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  B1G Network looking to expand West of Nebraska and South of Nebraska  -- nebraskafaninwi  10/05/2015 9:53PM
  20 for the B1G? -- Calamitous  10/06/2015 7:20PM
  Re: 20 for the B1G? -- dayooper  10/06/2015 9:59PM
  University of Denver would be worth a look for Hockey -- HOO86  10/07/2015 02:23AM
  Re: University of Denver would be worth a look for Hockey -- dayooper  10/07/2015 06:07AM
  John Swofford spoke at Florida State today -- HOO86  10/05/2015 7:05PM
  Hope someone asked him about UNCheat ** -- HokiForester  10/06/2015 8:17PM
  He was asked about that last week in Raleigh -- HOO86  10/06/2015 8:29PM
  Re: He was asked about that last week in Raleigh -- UCHusky90  10/07/2015 2:19PM
  Could this be the NCAA's way of punishing when they can't logically -- Late 80s Hokie  10/07/2015 12:44PM
  It notes lack of vt record -- Mercury  10/05/2015 7:20PM
  Clemson coasted for a decade. -- EDGEMAN  10/06/2015 10:53AM
  Miami still coasting, and they were supposed to be the Coastal beast -- Late 80s Hokie  10/06/2015 12:23PM
  Exactly. We were just expected to be a "solid" team -- EDGEMAN  10/06/2015 12:37PM
  Yeah, VT has to have exceeded any expectations they had. -- reestuart  10/06/2015 2:46PM
  Ha! They aren't gonna give VT credit for anything. ** -- chuckd4vt  10/06/2015 5:14PM
  Questions for Stech and anyone who feels like answering. -- Maroon Baboon  10/04/2015 9:16PM
  Thanks. No rush. ** -- Maroon Baboon  10/06/2015 8:09PM
  Re: Questions for Stech and anyone who feels like answering. -- SoCloseHokie  10/05/2015 09:33AM
  Pretty much the same issue, imo ** -- daveinop  10/07/2015 3:59PM
  Just think in a conference nd could get Clemson again  -- Mercury  10/04/2015 6:24PM
  Clemson is not so subtly trying to put "Clemsoning" to rest -- ren_hoek  10/05/2015 09:41AM
  Yeah, you guys deserve to celebrate the win.. Good game. ** -- goldendomer  10/05/2015 11:43AM
  It was a great game and i'd say that if we had lost -- ren_hoek  10/05/2015 12:24PM
  I agree, but it's nothing new. ** -- goldendomer  10/04/2015 2:03PM
  Well ND -- Victor Tango  10/03/2015 11:47PM
  ND is 4-3 against the ACC since the "agreement" -- gman86  10/05/2015 12:08PM
  And if they were in Clemson's division -- Colonel Jessup  10/04/2015 10:50AM
  Not necessarily. ND has the much tougher schedule -- I85Hokie  10/05/2015 11:35AM
  Yep. This board seems to think conference championship -- Colonel Jessup  10/05/2015 2:41PM
  I don't care for ND, but they are playing a man's game... -- Calamitous  10/04/2015 12:21AM
  Yep. We experienced that 1st hand after 2000. ** -- corvt2000  10/06/2015 4:13PM
  Thank you, kindly -- OU_Sooner  10/03/2015 7:02PM
  If Texas can stop acting like Texas, the Big XII should survive -- Calamitous  10/03/2015 10:06PM
  Texas -- OU_Sooner  10/03/2015 10:53PM
  Hard to say -- OU_Sooner  10/03/2015 8:03PM
  It's actually because ESPN wants it to be. -- HOO86  10/03/2015 7:49PM
  They hired their gameday crew to promote it. -- HOO86  10/04/2015 5:05PM
  And that's where I was going with my original post as well... -- Calamitous  10/03/2015 9:46PM
  The Pac10 was my favorite conference model. -- Maroon Baboon  10/03/2015 11:06PM
  Understood. That's why I said viewers and subscribers. -- HOO86  10/03/2015 9:29PM
