents i talked to all mentioned... -- Go VT  05/22/2015 01:11AM
  Re: My son is looking at schools now... -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 11:51AM
  My apologies for leaving out UNC -- Go VT  05/22/2015 01:07AM
  Re: There's a little more to it than the athletic standards... -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 12:13PM
  You must not have read the post... ** -- VTBB  05/21/2015 1:25PM
  No, I think we agree... -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 1:38PM
  Agree 100%. -- Old Line Hokie  05/21/2015 09:51AM
  A good day here thanks to your contribution. -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/21/2015 12:54AM
  Re: A good day here thanks to your contribution. -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 01:27AM
  What does VT being in the ACC have to do with it? -- marcbvtgm  05/21/2015 09:12AM
  Re: What does VT being in the ACC have to do with it? -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 10:03AM
  Sorry, but I don't even know what that means ** -- marcbvtgm  05/21/2015 12:03PM
  Pay closer attention to what I have said... -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 12:10PM
  Thank You for Clarifying & Solidfying my Point ** -- obxhokies  05/21/2015 09:42AM
  Not what I see... -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 12:18PM
  I know elite researchers too, and some do... -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 3:28PM
  Building evenly. Let me add... -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 5:10PM
  Let's look at Bama (on your list) -- Perfesser  05/21/2015 12:13AM
  Re: Let's look at Bama (on your list) -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 12:52AM
  Wisconsin isn't blue. And as for those "useless majors" .... -- Perfesser  05/21/2015 5:53PM
  Wisconsin has been blue in each presidential election since 1984... -- Maroon Baboon  05/22/2015 09:36AM
  Wisconsin is pretty blue. -- Atlee Hokie  05/21/2015 11:11PM
  Sorry for asking a stupid question, but when I send -- hokie4ever  05/21/2015 10:44AM
  You're correct. Maybe start on thread on that topic? ** -- marcbvtgm  05/21/2015 11:04AM
  Re: You're correct. Maybe start on thread on that topic? -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 11:20AM
  Re:  -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 09:29AM
  Sorry but the facts don't support what you're saying -- marcbvtgm  05/21/2015 11:02AM
  Re: Sorry but the facts don't support what you're saying -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 11:49AM
  How are those SEC schools in normalized R&D expenditures? -- marcbvtgm  05/21/2015 12:22PM
  Re: How are those SEC schools in normalized R&D expenditures? -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 12:37PM
  IMO, nobody wanted us because... -- jboyhokie  05/21/2015 10:51AM
  Re: Academics aren't the problem. The SEC & B1G didn't value VT -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 8:55PM
  I'm from that neck of the woods as well -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 9:36PM
  Re: I'm from that neck of the woods as well -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 9:40PM
  FWIW, Lexington is further North than Blacksburg. ** -- El Paso Hokie  05/21/2015 10:09AM
  Mizzou = northernmost -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 2:57PM
  Eric Schmidt of Google grew up there -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 10:10PM
  Yes. Kinda like how some in the B12 now view Louisville. -- Maroon Baboon  05/20/2015 8:51PM
  Re: Yes. Kinda like how some in the B12 now view Louisville. -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 9:03PM
  Thank you for your insight ** -- obxhokies  05/20/2015 7:14PM
  Re: Thank you for your insight -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 7:37PM
  Almost every (maybe all) large State Universities... -- Calamitous  05/20/2015 6:06PM
  Re: Almost every (maybe all) large State Universities... -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 6:30PM
  You may not have seen an earlier post of mine from below: -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 6:37PM
  Re: You may not have seen an earlier post of mine from below: -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 7:10PM
