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  Here is a Harvard Business article on how cable providers still win -- CobbCountyHokie  10/23/2014 10:19AM
  Cable should either be regulated like a -- hokeyhokie  10/23/2014 4:00PM
  A few years back I complained to Mr. Weaver on the Hokie Hotline -- CobbCountyHokie  10/23/2014 3:58PM
  Last season, I tracked conf. appearances on ESPN family of networks. -- Will Stewart     10/23/2014 12:04PM
  I wonder if ACC gets higher % of men's basketball games? ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/23/2014 12:45PM
  As a sidenote ... -- Will Stewart     10/23/2014 12:08PM
  ACC playing checkers v. chess? ** -- crabcake77  10/23/2014 11:49AM
  ESPN is going to milk that SEC cash cow for all that it is worth -- VTHokie2000  10/23/2014 12:59PM
  If I could rewatch VT 62, SU 0, I would -- Late 80s Hokie  10/23/2014 3:43PM
  Yep. Lots of SEC shows, SEC women's volleyball, etc. ** -- Will Stewart     10/23/2014 12:04PM
  Tired of ESPN's coverage of SEC and Kobe Bryant. ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/23/2014 11:14AM
  Tech-WVU will revive rivalries in most sports.... -- Old Line Hokie  10/22/2014 1:19PM
  I read this to mean that ND and WVU are coming to the ACC. -- Maroon Baboon  10/22/2014 3:47PM
  They would need two sponsors. -- HOO86  10/22/2014 7:01PM
  I think so… AD Luck as done alot of fence mending -- Mercury  10/23/2014 08:22AM
  WVU would join the ACC in a nanosecond. I just think... -- Old Line Hokie  10/22/2014 5:49PM
  Curious on your thoughts about E. Gordon Gee -- HOO86  10/23/2014 03:07AM
  E. Gordon Gee will probably retire in a few years... -- Old Line Hokie  10/23/2014 10:00AM
  IMHO, fan behavior trumps everything else. -- Edgeman  10/23/2014 08:37AM
  This ** -- ren_hoek  10/23/2014 09:13AM
  Texas says 10,000 each per player -- goldendomer  10/22/2014 12:18PM
  Elsewhere in the Big 12 .... -- Perfesser  10/22/2014 3:30PM
  Needed : -- Maroon Baboon  10/22/2014 3:42PM
  It's still a lot cheaper than pro sports. -- 133304Hokie  10/22/2014 3:39PM
  Yep. That's my least favorite part -- reestuart  10/23/2014 1:24PM
  Agreed. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  10/22/2014 3:38PM
  And that's what the transportation component of COA  -- Pylons  10/23/2014 10:22AM
  That certainly wouldn't be "cost of attendance" -- Pylons  10/22/2014 3:48PM
  ND, B1G, SEC can compete with that, but few others can. -- GreatSmokieHokie  10/22/2014 1:49PM
  Just stepped up the necessity of the ACC Network -- Edgeman  10/22/2014 1:37PM
  Pandora's box -- VTBB  10/22/2014 1:08PM
  A Pandora's Box I think. -- Maroon Baboon  10/22/2014 12:54PM
  Things are going to get messy. Good for the lawyers. ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/22/2014 2:24PM
  Stech??? -- SoCloseHokie  10/22/2014 06:17AM
  Stech do these reschedling relate  -- Mercury  10/21/2014 6:01PM
  Yes. -- Stech  10/21/2014 7:17PM
  I'm confused, so let me ask the dumb question... -- ren_hoek  10/22/2014 09:55AM
  What do you think is going to happen in the selection process? -- Maroon Baboon  10/21/2014 8:15PM
  I'm not sleeping on Georgia. If they are 12-1 and win the SECCG... -- Maroon Baboon  10/22/2014 10:00AM
  Right now, it appears there will be.... -- Old Line Hokie  10/21/2014 11:03PM
  Disagree, I think 12-1 OSU champ is practically a LOCK.  -- chuckd4vt  10/22/2014 12:21AM
  A 14 pt. home loss to a #45-60 team doesn't look good... -- Old Line Hokie  10/22/2014 12:54PM
  The entire B1G is on the outside looking in at this point. -- Maroon Baboon  10/22/2014 2:51PM
  I would pick OSU over ND RIGHT NOW. Vegas would too. ** -- chuckd4vt  10/22/2014 3:05PM
  Vegas isn't on the committee. The committee will look at the loss. -- Maroon Baboon  10/22/2014 3:29PM
  Or they look at tOSU's loss as a fluke. ** -- reestuart  10/23/2014 1:25PM
  If we beat a top ten ASU and a top15 or so USC plus Louisville -- goldendomer  10/22/2014 4:49PM
  Re: Disagree, I think 12-1 OSU champ is practically a LOCK.  -- SoCloseHokie  10/22/2014 08:12AM
  ACC, Notre Dame Announce Football Playing Dates Through 2025 -- goldendomer  10/21/2014 3:22PM
  I have no idea about the ins and outs of  -- mancunian  10/22/2014 2:09PM
  You were right about Notre Dame, but you're still nuts IMHO. ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/21/2014 10:08PM
  TT v WVU (football) is a good game... -- Calamitous  10/22/2014 6:58PM