  I think that the rivalry thing needs attention. -- HOO86  10/06/2015 1:07PM
  Nope. Most feel the B-12's major problem is with Big-TX -- Edgeman  10/03/2015 7:02PM
  A shame the 9 can't remove the 1. ** -- Calamitous  10/03/2015 10:05PM
  I was impressed with Cincinnati fans on Thursday. -- HOO86  10/03/2015 5:30PM
  My stab at it -- RaleighHokie15  10/05/2015 4:26PM
  20 is tough. 16 easier. But here goes. -- HOO86  10/03/2015 4:13PM
  Tulane vs Houston or Rice? ** -- HokieMac  10/05/2015 1:14PM
  I was trying to create an additional ACC v SEC rivalry -- HOO86  10/05/2015 6:49PM
  They wouldn't. The ut ego is so huge... -- Calamitous  10/03/2015 5:39PM
  UT would want the ACC to host events in Dallas. -- HOO86  10/03/2015 6:05PM
  Texas will choose between ACC or PAC12. -- HOO86  10/03/2015 5:26PM
  Ya don't think A&M's SEC success changes their opinions? -- chuckd4vt  10/04/2015 01:22AM
  A&M will block them from that conference. -- HOO86  10/04/2015 01:37AM
  Not every week No. That's true. -- HOO86  10/06/2015 5:32PM
  Geography matters. And here's what we will get. -- chuckd4vt  10/03/2015 1:52PM
  I'll play... -- Kansas Hokie  10/03/2015 12:17AM
  ECU in the SEC would be a scary thought for us and UVa. ** -- corvt2000  10/03/2015 10:04PM
  Yours and Mine are very similar. -- HOO86  10/03/2015 8:09PM
  Re: Yours and Mine are very similar. -- ScottyHeel  10/03/2015 9:59PM
  Give it a go. And don't worry, you won't bias everyone :) ** -- Calamitous  10/04/2015 12:29AM
  The interesting thing about your proposal  -- VTHokie2000  10/02/2015 11:03PM
  Interesting... -- Calamitous  10/02/2015 10:50PM
  I tried to put 80 teams in 4 conferences but...... -- Old Line Hokie  10/02/2015 11:06PM
  Yup. Not sure how B1G gets to 20 without raiding the ACC. ** -- Maroon Baboon  10/03/2015 12:27AM
  Like I said, I need a straight jacket... -- Calamitous  10/03/2015 12:01AM
  So many options. Here's my take #1... -- Calamitous  10/02/2015 10:14PM
  More cord-cutting ditties -- lawhokie  10/02/2015 5:27PM
  Lower conferences(supposed) -- SoCloseHokie  10/02/2015 08:36AM
  If you are as good as your record says you are, several AAC teams -- Maroon Effect  10/02/2015 8:02PM
  Can't really justify 4. ** -- crabcake77  10/02/2015 11:37PM
  Re: Can't really justify 4. -- SAMMYNOLE  10/02/2015 11:47PM
  P-5 has 17 loses to G-5 or FCS teams at this point. -- Old Line Hokie  10/02/2015 11:20AM
  Cincy maybe....ECU no ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  10/02/2015 09:07AM
  Re: Cincy maybe....ECU no -- UCHusky90  10/05/2015 6:17PM
  I generally don't like to be told which teams I should watch -- BigTenPride  10/02/2015 1:50PM
  Same here. I don't watch nearly as much SEC as I used to. ** -- reestuart  10/02/2015 2:53PM
  Same here. I don't love the B12 that much, but it's hard to -- reestuart  10/02/2015 4:18PM
  Is it just me, or...when a team has a "black out" at night... -- Maroon Baboon  10/01/2015 8:07PM
  Oops. Meant for Football Board ** -- Maroon Baboon  10/01/2015 8:20PM
  Bojangles’ joins ACC as official corporate partner -- VTHOKIE21020  10/01/2015 12:36PM
  Love Bo chicken ** -- blessingh  10/01/2015 7:27PM
  I'm OK with that biscuit -- Edgeman  10/01/2015 6:17PM