  May not be a strong sense, but definitely trending up -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 9:22PM
  Re: May not be a strong sense, but definitely trending up -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 9:34PM
  Others are in a better position than I am to say -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 9:57PM
  Re: Others are in a better position than I am to say -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 10:29PM
  Back about 12 or so years ago Weaver told me watch Missouri -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/21/2015 12:37AM
  Here's my question re: academics and conferences... -- VTurficus  05/20/2015 4:49PM
  I think the Michigan, OSU, PSU, Wisconsin, Purdue series -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 5:55PM
  Re: I think the Michigan, OSU, PSU, Wisconsin, Purdue series -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 6:18PM
  Nobody here really knows ** -- marcbvtgm  05/20/2015 9:20PM
  Even though the current television model calls for a conference -- VTHokie2000  05/20/2015 10:34PM
  I get the advantage a SEC has being the only school in the state -- VTHokie2000  05/20/2015 11:12PM
  I don't claim to have any insider information either. -- VTHokie2000  05/21/2015 01:19AM
  Re: I don't claim to have any insider information either. -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 09:34AM
  I agree I could see VT and NC State could decide they -- VTHokie2000  05/21/2015 12:07PM
  Except the current admin maybe has eyes to the north -- VTHokie2000  05/23/2015 02:30AM
  We have not hurt our value since joining the ACC -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 10:03PM
  It would solidify their market from New Jersey to Norfolk -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 6:30PM
  Re: It would solidify their market from New Jersey to Norfolk -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 7:27PM
  WRT Syracuse and Miami being in the same conference -- VTHokie2000  05/20/2015 10:18PM
  Re: WRT Syracuse and Miami being in the same conference -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 10:49PM
  My underlying point though is that the city of Miami -- VTHokie2000  05/20/2015 10:59PM
  Interesting that you never hear of Miami in these realignment moves ** -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 11:23PM
  In addition to the cash issues -- VTHokie2000  05/21/2015 01:34AM
  Re: In addition to the cash issues -- KinboWonkly  05/21/2015 10:26AM
  Re: Here's my question re: academics and conferences... -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 5:30PM
  I think location plays a role with VT -- Colonel Jessup  05/20/2015 5:13PM
  Agree...there are good schools in SEC ** -- jms41  05/20/2015 4:08PM
  Very Good Post -- VT Rockie  05/20/2015 3:25PM
  Re: Very Good Post -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 4:22PM
  I am convinced of one thing concerning 2003. -- Atlee Hokie  05/21/2015 07:29AM
  Excellent post and welcome -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 2:49PM
  Re: Excellent post and welcome -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 3:21PM
  One of the partners with my firm -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 3:39PM
  Re: One of the partners with my firm -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 4:13PM
  Re: Re: One of the partners with my firm -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 4:27PM
  Solid first post. Definitely don't be a stranger! -- Freddyburg Hokie  05/20/2015 2:25PM
  Let me reiterate that. -- Will Stewart     05/20/2015 3:03PM
  Re: Let me reiterate that. -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 3:49PM
  There have been a few SEC fans on here... -- Old Line Hokie  05/20/2015 3:10PM
  LSUTiger, tennesseevol, IIRC ** -- Maroon Baboon  05/20/2015 3:13PM
  Re: Solid first post. Definitely don't be a stranger! -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 2:57PM
  VT and NC State would be ideal additons to the SEC... -- Old Line Hokie  05/20/2015 3:15PM
  Re: VT and NC State would be ideal additons to the SEC... -- KinboWonkly  05/20/2015 5:51PM
  I agree 100% with this view ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  05/20/2015 2:30PM
  Hello ODAC! ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  05/20/2015 2:24PM
