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  I get asked a lot about an ACC network so I will give my thoughts... -- CobbCountyHokie  07/25/2014 4:06PM
  Thanks Cobb. While we may have NETWORK options, my concern is -- Femoyer Hokie  07/25/2014 4:16PM
  I actually do not think they care about that... -- CobbCountyHokie  07/25/2014 4:25PM
  Time Warner Cable has signed onto the SEC Network -- HOO86  07/24/2014 5:37PM
  Just got an email about Verizon channel line-up changes. -- hokieball  07/25/2014 09:36AM
  B1G network successful = check.. -- 133193Hokie  07/24/2014 8:35PM
  I wouldn't be so quick to call the PAC12 N a success.. -- HOO86  07/25/2014 08:45AM
  ACC's Digital Network a success?  -- Edgeman  07/25/2014 10:25AM
  Yes. Most Devices reached and most hits. -- HOO86  07/25/2014 12:09PM
  Acc effort in this arena dwarfs the rest -- Mercury  07/25/2014 3:45PM
  Part of that has to be because of limited options. -- hokieball  07/25/2014 1:29PM
  Didn't they create 6 "regional" networks? -- hokieball  07/25/2014 1:36PM
  They're trying. But so far a bomb. -- HOO86  07/25/2014 12:21PM
  No Reason for ANYONE to Leave -- 133645Hokie  07/25/2014 08:41AM
  To me, the moves after this will be about winnowing the herd -- PadrosWindup  07/24/2014 10:14PM
  I am not following why the vote was so big. -- VTHokie2000  07/25/2014 12:35PM
  A Big12 w/ Clem, Miami, FSU, Pitt, UofL -- chuckd4vt  07/24/2014 7:38PM
  That's far fetched..... -- 2hhoop3  07/25/2014 08:23AM
  Re: A Big12 w/ Clem, Miami, FSU, Pitt, UofL -- SoCloseHokie  07/25/2014 06:47AM
  That ship has sailed. -- Stech  07/24/2014 8:11PM
  I have a feeling that the Big 12 will add 2 more members and have a -- Old Line Hokie  07/24/2014 9:54PM
  A time machine to go back 3 years -- MPHOKIE  07/24/2014 4:11PM
  Question for the group... -- CobbCountyHokie  07/24/2014 1:40PM
  Why not have both? -- hokieball  07/25/2014 09:47AM
  Yes. That would bring me one step closer to cutting the cord ** -- Frozen Hokie  07/25/2014 08:38AM
  Maybe if I had to in order to see a VT f'ball game -- Colonel Jessup  07/25/2014 08:08AM
  I would easily pay $2/month or even more to get an ACCN. ** -- JohnsonCItyHokie  07/24/2014 10:58PM
  Yes I would sub to Netflix if they carried ACCN. ** -- DMaroonHokie  07/24/2014 10:11PM
  Can Netflix setup handle live streaming? -- jms41  07/24/2014 10:08PM
  Yes. I am currently both Comcast and a Roku user -- ahokie4u  07/24/2014 10:01PM
  I would pay a couple/few bucks a month for an app like that... -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/24/2014 3:09PM
  Me too ** -- HokieZig  07/24/2014 3:10PM
  Probably not. It would depend on how much live programming -- reestuart  07/24/2014 2:56PM
  Yes. Already have Netflix. ** -- HOO86  07/24/2014 2:50PM
  I would. In a heartbeat. ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/24/2014 2:45PM
  No. I would prefer if they were not a package deal. -- VTHokie2000  07/24/2014 2:25PM
  Absolutely do it. ** -- Hokebury  07/24/2014 1:42PM
  Interesting wvu scheduling  -- Mercury  07/23/2014 6:52PM
  Simple, trying to have some regional relevance  -- VT75  07/24/2014 05:44AM
  As long as their fans go through fan rehab all will be good. ** -- DMaroonHokie  07/23/2014 8:59PM
  Need to separate the fan base from the ad dept -- Mercury  07/24/2014 10:03AM
