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  Don't forget ESPN's bias towards SEC softball too. -- VTHokie2000  02/05/2016 10:26AM
  Re: Don't forget ESPN's bias towards SEC softball too. ** -- seekoHoG  02/05/2016 9:44PM
  ACC can use baseball,softball, & lacrosse in spring -- HOO86  02/05/2016 11:54AM
  The only reason I didn't mention lacrosse is because -- VTHokie2000  02/05/2016 12:12PM
  In the ACC footprint LAX is more popular north of VA -- HOO86  02/05/2016 1:09PM
  FSU and Miami will be beating Tech in their first seasons... -- Old Line Hokie  02/05/2016 5:34PM
  Florida & Northwestern did excelent jobs w/ their WLAX programs... -- Old Line Hokie  02/05/2016 9:51PM
  Should Texas abandon Longhorn Network for a Big 12 Network? -- VTHOKIE21020  02/04/2016 3:09PM
  Big XII schools don't sponsor very many sports. -- HOO86  02/04/2016 4:34PM
  Tractor pulls. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  02/04/2016 4:48PM
  And all have Div 1A bass fishing teams ** -- EDGEMAN  02/04/2016 8:08PM
  Louisville Stadium Expansion -- VTHOKIE21020  02/04/2016 12:15PM
  Like seattle; Lousivillle always pushes ahead  -- Mercury  02/04/2016 1:34PM
  It will definitely be a unique look. -- VTHokie2000  02/04/2016 12:25PM
  I agree it is impressive. -- VTHokie2000  02/04/2016 1:44PM
  Very well thought out and informative -- ahokie4u  02/04/2016 7:47PM
  Sounds like GT is regretting the day that they let the ACC -- 133193Hokie  02/04/2016 7:02PM
  Swoff's son and golfing buddies are taken care of  -- Red Hokie  02/04/2016 7:39PM
  One other thing...the new network needs to hire me  -- CobbCountyHokie  02/04/2016 1:59PM
  Is Aug 2017 a realistic launch date? -- Red Hokie  02/04/2016 1:48PM
  Let's just say that is a stretch goal.  -- CobbCountyHokie  02/04/2016 1:52PM
  I think that the ACC essentially has to enter into a joint venture -- CobbCountyHokie  02/04/2016 1:48PM
  I doubt that the ACC has the money to make this work -- CobbCountyHokie  02/05/2016 10:07AM
  I agree that AT&T /DirectTV will be a challenge. -- Old Line Hokie  02/04/2016 11:49AM
  My additional proposal for the ACC Net -- EDGEMAN  02/04/2016 11:01AM
  Good post Cobb -- ScottyHeel  02/04/2016 10:24AM
  You are spot on with the Pac 12 network -- CobbCountyHokie  02/04/2016 10:38AM
  I expect CJF to take 2 years to get the program back to ... -- Old Line Hokie  02/04/2016 11:58AM
  Why? this bball coach has tanked the team -- BigCrumpy  02/04/2016 11:29AM
  You have GOT to be joking. ** -- mancunian  02/04/2016 1:30PM
  The previous coach tanked the team not this one. ** -- Jackie VT  02/04/2016 12:48PM
  A lot of that's on Weaver. -- mancunian  02/04/2016 1:42PM
  *this* basketball coach has "tanked the team"? -- Pylons  02/04/2016 11:41AM
  He has the credentials, give him at least 10 months ** -- BigCrumpy  02/04/2016 11:24AM
  What is the baseline for changing coaches? ** -- gman86  02/04/2016 11:05AM
  I'll let ya know at halftime at Liberty game if I'm nervous. ** -- Maroon Baboon  02/04/2016 10:58AM
  Sorry but Why? ** -- BigCrumpy  02/04/2016 11:30AM
  Transition was always going to have some bumps... -- mancunian  02/04/2016 09:53AM
  Does this mean Tech is moving to the Big 12? -- Tailgate Guru  02/04/2016 08:59AM
  Kept class together, got two sought after Jucos, -- Colonel Jessup  02/04/2016 08:27AM