  Seen them all over the South my whole life -- I85Hokie  10/01/2015 5:49PM
  You haven't lived until you've eaten a cajun filet biscuit ** -- BROman Hokie  10/02/2015 12:33PM
  This has the be the most #goacc move ever, right? ** -- Red Hokie  10/01/2015 3:33PM
  Swofford talks about ACC prospects, UNC problems  -- VTHOKIE21020  10/01/2015 12:29PM
  Swofford should run for a political office.... -- Calamitous  10/01/2015 7:26PM
  That's what commissioners do -- Mercury  10/02/2015 07:39AM
  Oklahoma tired of 11:00 AM games (link) -- manassashoo  10/01/2015 09:43AM
  Better go to the Pac12 then. 11am PST is 1pm in Norman. ** -- Maroon Baboon  10/01/2015 7:59PM
  So the desire to have earlier games is a myth? ** -- BigTenPride  10/01/2015 1:59PM
  You should already be there?? ** -- BigCrumpy  10/01/2015 11:50AM
  I know it has been discussed ad nauseam, but 4x16... -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2015 5:09PM
  Here is my take, 80 schools -- BigCrumpy  10/01/2015 11:52AM
  I resemble that remark. See below your post. ** -- Alpharetta Hokie  10/01/2015 1:24PM
  Like the idea of eight 9 team pods -- Alpharetta Hokie  09/30/2015 9:08PM
  Like your idea but I really like 2 10 team conferences -- BigCrumpy  10/01/2015 2:30PM
  Problem with this idea will be like the NCAA B'ball tournament -- Alpharetta Hokie  10/01/2015 3:43PM
  Will have to be something to get everyone not thinking 'conference' -- Alpharetta Hokie  10/05/2015 10:22PM
  PAC16, SEC16, ACC16, BIG16 -- BigTenPride  09/30/2015 7:30PM
  Predicated on the basis that the Big XII will die.... -- Calamitous  09/30/2015 9:11PM
  B12 is probably already dead ** -- BigCrumpy  10/01/2015 11:53AM
  ...and Notre Dame remains a football independent. ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  09/30/2015 9:10PM
  NFL has jumped the shark -- BigTenPride  10/02/2015 2:43PM
  I think this is where things end up -- Victor Tango  09/30/2015 8:28PM
  Texas jumps  -- BigTenPride  09/30/2015 9:41PM
  I would guess Oklahoma moves first  -- manassashoo  10/01/2015 09:35AM
  Oklahoma is pushing Texas to move with them -- BigTenPride  10/01/2015 2:07PM
  Not bad ** -- goldendomer  09/30/2015 7:33PM
  Do College Sports Really Need the NCAA? -- goldendomer  09/30/2015 11:43AM
  Everyone's missing the point re: ND -- ColumbusHokie  09/30/2015 10:25PM
  Good take -- mancunian  10/01/2015 4:24PM
  I bet TCU and Baylor would love to have been -- RTFC  09/30/2015 2:43PM
  This year will be interesting. Last year we had -- Colonel Jessup  09/30/2015 4:35PM
  Federal appeals court upholds ruling NCAA violates antitrust -- goldendomer  09/30/2015 10:38AM
  Domer, does this support ND's position? ** -- VT ChemE 1986  09/30/2015 4:09PM
  Good ruling for us for sure... status quo pretty much ** -- goldendomer  09/30/2015 4:18PM
  Article on ruling -- goldendomer  09/30/2015 12:57PM
  Been reading this all summer - first post ND grad -- PaNDalum  09/29/2015 8:11PM
  There are three things that are problematic WRT Navy to the ACC... -- Freddyburg Hokie  09/30/2015 06:07AM
  If ND called the ACC today and said we will come with Navy -- Hokester  09/30/2015 2:12PM
  I guess I come from a more inclusive view that there should be... -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2015 09:21AM