  A few corrections Mercury -- VT75  07/25/2014 06:05AM
  First months lineup for SECN -- daveinop  07/23/2014 3:45PM
  Fair bit of crap in that schedule, imo. ** -- ngahokie  07/23/2014 10:23PM
  Good mix - just enough good conference games -- 133193Hokie  07/23/2014 4:01PM
  The problem is that when most of those games are on... -- Mr. Touchdown  07/24/2014 12:09PM
  That's probably why there are a lot of lower level FBS and FCS ... -- Old Line Hokie  07/24/2014 12:44PM
  Not much but that is not the point. -- 133193Hokie  07/24/2014 12:31AM
  It isn' least with Comcast. ** -- daveinop  07/24/2014 07:19AM
  0, and I watch tons of college football. ** -- dallasvt  07/23/2014 7:53PM
  Re: 0, and I watch tons of college football. -- daveinop  07/23/2014 9:19PM
  As I understand it, SECN is part of the basic sports pkg ... -- Atlee Hokie  07/24/2014 8:21PM
  Then prepare for a dud barrage of lies -- ahokie4u  07/22/2014 9:13PM
  Re: Then prepare for a dud barrage of lies -- SoCloseHokie  07/23/2014 06:53AM
  Because he's a WVU fan and people know what that means!! ** -- Hokiefan5  07/23/2014 12:08AM
  Stech do you find it interesting w/ wvu scheduling -- Mercury  07/23/2014 8:26PM
  Re: Stech do you find it interesting w/ wvu scheduling -- Stech  07/24/2014 06:22AM
  Similar to how VT is clearly buildong B1G relationships. -- chuckd4vt  07/24/2014 12:24AM
  Please No! -- Hokie Dale  07/24/2014 01:20AM
  Re: Please No! -- Stech  07/24/2014 06:29AM
  Incorporating the CCG into the Playoffs  -- VTHokie2000  07/23/2014 5:03PM
  Re: Incorporating the CCG into the Playoffs  -- Stech  07/24/2014 06:37AM
  Then I go back to my original point -- VTHokie2000  07/24/2014 09:55AM
  I was thinking all 7 of the SEC-West teams would get auto-bids -- Maroon Baboon  07/23/2014 05:53AM
  More likely 8 SEC teams would make it 90% of the time. ** -- VTHokie2000  07/22/2014 6:51PM
  WRT to the classroom issue -- VTHokie2000  07/22/2014 3:19PM
  Re: WRT to the classroom issue -- Old Line Hokie  07/22/2014 4:33PM
  I am not sure if the Spring athletes -- VTHokie2000  07/22/2014 5:08PM
  2 Power Conferences will be left out because... -- wasris  07/22/2014 06:15AM
  A team has to go undefeated or have 1 loss with -- Colonel Jessup  07/22/2014 06:10AM
  Worse case scenario -- VTHokie2000  07/22/2014 9:57PM
  Perceptually speaking  -- VTHokie2000  07/22/2014 1:20PM
  I agree autonomy could create a lot of interesting scenarios. -- VTHokie2000  07/22/2014 12:24PM
  I believe the pressure  -- VTHokie2000  07/22/2014 1:17PM
  Agreed. Once in a while, you get the luck of a bad division. -- reestuart  07/22/2014 11:27AM
  Yup. 10 is best. I loved the old Pac10. ** -- Maroon Baboon  07/22/2014 9:02PM
  A conference could still play a round robin schedule -- VTHokie2000  07/22/2014 10:08PM
  9 works as well. As long as everyone -- reestuart  07/23/2014 12:14AM
  Proposed voting process could spur Big 12, Pac-12 to expand -- hokiefan86  07/21/2014 7:15PM
  Ha,ha-Written by BYU's version of the Dude -- VT75  07/21/2014 8:21PM
  Re: Proposed voting process could spur Big 12, Pac-12 to expand -- SoCloseHokie  07/21/2014 7:44PM
  Wish they would, BYU needs a lifeline. -- goldendomer  07/21/2014 7:26PM
  Is an ACC Network a foregone conclusion? Is it sooner or later? -- hokiebob01  07/21/2014 08:26AM
  It's absolutely horrible what they did 4 yrs ago.  -- chuckd4vt  07/21/2014 09:43AM
