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  Greg Flugaur says Big 10 targets are OK, Kansas, Missouri  -- KnoxHokie  04/18/2015 1:25PM
  The dud of mn aka wv2 was acc gets network -- ahokie4u  04/18/2015 3:17PM
  All conferences are pawns -- Mercury  04/18/2015 2:23PM
  Bronco Mendenhall on future changes and where BYU may fit -- goldendomer  04/18/2015 10:03AM
  I've always felt their move to independent was short-sighted.  -- Hokie Bird  04/18/2015 12:49PM
  The end game was always to join a Power Conference -- Stech  04/18/2015 2:15PM
  So if you have 85 scholarships in football and  -- Maroon Doom  04/17/2015 9:43PM
  More schollys are a bad idea. The 85 limit allowed more -- corvt2000  04/17/2015 11:12PM
  I have no idea ** -- Calamitous  04/17/2015 9:48PM
  Current moment -- SoCloseHokie  04/17/2015 09:04AM
  Your question is flawed because the ACC isn't expanding -- Tailgate Guru  04/17/2015 10:42PM
  The question may not be completely flawed. -- VTHokie2000  04/18/2015 3:18PM
  Re: Your question is flawed because the ACC isn't expanding -- SoCloseHokie  04/18/2015 08:13AM
  You do know the Big-12 doesn't have a network, right? -- Edgeman  04/18/2015 08:42AM
  Can you link an article with FSU saying that? ** -- Stech  04/18/2015 1:14PM
  I would hope ZERO!!!!! ** -- Hokiefan5  04/17/2015 1:20PM
  You and the Dude Chuck got some settling to do. :-) ** -- Stech  04/17/2015 11:44PM
  Seems to 'dude element' volume is raised again -- Mercury  04/18/2015 07:03AM
  No idea about ACC member president votes -- but after adding -- hokiehead  04/17/2015 12:01PM
  Zero. Who would STRONGLY support making less money? -- marcbvtgm  04/17/2015 10:09AM
  WVU was the 24th most watched football team last season... -- Old Line Hokie  04/17/2015 1:41PM
  WVU would be better off staying in the Big 12..... -- Old Line Hokie  04/17/2015 11:03PM
  Agree-wvu should stay in Big 12 if it survives -- VT75  04/18/2015 08:39AM
  VT wasn't worthy, until we proved them wrong in a major way.  -- chuckd4vt  04/18/2015 10:53AM
  Well, the College Gameday bus was there for TCU . . . -- Tailgate Guru  04/17/2015 10:33PM
  For point of clarity.....I meant that no other team (including WVU)..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/17/2015 12:10PM
  Fair enough, I agree. But WVU ain't gonna be the #2 w/ ND -- marcbvtgm  04/17/2015 5:39PM
  Waht's laughable is the historical ACC mantra -- 133193Hokie  04/17/2015 11:07AM
  You could say the same thing about some SEC and  -- 133193Hokie  04/18/2015 03:15AM
  Yep, that's when all the academic talk should've ended. ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/17/2015 1:11PM
  ACC Digital Network to be launched on Verizon Wireless -- HOO86  04/16/2015 6:19PM
  I watch the ACC DN on my Apple TV -- CobbCountyHokie  04/17/2015 09:57AM
  What do you know about Verizon FiOS "Custom TV"? -- HOO86  04/17/2015 1:14PM
  This is a trend that you will see more and more of -- CobbCountyHokie  04/17/2015 3:48PM
  So! Show me the Money!!! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  04/16/2015 9:07PM
  Payout will be huuuuuuuuge! -- Edgeman  04/16/2015 9:32PM
  This is what Atlee is simply saying..... -- Old Line Hokie  04/17/2015 2:02PM
  Well that settles it then... -- marcbvtgm  04/17/2015 10:13AM
  I only "poo-pooed" it for me. For me it's useless.  -- Atlee Hokie  04/17/2015 11:53AM
  Watching TV on a phone just doesn't do it for me either. ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/16/2015 9:57PM
  I don' have a cell phone at this time. :) ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/17/2015 1:46PM
  Of course Verizon makes you pay for those data rates -- hokiefan86  04/17/2015 07:15AM
  So you access it through WiFi. ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/17/2015 2:09PM
  Agreed. Whoopee. ** -- reestuart  04/16/2015 9:22PM
  Which is why I made my post. -- Atlee Hokie  04/17/2015 06:30AM
  Yep I understand. ** -- Stech  04/17/2015 06:39AM
  searching the internet -- 133193Hokie  04/17/2015 02:17AM
  OK - so how much is the  -- 133193Hokie  04/17/2015 10:58AM
  ACCDN is like taking a bucket of water out of the ocean. -- Atlee Hokie  04/17/2015 11:56AM
  Oh. I agree. For years now there have been a few on this -- 133193Hokie  04/17/2015 5:26PM
  ACC Commish no plans on 3 Division if Deregulation passes  -- goldendomer  04/16/2015 1:28PM
  I have to believe (and hope) this is more about... -- Vippie1  04/17/2015 11:03AM
  Three Divisions -- Ski  04/17/2015 08:59AM
  At least some news is starting to come out of the ACC. -- Old Line Hokie  04/16/2015 10:04PM
  Maybe FSU will leak out some news? They usually do. ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/16/2015 10:54PM
  Sounds like an attempt to make ND eligible.  -- chuckd4vt  04/16/2015 1:52PM
  When Will ND Grow Up?  -- VT Rockie  04/16/2015 9:18PM
  Now that's a good conspiracy theory. ** -- crabcake77  04/16/2015 3:53PM
  That's what it sounds like to me. ** -- crabcake77  04/16/2015 3:51PM
  They seem to be downplaying it like they have nothing in mind -- goldendomer  04/16/2015 1:59PM
  If they do, FSU and Clemson (and mybe VT) will walk -- corvt2000  04/17/2015 9:21PM