  It was only a 15K pay cut. That's called "sending a message" -- AshburnFarmHokie  02/04/2016 08:29AM
  I'm happy for him -- AshburnFarmHokie  02/04/2016 3:47PM
  I do have some concerns about closing the deal -- CobbCountyHokie  02/04/2016 12:24AM
  We have actually been less than a middle road team  -- Maroon Doom  02/04/2016 12:50AM
  We're a middle of the road P5 team the last 4 years. ** -- chuckd4vt  02/04/2016 02:23AM
  Analogically speaking, BigXII only business hiring... -- Maroon Baboon  02/03/2016 2:51PM
  Mike Bianchi is now pushing UCF for the Big XII -- HOO86  02/03/2016 10:14AM
  I think USF/UCF to the B12 is a strong move. -- hardcorpshokie  02/03/2016 3:10PM
  Home School -- mrcaniac  02/03/2016 12:55AM
  BYU already has their own channel correct? ** -- AnotherTechW  02/02/2016 3:17PM
  BYU has its own channel but not really a sports channel. -- BAMAHOKIE  02/02/2016 3:23PM
  It's more like your boss telling you that while -- daveinop  02/04/2016 08:26AM
  What do you think they will do with LHN? They are paying -- daveinop  02/04/2016 3:37PM
  A)LHN is now making money. B)It's more like $20-$30 million.  -- chuckd4vt  02/05/2016 11:12AM
  If the Big 12 explodes I think/believe they will go indy -- goldendomer  02/05/2016 11:32AM
  ESPN can afford to lose money on the LHN contract -- RappinRodney  02/02/2016 11:28PM
  Re: ESPN can afford to lose money on the LHN contract -- mrcaniac  02/03/2016 01:01AM
  Interview with BYU AD -- Tailgate Guru  02/02/2016 11:27AM
  Distance, how much of an issue is it really with a plane, right now the  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  02/03/2016 10:49AM
  The further you fly, the more difficult it is to do connections -- Tailgate Guru  02/03/2016 4:53PM
  The Pac-12 is not the only conference that plays -- VTHokie2000  02/03/2016 1:25PM
  Why is exclusion of Sunday that much of an issue? Couldn't this happen by  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  02/03/2016 10:43AM
  It's not just about the game; it's about related travel -- Tailgate Guru  02/03/2016 4:37PM
  Interesting option for the Big 12 . . . -- Tailgate Guru  02/02/2016 11:32AM
  If push comes to shove -- VTHokie2000  02/02/2016 2:38PM
  SN: The Big XII to talk Expansion this week.  -- HOO86  02/01/2016 5:14PM
  BYU & Cincy would be their best move -- ren_hoek  02/02/2016 08:35AM
  Best of luck to the P-5 wannabes.... -- Old Line Hokie  02/01/2016 11:10PM
  Boren abd Gee won't stay silent too long. Both like to talk. ** -- Old Line Hokie  02/02/2016 11:31AM
  Boren, the ex-pol, is talking out of both sides of his mouth -- marcbvtgm  02/02/2016 08:15AM
  He's trying to put UT in a corner...any corner ** -- daveinop  02/02/2016 5:42PM
  Nobody puts Bevo in a corner. ** -- Late 80s Hokie  02/03/2016 11:53AM
  I image WVU would love UConn and Cincy. ** -- Maroon Baboon  02/02/2016 01:05AM
  B12 should also consider NIU -- Marooned  02/01/2016 10:57PM
  Northwestern is in Illinois ** -- Colonel Jessup  02/02/2016 10:23AM
  Sorry - PUBLIC University  -- Marooned  02/02/2016 12:42PM
  Texas & OU will share profits w/ NIU? -- marcbvtgm  02/02/2016 08:12AM
  NIU also came to my mind too... -- Old Line Hokie  02/01/2016 11:14PM
  I posted on this board a few years ago that the SEC, -- 133193Hokie  01/31/2016 08:21AM