  Lot's of interesting ND articles this week... -- crabcake77  05/20/2015 12:51PM
  Weis has a good agent.... biggest waste of money ** -- goldendomer  05/20/2015 1:09PM
  On the bright side, it would mean... -- crabcake77  05/20/2015 12:41PM
  When you say you're done, does that mean ND plans to... -- Edgeman  05/20/2015 11:37AM
  We would be done with sports as they're done today -- goldendomer  05/20/2015 11:54AM
  Pretty sure he means go Non-scholarship like IVY league ** -- 93HokieDoug  05/20/2015 11:48AM
  We would move to non scholarships model ** -- goldendomer  05/20/2015 11:58AM
  The model could be non-compulsory athletic scholarships. -- 133304Hokie  05/21/2015 6:39PM
  Something Perfessor said below is interesting... -- jms41  05/19/2015 10:50PM
  IMO the academic gap between universities is larger than the gap... -- Maroon Baboon  05/20/2015 08:12AM
  I agree with this... -- jms41  05/20/2015 4:12PM
  Can't prove it either, but I would agree ** -- marcbvtgm  05/20/2015 11:59AM
  Fox will get pac 12 and big ten ESPN acc sec -- Mercury  05/20/2015 09:33AM
  I have to believe NBC will get more heavily involved -- mancunian  05/20/2015 10:16AM
  The ND vs ACC game of the week..... ** -- Femoyer Hokie  05/20/2015 11:39AM
  Well, think about it. -- mancunian  05/20/2015 12:44PM
  I don't read that as much of a negative. -- chuckd4vt  05/20/2015 12:44AM
  Yes. The ESPN3 games can be frustrating sometimes. -- HOO86  05/20/2015 9:09PM
  That's exactly what I think. -- Edgeman  05/20/2015 09:00AM
  How are the new Net Neutrality rules affecting this? -- Freddyburg Hokie  05/20/2015 1:55PM
  The article is from 2012. Did no one else notice that? ** -- Late 80s Hokie  05/20/2015 09:43AM
  Of course we noticed. 2012 Info is about the most we have. ** -- KnoxHokie  05/20/2015 10:04AM
  VT was the best expansion get for the ACC since FSU. No doubt. -- Maroon Baboon  05/19/2015 10:43PM
  UNC and Duke didn't want us... -- Old Line Hokie  05/19/2015 9:59PM
  UNC and Duke was against Tech for decades. -- Old Line Hokie  05/20/2015 09:50AM
  UNC & Duke wanted VT not Syracuse -- ScottyHeel  05/20/2015 08:21AM
  Another Syracuse tidbit -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 1:32PM
  Lumberpack knows his stuff.  -- DMaroonHokie  05/20/2015 10:15AM
  The ACC turned down Tech numerous times from the 1970's until 2003. -- Old Line Hokie  05/19/2015 11:22PM
  Yes for vt perfect set up  -- Mercury  05/20/2015 07:31AM
  When they put the SEC championship game in Atlanta -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 1:42PM
  I agree with you on the closeness of conference schools... -- Old Line Hokie  05/19/2015 11:23PM
  Well said...I agree with a lot of it. -- Stech  05/20/2015 06:55AM
  Well said-I agree with all of your sentiments- I am VT first. -- KnoxHokie  05/19/2015 11:18PM
  Nah, 2003 expansion was all about getting Miami -- VT75  05/19/2015 9:43PM
  There was also the likelihood of the SEC splitting the Virginia market -- Alpharetta Hokie  05/20/2015 2:31PM
  Deleted ** -- WWHokie  05/19/2015 10:28AM
  This was the revision when Syracuse & Pitt joined.  -- HOO86  05/19/2015 10:31AM
  Oh sorry I missed the 2012 in the date of the post ** -- WWHokie  05/19/2015 10:25AM
  This was 3 years ago to address the new membership... -- BUGGZY  05/19/2015 10:21AM
  Cobb, can you please translate this move? ** -- moonda  05/19/2015 10:01AM
  Deleted ** -- CobbCountyHokie  05/19/2015 10:27AM
  "tier 3 rights means different thing."  -- chuckd4vt  05/19/2015 12:18PM
  Are games shown on ESPN3 considered. part of those  -- BowlingHokie  05/19/2015 12:03PM
  I hereby rename you "Glass Half Full Hokie". =^) ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  05/19/2015 11:39AM
  Here's an interview where Swofford talked about it. -- HOO86  05/19/2015 11:18AM
  Answered above. ** -- Stech  05/19/2015 07:53AM
  Probably "False" because of the GOR...... -- Old Line Hokie  05/18/2015 6:26PM
  If there is no network by the time the contract ends  -- goldendomer  05/18/2015 5:01PM
  Those 7 plus 3 others would make a SOLID conference -- cburgroop  05/18/2015 9:27PM
  The B1G and VT relationship interests me -- Maroon Baboon  05/18/2015 4:23PM
  I have always thought that UVa and UNC will be together.  -- Maroon Baboon  05/19/2015 12:06PM