  Duke v Miami rated 0.7, TT v WVU rated 0.3  -- HOO86  10/22/2014 7:13PM
  Texas Tech and WVU actually have a bunch of fans.  -- chuckd4vt  10/22/2014 1:49PM
  VT plays ND 3 times in a 4 year span. 2018-2021 ** -- Colonel Jessup  10/21/2014 5:31PM
  Thanks. Playing at Fenway is way cool. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  10/21/2014 4:35PM
  Interesting thing is we're the home team. ** -- goldendomer  10/21/2014 4:43PM
  Got a better link? ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  10/21/2014 4:06PM
  Emmett speaks about likeness and other changes coming up -- goldendomer  10/20/2014 11:22PM
  For the Big12, the magic number is 18 -- I85Hokie  10/20/2014 6:06PM
  VT (and UVa) has options in the East. If XII want to get to 18... -- Maroon Baboon  10/20/2014 9:38PM
  Agree. Tech & UVa may not be in the same P-4 conference.... -- Old Line Hokie  10/20/2014 9:11PM
  Re: Agree. Tech & UVa may not be in the same P-4 conference.... -- SoCloseHokie  10/21/2014 06:55AM
  Big 12 fans must be worried that Texas will leave them .... -- Old Line Hokie  10/20/2014 10:56AM
  Sincerely doubt that MWN and ACCN would compete w/each other -- Perfesser  10/20/2014 1:38PM
  ACCN and MWN may not directly compete against each other -- VTHokie2000  10/20/2014 1:51PM
  Maybe so. I agree with Perfesser that NBC/Comcast... -- Old Line Hokie  10/20/2014 2:13PM
  I don't disagree that NBC/Comcast makes the most sense -- VTHokie2000  10/20/2014 3:06PM
  Re: I don't disagree that NBC/Comcast makes the most sense -- Old Line Hokie  10/20/2014 7:10PM
  WVU has riot after baylor win -- Mercury  10/19/2014 3:14PM
  Too dumb to know Baylor was overrated, a bit of a fraud. ** -- Maroon Baboon  10/19/2014 6:34PM
  I do think that the HBO and CBS moves are interesting -- CobbCountyHokie  10/20/2014 11:07AM
  For what it is worth, I think the ACC has totally blown it -- CobbCountyHokie  10/20/2014 11:15AM
  But Swoffart really took care of his kid. ** -- Edgeman  10/21/2014 07:23AM
  Maybe so, but the ACC is putting up a pretty good digital network.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  10/19/2014 10:24PM
  The ACC DN bores me to tears and the content does not excite me at all -- CobbCountyHokie  10/20/2014 11:10AM
  If the Playoff expands to 8 teams -- VTHokie2000  10/20/2014 12:55PM
  If ND and FSU win out, ND's chances are very good. -- Maroon Baboon  10/19/2014 6:33PM
  I think 12-1 OSU or MSU goes over 11-1 ND ALL DAY.  -- chuckd4vt  10/19/2014 7:41PM
  Why do you have Oregon below the Big Ten champ? -- Colonel Jessup  10/21/2014 5:39PM
  Marshall has a 0% chance of being in a playoff ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  10/19/2014 12:52AM
  1-loss ECU > undefeated Marshall -- I85Hokie  10/20/2014 08:07AM
  They'll take 4 two-loss SECW teams before Marshall ** -- Maroon Baboon  10/19/2014 6:36PM
  The Committee would take a 12-loss SEC team -- VTHokie2000  10/20/2014 1:01PM
  I can't see it. What will their strength of schedule look like? ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  10/19/2014 1:10PM
  Not with that Schedule -- VaTechHokiesACC  10/19/2014 10:19PM
  Over the top Internet Subs - HBO -- Red Hokie  10/15/2014 11:38AM
  Saw a different article that said Dish -- ahokie4u  10/19/2014 12:45PM
  CBS announced they're doing the same thing as HBO. ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/17/2014 4:54PM
  Love my roku but kept my cable. Problem  -- ahokie4u  10/16/2014 3:58PM
  Pac12. ** -- reestuart  10/16/2014 09:14AM
  Slive retiring. -- goldendomer  10/14/2014 2:52PM
  I'll never forget what Charlie Moir said about Slive. -- Will Stewart     10/16/2014 10:43AM
  He's 74 years old and Swofford & Delany are both 66... -- Calamitous  10/14/2014 6:47PM
  Swafford's time to step down is within the next year- -- KnoxHokie  10/16/2014 10:48AM
  He'll continue to hang on for anoyher 5 years. ** -- Atlee Hokie  10/16/2014 8:02PM
  I hope the ACC's next commissioner has no UNC or Duke connections. ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/14/2014 10:13PM
  Unfortunately, that horse is out of the barn. -- Atlee Hokie  10/16/2014 8:00PM
  I said TiC down below but you're correct he would be a good one -- goldendomer  10/15/2014 2:59PM
  How about the Trained Geese???? :>) ** -- maddogbob  10/15/2014 01:45AM
  Swarbrick. Tic ** -- goldendomer  10/14/2014 11:14PM