  The ACC has fallen out of grace with ESPN... -- Calamitous  01/31/2016 12:29PM
  I say the heck with ESPN -- hokie4ever  01/31/2016 2:08PM
  Swof is slow walking any discussions with NBC, is he not? -- KnoxHokie  02/01/2016 1:53PM
  Hokie4ever I agree -- SAMMYNOLE  01/31/2016 2:29PM
  Do you think this is realistic? -- Red Hokie  02/01/2016 1:12PM
  Watch for the numbers on ESPN -- CobbCountyHokie  02/01/2016 1:25PM
  Thanks. Could ESPNClassic be repurposed as the ACCN? ** -- Red Hokie  02/01/2016 1:39PM
  ESPN Classic is not a good idea -- CobbCountyHokie  02/01/2016 1:47PM
  What would they want FSU to do if GOR -- Colonel Jessup  02/01/2016 09:22AM
  If I am Comcast, I buy Fox Sports South and Fox Sports Southeast -- CobbCountyHokie  02/01/2016 1:30PM
  Stech question: -- ScottyHeel  01/31/2016 10:44AM
  Not Stech but I do have an opinion -- CobbCountyHokie  02/01/2016 1:33PM
  Re: Not Stech but I do have an opinion -- ScottyHeel  02/01/2016 5:48PM
  Re: Stech question: -- Stech  01/31/2016 5:56PM
  Re: Re: Stech question: -- ScottyHeel  02/01/2016 11:26AM
  There were only 5 ACC games today. -- HOO86  01/30/2016 9:26PM
  I'm interested in how many prome slots did the acc got -- Mercury  01/30/2016 9:54PM
  What was going on last Saturday, and the Saturday before -- EDGEMAN  01/30/2016 5:05PM
  Very insightful question  -- Mercury  01/31/2016 12:34PM
  To develop those markets, the ACC needs to be in them. -- HOO86  01/31/2016 3:07PM
  I tell you what they can do…. -- Mercury  01/31/2016 8:57PM
  Bingo no promotion in dc for acc toirney -- Mercury  02/03/2016 5:54PM
  Spot on... ** -- 133193Hokie  01/31/2016 08:17AM
  I'd be interested to see the season as a whole. ** -- jesuisvtguy  01/30/2016 1:02PM
  Last weekend the same thing -- SAMMYNOLE  01/30/2016 11:02AM
  Sec/Big 12 challenge happening today?  -- HOKIESHARK  01/30/2016 10:49AM
  Yes. This weekend. Huggins complaining. -- HOO86  01/30/2016 1:06PM
  Amen -- Hamburger  01/30/2016 8:29PM
  Re: Amen -- Muddywolf  02/01/2016 2:59PM
  Yes it is. ** -- dallasvt  01/30/2016 12:17PM
  First, this weekend is a made for TV challenge... -- BROman Hokie  01/30/2016 3:44PM
  Over 27k for the two games is pretty decent. ** -- reestuart  01/31/2016 3:42PM
  Notre Dame has an even larger following in NY metro area. ** -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  02/02/2016 07:10AM
  Yeah, I was thinking Cuse in one game and Duke in the other.  -- reestuart  01/31/2016 10:26PM
  Boren on Texas and LHN -- goldendomer  01/28/2016 2:43PM
  Pretty obvious he wants BYU -- goldendomer  01/29/2016 10:05AM
  They should add BYU, Colorado State, Cincy & Houston ** -- ren_hoek  01/29/2016 12:10PM
  Surprised that Big 12 seldom mentions UCF or USF... -- Old Line Hokie  01/29/2016 1:30PM
  The 4 i suggested makes a B12 network more palatable -- ren_hoek  01/29/2016 1:38PM
  Wonder if that would be enough pressure on the LHN? -- FrederickHokie  01/30/2016 11:16AM
  More quotes -- goldendomer  01/28/2016 3:10PM
  Re: Boren on Texas and LHN -- goldendomer  01/28/2016 2:55PM
  Bowlsby's "boulder in the road" to a B12 network, the LHN -- FrederickHokie  01/29/2016 09:54AM
  Wonder what the timeline is for this to play out? -- FrederickHokie  01/30/2016 11:09AM
  No idea. but -- daveinop  01/30/2016 1:25PM