  Re: I have always thought that UVa and UNC will be together.  -- BigTenPride  05/19/2015 3:46PM
  B1G would probably sponsor VT for AAU status. -- Edgeman  05/18/2015 8:33PM
  Then why did BIG "allow" to Neb to booted from AAU? -- marcbvtgm  05/19/2015 08:22AM
  They make up only a chunk of the B1G is why. Duh.  -- chuckd4vt  05/19/2015 12:15PM
  Thus they used to constantly brag about it. -- Edgeman  05/19/2015 09:34AM
  Deleted. Duplicate post. ** -- marcbvtgm  05/19/2015 4:08PM
  Had nothing to do with ag research. -- Perfesser  05/19/2015 11:27AM
  And you are correct about their med school, but -- Edgeman  05/19/2015 12:21PM
  AAU cares about competitive grants -- Perfesser  05/19/2015 12:34PM
  Correct. But it's an internal AAU membership policy -- marcbvtgm  05/19/2015 3:06PM
  I wasn't responding to your points. However .... -- Perfesser  05/19/2015 4:35PM
  NCSU ** -- KnoxHokie  05/19/2015 8:12PM
  For starters, NCSU would be 2nd last in the Big10 in R&D $$. -- marcbvtgm  05/20/2015 11:54AM
  You may well be right, but ACC expansion suggests otherwise. -- Perfesser  05/19/2015 6:09PM
  Warner did not pressure Casteen. Period. -- Perfesser  05/19/2015 8:30PM
  Only if other(s) go first. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  05/18/2015 4:11PM
  Any word on Bill Roth's replacement? -- Edgeman  05/18/2015 12:25PM
  The sports info hire was amazing  -- Mercury  05/18/2015 4:00PM
  Hard to believe VT is behind in licensing revenue -- Edgeman  05/18/2015 12:22PM
  Typical Dude of wv misinformation -- VT75  05/17/2015 12:00PM
  This sounds like ACCN will be delayed past 2016/2017 -- hokiefan86  05/18/2015 2:05PM
  NC State gets a minimum of $5 million (LINK )  -- Stech  05/18/2015 07:13AM
  Agree afraid there is no luck there -- Mercury  05/18/2015 11:34AM
  Most important question. How much is VT getting  -- hokie4ever  05/18/2015 10:38AM
  Re: NC State gets a minimum of $5 million (LINK )  -- 33laszlo99  05/18/2015 08:27AM
  Don't worry. JS has a plan ** -- 133193Hokie  05/16/2015 8:26PM
  If the bubba s want to go go -- Mercury  05/16/2015 09:26AM
  FSU and Clemson are not going to the Big 12. -- Maroon Doom  05/17/2015 08:26AM
  No kidding -- Hamburger  05/17/2015 5:28PM
  Because FSU was sold on an ACCN. ACCN hasn't happened. ** -- chuckd4vt  05/18/2015 12:09AM
  Yet another moot point... ** -- marcbvtgm  05/18/2015 08:36AM
  Yet one more moot point. They're not going anywhere.  -- marcbvtgm  05/18/2015 3:53PM
  Sorry vt will not be with them -- Mercury  05/16/2015 11:54AM
  Did VT vote to let Louisville in? -- Maroon Baboon  05/16/2015 8:42PM
  Maybe, maybe not.  -- crabcake77  05/18/2015 09:04AM
  Nope but keep believing that if you wish ** -- Hamburger  05/17/2015 5:29PM
  Re: Sorry vt will not be with them -- VT Rockie  05/16/2015 8:28PM
  Tea party bubbas? ** -- Old Line Hokie  05/16/2015 2:02PM
  Sometimes I think Mercury sees FSU's Board of Trustees like this. -- Old Line Hokie  05/16/2015 10:08PM
  Jethro Bodine is there. How will he vote? ** -- HOO86  05/17/2015 3:45PM
  He prefers crawdads over crablegs. He tends to like the SEC if... -- Old Line Hokie  05/17/2015 4:37PM
  FYI, the Pac12 Network is a financial success. (link) -- chuckd4vt  05/15/2015 12:45PM
  I believe the Rose Bowl is included in the PAC 12 -- RJHokie  05/17/2015 8:49PM
  I hear ya' on the student opportunities and flexibility... -- crabcake77  05/15/2015 7:24PM
  The Dude of WV is getting really defensive on Twitter over the GOR -- CobbCountyHokie  05/15/2015 09:26AM
  Is there any talk anywhere of a Big XII network? -- PadrosWindup  05/15/2015 10:03PM
  This is Texas properties and check is for them -- Mercury  05/16/2015 01:03AM
  Dude has gone of the reservation, his tune changes daily.  -- goldendomer  05/15/2015 09:52AM
  I'd be worried if I were a WVU, Iowa State, TCU, or Kansas State fan. -- Old Line Hokie  05/15/2015 09:50AM
  Who says they won't have a home ** -- Mercury  05/15/2015 11:30AM
  If the Big 12 stays together, they will..... -- Old Line Hokie  05/15/2015 1:07PM
  If the B12 dissolves then Congress will get involved. -- Mr. Touchdown  05/15/2015 10:15AM
  Congress would screw that up too. LOL ** -- Old Line Hokie  05/15/2015 1:12PM
  Only one solution - RELEGATION! -- Colonel Jessup  05/15/2015 12:08PM
  I like it. Iowa State vs Queens Park Rangers. ** -- mancunian  05/18/2015 08:36AM