  Maybe they'll give Swoffart a call? ** -- Edgeman  10/14/2014 3:37PM
  Coral Gables campus... -- Calamitous  10/12/2014 09:21AM
  What is rocket surgery? -- gman86  10/13/2014 12:04PM
  Is it covered under the Affordable Care Act? ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/14/2014 09:29AM
  I think it's covered under the Affordable STEM Act? ** -- Edgeman  10/14/2014 09:36AM
  A term for really fast surgeons? ** -- Calamitous  10/14/2014 12:14AM
  It's like people surgery, except on rockets. ** -- Edgeman  10/13/2014 10:12PM
  So let me get this perfectly clear. The Germans used ... -- Atlee Hokie  10/14/2014 09:09AM
  Probably similar to brain science. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  10/13/2014 12:25PM
  Many fans don't see the diversity of university's -- Mercury  10/13/2014 06:55AM
  "alot" and "definately" are definitely used a lot ** -- Calamitous  10/14/2014 12:09AM
  They can build an ACC contender just with kids within 25 miles. -- hokiebob01  10/12/2014 10:27PM
  No they can't. ** -- marcbvtgm  10/13/2014 4:40PM
  It would be close. Within an hour, they could win a NC.  -- chuckd4vt  10/14/2014 9:47PM
  Again, no they can't. ** -- marcbvtgm  10/16/2014 10:05AM
  It's called hyperbole ** -- hokiebob01  10/13/2014 5:03PM
  Yes it is. Thanks for pointing that out. ** -- marcbvtgm  10/16/2014 10:04AM
  I wasn't impresed when I saw it the first time. -- Edgeman  10/12/2014 09:45AM
  Delete -- goldendomer  10/10/2014 5:59PM
  I actually was playing in the PSAC when... -- Maroon Baboon  10/10/2014 10:33PM
  Nice to be back on the CR Board -- CobbCountyHokie  10/10/2014 4:08PM
  Welcome back!!!Hope you're well. :) ** -- goldendomer  10/10/2014 6:34PM
  Welcome back! Hope recovery is going well. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  10/10/2014 4:51PM
  NY Times: At Louisville, Athletic Boom Is Rooted in ESPN Partnership -- Will Stewart     10/10/2014 2:15PM
  Louisville's top reason was to not be left behind in the AAC. ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/12/2014 6:45PM
  Tom Jurich probably has done more for his university's athletics... -- Old Line Hokie  10/10/2014 7:16PM
  This is business focused  -- Mercury  10/10/2014 2:24PM
  Add UCF and East Carolina to ACC -- OrlandoHokie  10/10/2014 1:04PM
  Its not about the fans, its market share -- Mercury  10/12/2014 8:18PM
  There's a fairly stong correlation between the two ** -- marcbvtgm  10/13/2014 4:42PM
  It's not about market share any longer.  -- Atlee Hokie  10/13/2014 2:09PM
  I thought ECU was playing USF (University of South Florida). -- Atlee Hokie  10/12/2014 7:11PM
  Delete ** -- Atlee Hokie  10/13/2014 2:04PM
  If you are talking about trading WF for ECU than -- 133193Hokie  10/12/2014 09:01AM
  Re: Add UCF and East Carolina to ACC -- ghc4VT  10/11/2014 11:12AM
  ND is not joining. -- Atlee Hokie  10/11/2014 6:22PM
  Good point about the 8 teams. Some, like the Dude of MN... -- Maroon Baboon  10/12/2014 10:07AM
  ECU/UCF will never get a sniff from the ACC, or SEC for that matter ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  10/11/2014 10:44AM
  Well, the ACC, at least most of it, didn't want us. -- Atlee Hokie  10/11/2014 6:15PM
  Acc was thinking that and pressure got vt in -- Mercury  10/11/2014 3:14PM
  The VA governor could not pressure any university not in VA. -- Atlee Hokie  10/13/2014 2:02PM
  No question Swofford lusted after Miami. -- Atlee Hokie  10/13/2014 9:59PM
  Can't argue. Probably So. But within reason. -- HOO86  10/14/2014 12:48AM
  I'm not even sure how much "within reason" it needs to be. -- Atlee Hokie  10/14/2014 09:20AM
  I can't fathom who ND would care enough about to invite -- btownhokie  10/14/2014 2:10PM
  Texas is only coming w/ regional tag alongs.  -- chuckd4vt  10/16/2014 5:00PM
  I actually think that UCF and ECU would be the worst candidates -- CobbCountyHokie  10/10/2014 3:24PM
  I think that would be a good move for the SEC -- Bird of Prey  10/11/2014 10:13AM
  UCF or USF, plus ECU might add value to Big 12. -- Old Line Hokie  10/10/2014 2:45PM
  Can I move into your house and have part of your salary?... -- BROman Hokie  10/10/2014 1:48PM
  I agree. It makes no financial sense. VT undergrad only. -- OrlandoHokie  10/10/2014 2:45PM
  Neither would add anything close to what they would take.. -- Mr. Touchdown  10/10/2014 1:14PM
  Deleted ** -- marcbvtgm  10/10/2014 1:50PM
