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  Bowlsby: Big XII will look East if it expands -- HOO86  12/19/2014 9:42PM
  How far east? -- Old Line Hokie  12/19/2014 10:09PM
  Exactly ** -- VaTechHokiesACC  12/20/2014 06:29AM
  Anyone seen this Big 12 speculation? -- jms41  12/17/2014 2:56PM
  Just rambling made up nonsense ** -- Tailgate Guru  12/18/2014 2:19PM
  Author is ignorant -- Maroon Baboon  12/18/2014 12:01PM
  Oh, the Big Ten would probably take Kansas -- Tailgate Guru  12/18/2014 2:15PM
  Kansas would be another Indiana -- Edgeman  12/18/2014 7:29PM
  I meant them as a pair. But yes, they might wrt KU. -- Maroon Baboon  12/18/2014 2:46PM
  I do agree that initially they may not want both KS schools -- VTHokie2000  12/19/2014 8:29PM
  About the only thing in this article that has any sense of reality is the  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  12/18/2014 10:53AM
  Sure seems to have a lot about WVU. ** -- Stech  12/18/2014 06:44AM
  The Madisonville Meteor - a true journalistic giant. -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/17/2014 3:24PM
  I found it funny that Pac-12 would now be interested -- VTHokie2000  12/17/2014 3:52PM
  I can think of two reasons the ACC could now want WVU -- VTHokie2000  12/18/2014 11:12AM
  WVU should be in the ACC, but must live by agreed upon rules -- hokie4ever  12/18/2014 4:48PM
  They don't want to go any timezones to the west.  -- HOO86  12/17/2014 6:23PM
  What is the difference (if any) is there between playing -- VTHokie2000  12/17/2014 6:32PM
  Texas does not bus it Olympic & basketball teams to Stanford. -- Atlee Hokie  12/20/2014 06:29AM
  Again you are missing the point that the conference -- VTHokie2000  12/19/2014 09:39AM
  I get this much. -- HOO86  12/19/2014 11:36AM
  If that is Texas's position -- VTHokie2000  12/19/2014 12:40PM
  There are quite a few reports out there  -- VTHokie2000  12/19/2014 4:23PM
  WVU travels vast distances, but only crosses one time zone. -- Atlee Hokie  12/20/2014 06:55AM
  Then I guess we shall just agree to disagree -- VTHokie2000  12/19/2014 8:14PM
  The new Texas AD hasn't ruled it out like Dodd did.  -- chuckd4vt  12/17/2014 6:15PM
  Remember it's the networks too -- Mercury  12/18/2014 5:00PM
  Believe Oklahoma & OK State are pretty much joined at the hip. -- Atlee Hokie  12/17/2014 10:58PM
  If the Pac-12 added those 4 schools -- VTHokie2000  12/17/2014 4:41PM
  It's not that big a deal, and the new TU folks agree. ** -- chuckd4vt  12/17/2014 8:08PM
  But it still doesn't address the Longhorn Network issue. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/18/2014 08:11AM
  Can't imagine the LHN will be a problem once the contract is up. -- Atlee Hokie  12/20/2014 06:57AM
  Neither of those programs can compete at P5 level -- Tailgate Guru  12/15/2014 1:38PM
  Did anybody see any ACC caliber athletes on the field yesterday? -- PadrosWindup  12/14/2014 5:42PM
  That's why they run that offense. -- Edgeman  12/14/2014 6:56PM
  I can see only one scenario where Navy joins the ACC -- I85Hokie  12/14/2014 08:31AM
  Question; anything connected with Luck leaving WVU -- Mercury  12/17/2014 11:02AM
  I don't think Luck leaving WVU is connected to conference matters -- Tailgate Guru  12/17/2014 11:54AM
  I nominate Luck as Commissioner of the ACC. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/17/2014 11:59AM
  Dang that would be sweet. Awesome guy. -- chuckd4vt  12/17/2014 8:33PM
  Actually in his new role would be good -- Mercury  12/17/2014 12:05PM
  Not....gonna....happen.  -- Freddyburg Hokie  12/13/2014 11:02PM
  Those are "candidates," not "cadets" -- Pylons  12/15/2014 11:09AM
  Re: Not....gonna....happen.  -- SoCloseHokie  12/14/2014 02:52AM
  Navy finished 90 in last year's Director's Cup -- HOO86  12/14/2014 10:33AM