  Oh yeah. That is an easy (and harsh) punishment ** -- Colonel Jessup  05/15/2015 1:05PM
  That would be awesome! ** -- BlackwaterHokie  05/15/2015 12:28PM
  Once it gets political it will affect everyone -- crabcake77  05/15/2015 11:11AM
  Re: Once it gets political it will affect everyone -- BigTenPride  05/15/2015 11:40AM
  Desiring an in-state rival be left out might be an aim of an... -- Maroon Baboon  05/15/2015 12:54PM
  But UW-Mil is part of the UW system, just like... -- Edgeman  05/16/2015 1:02PM
  Richie Cunningham's Alma Mater ** -- Calamitous  05/15/2015 11:19PM
  ACC Commish Comments on the ACC Network -- goldendomer  05/14/2015 10:11AM
  Kicking and screaming? ** -- marcbvtgm  05/18/2015 08:38AM
  The ACC has no leverage. They lost it with their previous -- 133193Hokie  05/16/2015 8:30PM
  Swofford reminds me of the guy ** -- Calamitous  05/14/2015 6:14PM
  It's the 10-15 million/yr we're down RIGHT NOW. -- chuckd4vt  05/16/2015 04:01AM
  2014: SEC distributed $293M, ACC distributed $292M.... -- BUGGZY  05/16/2015 11:15PM
  "What's Next"? Hopefully his retirement ** -- Hokiefan5  05/14/2015 1:25PM
  While the ACC is "evaluating" the SEC and B1G are -- 133193Hokie  05/14/2015 1:11PM
  Re: While the ACC is -- BigTenPride  05/14/2015 2:13PM
  We have to concede a big gap will be there. The focus for VT -- Colonel Jessup  05/14/2015 2:55PM
  Re: ACC Commish Comments on the ACC Network -- Old Line Hokie  05/14/2015 10:59AM
  He used "if" in a recent Warchant interview. I pointed that out -- Colonel Jessup  05/14/2015 2:41PM
  But they had more revenue than any conference EVER.  -- chuckd4vt  05/14/2015 1:44PM
  All they need is one of the big carriers to pick them up. -- reestuart  05/14/2015 1:19PM
  TWC carries it in sports tier ** -- jms41  05/14/2015 3:10PM
  I actually have it(Dish 250)but I also live in California. ** -- goldendomer  05/14/2015 1:29PM
  No way the ACC scores on "the next big thing." -- chuckd4vt  05/14/2015 11:07AM
  Swoffy seems out of touch or too close with his son -- hokie4ever  05/14/2015 11:44AM
  And move it's headquarters out of North Carolina. ** -- Calamitous  05/14/2015 6:19PM
  Dabo Swinney & Paul Johnson poking at SEC is funny. -- HOO86  05/14/2015 7:08PM
  College Football Playoff Guy.... -- Old Line Hokie  05/14/2015 10:37AM
  What, no mention of how much ESPN trashed the ACC? -- Edgeman  05/14/2015 12:14AM
  And all that starts with Swofford. He's about 2 decades behind. -- Atlee Hokie  05/14/2015 10:01AM
  I think the Dude of MN is reading our board this afternoon... -- CobbCountyHokie  05/13/2015 3:44PM
  Would a 20 team conference be fun? -- mancunian  05/14/2015 1:18PM
  A 20 member conference may only be a temporary thing. -- VTHokie2000  05/14/2015 4:51PM
  Due to politics, 4x20 is probably the most realistic number.  -- chuckd4vt  05/14/2015 01:39AM
  Ehh, forgot about the possibility of pods. ** -- mancunian  05/14/2015 1:22PM
  If politics become a factor no way NC gets 4 schools in. -- crabcake77  05/14/2015 12:33PM
  Speaking of Rivalries. Pitt vs WVU comes to mind. -- HOO86  05/14/2015 1:51PM
  You bring up good points. However.... -- DMaroonHokie  05/13/2015 7:17PM
  Yeah, but we already have an NFL. -- mancunian  05/14/2015 1:24PM
  Here are my thoughts... -- CobbCountyHokie  05/13/2015 2:47PM
  Thanks Cobb! -- ScottyHeel  05/14/2015 10:00AM
  Just to add to my thoughts -- CobbCountyHokie  05/13/2015 3:37PM
  Cobb--could a shared channel exist? -- jms41  05/13/2015 6:26PM
  I suppose that anything is possible -- CobbCountyHokie  05/14/2015 3:25PM
  Love the idea of a 20 team league...... -- Hokies4Life  05/13/2015 3:42PM
  Re: Love the idea of a 20 team league...... -- BigTenPride  05/13/2015 7:04PM
  I don't think Wake or anyone else would be pushed out. -- DMaroonHokie  05/13/2015 7:21PM
  Problem is, Wake's getting nearly as much money as VT. ** -- chuckd4vt  05/14/2015 11:10AM
  Overcoming the Big 12 GOR could be achieved if... -- Old Line Hokie  05/13/2015 3:24PM
  Re: Overcoming the Big 12 GOR could be achieved if... -- 33laszlo99  05/14/2015 01:05AM
  Re: someone pays out a huge sum -- 33laszlo99  05/14/2015 08:43AM
  Re: Overcoming the Big 12 GOR could be achieved if... -- Stech  05/13/2015 9:31PM
  Yep Stech. If it happens, it'll probably happen fast... -- Old Line Hokie  05/13/2015 9:44PM