  I think they will have 72-80. ** -- Stech  09/30/2015 7:43PM
  There may be issues with the academy compensation vs COA..... -- Freddyburg Hokie  09/30/2015 10:00AM
  Federal funding isn't involved. -- Perfesser  09/30/2015 4:42PM
  Navy would be football only if they joined the ACC -- ren_hoek  09/30/2015 09:28AM
  Add Georgetown for all other sports? ** -- Femoyer Hokie  09/30/2015 12:11PM
  No. Status quo (15) works great for everything else. ** -- ren_hoek  09/30/2015 2:06PM
  The CLCSes have finally found their home. Why leave it? -- Freddyburg Hokie  09/30/2015 1:50PM
  Personally I don't think G'town will leave the Big East. -- VTHokie2000  09/30/2015 3:33PM
  What is Navy's benefit to that? -- Freddyburg Hokie  09/30/2015 10:04AM
  Welcome. The biggest problem I see with ND + 1 other -- I85Hokie  09/30/2015 05:30AM
  And you saw the fans reaction to -- Colonel Jessup  09/30/2015 3:14PM
  If what you say occurs... -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2015 09:35AM
  They will still be exhibition games. -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2015 12:07PM
  Bowl games at the end of the season are a different story. -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2015 2:46PM
  Re: Been reading this all summer - first post ND grad -- Stech  09/29/2015 10:09PM
  Question for you. If ND and Navy would come to the ACC... -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2015 8:46PM
  Old Line had a good conference divisional suggestion for ND.... -- Calamitous  09/29/2015 10:19PM
  Let's add ND, Nave, UConn and Army and be done with it. ** -- VT ChemE 1986  09/30/2015 10:59AM
  I would be fine adding Army and Navy in some combination. -- Maroon Baboon  09/30/2015 12:11PM
  NCSU insider on pp presents "hypothetical" -- ScottyHeel  09/29/2015 11:00AM
  Pitt and Miami is the same division sucks. Hope to change that. -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2015 3:01PM
  If ND comes, I don't think there will be permanent divisions. -- Maroon Baboon  09/29/2015 2:54PM
  I think Miami wold want to be with Cuse. ** -- corvt2000  10/01/2015 1:52PM
  Re: I like the 4 divisions of each. I'd put Miami in that one. -- SoCloseHokie  09/30/2015 03:13AM
  Given the number of rivalries that need/should/must be played -- VTHokie2000  09/29/2015 3:32PM
  I'm with you re: ND joining the ACC in full... -- Calamitous  09/29/2015 7:42PM
  Here's how I'd do it... -- Old Line Hokie  09/29/2015 1:36PM
  That would work if you flipped Pitt and Louisville. -- HOO86  09/29/2015 2:50PM
  I gave enough to Notre Dame. Pitt and Cuse is a better rivalry. -- Old Line Hokie  09/29/2015 4:56PM
  I didn't know Pitt and Cuse were a rivalry. -- HOO86  09/29/2015 5:32PM
  They have played each season since 1955. -- Old Line Hokie  09/29/2015 5:53PM
  I would flip GT/Clemson & be happy -- Edgeman  09/29/2015 12:29PM
  A couple things jump out at me. -- VTHokie2000  09/29/2015 12:00PM
  Interesting but some issues -- Colonel Jessup  09/29/2015 11:13AM
  I would go with a traditional north/south... -- CrystalCoveHokie  09/29/2015 11:08AM
  Yuck -- RTFC  09/29/2015 2:17PM
  If the ACC goes with the north/south -- VTHokie2000  09/29/2015 11:48AM