  I think PSU was REALLY threatening them.  -- chuckd4vt  12/19/2014 6:04PM
  I think it would be a no-brainer... -- Calamitous  12/13/2014 10:15PM
  The Key there "Conference USA"  -- obxhokies  12/14/2014 07:45AM
  20 team conferences have been tried before, haven't we learned.. -- Old Line Hokie  12/14/2014 12:23PM
  12 is the absolute minimum # of teams for a P5 conference -- Edgeman  12/17/2014 08:31AM
  Different times - different circumstances. ** -- seekoHoG  12/16/2014 10:32AM
  It may be different times and even different circumstances -- VTHokie2000  12/16/2014 4:47PM
  Is there any sense Swofford is on the hot seat?  -- chuckd4vt  12/12/2014 1:34PM
  The Carolina and va schools tight  -- Mercury  12/14/2014 3:14PM
  We're tied closely with UVA, but I just don't see VT... -- Edgeman  12/17/2014 08:36AM
  I think he rides into the sunset uneventfully... -- Calamitous  12/13/2014 10:20PM
  ACC is much better positioned than last year -- ahokie4u  12/12/2014 5:38PM
  Had FSU went 12-1, an 11-1 Big12 team woulda went it seems.  -- chuckd4vt  12/13/2014 02:05AM
  The answer is it would depend -- ahokie4u  12/13/2014 08:37AM
  What you are missing -- ahokie4u  12/15/2014 10:54AM
  And that is the common fallacy in these discussions  -- daveinop  12/13/2014 5:48PM
  I'm not sure what the frustration is with Raycom. -- HOO86  12/12/2014 4:19PM
  You are right and wrong. -- Atlee Hokie  12/14/2014 10:19AM
  Great post HOO86! ** -- Stech  12/13/2014 2:46PM
  Old Line Hokie You better bring your "A" game.. That -- goldendomer  12/12/2014 9:50PM
  Only if he plans to attend the Military Bowl or Pinstripe Bowl -- VTHokie2000  12/12/2014 1:38PM
  I find it interesting that Wisconsin has lost 2 coaches to  -- mancunian  12/12/2014 08:36AM
  Okay, I'll call.. -- Freddyburg Hokie  12/13/2014 11:10PM
  Sometimes s*** happens. Remember 1999 & our game w/ Syracuse. -- Atlee Hokie  12/12/2014 10:17PM
  They were that night. That's the best Ohio State has looked -- reestuart  12/12/2014 2:14PM
  I believe Alvarez meddles with the program. -- VTHokie2000  12/12/2014 1:35PM
  Reminds me of Vince Dooley at Georgia.  -- HOO86  12/12/2014 4:31PM
  That's more at the feet of the AD than the conference -- HokieJamie  12/12/2014 08:43AM
  On a wndu( Nd station)broadcast it was said that Swarbrick -- goldendomer  12/11/2014 8:46PM
  FSU at 12-1 wouldn't have made it this year -- Colonel Jessup  12/12/2014 10:24AM
  Might have made it if only loss was to OK St. But a  -- seekoHoG  12/12/2014 1:17PM
  I doubt it but we'll never know. They were #3 with no losses -- Colonel Jessup  12/12/2014 3:16PM
  Even then, it took OSU blowing EVERYBODY up to get in. -- chuckd4vt  12/16/2014 3:33PM
  A thread discussing it -- goldendomer  12/11/2014 9:33PM
  Is that you or another GoldenDomer in that thread? ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/12/2014 08:10AM
  I'm Cali_domer -- goldendomer  12/12/2014 10:19AM
  Where in Cali? ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  12/12/2014 12:29PM
  Ventura ** -- goldendomer  12/12/2014 12:38PM
  I'm in Laguna Beach. Nice rain! ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  12/12/2014 12:43PM
  Loved it!!! Maybe if we get enough they'll stop raising -- goldendomer  12/12/2014 12:47PM
  Not so good for our Christmas party outside at the beach today ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  12/12/2014 1:09PM
  Good luck with that... Enjoy it at -- goldendomer  12/12/2014 3:46PM
  This. -- Truthahn  12/12/2014 10:21PM
  Whoever ND wants as 16. Navy would be my choice -- ahokie4u  12/11/2014 9:18PM
  If ND said they would join for football if they can name #16 ... -- Atlee Hokie  12/11/2014 11:37PM
  If true, Cincy all day for me ** -- goldendomer  12/11/2014 9:54PM