  No playoff expansion w/o autobids for P-5 says Scott -- goldendomer  04/15/2015 11:39PM
  Expansion NEEDS to happen -- Marooned  04/17/2015 12:52PM
  Actually, with 5 auto bids and 3 at larges makes the regular -- corvt2000  04/17/2015 9:23PM
  Would playoff expansion reopen TV contract rights? -- Tercules  04/16/2015 02:47AM
  Comcast and NBCU are the same entity. .. ** -- 133304Hokie  04/16/2015 03:21AM
  Expansion. Ain't. Happening. -- crabcake77  04/15/2015 11:54PM
  That is the question really. i think we may -- goldendomer  04/16/2015 12:09AM
  Seems like obvious posturing to me... -- crabcake77  04/16/2015 3:48PM
  How long will we wait for that? ** -- hokiefan86  04/16/2015 2:37PM
  Re: How long will we wait for that? -- Stech  04/16/2015 8:51PM
  ND it would be the ACC for sure if we are to join anywhere ** -- goldendomer  04/16/2015 09:34AM
  I think the 'semi-pro' talk is over-blown.  -- crabcake77  04/16/2015 12:14AM
  I see Sumlin and Strong want to renew the A&M/UT rivalry. -- Maroon Baboon  04/15/2015 7:42PM
  Should add VT vs UTenn or WVU if they go SEC. ** -- Stech  04/16/2015 06:48AM
  Guess we''ll see how much pull 8-5 & 6-7 coaches have? ** -- marcbvtgm  04/15/2015 1:27PM
  A WHOLE BUNCH. Fan$ want it too. ** -- chuckd4vt  04/16/2015 10:59AM
  Fans want a lot of things. Don't generally get them.  -- marcbvtgm  04/16/2015 11:12AM
  Texas having attendance problems, scheduling A&M should help. -- Maroon Baboon  04/15/2015 7:40PM
  Winning would solve about 99% of that problem ** -- marcbvtgm  04/16/2015 11:13AM
  Could be sec acc match ups at end of year -- Mercury  04/15/2015 11:46AM
  ACC can't schedule it's own interconference matchups well.  -- chuckd4vt  04/16/2015 1:47PM
  Maybe after 2016, VT and Tennessee also ** -- hokie4ever  04/15/2015 2:51PM
  I should have said "t.u." ;) ** -- Maroon Baboon  04/15/2015 11:10AM
  That would work better. ** -- Edgeman  04/15/2015 4:27PM
  As far as I know, A&M wanted to keep the rivalry going... -- Maroon Baboon  04/15/2015 11:55AM
  Interesting Delaney quote -- goldendomer  04/15/2015 2:20PM
  Delany still wants UVA and UNC to get to 16. -- Old Line Hokie  04/15/2015 4:39PM
  I don't think that is right -- ahokie4u  04/16/2015 7:01PM
  For years the rumor has been they really want ND and Texas ** -- Motor City Hokie  04/16/2015 08:07AM
  First choice is UNC/UVA but the low hanging fruit may be -- 133193Hokie  04/15/2015 5:51PM
  Sure- they could offer membership in AAU and then the B1G- -- KnoxHokie  04/15/2015 11:13PM
  Exactly. AAU membership (or lack thereof) has negible impact -- marcbvtgm  04/16/2015 11:20AM
  My understanding is that B1G would take ND/VT over UVA/UNC ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/15/2015 6:16PM
  Sure they would. But that's not happening. -- Maroon Baboon  04/16/2015 09:48AM
  Where did you get that information from? -- Old Line Hokie  04/15/2015 6:33PM
  Regarding Sands.... -- Will Stewart     04/15/2015 5:02PM
  Including satellite campuses? Online students? Or just the Burg? ** -- Late 80s Hokie  04/16/2015 11:57AM
  That is actually pretty safe for growth rate -- Mercury  04/16/2015 10:40AM
  Sands may turn out to be the biggest builder since Hahn. ** -- KnoxHokie  04/15/2015 10:15PM
  Bingo -- Mercury  04/15/2015 5:26PM
  Fits right in with the ACC. Or not. ** -- reestuart  04/15/2015 5:05PM
  The B1G wants into Virginia and wants ND. ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/15/2015 4:27PM
  So Demeaning. Who wants to be a bridge or an outlier? -- HOO86  04/15/2015 3:46PM
  I thought that a little bit too... -- Calamitous  04/15/2015 7:08PM
  Delaware also has the Michigan-like football helmets. ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/15/2015 6:35PM
  Or does Michigan have Delaware type helmets? ** -- Calamitous  04/15/2015 8:59PM
  LOL. That might be a problem. ** -- HOO86  04/15/2015 7:42PM
  Liberty ** -- goldendomer  04/15/2015 4:29PM
  ODU? ** -- Edgeman  04/15/2015 4:26PM
  Is Oxford or Cambridge next? ** -- Vippie1  04/15/2015 2:32PM
  Absolutely. -- Will Stewart     04/15/2015 5:18PM
  Kinda hard to hide that money. Isn't it. ** -- reestuart  04/15/2015 08:54AM
  More than enough to cover some player comps.  -- chuckd4vt  04/15/2015 07:42AM
  Probably because most programs are already losing money -- VictoryTurkey  04/15/2015 07:34AM
  But a few bucks for these players isn't the culprit. ** -- chuckd4vt  04/15/2015 07:53AM
  Insane. ** -- goldendomer  04/14/2015 7:23PM
  If UConn insiders are correct they maybe off to the Big 10 -- goldendomer  04/13/2015 8:24PM
  If you want to cement the hoops dominance you invite -- Nelsonia Hokie  04/15/2015 11:42AM
  . . . Kansas -- Tailgate Guru  04/15/2015 3:32PM
  But I don't expect that to happen either ** -- Tailgate Guru  04/15/2015 3:33PM
  UConn is a pawn on the chessboard. Its acquisition would only be -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/15/2015 10:34AM
  The B1G boldly announced it was expanding in 2010. -- HOO86  04/15/2015 1:07PM
  I would react yet, it might be a diversion -- Mercury  04/15/2015 08:59AM
  UConn basically a one trick pony? -- Old Line Hokie  04/15/2015 10:49AM
  Clearly superior to BC, imo. ** -- Gobbler-100  04/15/2015 12:45PM