  Board seems slow. Something will probably happen soon ** -- Calamitous  09/29/2015 12:14AM
  Here's for some positive Conference Realignment by the Hokies ** -- FrederickHokie  09/28/2015 4:49PM
  Punish him every time he keeps. ** -- corvt2000  09/26/2015 6:16PM
  Is that not a safety on a punt? ** -- corvt2000  09/26/2015 6:15PM
  It should be but no -- BigCrumpy  09/28/2015 2:09PM
  Freaking go for it ** -- corvt2000  09/26/2015 6:13PM
  To Drag something over from the Football board about ECU/ODU. -- hokieninsurance  09/25/2015 2:54PM
  OMG!!! Who gives a crap about ODU? Screw them ** -- Hokiefan5  09/28/2015 8:21PM
  I actually can't think of any net-positive for anyone.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  09/25/2015 6:19PM
  College games belong on campus -- gman86  09/25/2015 5:30PM
  Why would UVA and VT want assist ODU in raising the capital -- VTHokie2000  09/25/2015 3:20PM
  I don't think uva and vt need to... -- cincyhokie  09/26/2015 10:18AM
  You are correct that ODU with its current stadium -- VTHokie2000  09/26/2015 3:42PM
  I am quite sure. Yes. Most people outside of the... -- cincyhokie  09/26/2015 8:53PM
  There may be non-P5s schools that are more successful than ODU. -- VTHokie2000  09/27/2015 03:14AM
  No way SEC goes with ECU/ODU. They would never... -- cincyhokie  09/27/2015 6:17PM
  The SEC may want that now, but it may not have the luxury -- VTHokie2000  09/27/2015 8:36PM
  Just because a conference wants to be ahead of the crowd -- VTHokie2000  09/28/2015 1:33PM
  Jumping on ODU doesn't sound like "good business sense." -- Edgeman  09/28/2015 7:46PM
  You are correct if the ACC were to dissolve -- VTHokie2000  09/28/2015 8:25PM
  I think the Big-10 prefers to add only one school/state -- Edgeman  09/28/2015 8:42PM
  I agree that is how the Big Ten model is currently structured. -- VTHokie2000  09/29/2015 10:48AM
  Exactly ** -- Hamburger  09/27/2015 9:58PM
  UVA/VT would only provide influence and inventory -- hokieninsurance  09/25/2015 5:57PM
  What influence could either school provide? -- VTHokie2000  09/26/2015 3:55PM
  That depends on their tier 3 agreements -- BigCrumpy  09/25/2015 10:33AM
  Tom Jurich shuts down Texas rumors -- HOO86  09/24/2015 5:53PM
  Memphis is pushing hard for P5 invite -- HOO86  09/24/2015 11:19AM
  How are the academics at ECU and Cincinnatti? ** -- VT ChemE 1986  09/25/2015 2:58PM
  Not as bad as you think. I've got two sons at UC now... -- cincyhokie  09/26/2015 09:40AM
  Relatively Poor. -- HOO86  09/25/2015 5:39PM
  Well, "relatively poor" is very subjective.... -- Calamitous  09/25/2015 7:19PM
  Another thing to look for are honor society chapters -- HOO86  09/26/2015 11:33AM
  I believe claim to fame is Neil Armstrong -- Alpharetta Hokie  09/28/2015 8:04PM
  Yes he did. ** -- cincyhokie  09/29/2015 12:44PM
  USNWR is fun to easily cite and use as a bragging right tool... -- Calamitous  09/25/2015 11:32PM
  Agreed. To tell you the truth, the older I get, the... -- cincyhokie  09/26/2015 09:38AM
  Don't completely disagree -- RTFC  09/29/2015 10:45AM
  In the middle of this right now with two HS senior stepsons -- Alpharetta Hokie  09/28/2015 8:45PM
  I'm in the same type of job it seems.... -- Calamitous  09/26/2015 09:56AM
  UConn looks like a no brainer... -- VT ChemE 1986  09/25/2015 6:28PM