  Some nice info on playoff committee- condI rice -- goldendomer  10/08/2014 11:28PM
  CFB rankings and committees are too subjective.... -- Calamitous  10/09/2014 7:33PM
  If the P5 (P4) can separate from the G5... -- Calamitous  10/10/2014 06:41AM
  We need "Conference Challenge" weeks -- Mr. Touchdown  10/09/2014 4:16PM
  Such a silly system.... -- jesuisvtguy  10/09/2014 10:09AM
  4 is better than 2 regardless of method -- Colonel Jessup  10/09/2014 3:00PM
  If by "better" you mean more pointless...I agree ** -- marcbvtgm  10/10/2014 08:37AM
  Conf. champs only would make OOC like NFL pre-season. -- Maroon Baboon  10/10/2014 07:24AM
  If you flip the scenario, then why should a 3-loss SEC champion -- VTHokie2000  10/18/2014 3:36PM
  So let's say it's "average of human polls" -- Pylons  10/09/2014 1:42PM
  Why would you include polls if you don't like -- Pylons  10/09/2014 1:05PM
  Lol...why? -- Pylons  10/09/2014 2:43PM
  Because it should be crystal clear how you CAN get in.... -- jesuisvtguy  10/09/2014 6:55PM
  Ok, I see that -- Pylons  10/09/2014 8:14PM
  Computers watch zero games.  -- Maroon Baboon  10/09/2014 10:51AM
  But all of those people will not be watching that many games. -- Atlee Hokie  10/09/2014 3:44PM
  I doubt any of them other than Condi watch that many. -- Maroon Baboon  10/09/2014 8:50PM
  Eventually, they'll get to 8 playoff teams... -- Old Line Hokie  10/09/2014 12:38PM
  I don't know about "best", but a very good addition to the committee ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  10/09/2014 12:46PM
  She's better than most that are on the committee -- Atlee Hokie  10/09/2014 3:19PM
  Watches 14-15 games a week? I'm jealous.  -- Maroon Baboon  10/09/2014 08:04AM
  I'm sure Pat Haden will be completely objective. -- Edgeman  10/09/2014 10:11AM
  Re: Watches 14-15 games a week? I'm jealous.  -- 2hhoop3  10/09/2014 09:14AM
  There is much more at stake here than in hoops tho. -- Maroon Baboon  10/09/2014 09:47AM
  There is going to be subjectivity involved, surely. -- Maroon Baboon  10/09/2014 11:11AM
  Agreed. The BCS was a hot mess. -- Pylons  10/09/2014 1:06PM
  Oops. read my post just above^^ ** -- Maroon Baboon  10/09/2014 11:20AM
  As the Big Ten Declines, Homegrown Talent Flees -- HOO86  10/07/2014 8:25PM
  Penn St and Notre Dame have always been NY metro darlings -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  10/09/2014 3:48PM
  Re: Penn St and Notre Dame have always been NY metro darlings ** -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  10/09/2014 3:48PM
  New Jersey and Maryland/DC have good H.S. talent... -- Old Line Hokie  10/07/2014 9:38PM
  Florida playmates? SHUN!!! ** -- El Paso Hokie  10/11/2014 11:35AM
  Would be less $ than  -- daveinop  10/08/2014 9:23PM
  I'm talking about just their tier 3 stuff.  -- chuckd4vt  10/08/2014 11:16PM
  Money won't be an issue to make us join, as you know -- goldendomer  10/08/2014 12:51PM
  Imo it will expand to 6-8 likely. greed will win out -- goldendomer  10/08/2014 10:03PM
  I think the deal is done and no going back for the foreseeable  -- goldendomer  10/08/2014 11:46PM
  Which AD said this? ** -- goldendomer  10/08/2014 11:58AM
  I can't remember, it was linked a month of so ago.  -- chuckd4vt  10/08/2014 11:56PM
  I agree it could happen ** -- goldendomer  10/09/2014 12:14AM
  Great point, and chuck you're one of the people saying ND -- goldendomer  10/07/2014 8:02PM
  Back in the 50's we wanted a airplane conference. -- goldendomer  10/08/2014 5:54PM
  Yes, I remember the article the you posted  -- VTHokie2000  10/08/2014 7:58PM
  The theory is that ESPN knew the LHN would be a wash. -- crabcake77  10/07/2014 6:49PM
  Scheduling would become a huge problem for them. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  10/07/2014 5:44PM
  Hey now -- VTHokie2000  10/07/2014 1:32PM
  Better yet, drop ahtletic scholarships altogether ** -- hokeyhokie  10/07/2014 1:26PM
  Good luck with getting universities to admit -- Pylons  10/07/2014 1:04PM
  What degree is useless? -- Perfesser  10/07/2014 2:24PM
  And that's just not necessarily the point of college -- hucareshokiesrul  10/13/2014 10:30PM
  One could make the case that the OP -- VTHokie2000  10/08/2014 12:30PM
  Almost none-- but some are not worth the time and effort- -- KnoxHokie  10/07/2014 4:17PM
  As with most things, I think you need balance -- Pylons  10/07/2014 10:11PM