  Hold on... -- BUGGZY  07/21/2014 09:49AM
  There was a huge conflict of interest with Raycom. -- Edgeman  07/21/2014 09:54AM
  Re: There was a huge conflict of interest with Raycom. -- 133304Hokie  07/21/2014 1:17PM
  Yet there are other posters on this site who seem to... -- 133193Hokie  07/21/2014 12:55PM
  Yeah it's millions of dollars per school -- reestuart  07/23/2014 12:20AM
  How Are Things In Hokieland? -- tennesseevol  07/19/2014 5:23PM
  Beamer's age is a contributor but -- VT ChemE 1986  07/19/2014 7:11PM
  Will midmajors go to spring time football? -- IB4TECH  07/19/2014 4:29PM
  If a portion of DI football is played in the Spring -- VTHokie2000  07/20/2014 3:44PM
  You forgot futbol. : ) ** -- IB4TECH  07/20/2014 5:34PM
  Currently, does DI college soccer  -- VTHokie2000  07/21/2014 12:59PM
  Interesting concept. At first glance it sounds like a good idea. -- Will Stewart     07/20/2014 12:45PM
  Re: Will midmajors go to spring time football? -- SoCloseHokie  07/20/2014 06:31AM
  Hope not. I watch some of those games on weeknights and late nights when -- JohnsonCItyHokie  07/19/2014 11:20PM
  I hope there's no college football in the spring. -- Old Line Hokie  07/19/2014 6:14PM
  I've thought FCS should for a while now. -- HOO86  07/19/2014 5:36PM
  Stech or others with Knowledge. -- goldendomer  07/18/2014 5:52PM
  I know you said these things are event driven but is  -- goldendomer  07/20/2014 2:51PM
  I think it depends  -- daveinop  07/22/2014 6:51PM
  Let's say the ACC adds Navy just for football... -- Old Line Hokie  07/20/2014 3:48PM
  Navy would accomplish a couple of things for the ACC -- HOO86  07/21/2014 6:41PM
  Wonder how many trips to the NCAAs Navy would make if... -- Edgeman  07/22/2014 07:42AM
  I imagine the conference champ access to the playoffs and  -- Victor Tango  07/18/2014 8:27PM
  Remember guys, this is NOT THe SEC -- Mercury  07/19/2014 08:18AM
  They are not a member for football. ** -- Atlee Hokie  07/20/2014 10:16PM
  So how many games? 7 or 8? -- goldendomer  07/20/2014 2:55PM
  I have no issue with ND's current deal but allowing them -- ren_hoek  07/20/2014 11:26AM
  In about four or five years, remember this discussion. ** -- seekoHoG  07/20/2014 2:45PM
  This is true , we are members. what I'm trying -- goldendomer  07/19/2014 7:21PM
  Money is always an issue. It might not be the primary issue,.. -- 133304Hokie  07/18/2014 10:14PM
  The Key in maintaining the national schedule. -- HOO86  07/18/2014 8:27PM
  Navy will not be considered for the ACC. -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/18/2014 11:49PM
  There are downsides to Navy no doubt. -- HOO86  07/19/2014 12:12PM
  The only way Navy would ever be considered -- 133304Hokie  07/19/2014 1:24PM
  I often wonder why the BE didn't try than approach in 2003 -- I85Hokie  07/21/2014 08:43AM
  1000% correct ** -- ren_hoek  07/19/2014 9:44PM
  Navy has too many restrictions to compete in most sports -- Edgeman  07/21/2014 10:21AM
  That could be a possibility considering some.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/19/2014 1:52PM
  Re: That could be a possibility considering some.... -- 133304Hokie  07/19/2014 1:58PM
  US Congress will not allow it -- VTHokie2000  07/19/2014 11:25PM
  What do you have against the Coast Guard Academy -- Edgeman  07/21/2014 10:26AM