  Will be interested to here Cobb's take as well..... -- 2hhoop3  05/13/2015 11:30AM
  Re: Will be interested to here Cobb's take as well..... -- BigTenPride  05/13/2015 12:14PM
  Seems pac12 is the only path for Texas -- DarylS  05/13/2015 3:43PM
  Re: Seems pac12 is the only path for Texas -- BigTenPride  05/13/2015 6:43PM
  The Pac-12 may be the best home for Texas.... -- Old Line Hokie  05/13/2015 9:36PM
  Some feedback on Rutgers in Big Ten -- Champ Hokie  05/13/2015 11:33AM
  Ouch.  -- Will Stewart     05/13/2015 11:52AM
  Re: Ouch.  -- BigTenPride  05/13/2015 7:10PM
  10 is really the best number, but that's long gone. ** -- reestuart  05/13/2015 11:15PM
  Correct me if I am wrong -- VTHokie2000  05/14/2015 12:30PM
  I agree. The cross division game is a killer. ** -- reestuart  05/14/2015 12:26PM
  Bobby Bowden on Why FSU did not join the SEC -- HOO86  05/12/2015 7:22PM
  "I felt, Paaawwwwwwl, that...." ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  05/13/2015 4:25PM
  So, it had nothing to do with academics? -- Maroon Baboon  05/12/2015 8:01PM
  Urban Meyer moving yo tOSU has changed the balance of power -- PadrosWindup  05/13/2015 9:37PM
  I wouldn't bet against you. ** -- reestuart  05/13/2015 11:17PM
  B. They were exposed. ** -- IB4TECH  05/13/2015 12:03PM
  SEC Network vs a Potential ACC Network -- 133193Hokie  05/12/2015 5:31PM
  A lot of talk about the LHN being a failure... -- VTBB  05/12/2015 2:15PM
  Re: A lot of talk about the LHN being a failure... -- Rodant Kapoor  05/12/2015 6:13PM
  Re: A lot of talk about the LHN being a failure... -- Rodant Kapoor  05/12/2015 6:05PM
  I think I've watched the SECN 2 times..... -- Old Line Hokie  05/12/2015 4:33PM
  Re: I think I've watched the SECN 2 times..... -- BigTenPride  05/12/2015 7:17PM
  The ACC is barely third if you go by TV ratings. -- HOO86  05/12/2015 5:04PM
  Yes. But the model is different in the northeast. -- HOO86  05/13/2015 12:31PM
  Re: A lot of talk about the LHN being a failure... -- BigTenPride  05/12/2015 3:07PM
  This is anecdotal but... -- crabcake77  05/12/2015 5:06PM
  Re: "By the time everyone else catches up..." -- 33laszlo99  05/13/2015 6:17PM
  Re: This is anecdotal but... -- BigTenPride  05/13/2015 02:16AM
  Re: Re: This is anecdotal but... -- Red Hokie  05/13/2015 07:56AM
  Re: Re: Re: This is anecdotal but... -- BigTenPride  05/13/2015 11:32AM
  Re: Re: Re: Re: This is anecdotal but... -- Red Hokie  05/13/2015 5:00PM
  Save your post for future reference... FWIW, I see this too ** -- Calamitous  05/12/2015 11:29PM
  Right...that's pretty much what I was getting at. -- VTBB  05/13/2015 08:39AM
  Chris the "What Ifs" article was a nice trip... -- 2hhoop3  05/12/2015 10:03AM
  Re: Chris the  -- BigTenPride  05/12/2015 3:23PM
  Agree that Texas would want regional associates. -- HOO86  05/12/2015 5:19PM
  If Texas wants to make the BigXII work maybe they should  -- DMaroonHokie  05/12/2015 6:43PM
  Hopefully ESPN can nudge Texas and ND into the new  -- DMaroonHokie  05/12/2015 7:36PM
  No thanks to Vandy. ACC already has to lug around Wake -- crabcake77  05/12/2015 5:14PM
  Poor Wake. They take a beating around here. -- HOO86  05/12/2015 5:36PM
  I honestly don't see them keeping up. -- crabcake77  05/12/2015 8:15PM
  Here's an article suggesting Rutgers can't keep up.  -- HOO86  05/12/2015 8:52PM
  Yikes. $20+ million deficit per year since 2005-06. ** -- Will Stewart     05/12/2015 9:21PM
  Jersey gotta' Jersey -- crabcake77  05/12/2015 9:04PM
  Except last season's football board. har har har! ** -- FrederickHokie  05/12/2015 7:38PM
  Interesting read on the Longhorn Network -- Victor Tango  05/11/2015 5:16PM
  The article's comments are an even more entertaining read... ** -- reconhokie  05/13/2015 12:47AM
  Guys it's all about fox versus Disney  -- Mercury  05/12/2015 12:19AM
  Did I read that right? -- DMaroonHokie  05/11/2015 6:47PM
  Bf aTm was added, all the SEC had was FL and GA -- corvt2000  05/16/2015 11:00PM
  The SEC is mostly mid - low population states... -- Mr. Touchdown  05/12/2015 11:11AM
  This is exactly what I have been saying. The ACC needs more -- CobbCountyHokie  05/11/2015 11:21PM
  So you are saying it's highly unlikely an ACCN will happen. -- Atlee Hokie  05/12/2015 11:25PM
  Re: This is exactly what I have been saying. The ACC needs more -- DMaroonHokie  05/12/2015 08:41AM