  Your OP implies that if a major is not a STEM major -- VTHokie2000  10/07/2014 9:05PM
  Obviously everyone should learn to read accurately- -- KnoxHokie  10/07/2014 10:57PM
  The key word to understanding what I said is "some". -- KnoxHokie  10/08/2014 11:45AM
  The problem with that approach -- VTHokie2000  10/07/2014 5:15PM
  I'm not claiming any are -- Pylons  10/07/2014 3:31PM
  It pretty much comes down to each individual, not the degree. -- Old Line Hokie  10/07/2014 3:23PM
  Certainly a lot of truth there -- Pylons  10/07/2014 3:34PM
  Thank you. Great message. -- hokiebob01  10/07/2014 3:08PM
  This has no teeth, but if anyone would try it... -- Calamitous  10/07/2014 10:14PM
  Miami wants out???... -- BROman Hokie  10/07/2014 12:58PM
  BYU should be a XII target -- Maroon Baboon  10/07/2014 12:22PM
  THe networks have a problem with BYU -- Mercury  10/07/2014 9:06PM
  I agree that BYU would be a good addition... -- Old Line Hokie  10/07/2014 1:10PM
  I'd negotiate a peace to let Miami out of the GOR. -- Maroon Baboon  10/07/2014 12:16PM
  Miami can't leave the ACC for another 13 years... -- Old Line Hokie  10/07/2014 10:52AM
  Sure they can, it would just be expensive ** -- hokie4ever  10/07/2014 12:09PM
  Miami is already broke. $31.4 million exit fee makes things worse. -- Old Line Hokie  10/07/2014 1:01PM
  Re:  -- SoCloseHokie  10/07/2014 07:58AM
  Re:  -- Red Hokie  10/06/2014 9:58PM
  The Big12 is ....  -- 2hhoop3  10/07/2014 10:14AM
  Texas in one division and ND in the other....... -- hokie4ever  10/07/2014 4:31PM
  Any chance they try to go independent? At least transitionally? ** -- Femoyer Hokie  10/07/2014 10:47AM
  When it comes to media coverage, they already ** -- Edgeman  10/07/2014 11:24AM
  Now official, autonomy is here  -- goldendomer  10/06/2014 5:57PM
  The cost of attendance bit will be interesting -- Pylons  10/07/2014 09:01AM
  The problem is -- Pylons  10/07/2014 3:44PM
  Here's more information -- Old Line Hokie  10/06/2014 9:15PM
  Playing devil's advocate here -- VTHokie2000  10/06/2014 7:14PM
  Some good points but I hope they have been working  -- goldendomer  10/06/2014 7:23PM
  Seems like a lot of confusion/disagreement still -- goldendomer  10/06/2014 5:59PM
  While not surprising, this is the big takeaway right now. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  10/07/2014 08:59AM
  ScottyHeel- We just got another 2017 game, one  -- goldendomer  10/06/2014 10:32AM
  The Cradle of Coaches U. ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/06/2014 4:20PM
  Lol, not a thrilling game but our old OC is there -- goldendomer  10/06/2014 6:08PM
  Miami U beat us 24-17 in our 1997 homecoming game. ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/06/2014 6:25PM
  After a band member ran into Randy Walker... -- Calamitous  10/06/2014 7:08PM
  I still remember him saying that like it was yesterday. ** -- Nortazhokie  10/06/2014 7:35PM
  Re: ScottyHeel- We just got another 2017 game, one  -- ScottyHeel  10/06/2014 10:48AM
  It should still be a good game, we have a tendency to play -- goldendomer  10/06/2014 11:05AM
  Could ESPN Classic be converted to an ACC Network? -- 133304Hokie  10/03/2014 3:21PM
  Not a big leap since every ACC game is an instant classic :>) ** -- HENRICO HOKIE  10/06/2014 07:18AM
  Possible. Maybe located near Univision & Telemundo? ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/03/2014 9:23PM
  Telemundo unshun -- Edgeman  10/04/2014 4:37PM
  Telemundo unshun #2 -- Edgeman  10/04/2014 4:38PM
  Univision unshun -- Edgeman  10/04/2014 4:33PM
  Re: Could ESPN Classic be converted to an ACC Network? -- SAMMYNOLE  10/03/2014 8:50PM
  Not soon enough! ** -- Edgeman  10/04/2014 4:38PM
  Typical;' expecting a black and white decision -- Mercury  10/04/2014 09:14AM
  Some schools in the SEC... -- Calamitous  10/04/2014 7:14PM
  I am/was surprised the ACC agreed to Friday night games -- goldendomer  10/04/2014 11:06AM
  You need to change your local establishment (:>) -- VaTechie  10/05/2014 12:47PM
  Friday night is for high school football. ** -- Old Line Hokie  10/04/2014 4:20PM
  Yes. And now Thursday is NFL night.  -- HOO86  10/04/2014 5:06PM
  Wouldn't Friday be a better night for game Attendees? -- PadrosWindup  10/05/2014 4:50PM
  The night Tech plays on a non-Thanksgiving Friday night.... -- Old Line Hokie  10/04/2014 7:30PM