  Navy football only. ** -- seekoHoG  12/11/2014 9:06PM
  I've always thought a Navy/Georgetown bid would be solid -- Hokies4Life  12/11/2014 10:50PM
  Would Georgetown be willing to leave the "new" Big East? -- VTHokie2000  12/12/2014 11:58AM
  With reasonable full members out there,  -- HOO86  12/12/2014 6:57PM
  I agree that the ACC shouldn't try to do a hybrid deal -- VTHokie2000  12/12/2014 10:39PM
  I understand what you were suggesting which is why -- VTHokie2000  12/13/2014 10:11AM
  With a full revenue share? -- ren_hoek  12/11/2014 9:15PM
  If they were in for football only they would get a 80% share ** -- 133304Hokie  12/12/2014 12:53AM
  We're actually have a major discussion on our  -- goldendomer  12/11/2014 3:15PM
  Would like to pause for a minute and suggest that -- seekoHoG  12/11/2014 4:47PM
  WRT the 13th game, Notre Dame can already do that now -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 3:41PM
  They may not have to have a decent opponent every year -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 4:35PM
  A quality opponent that weekend was crucial this year. No reason ... -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/11/2014 5:22PM
  If Hawaii goes independent, they might as well give up football -- The_VT_Rock  12/11/2014 3:47PM
  Why do you say that? -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 4:07PM
  One comment on there could be a possibility... -- The_VT_Rock  12/11/2014 3:39PM
  If the Big XII and Notre Dame were open to the idea -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 3:48PM
  There is still the bylaw issue about Notre Dame -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 4:11PM
  JMU hoping for FBS membership. -- Old Line Hokie  12/11/2014 11:13AM
  It's more than a football issue... -- MBHokie90  12/12/2014 12:01PM
  Is it me, or do these jumps to the FBS lately seem like... -- The_VT_Rock  12/11/2014 3:45PM
  No the big difference is in governance -- Mercury  12/12/2014 06:40AM
  I agree. Maybe the non-P-5 schools have their own playoffs? -- Old Line Hokie  12/11/2014 3:56PM
  If the power conferences form their own association -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 4:49PM
  This is about branding -- Mercury  12/12/2014 06:43AM
  Probably "nothing" then since... -- Old Line Hokie  12/11/2014 3:03PM
  The CUSA could lose ODU to the AAC -- Truthahn  12/11/2014 9:21PM
  Don't forget Troy since it is located in AL ** -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 3:12PM
  If you consider that majority of JMU's out-of-state students -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 11:45AM
  JMU is no where near the AAC level -- Truthahn  12/11/2014 9:27PM
  I never said that JMU would go from the CAA to the AAC -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 11:48PM
  JMU will have to move up the ladder like most schools. -- Old Line Hokie  12/11/2014 3:08PM
  Navy is joining the AAC -- Truthahn  12/11/2014 9:34PM
  Navy is joining the AAC as a football-only member -- VTHokie2000  12/12/2014 12:01AM
  G5 schools get a playoff payout up to 12 teams only -- Truthahn  12/11/2014 9:01PM
  JMU decline an invitation to join the Sun Belt last year -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 11:51PM
  Who really controls the NCAA?  -- HokieAl  12/10/2014 1:04PM
  Right here--- -- Go VT  12/12/2014 11:13AM
  Illuminati ** -- Maroon Baboon  12/11/2014 11:26AM
  Gordon Gekko -- VTHokie2000  12/10/2014 2:47PM
  Does Baylor/TCU snub make ND reconsider football independence? -- vpibasketball  12/09/2014 4:07PM
  I think the perception of the ACC is that it's soft, but -- Edgeman  12/10/2014 8:25PM
  It started off with 2 against the ACC -- HOO86  12/10/2014 9:40PM
  The Mich St/Miss St flip-flop infuriated me on Sunday. ** -- Gobbler-100  12/11/2014 12:21PM