  Other than that, they're one trick ** -- Edgeman  04/15/2015 10:57AM
  Now we see the UCONN camp popping up -- Mercury  04/15/2015 09:11AM
  Nice non-sequitar...keep throwing mud at the wall ** -- marcbvtgm  04/15/2015 1:22PM
  If UConn insiders were ever right.... -- Mr. Touchdown  04/14/2015 11:11AM
  I think the per team payout is bigger in the Big 10. Missou -- corvt2000  04/17/2015 9:31PM
  Missouri is happy in the sec -- Mercury  04/15/2015 08:03AM
  I'm preplexed on why the Big 10 ceded Mizzou to the SEC -- Vippie1  04/14/2015 2:18PM
  Similar to how BC prevented UCONN to the ACC? possibly. ** -- chuckd4vt  04/15/2015 08:33AM
  I agree totally, Missou seem more BIG than SEC. -- Maroon Doom  04/14/2015 7:59PM
  It was somewhat puzzling when the Big 10 ignored Mizzou... -- Old Line Hokie  04/14/2015 4:32PM
  B10 would rather have VT than Mizzou ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/14/2015 10:11AM
  Not too sure. Mizzou is already an AAU member and ... -- Old Line Hokie  04/14/2015 1:04PM
  Penn is private different missions  -- Mercury  04/15/2015 08:06AM
  What your assessment with acc plans -- Mercury  04/14/2015 08:52AM
  What would UT do if OU left without them? -- Mr. Touchdown  04/15/2015 10:08AM
  Rather you come full time and add whoever you want ** -- Hamburger  04/14/2015 05:12AM
  Other than WVU, UCONN is best realistic #16 far.  -- chuckd4vt  04/13/2015 11:43PM
  No chance. That ship already sailed... -- marcbvtgm  04/14/2015 4:26PM
  No network and FSU's audi IMO. GOR won't hold.  -- chuckd4vt  04/15/2015 12:03AM
  You missed part of the point. They got what they wanted. -- marcbvtgm  04/16/2015 11:35AM
  PSU would be forced to play UMD, RU, and UConn every year.  -- jesuisvtguy  04/13/2015 10:02PM
  Great for PSU's nonrevs too. ** -- chuckd4vt  04/13/2015 11:49PM
  UConn & Rutgers puts the B1G in the NYC suburbs -- Old Line Hokie  04/13/2015 9:37PM
  If the Texas & friends expansion doesn't come through, -- Old Line Hokie  04/14/2015 11:04PM
  UConn would be great. -- HOO86  04/15/2015 12:57PM
  Not sure I agree with your comments -- Tailgate Guru  04/14/2015 09:35AM
  BC vs. UConn -- Old Line Hokie  04/14/2015 1:48PM
  I reckon that makes UVa the ACC's best athletic program -- Tailgate Guru  04/14/2015 5:38PM
  If you go by the Learfield Sports Directors' Cup.... -- Old Line Hokie  04/14/2015 7:26PM
  When the Big Ten expands to improve soccer the Cup will matter ** -- Tailgate Guru  04/15/2015 06:51AM
  By almost any measure, UCONN is better than BC.  -- chuckd4vt  04/14/2015 10:52AM
  Meh -- Tailgate Guru  04/14/2015 1:07PM
  UConn Men's Basketball won the NCAA Championship in 2014. -- Old Line Hokie  04/14/2015 1:57PM
  Replacement for Penn State? ;^) ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/14/2015 06:48AM
  Dude of Connecticut is at it again,huh? ** -- VT75  04/13/2015 8:35PM
  Actually it is someone supposedly more respected  -- goldendomer  04/13/2015 8:43PM
  Is Johns Hopkins a part of this? -- Calamitous  04/12/2015 9:29PM
  My guess is that Hopkins passed. Why? Who knows. -- marcbvtgm  04/13/2015 10:23AM
  Re: Is Johns Hopkins a part of this? -- RappinRodney  04/12/2015 9:52PM
  Don't know, but how about this: -- Edgeman  04/12/2015 7:49PM
  Re: Don't know, but how about this: -- RappinRodney  04/12/2015 8:32PM
  PSU -- SoCloseHokie  04/12/2015 10:30AM
  PSU would greatly prefer Syracuse to UConn -- Tailgate Guru  04/12/2015 1:38PM
  Is Pitt preferable to Cuse? ** -- Hotus  04/13/2015 09:46AM
  For Penn State, I'm not so sure -- Tailgate Guru  04/13/2015 12:39PM
  Re: PSU would greatly prefer Syracuse to UConn -- SoCloseHokie  04/12/2015 2:25PM
  Penn State Release about the Big Ten CIC -- HOO86  04/10/2015 11:10PM
  Your severely undervalue the benefits of the CIC. -- BUFFALO LION  04/13/2015 1:41PM
  ACCAC has 2,3, and 4 on your list. -- HOO86  04/13/2015 9:18PM
  I know you're not impressed with the B1G's CIC, but I am -- Calamitous  04/12/2015 3:26PM
  What I was impressed with is that it is quantified. -- HOO86  04/12/2015 5:07PM
  Dont tell that to the anti VT to the SEC crowd.... ** -- 133193Hokie  04/12/2015 5:17PM
  Question for those who might know -- Hotus  04/11/2015 12:17PM
  VT lacks a large scale medical school/research hospital -- marcbvtgm  04/12/2015 4:06PM
  Let's take off the O&M glasses... -- marcbvtgm  04/13/2015 8:36PM
  Let's not take them off all the time- ** -- KnoxHokie  04/14/2015 1:50PM
  Go back to the original question...what's missing? -- marcbvtgm  04/14/2015 4:16PM
  Excuse me vt has a medical school -- Mercury  04/12/2015 5:18PM
  If u check research efforts vt dwarfs uva -- Mercury  04/12/2015 7:18PM
  Nice break-down. Can you elaborate more on your 4th point? -- Calamitous  04/14/2015 04:52AM
  See my post above re: O&M glasses. Does that help? -- marcbvtgm  04/14/2015 2:55PM
  VT's location is not remotely an advantage -- marcbvtgm  04/13/2015 8:41PM
  It's been interested in vt strategic plan  -- Mercury  04/12/2015 06:41AM
  Money. -- Perfesser  04/11/2015 3:24PM
  Louisville is most likely to add men's lacrosse... -- Old Line Hokie  04/12/2015 12:59PM
  Louisville would be good. -- HOO86  04/12/2015 2:40PM
  Depends on the rankings -- Perfesser  04/11/2015 3:03PM