  If CBS starts to dominate with its NFL coverage -- VTHokie2000  10/06/2014 1:10PM
  Fox can't get its own night unless the NFL  -- VTHokie2000  10/06/2014 7:40PM
  For me, Thanksgiving Friday night is the worst Friday night. ** -- Atlee Hokie  10/05/2014 8:39PM
  Right now that's true, but there are other teams in the ACC .. -- 133304Hokie  10/05/2014 12:16PM
  I agree but the ACC does have the TV sets if you go by.... -- Old Line Hokie  10/04/2014 4:26PM
  Interesting Football fan map -- Calamitous  10/03/2014 3:19PM
  This map supports the ACC looking at UConn and WVU. -- HOO86  10/04/2014 3:26PM
  Would you rather have 50% of a small pie, or 15% of a large one? -- Late 80s Hokie  10/06/2014 10:11AM
  And that we dump GT. ** -- IB4TECH  10/05/2014 6:45PM
  Agreed... -- Calamitous  10/04/2014 6:57PM
  Demonstrates ACC needs VT to keep the DC market -- Mercury  10/04/2014 08:51AM
  Grabbing Syracuse was smart by the ACC... -- Calamitous  10/04/2014 09:51AM
  They were in discussions but cuse dropped it -- Mercury  10/04/2014 10:22AM
  Very interesting. Good indication of how valuable Texas is. ** -- jesuisvtguy  10/03/2014 4:13PM
  And the citizens along the North Carolina state line ** -- Calamitous  10/04/2014 09:39AM
  UNC hoops is huge ** -- jesuisvtguy  10/06/2014 11:42PM
  So their priorities are: -- Stech  10/01/2014 07:46AM
  In your eyes, was this EXPECTED?? any surprises? ** -- Mercury  10/04/2014 09:15AM
  The press release is too vague to draw that conclusion. -- crabcake77  10/03/2014 2:29PM
  I think it's not dead yet.....I think it was going to be voted -- goldendomer  10/01/2014 10:37PM
  As counterintuitive as this sounds -- I85Hokie  09/30/2014 09:27AM
  Pretty clear Miami needs more of this: -- Edgeman  10/02/2014 4:29PM
  They need to partner with the MLS team -- Truthahn  10/03/2014 12:01PM
  U of Miami has no room. It appears they have no... -- Old Line Hokie  10/02/2014 12:09PM
  They have a Lake Osceola on campus? Wonder if FSU knows? -- Edgeman  10/02/2014 12:15PM
  UCLA students have to even further to their off campus stadium. -- Atlee Hokie  10/01/2014 5:12PM
  It helps that UCLA has over 400,000 living alumni with.... -- Old Line Hokie  10/02/2014 3:44PM
  I agree about the character issue. Dolphins Stadium is soulless. -- Atlee Hokie  10/02/2014 07:33AM
  But the numbers weren't all that good at the Orange Bowl either. -- Atlee Hokie  10/02/2014 07:12AM
  What other options did Miami have? The Orange Bowl was.... -- Old Line Hokie  10/01/2014 09:05AM
  They should play @ Marlins Park... -- BROman Hokie  10/01/2014 12:05PM
  I just looked at Marlins Park. Seating for football would suck. -- Atlee Hokie  10/02/2014 07:25AM
  AD probably getting kickback from the tarp company ** -- Maroon Baboon  10/01/2014 12:19PM
  I agree. I'm bearish on The U. -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2014 11:04PM
  I'm also bearish on those people. -- Atlee Hokie  10/02/2014 07:20AM
  Don't play the academic card at Miami when their NFL draftees are ... -- GreatSmokieHokie  09/30/2014 2:47PM
  Miami had a great series of TEAMS, but never a great program -- Late 80s Hokie  09/30/2014 1:07PM
  Miami keeps shooting themselves in the foot.... -- Old Line Hokie  09/30/2014 12:59PM
  Miami knew this day was coming, so they prepared for it... -- BROman Hokie  09/30/2014 12:06PM
  Agreed. 1990s BE >>> 2000s ACC. -- VTurficus  09/30/2014 3:55PM
  I think part of it is kids from the area have more choices. -- reestuart  09/30/2014 11:25AM
  They are recruiting at a top10 level RIGHT NOW.  -- chuckd4vt  09/30/2014 11:47AM
  I agree with all EXCEPT "Also, they will always have enough dough to  -- Late 80s Hokie  10/01/2014 08:32AM
  A couple of years ago, they were 10th in revenue in the ACC. -- reestuart  10/01/2014 10:17AM
  I would imagine a HC is at the top of their priority list. ** -- chuckd4vt  10/01/2014 09:26AM
  They've gotten the guys they wanted each time.  -- chuckd4vt  10/02/2014 2:51PM
  There's really no sensible way to -- JAVT12  09/30/2014 7:52PM
  Deleted*** ** -- Jackie VT  09/30/2014 11:57AM
  ND fulltime and 16 teams with Pods solves the issue ** -- hokie4ever  09/30/2014 09:11AM
  We can't depend on ND to join to solve this problem. -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2014 10:42AM
  Lol, pretty much... ** -- goldendomer  09/30/2014 10:43AM
  I agree 100%. ** -- reestuart  09/30/2014 08:43AM