  I think there is some discomfort that Disney/ESPN can get the carriage -- CobbCountyHokie  05/12/2015 09:47AM
  It would be nice to know what Steve Patterson thinks. -- HOO86  05/12/2015 12:18PM
  How many teams are Texas bringing along.  -- chuckd4vt  05/12/2015 09:57AM
  The Big 12 GoR currently expires in 2025. -- 133304Hokie  05/12/2015 5:28PM
  Wasn't LHN just a bribe to stop UT from going PAC 12? ** -- crabcake77  05/11/2015 6:32PM
  Re: Wasn't LHN just a bribe to stop UT from going PAC 12? -- 33laszlo99  05/11/2015 7:30PM
  For ESPN lots of good equity -- Mercury  05/12/2015 12:59PM
  It never made sense to have a network for 1 team.  -- HOO86  05/11/2015 5:46PM
  BYU gettin' alotta mileage out of the '84 Holiday Bowl. -- Maroon Baboon  05/12/2015 09:22AM
  The Big XII is in the midst of a media nightmare -- HOO86  05/11/2015 3:36PM
  It'll be interesting to see what comes first...... -- Old Line Hokie  05/11/2015 10:17PM
  Is ACCN dependent upon the other? ** -- Femoyer Hokie  05/12/2015 09:47AM
  Deleted ** -- crabcake77  05/11/2015 6:34PM
  But we'll not have one anytime soon. -- Atlee Hokie  05/09/2015 07:49AM
  Its a 2 way street, with high poker -- Mercury  05/09/2015 09:51AM
  The problem is that the -- 133193Hokie  05/10/2015 09:06AM
  Re: The problem is "leverage" -- 33laszlo99  05/10/2015 6:23PM
  They signed that deal in 2010. Ridiculous move by Swofford. -- chuckd4vt  05/10/2015 1:53PM
  Re: The problem is that the -- SoCloseHokie  05/10/2015 09:45AM
  Definitely economy-driven, isn't it? -- Calamitous  05/10/2015 1:41PM
  Well said. -- Stech  05/10/2015 08:53AM
  Did they take another vote in 2010, 2011, etc.? ** -- dallasvt  05/11/2015 6:08PM
  What "worked out" for the SEC was not that they -- 133193Hokie  05/10/2015 09:11AM
  Agreed... -- Calamitous  05/10/2015 11:30AM
  Re: Agreed... -- SoCloseHokie  05/10/2015 12:56PM
  ESPN would still get the high profile bball games... -- Calamitous  05/10/2015 11:22PM
  Who else will show Tuesday and Thursday b ball? ** -- chuckd4vt  05/11/2015 12:11PM
  The SEC has the same exact FB schedule ** -- BROman Hokie  05/11/2015 09:35AM
  And how did that work out for both parties? ** -- marcbvtgm  05/12/2015 1:12PM
  Both Texas and ESPN are doing quite well. ** -- chuckd4vt  05/13/2015 05:15AM
  ESPN recently stepped up and saved the ACC. ** -- chuckd4vt  05/13/2015 05:16AM did the LHN deal work out for both? ** -- marcbvtgm  05/14/2015 09:38AM
  Greased the skids? What does that even mean? -- marcbvtgm  05/10/2015 4:12PM
  You make a lot of assumptions that aren't based in reality -- marcbvtgm  05/12/2015 1:07PM
  Sure, and if my aunt had stones she'd be my uncle ** -- marcbvtgm  05/12/2015 1:09PM
  As a Disney shareholder, I am cheering for ESPN! -- BUGGZY  05/09/2015 11:23PM
  More than the viewing is that the SEC and B1G can -- 133193Hokie  05/08/2015 4:17PM
  I've seen this story before. -- Maroon Doom  05/11/2015 12:18PM
  Dodd is a Big XII shill and a blowhard... -- crabcake77  05/09/2015 11:19PM
  Tcu speaking does not equate volume increase -- Mercury  05/09/2015 06:47AM
  Seems to me if the goal is 4 conferences with 16 to 20 teams -- DMaroonHokie  05/08/2015 4:02PM
  I believe it will be four 18 team conferences. -- Hokies23  05/11/2015 3:32PM
  I agree with you, up to a point. -- 133304Hokie  05/10/2015 12:45PM
  Boom boom ** -- Mercury  05/09/2015 09:53AM
  Mostly Big 12 whining ** -- goldendomer  05/08/2015 2:41PM
  Why is Texas to the SEC not an option? -- I85Hokie  05/08/2015 1:42PM
  Texas does not want to be in the sec -- Mercury  05/09/2015 07:17AM
  ATm to SEC was a huge move for both of them. -- Atlee Hokie  05/09/2015 08:06AM
  No need for another powerhouse and don't need UT for $ purposes -- Colonel Jessup  05/08/2015 2:00PM
  Adding Texas may provide the SEC with other perks. -- VTHokie2000  05/08/2015 2:51PM
  ATm -- 133193Hokie  05/08/2015 1:54PM
  Possible ND play in the works when connecting dots -- Colonel Jessup  05/08/2015 1:01PM
  Sounds interesting, the problem(s) I have with this -- goldendomer  05/08/2015 1:53PM
  Agree that many ACC schools wouldn't like Notre Dame's special.... -- Old Line Hokie  05/08/2015 9:19PM
  Yum -- Colonel Jessup  05/08/2015 2:10PM
  Re: Sounds interesting, the problem(s) I have with this -- SoCloseHokie  05/08/2015 2:02PM