  I always appreciate your insight.... -- Calamitous  04/12/2015 11:03AM
  You're cherry-picking yourself -- Perfesser  04/11/2015 8:21PM
  Interesting psu would release this -- Mercury  04/11/2015 06:45AM
  If you want know why a university with  -- RappinRodney  04/11/2015 05:37AM
  Collaborative bandwidth procurement can save money. -- HOO86  04/11/2015 08:36AM
  Some points to consider -- Perfesser  04/11/2015 05:32AM
  All true, but all very minor considerations ** -- marcbvtgm  04/12/2015 4:10PM
  Graduate students are students, too. -- Perfesser  04/11/2015 11:45AM
  Appears psu not real impressed ** -- Mercury  04/11/2015 10:22AM
  "Rutgers, Maryland exceed Big Ten conference expectations" -- Calamitous  04/10/2015 6:24PM
  I found it interesting how well Maryland did. -- HOO86  04/11/2015 6:42PM
  The excitement of a new conference helps this... -- Calamitous  04/11/2015 9:00PM
  What the heck did Rutgers do? ** -- Hamburger  04/11/2015 05:50AM
  Meh...a reflection of mediocrity. ** -- IB4TECH  04/10/2015 9:09PM
  We'll all find out in 4 or 5 years if that was a great move... -- Old Line Hokie  04/10/2015 8:52PM
  As long as UMd & Rutgers aren't awful, it doesn't matter -- marcbvtgm  04/11/2015 3:17PM
  Sign me up! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  04/10/2015 6:41PM
  Virginia Tech's Cost of Attendance Numbers -- Will Stewart     04/10/2015 10:44AM
  Planned Stipends by school -- ChrisLords  04/10/2015 02:39AM
  Many can't, that's why student debt is so high now. ** -- Atlee Hokie  04/11/2015 06:31AM
  Reasoning for higher stipends -- Old Line Hokie  04/10/2015 10:20AM
  VT is going to pay $3,280 and $3,620 (not $2,770 as reported). -- Will Stewart     04/10/2015 09:53AM
  Interesting. I don't know where they got those numbers -- Pylons  04/10/2015 10:01AM
  Actually, they are correct ** -- Pylons  04/10/2015 11:26AM
  At some point, the Dept. of Ed would step in and say  -- Pylons  04/10/2015 09:55AM
  It adds up very clearly.  -- Edgeman  04/10/2015 07:54AM
  Fwiw, it's actually going to be -- Pylons  04/10/2015 07:04AM
  These rates based on federal guidelines -- Mercury  04/10/2015 06:02AM
  Rest assured, this thing is going to be abused. ** -- Atlee Hokie  04/10/2015 12:12PM
  So Mississippi is more expensive than LA? ** -- Stech  04/10/2015 07:34AM
  I know you are being tic, but Mississippi... -- Calamitous  04/10/2015 8:02PM
  Food and housing not really part of this COA gap though -- Pylons  04/10/2015 12:03PM
  What's interesting is that -- Pylons  04/10/2015 09:49AM
  Wow we're really low on the list. USC and UCLA surprise me -- goldendomer  04/10/2015 09:43AM
  Then someone has to step up and enforce things -- hokiefan86  04/10/2015 08:00AM
  They do what they are paid (under the table) to do. -- Edgeman  04/10/2015 08:12AM
  IOC is worse. The problem with the NCAA is that it has no leverage... -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/10/2015 10:24AM
  I consider the IOC as handling "professional" athletes -- Edgeman  04/10/2015 12:30PM
  This already demonstrates tha Cost of Attendance stipend is a  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  04/10/2015 05:41AM
  Won't work, it makes too much sense. ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/10/2015 09:48AM
  Another take on ACC "pods" -- jms41  04/08/2015 6:48PM
  I think there will need to be tradeoffs -- jms41  04/10/2015 11:59AM
  Good take. Makes a Pod system that works without having to expand. -- Late 80s Hokie  04/10/2015 09:51AM
  It could work with some slight adjustment.  -- HOO86  04/09/2015 9:46PM
  Why this affinity for clemson -- Mercury  04/09/2015 7:12PM
  Penn State and Purdue aren't in the ACC... -- Old Line Hokie  04/09/2015 8:19PM
  Correct. And PSU just pointed to our 66k stadium and laughed. ** -- Maroon Baboon  04/10/2015 2:44PM
  I wonder how PSU felt about MD's 54k and RUT's 52k stadiums ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/10/2015 3:04PM
  About the same, probably worse -- Maroon Baboon  04/11/2015 3:40PM
  I remember an article in ct in like 1986 about vt and psu -- ahokie4u  04/09/2015 8:07PM
  I like it, but didn't swafford say no pods? ** -- Hokiefan5  04/08/2015 8:36PM
  A couple things jump out at me. -- VTHokie2000  04/08/2015 8:00PM
  If the ACC does end up switching to 4 groups with 14 members -- VTHokie2000  04/09/2015 02:14AM
  Wash Post article about cable companies dropping channels... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/08/2015 11:27AM
  A lot of the religious channels are viewer supported.... -- Old Line Hokie  04/08/2015 11:12PM
  I've never thought the conference network philosophy of having -- Colonel Jessup  04/08/2015 11:43AM
  Yes - but that won't be sustainable longterm. Viewer metrics -- Colonel Jessup  04/09/2015 10:59AM
  Wash Post article about NBA keeping young audience. -- HOO86  04/07/2015 8:41PM
  Would love to see both basket and base ball moved back. ** -- IB4TECH  04/08/2015 09:00AM
  Heading the soccer ball is very bad for your brain too. ** -- 133304Hokie  04/08/2015 6:35PM
  Maybe/probably but there will always be players and we love to watch -- Colonel Jessup  04/08/2015 11:25AM