  I would agree with all of this. -- HOO86  09/25/2015 9:52PM
  Louisville's move to the ACC was based on several factors  -- seekoHoG  09/25/2015 2:42PM
  Lets hope small schools like WF "up their game" too. -- Edgeman  09/25/2015 2:45PM
  Memphis (state) budget is 300 K less than Wake Forests -- BigCrumpy  09/25/2015 12:21PM
  Re: Memphis is pushing hard for P5 invite -- HOKIESHARK  09/25/2015 07:56AM
  Memphis is Not Virginia Tech and never has been ** -- BigCrumpy  09/25/2015 12:22PM
  Head coach Dana had a 0.0 grad rate. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  09/25/2015 10:49AM
  When I think old Metro... -- Calamitous  09/24/2015 9:30PM
  Gosh METRO IS almost 30 years ago, no relevance today ** -- Mercury  09/27/2015 1:31PM
  Shocking you would say that. Never would have expected it ** -- Calamitous  09/29/2015 12:18AM
  Memphis is being proactive...... -- Old Line Hokie  09/24/2015 9:04PM
  I would agree with your hopefulls but. -- BigCrumpy  09/25/2015 12:23PM
  I think that the Liberty Bowl holds 60,000. -- HOO86  09/24/2015 9:38PM
  Why would 72 be a magic number? -- Maroon Baboon  09/24/2015 8:57PM
  Anchors Aweigh has been played a lot this season. -- HOO86  09/27/2015 3:35PM
  Let's just add them along with... -- Old Line Hokie  09/24/2015 11:53AM
  I still go back to UConn and WVU. -- HOO86  09/24/2015 2:13PM
  Metro Days -- Old Line Hokie  09/24/2015 6:29PM
  No. The ACC is too classy to kick a school out. -- Old Line Hokie  09/25/2015 4:46PM
  Since VT didn't become a full member in the Big East until 2000 -- VTHokie2000  09/25/2015 5:01PM
  Metro in the 1980's was a better basketball conference.... -- Old Line Hokie  09/25/2015 5:53PM
  Good post ** -- Hamburger  09/27/2015 10:04PM
  You are so right in your comments. Thanks. ** -- hokie4ever  09/25/2015 10:48AM
  No way acc membership would support Memphis  -- Mercury  09/24/2015 11:21AM
  My daughter was getting recruited to -- BowlingHokie  09/24/2015 7:27PM
  Re: No way acc membership would support Memphis  -- UCHusky90  09/24/2015 6:45PM
  I agree. Boston College didn't want UConn either. -- Old Line Hokie  09/24/2015 11:25PM
  .More to it than that with Louisville. -- HOO86  09/25/2015 02:34AM
  Here's a good article showing Louisville's progress. -- HOO86  09/25/2015 5:54PM
  Shows how invalid the B1G is -- BigCrumpy  09/24/2015 12:27PM
  As of right now the list includes these schools -- VTHokie2000  09/23/2015 9:39PM
  The next step will be VMI, Toledo and Yale :-) ** -- BigCrumpy  09/24/2015 12:28PM
  Don't forget Akron. Kent. Ohio, WMU, EMU and CMU ** -- BowlingHokie  09/24/2015 7:30PM
  If VMI and Yale are approved -- VTHokie2000  09/24/2015 1:14PM
  I knew Navy wasn't mentioned in that link. -- VTHokie2000  09/23/2015 9:48PM
  Honestly, the B1G needs their crappy teams to get bowl eligible. -- Maroon Baboon  09/24/2015 09:26AM
  Would crappy mean everyone but OSU and MSU? ** -- BigCrumpy  09/24/2015 1:05PM
  Re: If we start down that road, we'll end up with most of them. -- ScottyHeel  09/24/2015 08:26AM
  The recent articles read like it is carte blanche. -- HOO86  09/23/2015 9:38PM
  BC can petition for Maine and Northeastern (tic) ** -- Calamitous  09/23/2015 9:41PM