  Except that East/West makes no sense and North/South would suck. -- GreatSmokieHokie  09/29/2014 10:43PM
  Agree...that is the worst-case scenario for VT -- VTBB  09/30/2014 10:31AM
  Miami (not Duke or Wake) should be in the North -- I85Hokie  09/30/2014 08:54AM
  The problem with North-South alignment and Miami in the North -- VTHokie2000  09/30/2014 11:36AM
  What's the issue from the schools -- Mercury  09/30/2014 08:39AM
  Agree. Would rather have Old (pre-FSU) ACC vs. New ACC. -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2014 07:26AM
  Outside of FSU, that would split it north-south. ** -- reestuart  09/30/2014 08:44AM
  Miami? ** -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2014 10:42AM
  Yeah, if we're going to play mostly northern teams, I say -- reestuart  09/30/2014 12:20PM
  If we're going to sell out souls, I'd rather go to the SEC ;) ** -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2014 12:52PM
  Crank up the bus, I am ready to go -- FlyFishingHokie  09/30/2014 12:51PM
  Flip Flop GT and Clemson -- hokieninsurance  09/29/2014 10:18AM
  If the ACC is going to realign the divisions  -- VTHokie2000  09/29/2014 2:22PM
  Pitt and Clemson would be my choice. But either works. ** -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2014 10:56AM
  If Miami was "back" it would be fine. But the unspoken reality... -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2014 10:54AM
  But also silly to ignore the trend. -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2014 07:30AM
  Why not? Pitt was better than FSU & Clemson 5 years ago ** -- BROman Hokie  10/01/2014 09:22AM
  Yep. Realigning due to an imbalance is just silly. ** -- reestuart  09/29/2014 2:03PM
  That's exactly why they did it. Bad idea then, and makes even -- reestuart  09/29/2014 09:41AM
  I would reshuffle divisions every 2 years.  -- chuckd4vt  09/29/2014 12:56AM
  I'd go even further and rotate every year. -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2014 11:03AM
  Sounds better than what we have now. -- Edgeman  09/29/2014 06:12AM
  They should change, but not due to imbalance. -- reestuart  09/28/2014 11:37PM
  I don't mind 8 if... -- Edgeman  09/30/2014 08:24AM
  For me, it is always about the schedule. -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2014 10:49AM
  Wasn't the original alignment -- marcbvtgm  09/28/2014 7:23PM
  Making them perfectly even is hard to do, yes, but... -- Maroon Baboon  09/28/2014 7:33PM
  Why do Clemson & FSU need to be in different divisions? -- marcbvtgm  09/29/2014 12:12PM
  They are the best programs.  -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2014 1:00PM
  Better programs vs. Better records. Not the same thing. -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2014 2:44PM
  And what would that accomplish? ** -- marcbvtgm  09/29/2014 2:47PM
  The likelihood of a better and more attractive ACCCG for starters -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2014 6:49PM
  I have VT rated as the 3rd best program. Makes sense to... -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2014 11:32AM
  Re: Making them perfectly even is hard to do, yes, but... -- Old Line Hokie  09/28/2014 9:51PM
  If you swap Louisville for Syracuse  -- VTHokie2000  09/29/2014 2:30PM
  I like it. Only change I would name is flipping Syr & Pitt. -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2014 11:09AM
  Miami can't build an on campus stadium already. -- Atlee Hokie  10/02/2014 07:48AM
  Miami has no room. Small campus to begin with.... -- Old Line Hokie  09/29/2014 11:36AM
  Here, here! amen! ;) sorry for my clemson alum bias ;) ** -- ren_hoek  09/29/2014 10:18AM
  Steech, question on rules on the P5 conferences -- Mercury  09/28/2014 2:40PM
  October or November I believe that will be decided... So soon ** -- goldendomer  09/29/2014 09:21AM
  Thanks a lot appreciate it ** -- Mercury  09/28/2014 7:50PM
  So.... when does Texas join then. ** -- ChrisLords  09/28/2014 7:39PM
  Interesting Tweet from ESPN Gameday this morning. -- HOO86  09/27/2014 11:06AM
  ND just keeping options open -- Mercury  09/27/2014 07:57AM
  I think this is just ND being proactive... -- Calamitous  09/27/2014 07:57AM
  Interesting breakdown. -- goldendomer  09/25/2014 6:58PM
  Re: Interesting breakdown. -- ScottyHeel  09/25/2014 7:26PM
  This is about normal, our schedule will be done 3-4 yrs out ** -- goldendomer  09/26/2014 10:14PM