  Excellent points..... -- 2hhoop3  12/11/2014 10:40AM
  Wise one from ND says it well -- Mercury  12/09/2014 5:09PM
  Not now ** -- goldendomer  12/09/2014 4:09PM
  How many playoff snubs before ND would reconsider? ** -- vpibasketball  12/09/2014 4:15PM
  Once should be enough but twice would make it happen IMO -- goldendomer  12/09/2014 4:26PM
  ND has it worse than the Big 12 -- Truthahn  12/09/2014 6:03PM
  They can still Only Play 12 games and... -- obxhokies  12/11/2014 12:41AM
  That would not help much -- ahokie4u  12/09/2014 9:59PM
  Yea, hard to do -- Truthahn  12/10/2014 6:03PM
  If it goes to 8 teams with the 5 Champions -- Hokies4Life  12/09/2014 5:43PM
  The easiest way the Playoff could expand to 8 teams -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 6:41PM
  If everyone is uniformed and we end up w/ 72 teams/4 conf -- The_VT_Rock  12/09/2014 12:22PM
  Any school that can meet all the P-5 requirements will be able... -- Old Line Hokie  12/09/2014 1:01PM
  Baylor and TCU are both private schools -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 2:51PM
  A sizeable number of TX legislators are BU law school grads -- Perfesser  12/09/2014 4:34PM
  WRT to options for schools located in the DFW Metroplex -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 4:55PM
  UNT is not a flagship university -- Perfesser  12/09/2014 5:54PM
  UNT-Denton is the flagship university for the UNT System -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 6:28PM
  UNT-Denton and UNT-Dallas are separate instituations -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 11:58PM
  Wishful thinking at best. -- 133304Hokie  12/09/2014 1:53PM
  Big 12 isn't breaking up any way, so everything is hypothetical. -- Old Line Hokie  12/09/2014 3:27PM
  I don't think B12 should expand but if they do UCF & USF -- Colonel Jessup  12/09/2014 3:55PM
  Four names because of four divisions. -- Stech  12/09/2014 07:30AM
  Pillers? ** -- goldendomer  12/09/2014 10:31AM
  How about sectors? -- MEHOKIE  12/09/2014 09:16AM
  Montana can join the ACC since the Missouri River flows into the .. -- Old Line Hokie  12/09/2014 12:41PM
  In that case the ACC should invite -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 1:39PM
  If the Big 10 can have 12 schools and the Big 12 can have 10 -- 133304Hokie  12/09/2014 1:56PM
  George Strait would argue otherwise ** -- Roll-Tech  12/09/2014 7:01PM
  Then again what do I know about geography -- VTHokie2000  12/11/2014 01:40AM
  Good job Atlee. ** -- Maroon Doom  12/09/2014 12:03PM
  I got it! SEATO! -- mancunian  12/09/2014 09:08AM
  ACC = Atlantic Catholic & Cowpoke Conference ** -- JohnsonCItyHokie  12/08/2014 11:54PM
  Any Coast Conf ** -- 4x4hokies  12/08/2014 11:53PM
  ACC would've obviously stay the name..... -- Hokies4Life  12/08/2014 11:53PM
  UC and Memphis to Big 12 per OSU insider -- ScottyHeel  12/08/2014 9:01PM
  B12 would be stupid to make that move based on just this year... -- Mr. Touchdown  12/09/2014 12:37PM
  Their schedules were fine except for Baylor ** -- Colonel Jessup  12/09/2014 4:00PM
  It takes 2 to tango -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 3:06PM
  The Dude of OSU -- Maroon Baboon  12/09/2014 11:03AM
  Yeah Big 12 could've really hosed the ACC with Louisville. -- mancunian  12/09/2014 10:44AM
  UConn would've been satisfactory. -- Old Line Hokie  12/09/2014 1:19PM
  Yeah but FSU didn't want em -- mancunian  12/09/2014 2:01PM
  Not sure what to think now see McMurphy tweets: -- ScottyHeel  12/08/2014 10:41PM
  Could be that there is disagreement in b12 -- ahokie4u  12/09/2014 12:37PM
  Good point -- ScottyHeel  12/08/2014 9:51PM
  I hope Texas and Oklahoma buck the trend altogether... -- BUGGZY  12/08/2014 10:22PM