  It is growing - but it is growing from basically nothing. -- Mr. Touchdown  04/08/2015 10:31AM
  I can see it surpassing boxing. -- Edgeman  04/08/2015 12:03PM
  And boxing isn't REALLY bigtime in the US anymore. ** -- chuckd4vt  04/08/2015 5:39PM
  MMA is probably less damaging to the brain than football -- I85Hokie  04/08/2015 09:38AM
  People do get knocked out in MMA training, FWIW ** -- Colonel Jessup  04/08/2015 11:28AM
  Heading the soccer ball is very bad for the brain... ** -- 133304Hokie  04/08/2015 6:37PM
  Football probably leads in the injury category... -- Calamitous  04/08/2015 04:29AM
  Yeah, I really think basketball is the future. ** -- Gobbler-100  04/07/2015 11:27PM
  I noticed that with the younger generation too. -- Old Line Hokie  04/07/2015 9:50PM
  I love the NBA but haven't watched a MLB game in 10+ years -- HokieJamie  04/08/2015 1:42PM
  Wait, what? Wilt isn't playing anymore? ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/09/2015 12:40PM
  I'm with you - I can't watch more than 15 minutes of an NBA game. -- Mr. Touchdown  04/08/2015 10:30AM
  Link from the basketball board about Pac 12 TV revenue... -- Old Line Hokie  04/07/2015 6:43PM
  BTW, here's a page that has links to all seven articles in the series... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/08/2015 11:38AM
  This is what caught my attention.... -- Old Line Hokie  04/07/2015 7:03PM
  These are total TV-related revenue, at least that's how it reads.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/08/2015 11:32AM
  I agree. We keep hearing that an ACC Network is -- 133193Hokie  04/08/2015 02:20AM
  I also keep hearing about Unicorns, but have yet to see one. -- Atlee Hokie  04/08/2015 06:22AM
  I never saw an Apple Watch either...until there was one ** -- marcbvtgm  04/08/2015 1:50PM
  I think the ACC's change will be to scheduling, not divisions -- Tailgate Guru  04/08/2015 12:55PM
  TG in that scenario why not -- Vippie1  04/08/2015 1:08PM
  You could, but then why have divisions at all? -- Tailgate Guru  04/08/2015 2:56PM
  I thought that when reading you previous post -- Colonel Jessup  04/08/2015 3:48PM
  I'm against rotating divisions -- Tailgate Guru  04/08/2015 5:19PM
  I foresee ND being eligible for title w/ a 5 game schedule.  -- chuckd4vt  04/08/2015 11:48AM
  That would lock them into 4 set games each year... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/08/2015 11:55AM
  Me thinks they simply rotate divisions.  -- chuckd4vt  04/08/2015 5:02PM
  Acc transformation. Incremental -- Mercury  04/08/2015 07:06AM
  Swofford says 3 divisions is unlikely in our league ... -- ScottyHeel  04/07/2015 6:07PM
  If the ACC is going to go to a 10 game conference schedule -- VTHokie2000  04/09/2015 02:51AM
  Can't happen. Too many OOC rivalry games, would be 11 games for some.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/09/2015 12:43PM
  I realize that will be an issue for some schools. -- VTHokie2000  04/09/2015 1:39PM
  I am. I would love to see a four-team Conference Championship. ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/08/2015 11:40AM
  Wouldnt we need another waiver for an extra game? -- Hokies4Life  04/08/2015 1:58PM
  Maybe, maybe not.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/08/2015 2:34PM
  Assuming the bylaws are relaxed to where a conference -- VTHokie2000  04/09/2015 02:31AM
  Sure. If a semifinal game is allowed, then you would definitely seed.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/09/2015 12:47PM
  Let's assume that the ACC isn't allowed to hold a true -- VTHokie2000  04/09/2015 1:44PM
  I can't see 3 divisions working with 14 members... -- Old Line Hokie  04/07/2015 6:53PM
  How does a 3 division rotation work? -- PadrosWindup  04/07/2015 6:34PM
  If that is what it takes to get BC off -- 132793Hokie  04/07/2015 5:12PM
  SBnation's opinion on this move -- goldendomer  04/07/2015 3:41PM
  I could be wrong -- VTHokie2000  04/07/2015 11:45PM
  IMO it's a extremely unlikely. ** -- goldendomer  04/07/2015 4:43PM
  It's the ACC! What could possibly get screwed up? ** -- FlyFishingHokie  04/07/2015 3:35PM
  Good news assuming we are dropping these semi-arbitrary divisions -- Colonel Jessup  04/07/2015 3:25PM
  Precursor to Notre Dame being eligible, perhaps? -- Nova Hokie 95  04/07/2015 4:50PM
  We play 5 games versus ACC yearly ** -- goldendomer  04/07/2015 4:53PM
  Dunno why I thought it was fewer ... -- Nova Hokie 95  04/07/2015 5:03PM
  I hope not. I'm hoping it's four divisions with a four-team CC... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/07/2015 3:10PM
  IMO that would be bad for the fans ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/07/2015 3:04PM
  Have you actually heard of a bunch Auburn fans, ... -- Atlee Hokie  04/07/2015 3:39PM
  And we didn't need the BIG to have both Bball and FBall champs. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  04/07/2015 10:37AM
  I actually have thought about this ... -- Will Stewart     04/06/2015 11:06AM
  Go Duke!!!!!! Partially at least :) ** -- goldendomer  04/06/2015 8:51PM
  Pretty intense rivalry especially for WBB. We will likely -- goldendomer  04/07/2015 10:30AM
  You shut your mouth... -- Go VT  04/06/2015 4:53PM