  Connecticut has 3 ACC games in football this year. -- HOO86  01/27/2016 7:56PM
  These have some other stuff -- Go VT  01/27/2016 10:05PM
  They do need to play somebody... and the ACC is the closest. ** -- jesuisvtguy  01/27/2016 9:06PM
  Coincidence -- UCHusky90  01/27/2016 8:21PM
  I think UConn football would be fine in the ACC. -- HOO86  01/28/2016 11:22PM
  Add some capacity and you're talking about da U ** -- Pylons  01/29/2016 3:46PM
  That's the $50,000 ($50 mil) question. -- Gadfly  01/29/2016 12:19PM
  Re: That's the $50,000 ($50 mil) question. -- UCHusky90  01/29/2016 12:47PM
  BC & UConn are different beasts -- UCHusky90  01/30/2016 3:19PM
  Would love to trade them for BC................. ** -- HOKIESHARK  01/29/2016 07:43AM
  So we have a deal? -- UCHusky90  01/29/2016 08:50AM
  Doesn't effect me. I'll likely be dead by then or... -- Old Line Hokie  01/27/2016 12:00PM
  ACC Fridays Games -- hokieninsurance  01/26/2016 5:36PM
  Looks like VT and VA requested Friday game -- HokieZig  01/27/2016 3:41PM
  Pittsburgh and Miami requested it? Like...they want it every year? -- Late 80s Hokie  01/28/2016 12:53PM
  I believe the ACC requires all teams to play a game -- VTHokie2000  01/29/2016 11:01AM
  Got it. Thanks. ** -- Late 80s Hokie  01/29/2016 12:29PM
  Where things could get interesting for both schools -- VTHokie2000  01/29/2016 1:20PM
  Wonder why ESPN wouldn't want two. ** -- Colonel Jessup  01/28/2016 12:52PM
  I'm old school. I think Fridays are for high school. ** -- Maroon Baboon  01/27/2016 11:27AM
  My little Ohio village is jumping on fall Friday nights... -- mancunian  01/27/2016 1:27PM
  Village? Are you a settler? ** -- EDGEMAN  01/28/2016 3:37PM
  HA! No...smaller communities in Ohio -- mancunian  01/29/2016 10:41AM
  Bay Village?** ** -- Lead Dog  01/31/2016 11:31AM
  You'll find that game on in about every bar in America.  -- chuckd4vt  01/29/2016 9:45PM
  Are you suggesting all Thurs games? -- marcbvtgm  01/30/2016 4:12PM
  Talking about a strawman ** -- RTFC  02/01/2016 12:26PM
  Tailgating for a nooner is the pits ** -- BROman Hokie  01/30/2016 3:48PM
  Many may be saying that because it ensures a night game -- Colonel Jessup  01/28/2016 2:48PM
  Friday is the new Thursday. -- marcbvtgm  01/30/2016 4:14PM
  Yep. BIG difference in levels of excitement. ** -- chuckd4vt  01/29/2016 9:37PM
  Thursday is better than Friday? Do tell... ** -- marcbvtgm  01/30/2016 4:16PM
  Totally agree. Thursday night games have run their course  -- hokie4ever  01/27/2016 4:05PM
  I agree..... -- HOKIESHARK  01/27/2016 08:03AM
  True, but Friday should totally belong to high school football. -- Old Line Hokie  01/27/2016 10:52AM
  Blame the NFL. -- mancunian  01/27/2016 11:07AM
  ESPN has been airing CFB on Friday nights since 2004... -- BROman Hokie  01/27/2016 11:25AM
  Per the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 -- VTHokie2000  01/27/2016 12:38PM
  Many urban areas play H.S. football on Friday afternoon. -- Old Line Hokie  01/27/2016 12:51PM
  This is true too. ** -- VTHokie2000  01/27/2016 12:56PM
  Yeah, but the quality of the Friday matchups has improved -- mancunian  01/27/2016 11:53AM
  Bob Bowlsby: Big 12 has ‘no imperative’ to expand -- goldendomer  01/26/2016 2:13PM