  That is the question -- goldendomer  05/08/2015 2:08PM
  I was thinking 15 teams, no divisions -- Colonel Jessup  05/08/2015 1:48PM
  I think you just run a 7 team and an 8 team division.  -- chuckd4vt  05/08/2015 3:59PM
  You may very well be right but.... -- VTBB  05/08/2015 1:22PM
  ND needs some major incentives to do this. Maybe their tv revenue -- Colonel Jessup  05/08/2015 1:42PM
  You are correct sir. Next domino to fall = CCG dereg -- moonda  05/08/2015 1:15PM
  One thing I thought about, though, is that the ACC proposed -- Colonel Jessup  05/08/2015 1:40PM
  LSU to Big 12? (Link) -- CrystalCoveHokie  05/08/2015 01:33AM
  The Dude of the Bayou? ** -- marcbvtgm  05/08/2015 3:10PM
  Oooops. The Dude of manhattan (with a little m). ** -- marcbvtgm  05/08/2015 3:18PM
  Is this author even from the Western Hemisphere?  -- Maroon Baboon  05/08/2015 3:01PM
  When I read "SB Nation",9-10 times it's garbage. ** -- Hokiefan5  05/08/2015 1:17PM
  BWAAAHAHAHA!!! Thanks, I needed that laugh today. ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  05/08/2015 12:11PM
  Bud Foster to Big 12 as twelfth member, book it. ** -- Maroon Doom  05/08/2015 11:51AM
  They lost them when they called them Louisiana State... -- BUGGZY  05/08/2015 10:09AM
  Nice. VT to the SEC West ! 😀 ** -- 133193Hokie  05/08/2015 09:20AM
  No SEC schools going to B12 ... ever. -- FrederickHokie  05/08/2015 05:42AM
  Interesting thought piece however no -- Mercury  05/08/2015 05:21AM
  Fox Sports: The 15 most valuable sports networks -- goldendomer  05/07/2015 1:03PM
  Absolutely true. ** -- reestuart  05/08/2015 4:58PM
  This was a very good article and really is worth a read by all here -- CobbCountyHokie  05/07/2015 1:51PM
  Your last two paragraphs says it all - and mirrors what -- 133193Hokie  05/08/2015 1:05PM
  Cobb, in your opinion why is the ACCN taking so long? The -- hokie4ever  05/07/2015 3:09PM
  Personally, I think ESPN is scared to negotiate for clearance -- CobbCountyHokie  05/07/2015 4:38PM
  Agreed. I'm concerned how little this network will make.  -- Colonel Jessup  05/08/2015 09:45AM
  Believe it or not ESPN is sorts box in -- Mercury  05/08/2015 05:31AM
  I think jumping to the Big 12 is a suicidal move -- CobbCountyHokie  05/08/2015 09:08AM
  Kansas and Kansas St will be in the same division. -- VTHokie2000  05/08/2015 1:43PM
  WVU is a worst case scenario...period...end of story -- CobbCountyHokie  05/08/2015 09:11AM
  Let's talk specifics about WVU viewership -- CobbCountyHokie  05/08/2015 3:38PM
  This company loves them and is looking to sign a long term deal -- goldendomer  05/08/2015 3:47PM
  You're joking, right? ** -- marcbvtgm  05/08/2015 3:11PM
  Depends on how the product is sold -- Tailgate Guru  05/08/2015 11:05AM
  We'll see how long TV market means more than actual viewers ** -- Colonel Jessup  05/08/2015 09:52AM
  Fair enough...but until that happens we have to live with Neilsen DMAs -- CobbCountyHokie  05/08/2015 12:26PM
  Yeah, in the streaming age, actual viewers will matter -- crabcake77  05/08/2015 11:50AM
  EXACTLY. People watch WVU football. ** -- chuckd4vt  05/08/2015 10:55AM
  You misspelled Texas. WVU bolsters nothing. ** -- marcbvtgm  05/08/2015 08:25AM
  Texas AND 4 dead weight tagalongs. ** -- chuckd4vt  05/08/2015 09:33AM
  That may be a very long wait. ACC needs two powerhouses.  -- KnoxHokie  05/07/2015 5:09PM
  ND, Texas, OU and any other 3 delivers the $ -- Red Hokie  05/07/2015 5:30PM
  What do you think  -- 133193Hokie  05/07/2015 1:46PM
  It depends... -- CobbCountyHokie  05/07/2015 2:08PM
  Given ND is Sold ALL in then The ACC must... -- obxhokies  05/07/2015 7:57PM
  If all the SEC can add is OSU and KSU, they'll stay at 14. -- Old Line Hokie  05/07/2015 11:22AM
  I think OSU and KSU add value to the SEC.  -- chuckd4vt  05/07/2015 2:01PM
  Collaborations are beginning to occur. (See the Playoffs) -- chuckd4vt  05/07/2015 11:08PM
  Collaborations and ND... -- crabcake77  05/08/2015 09:21AM
  Kansas? AAU membership is virtually meaningless. -- marcbvtgm  05/07/2015 12:47PM
  Re: Kansas? AAU membership is virtually meaningless. -- SoCloseHokie  05/07/2015 3:00PM
  Re: If all the SEC can add is OSU and KSU, they'll stay at 14. -- SoCloseHokie  05/07/2015 12:28PM
  Poppycock !!! ** -- 133193Hokie  05/06/2015 6:09PM

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