  I'm pulling for Duke just beacuse -- 133193Hokie  04/06/2015 11:17AM
  Seems that's an SEC thing more than any other conference. ** -- reestuart  04/06/2015 10:53AM
  "Will how much money for VT if Duke wins Monday night? " None -- hokiebob01  04/06/2015 08:23AM
  NCAA football and basketball championships matter to acc -- ahokie4u  04/06/2015 8:11PM
  Would still love for VT to have -- 133193Hokie  04/06/2015 02:40AM
  Don't like duke but hope they win -- ahokie4u  04/05/2015 9:30PM
  Would love to see Bo Ryan and Frank the Tank get a title... -- Maroon Baboon  04/05/2015 1:12PM
  Boise State's options.... -- Calamitous  04/03/2015 8:03PM
  Boise Blue Turf would have to go for PAC 12 to be interested...... -- NW Raleigh Hokie  04/04/2015 7:56PM
  That Blue Turf is unwatchable. ** -- Edgeman  04/04/2015 8:57PM
  It looks weird standing on it. -- HOO86  04/05/2015 1:56PM
  Vegas hosted the last 3 PAC 12 Basketball Tournaments -- Stech  04/06/2015 07:31AM
  I understand that conferences need TV sets, but the Pac 12 .... -- Old Line Hokie  04/04/2015 1:21PM
  If the Pac-12 is going to become either the Pac-14 or Pac-16 -- VTHokie2000  04/04/2015 5:56PM
  I say you go BSU, UNLV, New Mexico and BYU. Bingo bango.  -- chuckd4vt  04/04/2015 2:25PM
  Right now, California has 1 Pac 12 school per 9.83 million people. -- Old Line Hokie  04/04/2015 3:12PM
  Yesterdays Wall Street Journal Editorial -- FlyFishingHokie  04/07/2015 10:04AM
  Sorry. Can't read it. Not a subscriber. ** -- maddogbob  04/07/2015 5:26PM
  Sorry, See if this works -- FlyFishingHokie  04/07/2015 5:32PM
  Thanks. Supports what I have been saying. One interesting -- maddogbob  04/08/2015 04:15AM
  Incredible ... -- ScottyHeel  04/05/2015 11:42PM
  Oh it is much worse. Yosemite has 3 absolutely magnificent -- maddogbob  04/06/2015 6:10PM
  That's the same list of choices I'm looking at. -- HOO86  04/04/2015 1:35PM
  The Pac 12 would take most Big 12 schools over the MWC schools... -- Old Line Hokie  04/04/2015 3:20PM
  I don't believe the Pac-12 would be interested in adding -- VTHokie2000  04/04/2015 6:25PM
  I wouldn't call SMU, TCU, or Tulsa "conservative" however -- obxhokies  04/05/2015 3:20PM
  The reason I included SMU in the same category as Baylor -- VTHokie2000  04/05/2015 6:47PM
  Sounds like the Pac 12 doesn't believe in diversity... -- Old Line Hokie  04/04/2015 11:32PM
  From what I have read, the reason the Pac-12 wouldn't consider -- VTHokie2000  04/05/2015 01:38AM
  Re: From what I have read, the reason the Pac-12 wouldn't consider -- Old Line Hokie  04/05/2015 7:13PM
  If you review the history of the various athletic conferences -- VTHokie2000  04/05/2015 8:03PM
  Concerning Stanford and USC.... -- Old Line Hokie  04/05/2015 9:44PM
  I am not saying that I don't disagree that the Pac-12 -- VTHokie2000  04/06/2015 1:17PM
  Bingo. ..and 1 outlier doesn't make it a trend. -- Stech  04/06/2015 10:33AM
  All this talk about Idaho makes me think of...... -- Old Line Hokie  04/04/2015 5:22PM
  This and the Dynamite family ** -- Calamitous  04/04/2015 6:36PM
  Texas is not interested  -- Mercury  04/04/2015 5:31PM
  I wouldn't bet anything on where or what Texas wants to do... -- Calamitous  04/04/2015 11:00PM
  Not from what I've heard and read the last 30 years. -- Old Line Hokie  04/04/2015 7:27PM
  The Mountain West is where the PAC 12 will look. -- HOO86  04/04/2015 12:42PM
  Why does the PAC12 "need" to look to the MWC? -- marcbvtgm  04/04/2015 2:33PM
  NDSU? Tremendous success, yes...and 18k avg attendence -- marcbvtgm  04/04/2015 12:15PM
  18k? Must everybody in Fargo plus some visitors in attendance ** -- Bruin2Hokie  04/06/2015 11:51AM
  The Green Bay Packers of college football ** -- Calamitous  04/06/2015 1:26PM
  It would take ND centuries to catch Idaho at current rates -- marcbvtgm  04/04/2015 2:45PM
  At the actual current rate.... 15 years, but -- Calamitous  04/04/2015 3:02PM
  The Power 5 ship is sailing very soon... -- marcbvtgm  04/04/2015 2:26PM
  This is true, but like you said.... -- Calamitous  04/04/2015 2:35PM
  IMO, it's more likely that... -- marcbvtgm  04/05/2015 2:53PM
  Brand dilution is a big problem for the PAC... -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/04/2015 10:01AM
  There's some truth to that. I'd never *heard* of Virginia Tech.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/06/2015 2:07PM
  I can see the MWC and AAC creating a football only conference..... -- Old Line Hokie  04/03/2015 8:50PM
  Big XII to absorb Western Wrestling Conference -- HOO86  04/03/2015 4:07PM
  Would love to see more ACC men's lacrosse teams. -- HOO86  04/04/2015 1:47PM
  Stech? -- SoCloseHokie  04/03/2015 08:52AM
  What Shaka knows is he's making millions more $$$ than at VCU. -- Atlee Hokie  04/06/2015 06:09AM
  Re: Stech? -- Stech  04/03/2015 7:16PM
  Isn't it far more likely that Texas blesses the addition.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/05/2015 1:24PM
  If they wanted that...they would have that. ** -- Stech  04/06/2015 9:27PM
  Agree. WVU will not be in a position of strength -- marcbvtgm  04/04/2015 2:54PM
  Maybe so... but that would be a shame for college football... -- Calamitous  04/04/2015 12:03PM