  I heard this earlier today and kind of laughed. ** -- seekoHoG  12/08/2014 9:31PM
  Memphis left CUSA for the Big East on February 8, 2012, but.. -- Old Line Hokie  12/08/2014 9:30PM
  Ohio state insider take on b12 expansion -- ahokie4u  12/08/2014 9:48PM
  That's a good question. I didn't think about that. -- ScottyHeel  12/08/2014 9:56PM
  AAC buys Big 12 name for $50. :) ** -- Old Line Hokie  12/08/2014 9:39PM
  Do you get the Big 12 website and hosting with that too? -- ScottyHeel  12/08/2014 9:57PM
  Yes..and an autographed photo of T Boone Pickens. ** -- Old Line Hokie  12/08/2014 10:27PM
  Re: Yes..and an autographed photo of T Boone Pickens. -- ScottyHeel  12/08/2014 10:34PM
  Big XII must be desperate.  -- DMaroonHokie  12/08/2014 9:08PM
  The UNC to Big 10 thing is out there... -- mancunian  12/09/2014 09:05AM
  They like UNC because they have similar acedemic standards ** -- Roll-Tech  12/09/2014 09:42AM
  I think they are however, -- ScottyHeel  12/08/2014 9:31PM
  Yeah he had a purpose -- ahokie4u  12/08/2014 10:23PM
  In a couple of years, ND's problem will be solved. -- Atlee Hokie  12/09/2014 07:35AM
  The conferences control/own the playoffs. Why do people think -- crabcake77  12/08/2014 11:45PM
  Stability? Money? Prestige? A spot in the playoffs? -- crabcake77  12/09/2014 5:34PM
  Notre Dame isn't going to have that problem if they had... -- Gator Hokie  12/08/2014 6:53PM
  I also wonder if the selection committee picked... -- Old Line Hokie  12/08/2014 7:08PM
  No. ** -- seekoHoG  12/09/2014 3:38PM
  I disagree. ND out if they were 11-1. ** -- moonda  12/08/2014 6:59PM
  I want to see chaos this offseason -- hltdc  12/08/2014 5:59PM
  They need some regional teams to fit with WVU,  -- wwhokie1  12/08/2014 9:21PM
  Isn't the ACC pressing for a championship game without divisions? -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/09/2014 07:51AM
  Do the current schools want to take a pay cut? ** -- Atlee Hokie  12/09/2014 07:30AM
  Here are some candidate comparisons for the Big 10 + 2? ... -- Old Line Hokie  12/08/2014 5:33PM
  ECU is more likely than half the schools on your list. ** -- 133304Hokie  12/08/2014 8:05PM
  Nice work! If they go west, I would also add... ... -- Ruffian99  12/08/2014 6:41PM
  Yup, those are the 2 most mentioned these days. -- Old Line Hokie  12/08/2014 5:27PM
  Key point get TEXAS to approve -- Mercury  12/08/2014 5:06PM
  Having an ACCCG was 2 points away from costing FSU a spot. -- chuckd4vt  12/08/2014 3:29PM
  Yup. I doubt the BigXII makes major changes due to this one year. -- Maroon Baboon  12/08/2014 3:46PM
  Their commissioner did say this morning that  -- Pylons  12/08/2014 4:00PM
  Yes. but that's nothing new. -- Maroon Baboon  12/08/2014 4:11PM
  Baylor, TCU, Mich State, and then ... Bama. -- Truthahn  12/09/2014 7:07PM
  It got tremendous ratings -- Mercury  12/08/2014 09:41AM
  Missing the point -- ahokie4u  12/08/2014 07:42AM
  Just like with TCU #3 ranking, everyone is overreacting -- Colonel Jessup  12/08/2014 08:51AM
  That committee screwed up badly by moving TCU to #3 over FSU. -- Atlee Hokie  12/08/2014 5:56PM
  WRT the Committee starting with a clean slate each week -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 3:40PM
  Re: Having an ACCCG was 2 points away from causing FSU a spot.  -- SoCloseHokie  12/08/2014 06:28AM
  To your last sentence, no one talking about OU -- Colonel Jessup  12/08/2014 08:59AM
  Big XII could also use a zipper model too -- VTHokie2000  12/08/2014 2:13PM
  Big XII Expansion -- Math doesn't work -- hokiehead  12/08/2014 2:57PM
  I know one thing... -- Go VT  12/08/2014 2:25PM
  Amen. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/08/2014 2:45PM
  It took me awhile to get use to but now I like it. ** -- goldendomer  12/08/2014 2:30PM