  I say we make OU and Okie State an offer. -- Maroon Baboon  01/27/2016 11:16AM
  And make us play them back to back on Thursday night. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  01/27/2016 09:51AM
  Maybe so but OU should have reservations about moving away from -- Colonel Jessup  01/28/2016 11:40AM
  Or maybe he has a plan. ** -- Maroon Doom  01/27/2016 1:59PM
  Maybe he's learning to go steath -- Mercury  01/27/2016 07:18AM
  If the Big 12 implodes... -- LT_Hokie  01/26/2016 4:26PM
  Realistically, within a year or two, yes ** -- daveinop  01/27/2016 1:32PM
  It Depends on who you ask :) ** -- goldendomer  01/26/2016 4:37PM
  There is nothing he can do. -- daveinop  01/26/2016 4:11PM
  33laszlo99... -- Stech  01/25/2016 1:16PM
  Betta believe Raycom will get paid for those games THEY own. -- chuckd4vt  01/26/2016 9:12PM
  Sorry - but "A pittance is greater than zero" mentality -- 133193Hokie  01/26/2016 05:05AM
  People demanded SECN because of football. Football brings the money -- Colonel Jessup  01/26/2016 11:47AM
  Tier-3 SEC games are just as bad as tier-3 ACC games. -- EDGEMAN  01/27/2016 07:08AM
  I agree ACC should try. Not sure how motivated ESPN would be, though -- Colonel Jessup  01/27/2016 11:03AM
  Better option is disband and move to top tier leagues. ** -- chuckd4vt  01/27/2016 02:39AM
  Well that is really not an option right now. -- Maroon Doom  01/27/2016 2:38PM
  Not necessarily. No network, no ACC IMO. ** -- chuckd4vt  01/27/2016 3:37PM
  Its alot of poker being played right now -- Mercury  01/26/2016 10:09AM
  Sounds like ESPN has 1 yr to convince Texas -- Red Hokie  01/26/2016 5:13PM
  Re: Sorry - but  -- 33laszlo99  01/26/2016 06:13AM
  Thinking long term. ESPN can't afford for even a half-ass  -- daveinop  01/26/2016 12:26PM
  Not suggesting that. My point is... -- daveinop  01/28/2016 2:38PM
  Wow. The discussion quality on this board is superb.  -- 66Hokie  01/24/2016 12:51PM
  Yeah, it's good stuff. ** -- Will Stewart     01/28/2016 12:20AM
  Good to see Pittsburgh step it up in Men's Soccer -- HOO86  01/23/2016 5:04PM
  I'd like to see Tech do the same. ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  01/23/2016 9:25PM
  We did once =) -- Hamburger  01/24/2016 03:14AM
  But those were only loans, which were paid back. -- EDGEMAN  01/24/2016 09:28AM
  I thought Weiss was basically using -- mancunian  01/25/2016 09:12AM
  That was the claim, but... -- EDGEMAN  01/26/2016 06:54AM
  If I didn't know better... -- mancunian  01/26/2016 09:18AM
  I know brother =( ** -- Hamburger  01/25/2016 12:53AM
  Why is Duke and NC State playing on CBS ? -- Maroon Doom  01/23/2016 3:02PM
  Delete -- Mercury  01/24/2016 07:38AM
  Thanks, but wouldn't CBS have to buy from  -- Maroon Doom  01/23/2016 3:21PM
  Yes, ESPN sells them the games... -- BUGGZY  01/23/2016 3:29PM
  Technically, but it was arranged within the contract. -- HOO86  01/23/2016 3:29PM
  SEC -- VT Rockie  01/22/2016 1:38PM
  Possibly a VERY decent long term viewpoint. ** -- Late 80s Hokie  01/26/2016 12:33PM
  Re: SEC -- Vippie1  01/23/2016 4:46PM
  Re: Re: SEC -- VT Rockie  01/23/2016 5:12PM
  EXACTLY BOV has no dreams of SEC -- Mercury  01/26/2016 10:59AM
  MAYBE BUT -- VT Rockie  01/26/2016 12:49PM
  Do you actually believe the stuff you make up? ** -- marcbvtgm  01/23/2016 5:34PM