  Texas does look east for coaches -- ahokie4u  04/03/2015 2:22PM
  All I know is Texas' last 2 big hires have been Strong & Smart. -- Old Line Hokie  04/03/2015 2:09PM
  UT/ND joining in full announcement then ACCN launch? -- Red Hokie  04/03/2015 1:29PM
  Been a slow off season so far. Need more theories!!!!!! ** -- goldendomer  04/03/2015 1:34PM
  I think CR talk gets a boost shortly after the Final 4. -- Calamitous  04/03/2015 8:23PM
  Who pays for travel costs for NCAA Championship participants? -- Late 80s Hokie  04/02/2015 09:59AM
  I'm thinking more perhaps of the Wrestling tourney. -- Late 80s Hokie  04/02/2015 12:17PM
  I am not sure if the NCAA makes a distinction between -- VTHokie2000  04/02/2015 12:59PM
  My notes did include bball, but it also included -- VTHokie2000  04/02/2015 1:41PM
  A reasonable OOC game they actually have a .... -- 2hhoop3  03/31/2015 08:43AM
  I doubt Army wants any part of playing an SEC team. -- ChrisLords  04/04/2015 04:31AM
  That's messed up, but it is what the SEC did. -- HOO86  03/30/2015 7:55PM
  Where would VT be today (as far as conference affiliation) -- CobbCountyHokie  03/30/2015 5:06PM
  We would be in the SEC... oddly enough.  -- MBHokie90  04/01/2015 12:34PM
  I slightly disagree with your statement -- VTHokie2000  04/02/2015 1:57PM
  I've been told that by some folks who would know.  -- chuckd4vt  04/02/2015 1:01PM
  90% of inside info posted on any message board is from -- JohnsonCItyHokie  04/04/2015 12:41AM
  Hey, Bob ... quit being a jerk. -- Will Stewart     04/03/2015 08:59AM
  Yeah well ,you know, that is just like your opinion man -- MEHOKIE  04/08/2015 11:14AM
  It's HokieBob01 being HokieBob01. ** -- Atlee Hokie  04/03/2015 2:43PM
  Somebody needs a timeout! ** -- Bruin2Hokie  04/06/2015 12:01PM
  That's because it is the Conference Realignment Board -- Glen Allen Hokie  04/03/2015 3:30PM
  My biggest fear we would be on the outside looking in... -- arcadtect  03/31/2015 5:47PM
  Wasn't Steger already Prez? I think Torgersen was recently... -- Gobbler-100  03/31/2015 12:59AM
  Correct. At that point (Nov. 2000), Steger was president of VT. ** -- Will Stewart     04/01/2015 1:38PM
  The ACC was Tech's goal since 1953. If Beamer.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/30/2015 6:47PM
  Given Weaver's track record on coaching hires... -- 2hhoop3  03/31/2015 08:50AM
  Weaver would've hired fellow Penn Stater Jerry Sandusky.  -- Old Line Hokie  03/31/2015 11:05AM
  Actually uva was very high on him -- Mercury  03/31/2015 2:51PM
  Prospective prospective -- Mercury  03/31/2015 07:28AM
  Re: Didn't VT decide they didnt want to play  -- Old Line Hokie  03/30/2015 9:37PM
  Torgerson had nothing to do with Beamer staying. ** -- IV_Hokie12  03/30/2015 6:10PM
  Not what I heard, but ..... ** -- arcadtect  03/31/2015 5:39PM
  Re: Torgerson had nothing to do with Beamer staying.  -- Hokie83  03/30/2015 6:55PM
  Here endeth the discussion. ** -- techcutter  03/31/2015 10:40AM
  Almost ;) ...... -- Old Line Hokie  03/30/2015 9:52PM
  Re: Almost ;) ...... -- Stech  04/01/2015 07:52AM
  Re: Where would VT be today (as far as conference affiliation) -- SoCloseHokie  03/30/2015 5:20PM
  Would they have been onboard the VT-to-SEC train? -- VTHokie2000  03/30/2015 5:27PM
  Is it possible that during any "informal" discussions -- VTHokie2000  03/30/2015 5:43PM
  You have to keep in mind what was going on back then. -- VTHokie2000  03/30/2015 10:05PM
  WVU was available to be #14 for the SEC in '03. ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/31/2015 11:18AM
  WVU was available in '03. Doesn't mean the SEC (at that time) -- VTHokie2000  03/31/2015 11:28AM
  The SEC is a different animal... -- Calamitous  03/30/2015 8:14PM
  IMO VT could have had Mizzou's SEC East slot, but -- PadrosWindup  03/30/2015 9:24PM
  I suspect VT with a push would have been chosen by the SEC- -- KnoxHokie  03/30/2015 11:23PM
  Are you okay if the ACC fails to produce a network  -- VTHokie2000  03/31/2015 12:40PM
  I agree that in the past VT has not always had the best -- VTHokie2000  03/31/2015 4:47PM
  Are you sure the SEC had a candidate to become the 14th member -- VTHokie2000  03/30/2015 10:24PM
  Re: Are you sure the SEC had a candidate to become the 14th member -- SoCloseHokie  03/31/2015 04:59AM
  It is unlikely WVU would have been a viable candidate  -- VTHokie2000  03/31/2015 11:35AM
  The Gov signs bill to limit student athletic fees - Link -- FlyFishingHokie  03/30/2015 4:01PM
  Some of the state's smaller universities like.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/30/2015 7:01PM
  W&M has no dreams of switching to FBS. -- VTHokie2000  03/31/2015 5:24PM
  I guess it is possible that W&M could want to increase -- VTHokie2000  04/01/2015 8:08PM
  Leads what? ** -- marcbvtgm  03/29/2015 7:56PM
  Raycom Sports is run by a VT guy. -- Stech  03/29/2015 8:42PM
  You're referring to Ken Haines of Raycom Sports? ** -- Calamitous  03/29/2015 08:02AM
  Yes. ** -- Stech  03/30/2015 06:43AM
  In 2022, VT will be in the ___________ Conference. ** -- Hokiefan5  03/29/2015 01:01AM
  In the ACC ** -- goldendomer  03/30/2015 3:03PM
  Without a network, we could be gone by 2018.  -- chuckd4vt  03/30/2015 2:17PM