  Who will replace UAB in Conference USA? -- 133304Hokie  12/08/2014 11:37AM
  They should grab Georgia Southern -- hokie_n_savannah  12/08/2014 5:57PM
  Some program from the southwest or midwest -- Tailgate Guru  12/08/2014 4:09PM
  Conference USA could still slot an AL team in the West -- VTHokie2000  12/08/2014 4:42PM
  Since Conference USA doesn't have a AL school -- VTHokie2000  12/08/2014 12:05PM
  Watch out for Liberty ** -- BROman Hokie  12/08/2014 1:27PM
  Conference USA already has 1 VA school (Old Dominion) -- VTHokie2000  12/08/2014 1:53PM
  I am basing it on an article I saw in 2013 that talked about  -- VTHokie2000  12/08/2014 2:32PM
  I don't think Liberty will get UAB's open spot in CUSA -- 133304Hokie  12/08/2014 2:12PM
  Byu not all that  -- Mercury  12/08/2014 5:32PM
  Maybe...with North Texas, BYU, and UCLA OOC -- Pylons  12/08/2014 11:06AM
  What if? -- Vippie1  12/08/2014 08:47AM
  Abnormal year for ND's opponents -- Colonel Jessup  12/08/2014 10:12AM
  It all runs in cycles. Within 2-3 years, you could see ... -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/08/2014 11:54AM
  Beyond FSU & Miami very few -- Colonel Jessup  12/08/2014 2:57PM
  OSU. That 13th game was the clincher. ** -- seekoHoG  12/08/2014 10:07AM
  OSU would have got it. ** -- goldendomer  12/08/2014 09:23AM
  The next step of Big 12 failure. -- SoCloseHokie  12/08/2014 06:37AM
  Agreed. But i think one of the Big 12 gets left out... -- Ruffian99  12/08/2014 6:48PM
  If the power conferences ultimate endgame is to either -- VTHokie2000  12/09/2014 12:05PM
  If Texas and OU leave the Big 12, IMHO.... -- Old Line Hokie  12/08/2014 2:14PM
  I could see WVU ending up in the SEC -- VTHokie2000  12/08/2014 2:39PM
  Cincy would still be a good addition to the B-12 -- Edgeman  12/08/2014 09:30AM
  I don't see any value to the B12 adding Cincy. BYU, yes. ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  12/08/2014 11:03AM
  They have to get to 12. Going to 11 is pointless. .. ** -- 133304Hokie  12/08/2014 11:07AM
  Would rather have UNM or Colo St than Cincy ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  12/08/2014 12:15PM
  No Sunday play eliminates BYU. Otherwise, a good fit. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/08/2014 10:21AM
  The Mormons gave up polygamy to join the United States -- 133304Hokie  12/08/2014 11:42AM
  It came down from Joseph Smith himself -- 133304Hokie  12/08/2014 11:39AM
  We've apparently been reading different histories. -- 133304Hokie  12/08/2014 12:04PM
  Good idea. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/08/2014 11:26AM
  Texas is not bad its about branding -- Mercury  12/08/2014 07:43AM
  P65 matchups (by conference vs conference numbers).... -- Go VT  12/07/2014 10:02PM
  Yum......Cattlemans.... ** -- maddogbob  12/07/2014 10:40PM
  Baylor is always about drama -- Mercury  12/08/2014 09:44AM
  Forgetting about how VT got in the ACC? -- Colonel Jessup  12/08/2014 10:18AM
  Early this afternoon, before the playoff teams were announced... -- Will Stewart     12/07/2014 11:00PM
  Sounded like a Frank answer -- Edgeman  12/08/2014 06:40AM
  Very Beameresque. I like Patterson. Is he on Whit's  -- hokie4ever  12/08/2014 09:55AM
  Hope so. Would love to see him replace Frank ** -- daveinop  12/08/2014 1:29PM
  I agree ft worth great -- Mercury  12/07/2014 8:24PM
  Plus Baylor's basketball program has been a mess for years. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  12/08/2014 10:13AM
  New to this board...Do you think today's events -- Ruffian99  12/07/2014 6:06PM
  B12 is just a poorly run and functioning conference -- VT75  12/07/2014 9:23PM
  They make more money than ACC schools. Better bowls too. ** -- chuckd4vt  12/07/2014 9:41PM
  Re: Better bowls, too.  -- daveinop  12/08/2014 1:59PM