  Personally I have nothing against either academy. -- VTHokie2000  07/21/2014 12:34PM
  Re: US Congress will not allow it -- 133304Hokie  07/20/2014 1:22PM
  I am not sure they can completely relax the rules -- VTHokie2000  07/20/2014 3:17PM
  I agree, Notre Dame probably won't easily give up its independence. -- Old Line Hokie  07/18/2014 9:23PM
  My thoughts....  -- IB4TECH  07/18/2014 8:24PM
  True... The younger(Under 40) aren't as hardcore -- goldendomer  07/18/2014 10:57PM
  I'd love to see this question discussed. Other than that.. -- VT ChemE 1986  07/18/2014 6:06PM
  SEC Network (ESPN) Bagged the Elephant Today and Got $$$$$$$$$$$ -- CobbCountyHokie  07/18/2014 1:04PM
  As The Man said before..... -- 133193Hokie  07/20/2014 6:55PM
  I just wonder how long this will last? -- Old Line Hokie  07/18/2014 8:58PM
  Seems to me this could be good news for ACC? -- 93HokieDoug  07/18/2014 3:45PM
  Technically, the ACC has the largest population base... -- Calamitous  07/18/2014 8:47PM
  I think you'd have to include ND and Indiana. Also Chicago. -- Atlee Hokie  07/20/2014 10:32PM
  I assume the cross content philosophy might also be in play. -- 93HokieDoug  07/18/2014 5:09PM
  Good stuff... thanks for your input on the board. ** -- 93HokieDoug  07/18/2014 6:02PM
  Perhaps "Good news" is not the correct term ** -- 93HokieDoug  07/18/2014 3:49PM
  Until the GOR's expire, I doubt there will be major expansion. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/18/2014 9:01PM
  I think the Big 12 requires a super majority vote of 75%? ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/18/2014 9:06PM
  ND (football), UConn, Vandy, WVa, Navy, Purdue..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/18/2014 3:23PM
  Vandy and Purdue? No way. Too much SEC/Big? money. ** -- Hokiefan5  07/18/2014 8:20PM
  Ummm....Hook 'Em Horns? ** -- CobbCountyHokie  07/18/2014 1:18PM
  Re: Ummm....Hook 'Em Horns?  -- Stech  07/18/2014 1:23PM
  Curious. Why are we so quick to assume the Big12 will crumble?  -- Femoyer Hokie  07/18/2014 2:09PM
  Doesn't add any additional cable fees. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  07/18/2014 1:53PM
  My mistake - it does to the ACC. ** -- Mr. Touchdown  07/18/2014 1:55PM
  Texas is the big fish but I love a 20- team ACC -- CobbCountyHokie  07/18/2014 1:42PM
  Re: Texas is the big fish but I love an 20- team ACC -- Stech  07/18/2014 1:33PM
  TV rights and network amazing -- Mercury  07/23/2014 07:46AM
  Re: Re: Texas is the big fish but I love an 20- team ACC -- SoCloseHokie  07/18/2014 3:05PM
  Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, ND (full). Two 9 team divisions -- Colonel Jessup  07/18/2014 1:23PM
  Replace Kansas with UConn and I think that is more realistic ** -- CobbCountyHokie  07/18/2014 1:30PM
  I'd rather have Tulane than UConn -- Victor Tango  07/18/2014 4:49PM
  Let's not get ahead of ourselves with simple math... -- BUGGZY  07/18/2014 1:10PM
  Let's do some simple math... -- CobbCountyHokie  07/18/2014 1:24PM
  Will SECN, B1GN, LHN, be part of basic subscriptions or  -- seekoHoG  07/18/2014 1:59PM
  "The "trick" is for it to be included in the.... -- 133193Hokie  07/21/2014 1:05PM
  That is a tough one to answer as it depends on your provider -- CobbCountyHokie  07/18/2014 2:35PM
  They will never get close to $.50/sub nationwide... -- BUGGZY  07/18/2014 1:29PM