  The avg. Md. recruit is ranked higher than VT's right now. -- chuckd4vt  01/23/2016 9:41PM
  Again. They will lose at least 7 games per year. ** -- HOO86  01/25/2016 09:42AM
  The interesting thing about UMD's move -- Vippie1  01/23/2016 4:51PM
  They lack money because they suck in football and no one cares ** -- VictoryTurkey  01/24/2016 12:49AM
  What exactly are you hoping to accomplish? -- marcbvtgm  01/23/2016 5:44PM
  Higher Ground -- VT Rockie  01/23/2016 7:25PM
  This is total delusion. ** -- marcbvtgm  01/24/2016 12:00PM
  ONLY IN YOUR WORLD -- VT Rockie  01/24/2016 12:33PM
  I disagree that SEC never showed interested prior to VT -- VTHokie2000  01/23/2016 3:05PM
  Technically you are correct. -- VTHokie2000  01/23/2016 3:27PM
  Rome? Actually more like Calcutta.  -- HOO86  01/23/2016 12:58PM
  More speculation masquerading as fact. ** -- marcbvtgm  01/24/2016 12:01PM
  That is myth. ** -- HOO86  01/24/2016 10:44AM
  I will believe that when it happens...bad timing ** -- VictoryTurkey  01/24/2016 12:53AM
  Big Picture -- VT Rockie  01/23/2016 2:17PM
  Head Coach fired in less than 2 seasons. -- HOO86  01/23/2016 11:57AM
  Firings -- VT Rockie  01/23/2016 12:53PM
  Hell if I know.  -- HOO86  01/23/2016 1:01PM
  Re: Hell if I know.  -- VT Rockie  01/23/2016 2:21PM
  I am yet to see any solid argument or data points -- 133193Hokie  01/23/2016 10:48AM
  Sorry - but that is a red herring argument. -- 133193Hokie  01/23/2016 2:07PM
  Spot on. Kids from the NE have been coming for years... -- Calamitous  01/23/2016 5:46PM
  I should ask to verify their diplomas... -- Calamitous  01/24/2016 06:08AM
  UFL, UGA, UA, etc. also pull in a lot of NE kids. -- EDGEMAN  01/23/2016 2:54PM
  The biggest data points are academic rankings. -- HOO86  01/23/2016 12:33PM
  Academicians are not restricted by conference affiliation -- Pylons  01/25/2016 11:31AM
  I get that the ACC schools in total are better academically -- 133193Hokie  01/23/2016 1:19PM
  JS is 68. His time left is limited. -- HOO86  01/23/2016 1:43PM
  I agree that we will eventually have an ACCN. By bigger concern -- 133193Hokie  01/23/2016 2:00PM
  If it had been ready it would have. -- HOO86  01/23/2016 3:22PM
  2008, 2010, and 2012 -- HOO86  01/23/2016 3:36PM
  Dear Stech, -- 33laszlo99  01/24/2016 6:25PM
  But unlike other leagues, Raycom & FSN own those ACC games.  -- chuckd4vt  01/25/2016 6:11PM
  That axe you're grinding has to be down to the hilt by now. ** -- crabcake77  01/25/2016 10:35PM
  Re: Dear Stech, -- Stech  01/25/2016 1:11PM
  Re: Re: Dear Stech, -- 33laszlo99  01/25/2016 6:51PM
  Re: The biggest data points are academic rankings. -- Old Line Hokie  01/23/2016 12:58PM
  The Big Ten is a different discussion from the SEC. -- HOO86  01/23/2016 1:07PM
  ACC and Big 10 about the same. -- Old Line Hokie  01/23/2016 3:24PM
  They are close. -- HOO86  01/23/2016 4:04PM
  Re: They are close. -- Old Line Hokie  01/23/2016 4:45PM
  B1G East vs. B1G West -- Maroon Baboon  01/23/2016 2:16PM
  Regardless of which direction the Big Ten expands -- VTHokie2000  01/23/2016 2:57PM
  Big Ten Dillution is Real -- BigTenPride  01/25/2016 11:54AM
  Re: Big Ten Dillution is Real -- 33laszlo99  01/26/2016 08:35AM
  Agree. SEC doesn't hurt Vanderbilt, Florida. UGA, Texas A&m,.... -- Old Line Hokie  01/23/2016 11:32AM