  Very short term view by B12 -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 11:13PM
  That's because they are getting paid for 12 teams, but... -- Edgeman  12/07/2014 10:01PM
  Yup. Their fans brag about their payout and forget this little fact.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  12/08/2014 11:39AM
  Key point is they didn't  -- VaTechHokiesACC  12/08/2014 03:43AM
  Ask A&M, Neb, Missouri, and Colo, about their leadership. ** -- Maroon Doom  12/08/2014 02:45AM
  ^^This^^ -- VaTechHokiesACC  12/08/2014 03:42AM
  Big 12 what if -- daveinop  12/07/2014 4:30PM
  I am not sure Texas does not already have a way out -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 6:58PM
  Talk is just talk until you sign your name on the dotted line. -- VTHokie2000  12/08/2014 12:52PM
  Stech was right -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 1:50PM
  Thank you and others who make this my favorite board -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 7:04PM
  Conf Champ games don't always help -- Colonel Jessup  12/07/2014 3:29PM
  The conf championship game is being considered -- daveinop  12/07/2014 4:40PM
  And THAT is why they should be weighted -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 3:37PM
  What if they were hoping for an Alabama-FSU Championship Game? -- VTHokie2000  12/07/2014 2:34PM
  Maybe so, and we might still get that. -- HOO86  12/07/2014 2:46PM
  Domer can you comment on this? ** -- moonda  12/07/2014 1:56PM
  It's a shot across our bow for sure, no doubt. does the admin -- goldendomer  12/07/2014 2:56PM
  Hey, domer, what's your favorite ND board? -- Will Stewart     12/07/2014 11:08PM
  Yep, when you switched to this format I already had the practice -- goldendomer  12/07/2014 11:24PM
  Thanks. ** -- Will Stewart     12/08/2014 10:36AM
  Committee got it right. Conference championships matter. -- LHSHokie  12/07/2014 1:20PM
  Eventually, the playoffs will start in the conferences -- seekoHoG  12/07/2014 1:51PM
  The CFP committee just sent a message to ND and Big 12. -- moonda  12/07/2014 12:56PM
  So Does ND and Big 12 react to message -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 1:30PM
  I think ACC membership will actually help us.  -- goldendomer  12/07/2014 4:53PM
  This year was not best year -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 3:06PM
  I wonder if TCU were "Texas" would we be having this conversation? ** -- VaTechHokiesACC  12/07/2014 2:37PM
  We would. Why ND and Texas need to take note -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 9:39PM
  Championship Games SHOULD Matter -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 1:20PM
  Yes. Consult TCU about how much they matter. ** -- HOO86  12/07/2014 1:14PM
  Would this be a possibility... -- The_VT_Rock  12/07/2014 10:46AM
  If Big 12 gets left out... -- hltdc  12/06/2014 11:41PM
  Follow steech message track in this board -- Mercury  12/06/2014 11:53PM
  I still think a combo of ACC fball schools could go.  -- chuckd4vt  12/07/2014 12:34AM
  Nah ** -- Maroon Doom  12/07/2014 1:36PM
  Not with Texas in charge ** -- VaTechHokiesACC  12/07/2014 1:28PM
  Can we give them BC with some cash ** -- FlyFishingHokie  12/08/2014 08:39AM
  No Thanks -- ahokie4u  12/07/2014 11:54AM
  VT would have options, the ACC schools I listed might not.  -- chuckd4vt  12/07/2014 9:40PM
  ^This. Although I'd probably leave out Pitt -- I85Hokie  12/07/2014 10:44AM
  Yep they were told they would get no more money -- Hokies4Life  12/07/2014 02:32AM
  We Need an Eight Team Playoff -- Marooned  12/06/2014 11:33PM
  My initial thought is that I agree with Edgeman. -- VTHokie2000  12/06/2014 10:57PM
  If FSU wins tonight, would be FSU vs Bama ** -- Edgeman  12/06/2014 10:32PM

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