  BC agreed to a home-home series with NM State -- VTHokie2000  09/28/2015 12:09PM
  Expect to see more Bojangles Commercials. -- HOO86  09/23/2015 9:15PM
  Or Legal Seafoods for the Boston area. ** -- Nortazhokie  09/24/2015 11:06PM
  "Sail with the Pilot at the wheel ...." ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  09/24/2015 10:36PM
  Krispy Kream is based out of Winston Salem -- Edgeman  09/24/2015 7:10PM
  Texas Pete hot sauce is also based in WS -- Edgeman  09/24/2015 7:11PM
  It's Bo Time ** -- Maroon Baboon  09/24/2015 09:29AM
  Re: Expect to see more Bojangles Commercials. -- mrcaniac  09/23/2015 10:05PM
  True. Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC too.  -- HOO86  09/24/2015 4:58PM
  Tim Hortons ** -- Calamitous  09/23/2015 9:46PM
  Eh! ** -- seekoHoG  09/24/2015 3:24PM
  LOL. For our Canadian members. The Keg too. ** -- HOO86  09/24/2015 10:56AM
  Having taught at colleges at the D-1 and D-1AA level -- mancunian  09/23/2015 09:34AM
  Nah, but the whole "no-show" professorship deals -- mancunian  09/24/2015 11:48AM
  I think the discussion... -- ACCJesse  09/23/2015 12:22PM
  Ahh, my bad. -- mancunian  09/24/2015 11:39AM
  You are talking about 30,000 students v. a handful.. -- ACCJesse  09/28/2015 08:41AM
  50% of college students transfer? -- ACCJesse  09/22/2015 8:26PM
  Probably closer than you think -- BigCrumpy  09/23/2015 07:48AM
  Sorry, but I have to call total BS on this one... -- ACCJesse  09/23/2015 08:29AM
  More transfer data -- ACCJesse  09/23/2015 08:31AM
  The Big 10 has it right concerning football games. -- Old Line Hokie  09/22/2015 9:36PM
  If Congress didn't pass the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 -- VTHokie2000  09/23/2015 9:28PM
  MAC crowds often look like high school crowds -- BigCrumpy  09/23/2015 07:51AM
  It's Change, and it's not with the comfort zone. -- HOO86  09/23/2015 12:20AM
  This is true in the South. -- HOO86  09/23/2015 3:44PM
  Too cold for night games in B1G country  -- 244oshag  09/23/2015 9:39PM
  I live in NE Ohio  -- mancunian  09/24/2015 1:25PM
  In the North I believe there are quite a few high school games -- VTHokie2000  09/23/2015 9:33PM
  ESPN folks will tell you VT helped them build -- Stech  09/23/2015 07:48AM
  I know VT helped build the Thursday night game. -- HOO86  09/23/2015 9:33PM
  At Tech, perhaps. Elsewhere, not so much -- Perfesser  09/22/2015 9:17PM
  To be fair, Duke has more BBall attendance than FB :) ** -- corvt2000  09/23/2015 11:51AM
  It only seats about 9K, right? ** -- Edgeman  09/23/2015 6:55PM
  Talking like that does not make him a good ad candidate -- Mercury  09/22/2015 11:51AM
  He was incredibly uncomfortable -- daveinop  09/24/2015 10:39AM
  This and body language in the Sept 16 statement -- daveinop  09/22/2015 09:22AM
  The article underneath is interesting as well... -- The_VT_Rock  09/22/2015 11:56AM
  My understanding -- OU_Sooner  09/22/2015 12:40PM
  Plus, who cares what Indiana does in football anyway? ** -- Mr. Touchdown  09/22/2015 2:16PM
  Think they play WF on Saturday...ACC Game of the Week? ** -- Edgeman  09/23/2015 7:32PM
  Do we care? Wake is our Indiana. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  09/23/2015 9:26PM
  Bizarre sideswipe to take at Tuesday night MAC-tion. Wth? ** -- Gobbler-100  09/21/2015 11:37PM