  I'm fair and balanced, even though I see this as unlikely  -- goldendomer  09/23/2014 6:52PM
  Your Faux "news"? :>O ** -- Hokiefan5  09/24/2014 10:50PM
  Here are your 13 members and their affiliations -- moonda  09/24/2014 3:00PM
  More things as to why ND won't be screwed IMHO. -- Maroon Baboon  09/25/2014 11:03AM
  ND is in at 12-0. Period. FSU & ND play each other. -- Maroon Baboon  09/24/2014 6:42PM
  12-0 ND doesn't beat out a one loss SEC conf champ. -- Atlee Hokie  09/24/2014 10:56PM
  We are in different times.ND will take a back seat. -- moonda  09/24/2014 8:03PM
  Times are different, yet not so different... -- Calamitous  09/24/2014 10:53PM
  Just scheduled a Home and home with Texas A & M in 24 and 25 -- goldendomer  09/25/2014 4:05PM
  Again, a 12-0 ND team is not getting left out with their SOS -- jesuisvtguy  09/24/2014 6:32PM
  12-0 I think we're in still. But it's hard to run the table -- goldendomer  09/24/2014 3:20PM
  Agree. 12-0 Notre Dame gets 1 of the 4 spots... -- Old Line Hokie  09/24/2014 6:56PM
  Who knows, you could be right... -- Calamitous  09/24/2014 11:08PM
  Texas and ND in the same conference is hard for me to imagine ** -- goldendomer  09/24/2014 11:48PM
  Need access to Florida for recruiting ** -- goldendomer  09/25/2014 09:48AM
  This can be addressed with Miami -- HOO86  09/25/2014 7:52PM
  Re: Need access to Florida for recruiting -- SoCloseHokie  09/25/2014 3:08PM
  Tulane..... ehhhhh -- Calamitous  09/27/2014 08:16AM
  That's a good league. -- HOO86  09/25/2014 7:59PM
  Re: That's a good league. -- SoCloseHokie  09/26/2014 06:33AM
  So if we win the Indy division(Indy INO) we're in! j/k ** -- goldendomer  09/24/2014 1:46PM
  Re: So if we win the Indy division(Indy INO) we're in! j/k -- ScottyHeel  09/24/2014 7:46PM
  In all seriousness... -- BUGGZY  09/24/2014 2:58PM
  I have a slightly jaded thought on the issue. -- Apex Hokie  09/24/2014 12:56PM
  I think this is the evolving prevailing opinion. -- HOO86  09/23/2014 9:19PM
  Any chance Wake gets absorbed into the Patriot League? ** -- Edgeman  09/24/2014 11:37AM
  No, the TV money is too good to pass up. ** -- Old Line Hokie  09/24/2014 12:17PM
  Darn! ** -- Edgeman  09/24/2014 2:35PM
  I wouldn't say ACC fans want Wake to leave. -- HOO86  09/24/2014 7:40PM
  I agree that C.C. Games should account for something  -- goldendomer  09/23/2014 11:51PM
  It's a risk but the money is worth it to the conferences. ** -- goldendomer  09/24/2014 7:13PM
  Interesting side note from this morning. -- HOO86  09/24/2014 11:37AM
  Keeping my fingers crossed. ** -- Edgeman  09/24/2014 11:38AM
  How did VT/GT do in the TV ratings? (Answer Inside) -- CobbCountyHokie  09/22/2014 10:15AM
  I'm surprised at Richmond although -- MBHokie90  09/22/2014 4:57PM
  Two things to think about... -- Calamitous  09/22/2014 4:56PM
  Some more food for thought... -- CobbCountyHokie  09/22/2014 1:35PM
  Yes. They were included. ** -- CobbCountyHokie  09/24/2014 1:44PM
  That's DANG impressive for an unranked VT/GT matchup -- chuckd4vt  09/22/2014 2:05PM
  THis is where it is at. -- Mercury  09/22/2014 1:34PM
  I know a ton of SEC fans in Atlanta who LOVED VT's style.  -- chuckd4vt  09/22/2014 1:58PM
  Cobb: what is ranking based on? -- jms41  09/22/2014 12:32PM
  Clarification...the numbers I reported were average audience ** -- CobbCountyHokie  09/22/2014 1:45PM
  The rating metric is calculated as follows... -- CobbCountyHokie  09/22/2014 1:29PM
  That is not surprising to me. Georgia & Atlanta are 99.999% SEC. -- Atlee Hokie  09/24/2014 06:51AM
  ...but not much less. ;^) ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  09/23/2014 3:35PM
  Did any of those guys attend GT undergrad? -- Edgeman  09/22/2014 4:49PM
  Re: Did any of those guys attend GT undergrad? -- Red Hokie  09/22/2014 5:37PM
  Were any UGA fans?  -- Edgeman  09/23/2014 10:02AM
  Re: Were any UGA fans?  -- Red Hokie  09/23/2014 2:54PM
  Yep, looks like total viewers to me. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  09/22/2014 1:17PM
  UVa played at 3:30, so Tech had the noon time slot in Richmond.... -- Old Line Hokie  09/22/2014 11:33AM
  Re: How did VT/GT do in the TV ratings? (Answer Inside) -- SoCloseHokie  09/22/2014 10:20AM
  I doubt it. There were only about 60,000 at the game. ** -- CobbCountyHokie  09/22/2014 10:35AM

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