  What legal basis do you have for that? ** -- hokiebob01  04/02/2015 09:48AM
  What basis do you have it isn't required in the contract?  -- chuckd4vt  04/03/2015 12:40AM
  If the ACC was smart, then it would drag out negotiations -- VTHokie2000  03/30/2015 4:25PM
  The ACC. It is the logical choice. ** -- hokiebob01  03/30/2015 08:47AM
  Re: In 2022, VT will be in the ___________ Conference. -- SoCloseHokie  03/30/2015 01:53AM
  SEC at some point in time. SEC wantes to get -- maddogbob  03/29/2015 11:19PM
  While anything is possible, that makes me want to puke ** -- hokie4ever  03/30/2015 08:49AM
  When does the movie come out? -- Old Line Hokie  03/29/2015 10:53PM
  ACC. After spring 2027? Who knows..... -- Old Line Hokie  03/29/2015 6:08PM
  ACC but if it ever implodes, hope it's the Big 10 ** -- Hamburger  03/29/2015 6:06PM
  The Great Atlantic And Pacific Mega Conference :-) ** -- VeroHokie  03/29/2015 5:26PM
  Re: In 2022, VT will be in the ___________ Conference. -- Dennis Bane  03/29/2015 4:07PM
  50% ACC, 40% B1G, 10% SEC ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/29/2015 11:40AM
  Way to take a stand. Impressive. ** -- JohnsonCItyHokie  03/29/2015 7:44PM
  WRT discussions regarding the formation of the ACC Network -- VTHokie2000  03/30/2015 4:21PM
  SEC for football, B1G for hockey, and ACC for everything else? ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/29/2015 3:26PM
  Well played ** -- Hamburger  03/29/2015 6:05PM
  ACC ** -- VictoryTurkey  03/29/2015 08:07AM
  HOME-ACC, BABY -- VT75  03/29/2015 07:55AM
  B1G. VPI has maintained an unusually close -- RappinRodney  03/29/2015 04:21AM
  Not CIC directly, as that is exclusive to B1G members, but... -- Calamitous  03/29/2015 08:29AM
  "Peer institutions" means absolutely nothing -- marcbvtgm  03/29/2015 8:05PM
  I'll play along ... -- Calamitous  03/29/2015 10:35PM
  I agree with that... -- Calamitous  03/30/2015 4:20PM
  I'm not so sure AAU membership is that big of a deal -- marcbvtgm  03/30/2015 7:53PM
  They had their eye on SU at that time too... -- Calamitous  03/30/2015 8:38PM
  I'll tell you, 100% proof positive, the CIC institutions -- RappinRodney  03/29/2015 8:41PM
  Thanks for sharing. Great info! ** -- Calamitous  03/29/2015 10:53PM's the link: -- marcbvtgm  03/29/2015 8:09PM
  Cool link! -- Calamitous  03/29/2015 11:18PM
  Re: Cool link! -- marcbvtgm  03/30/2015 10:09AM
  A better question might be, Why are we up this late? ** -- Hokiefan5  03/29/2015 01:20AM
  Mid-Atlantic ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/29/2015 01:15AM
  ACC ** -- ChrisLords  03/29/2015 01:06AM
  ACC Network holdup- Is this article an accurate assessment? -- KnoxHokie  03/26/2015 12:08PM
  Here is one of the holdups...... -- DonHo-kieHi  03/27/2015 09:46AM
  BTW, here it's Swoffart! ** -- Edgeman  03/29/2015 10:52AM
  With a Hokie at the helm. Makes one wonder. ** -- Hokiefan5  03/28/2015 6:25PM
  Definitely have to take care of him! -- Edgeman  03/27/2015 09:58AM
  Here are quotes from the ACC last September. -- Old Line Hokie  03/26/2015 3:46PM
  We can bet there will not be a ACCN in 2016. -- Atlee Hokie  03/27/2015 06:49AM
  I'm not skeptical about "IF," but more concerned about "WHEN -- Calamitous  03/28/2015 8:48PM
  I'm guessing it will be closer to 2027. ** -- Edgeman  03/27/2015 9:16PM
  Hopefully we will be in the SEC or B1G by then. ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/28/2015 09:51AM
  Did you notice it is 2013 article -- ahokie4u  03/26/2015 2:05PM
  Great. It is a good article. Just wanted to make sure  -- ahokie4u  03/26/2015 5:34PM
  Thanks Swofford. ** -- Atlee Hokie  03/27/2015 06:50AM
  The SEC was going first...why can't people get that? -- Stech  03/26/2015 7:40PM
  I have to believe the SECN was going to get some  -- seekoHoG  03/27/2015 1:32PM
  To quote Gen Patton ... -- Atlee Hokie  03/27/2015 06:52AM
  To quote Steve Jobs... -- marcbvtgm  03/27/2015 5:49PM
  And that Charles Tandy was on to something with the TRS-80... -- Calamitous  03/28/2015 9:04PM
  Most of the time I feel most message board posters are Tandy -- marcbvtgm  03/31/2015 09:43AM
  I tend to think it's more the Dunning-Kruger Effect or... -- Calamitous  03/29/2015 10:41PM
  Gen Patton was relieved by dwight -- Mercury  03/27/2015 10:51AM
  Patton wasn't a garrison general. He was a combat general. -- Atlee Hokie  03/27/2015 9:04PM
  Swoffort would have given back Trier... -- FlyFishingHokie  03/27/2015 11:09AM
  I get that, and that is not the issue- The issue is- -- KnoxHokie  03/26/2015 7:57PM
  We are mushrooms, with respect to this.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/27/2015 12:28PM
  Good points- and thanks! Just looking for smoke! ** -- KnoxHokie  03/26/2015 8:55PM
  It's smoking. watch Marshall go to Bama. :-) ** -- Stech  03/26/2015 10:45PM
  Stectch as always thanks ** -- ahokie4u  03/26/2015 8:45PM
  Stop it with the rational thought ** -- marcbvtgm  03/26/2015 7:47PM
  Re: ACC Network holdup- Is this article an accurate assessment? -- SoCloseHokie  03/26/2015 1:57PM
  Well, Bubba has had his hands full over at the Public Ivy! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/26/2015 12:56PM

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