  I am curious about your thinking -- CobbCountyHokie  07/18/2014 1:33PM
  It's as if you're assuming ESPN has no costs... -- BUGGZY  07/18/2014 1:38PM
  I was about to post something similar. Clay Travis always throws -- Colonel Jessup  07/18/2014 1:17PM
  Which is why having ESPN as a partner is the key... -- BUGGZY  07/18/2014 1:26PM
  I couldn't see the providers standing for that -- Colonel Jessup  07/18/2014 1:39PM
  Power 5 conferences get the 60% -- goldendomer  07/18/2014 11:04AM
  This does allow for a 3 conference Super-pact... -- BUGGZY  07/18/2014 12:02PM
  Re: This does allow for a 3 conference Super-pact... -- 133304Hokie  07/18/2014 12:20PM
  Number 4? NCAA announcement -- goldendomer  07/18/2014 11:20AM
  Yep especially the parts I put in quotes. -- Stech  07/18/2014 1:11PM
  Notes about yesterday's message board updates -- Will Stewart     07/17/2014 10:49AM
  AJC: SEC Network still working on deals with Comcast, others -- Will Stewart     07/17/2014 09:54AM
  Comcast deal is done... -- BUGGZY  07/18/2014 12:02PM
  This is where things get real difficult -- Mercury  07/17/2014 5:22PM
  Re: My worry is that after all of these  -- 2hhoop3  07/18/2014 08:37AM
  That is amazing authorities question -- Mercury  07/18/2014 07:00AM
  Two important and good pick ups Mercury.  -- Stech  07/18/2014 07:38AM
  Some of us see changes coming but still don't see their effect -- goldendomer  07/18/2014 09:57AM
  Thank you for sharing -- ahokie4u  07/17/2014 9:55PM
  Read it all -- obxhokies  07/17/2014 5:24PM
  Fox interested in TW? -- goldendomer  07/16/2014 6:38PM
  Don't think that move is over. -- Edgeman  07/16/2014 9:01PM
  Re: Don't think that move is over. -- 2hhoop3  07/18/2014 11:07AM
  Power Five Playoff Revenue Will Double From BCS-USA Today -- goldendomer  07/16/2014 4:37PM
  We definitely will make less (ND) -- goldendomer  07/16/2014 9:41PM
  Then join for football and we'll all make more. ;-) ** -- cincyhokie  07/17/2014 7:12PM
  Yeah that's for sure and probably get a network also. ** -- goldendomer  07/18/2014 11:11AM
  Am I Figuring This Correctly??? -- obxhokies  07/17/2014 01:06AM
  It also doesn't include their BCS level bowl game -- reestuart  07/17/2014 10:50AM
  Number three. -- Stech  07/16/2014 8:47PM
  The SEC will get the 4th spot too. -- VTHokie2000  07/16/2014 6:34PM
  Notre Dame ** -- 133304Hokie  07/16/2014 5:50PM
  Three? ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/16/2014 4:36PM
  2.5 I think ** -- goldendomer  07/16/2014 4:37PM
  "New governing structure could be announced in next 10 days" -- goldendomer  07/14/2014 3:22PM
  Sure wish I had time to read that (46-page) doc. ** -- Will Stewart     07/15/2014 11:18PM
  The centerfold is a must see! ** -- VTHogmollies  07/16/2014 10:46AM
  If that's your kind of thing (pic)... -- reestuart  07/17/2014 11:40AM
  I only read the articles myself. -- Edgeman  07/16/2014 1:36PM
  ACC football media days are July 20-21. I expect announcements... -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 10:00PM
  Yup, Swofford doesn't say much at these type of events.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/15/2014 2:47PM
  Actually I don't expect much -- Mercury  07/15/2014 10:30AM
  You ought to live in Greensboro and have to listen -- hokie4ever  07/15/2014 08:25AM
  Live in Boone. Hoghead is beyond annoying. ** -- Hokiefan5  07/16/2014 3:11PM