  BINGO -- VT Rockie  01/23/2016 12:52PM
  Re: I am yet to see any solid argument or data points -- VT Rockie  01/23/2016 11:15AM
  There is a disagreement over this connection  -- Mercury  01/23/2016 09:57AM
  VPI thought that and stayed put way back- How did that end? -- KnoxHokie  01/22/2016 10:42PM
  Yes, VT was against participation in bowls-  -- KnoxHokie  01/23/2016 8:00PM
  Sure. But unless we're one of the first to jump, we could get a  -- JohnsonCItyHokie  01/22/2016 10:34PM
  I don't disagree that the Big Ten and SEC prefer those -- VTHokie2000  01/23/2016 3:41PM
  I'd still say that we prefer to be where we are ** -- BigCrumpy  01/23/2016 5:02PM
  I agree 100% ** -- arcadtect  01/23/2016 6:11PM
  Yes. VT offers EVERYTHING the SEC wants. Perfect match.  -- chuckd4vt  01/22/2016 11:50PM
  They seriously approached us twice -- BigCrumpy  01/23/2016 5:01PM
  We poppycocked the official offer. ** -- chuckd4vt  01/23/2016 6:40PM
  No, b/c the conf network model will change -- Colonel Jessup  01/22/2016 5:02PM
  Vt does not want to be branded as a southern school -- Mercury  01/23/2016 10:07AM
  So if VT goes to the SEC than "rich, educated kids -- 133193Hokie  01/23/2016 10:42AM
  Re: So if VT goes to the SEC than  -- Hokie72  01/23/2016 11:32AM
  Right...The question that needs to be asked is this... -- VTBB  01/23/2016 07:12AM
  Beg to disagree vt culture has changed  -- Mercury  01/23/2016 1:29PM
  The positive economic impact on swva would be HUGE ** -- 133193Hokie  01/22/2016 6:01PM
  What is your projection on when the ACCN  -- 133193Hokie  01/22/2016 1:00PM
  All we have to do is pick up the phone and call -- 133193Hokie  01/22/2016 12:43PM
  The SEC would still want us..... -- Old Line Hokie  01/22/2016 11:19AM
  Plus it would probably help to bring down the ACC which -- 133193Hokie  01/22/2016 12:54PM
  Or one SEC school and one B10 school -- EDGEMAN  01/22/2016 12:10PM
  Me thinks both VT and UVA have landing spots. ** -- chuckd4vt  01/23/2016 12:20AM
  What would be your preference for Tech? -- UCHusky90  01/22/2016 12:47PM
  "If" the ACC disbanded, I would favor... -- Old Line Hokie  01/22/2016 1:30PM
  VT would be great addition to the Big 10 ** -- goldendomer  01/22/2016 3:47PM
  But we are playing Notre Dame 3 times in the next 4 years... -- Old Line Hokie  01/22/2016 6:48PM
  I look forward to those games. i hope the ACC figures it -- goldendomer  01/22/2016 10:36PM
  Re:  -- UCHusky90  01/22/2016 3:35PM
  If the ACC has no network in 2 years, I hope Tech ... -- Old Line Hokie  01/22/2016 6:41PM
  I agree with this- would not wait for ACC to be disbanded- -- KnoxHokie  01/22/2016 2:04PM
  Yes. And he's absolutely correct -- Perfesser  01/22/2016 7:57PM
  Re: Yes. And he's absolutely correct -- VT Rockie  01/22/2016 8:08PM
  Did you even attend Tech? -- Perfesser  01/22/2016 9:50PM
  Re: Did you even attend Tech? -- VT Rockie  01/23/2016 10:05AM
  EXACTLY -- VT Rockie  01/24/2016 09:56AM
  Wes Durham: A True ACC Network will help recruiting -- HOO86  01/21/2016 8:17PM
  Shows me how much ESPN doesn't want to do it. -- EDGEMAN  01/22/2016 12:07PM
  It's kinda like a farm subsidy... -- mancunian  01/22/2016 12:16PM
  The ACC leads all conferences through fall sports. -- HOO86  01/22/2016 12:49PM

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