  ESPN Layoffs -- VTHOKIE21020  09/21/2015 1:50PM
  ESPN lost me years ago. -- Old Line Hokie  09/21/2015 6:41PM
  Watched a rerun of 09 VT-UT Peach Bowl -- LaneRat  09/22/2015 3:47PM
  Yep, I remember that too..... -- Old Line Hokie  09/22/2015 3:56PM
  I'd add Michael Sam and Mone Davis to the list ** -- Maroon Baboon  09/22/2015 2:54PM
  That's what happens when the SEC underperforms ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  09/21/2015 1:55PM
  Ha, or the opposite -- BigTenPride  09/21/2015 3:37PM
  I refuse to watch ESPn(Non -game ) because of the SEC lovefest -- goldendomer  09/21/2015 3:46PM
  I can only imagine. ** -- goldendomer  09/21/2015 6:22PM
  Yep, ESPN inflated the Big Ten Network Inadvertently  -- BigTenPride  09/21/2015 6:33PM
  I don't know. The summer 2007 launch was announced in June 2006. -- Gobbler-100  09/21/2015 11:42PM
  What channel would that be? ** -- Calamitous  09/21/2015 7:03PM
  One point the writer doesn't make  -- Vippie1  09/22/2015 11:08AM
  One word- Tradition- It is seeded in the rebuff that the Big  -- goldendomer  09/22/2015 3:44PM
  It can be achieved in conference, totally agreed on that -- goldendomer  09/23/2015 12:00PM
  Bingo. nbc keeps ND home games, acc shares nbc money,  -- ren_hoek  09/23/2015 2:02PM
  A lot of people assume GT, NCSU and Clemson are great... -- Calamitous  09/21/2015 6:59PM
  Well, they did win 134 to 16 over Alcorn State and Tulane... -- Calamitous  09/21/2015 7:17PM
  I got it. Is a good article and is what the ACC signed on for ** -- Colonel Jessup  09/22/2015 11:28AM
  I'm not that surprised ND beat GT.  -- HOO86  09/21/2015 12:58PM
  I was surprised we shut them down that well, we have struggled -- goldendomer  09/21/2015 1:07PM
  Congrats, you beat one of the better ACC teams... -- Mr. Touchdown  09/21/2015 12:52PM
  Current set-up is a zero sum game ND+ GT/ACC- ** -- Vippie1  09/22/2015 11:10AM
  Conference depth doesn't matter -- Calamitous  09/20/2015 9:48PM
  Ignoring depth =/= No depth -- BigTenPride  09/21/2015 12:43PM
  Purdue is probably the worst team in the Big Ten -- BigTenPride  09/21/2015 2:53PM
  There are a lot of worst teams in the B1G -- BigCrumpy  09/23/2015 07:54AM
  Truth. ** -- reestuart  09/21/2015 1:56PM
  This was exactly my point below re: Forde's column on Rutgers -- marcbvtgm  09/21/2015 10:03AM
  NYC market is the beginning and end of it. -- Maroon Baboon  09/21/2015 11:48AM
  Re: I don't think they intentionally watered down the league. -- Old Line Hokie  09/21/2015 10:55AM
  Hard to say what Paterno would have wanted.  -- HOO86  09/21/2015 11:13AM
  Paterno wanted Rutgers for years, and was anti-Pitt -- Tailgate Guru  09/21/2015 12:48PM
  Disagree about Pitt. -- Old Line Hokie  09/21/2015 5:48PM
  Re: Hard to say what Paterno would have wanted.  -- Old Line Hokie  09/21/2015 12:43PM
  That's a prayer. But good to see they have it. -- HOO86  09/21/2015 01:21AM
  Or its just the annual pre-season expectations getting revised -- BigTenPride  09/21/2015 1:51PM
  I've never thought of Illinois as a basketball school. -- HOO86  09/21/2015 4:42PM
  IL is BB -- BigTenPride  09/21/2015 7:40PM
  Deleted ** -- Old Line Hokie  09/21/2015 10:59AM

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