  ACC goes to its strength -- Mercury  07/15/2014 09:24AM
  Two ** -- Stech  07/14/2014 9:14PM
  NCAA votes sometime in August. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/15/2014 09:18AM
  ¿Dos? ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 11:12PM
  Deux? (For those Hoo fans). ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 11:13PM
  Dois? ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 11:14PM
  Două? ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 11:14PM
  два? (For Russian Hokie) ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 11:15PM
  Huh? ** -- goldendomer  07/14/2014 9:56PM
  Next 2 days, maybe? ** -- Will Stewart     07/14/2014 10:03PM
  ACC Network to debut in two years? ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/16/2014 1:55PM
  This is where I play the game called...what does Stech know -- CobbCountyHokie  07/15/2014 12:49PM about giving us the box score? ;^) ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/16/2014 1:56PM
  And Mike Slive got his $0.02 worth in yesterday too. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  07/15/2014 08:05AM
  I think he means #2 of the shake-ups he expects this summer -- crabcake77  07/14/2014 10:42PM
  I wish he would stop being so cryptic. -- 133304Hokie  07/14/2014 10:43PM
  Wonder if this was what Stech was referring to -- ahokie4u  07/14/2014 7:13PM
  Interesting that a commish would name schools  -- Mr. Touchdown  07/14/2014 5:08PM
  Those two are the only football schools of the WAC left -- ahokie4u  07/14/2014 7:09PM
  There are a couple of interesting things in play -- VTHokie2000  07/15/2014 12:35AM
  Lots of things could break before football season -- ahokie4u  07/13/2014 11:06AM
  I see 5 Power conferences, not 3 or 4 as many suggest. -- Old Line Hokie  07/13/2014 10:39PM
  SEC does not have GOR for it's members. -- Atlee Hokie  07/14/2014 08:46AM
  I think Mizzou would jump to the Big-10 in a heartbeat -- I85Hokie  07/14/2014 09:35AM
  Missouri and Kansas to the B1G would be a good pair. ** -- hokieball  07/14/2014 10:56AM
  True. IMHO, the B1G & Pac 12 don't need GORs either. -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 09:32AM
  I thought the B10 had a GOR. I may be wrong. ** -- Atlee Hokie  07/15/2014 01:22AM
  They do. Everyone except the SEC has them. -- 133304Hokie  07/15/2014 01:27AM
  The B1G is the highest paid, and the Pac-12 schools... -- Edgeman  07/14/2014 09:35AM
  This is how I see the Power 5 Conferences -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 10:11AM
  Today's cash would put the Big-10 on top -- Edgeman  07/14/2014 11:08AM
  I put the SEC on top because they have more confidence than the B1G. -- Old Line Hokie  07/14/2014 12:21PM
  You Are Right...SEC has no 'Hostage Fees'. -- tennesseevol  07/14/2014 11:28PM
  Re: You Are Right...SEC has no 'Hostage Fees'. -- 133304Hokie  07/15/2014 01:25AM
  My bet is the scramble to 20 and down to 4 conferences -- Mercury  07/13/2014 4:04PM
  Would you still be opposed to the SEC expanding to 16 members -- VTHokie2000  07/15/2014 03:28AM
  Re: Would you still be opposed to the SEC expanding to 16 members -- tennesseevol  07/15/2014 10:42PM
  I don't disagree that conference expansion  -- VTHokie2000  07/15/2014 11:45PM
  That would be a fantastic Eastern Division..... -- tennesseevol  07/16/2014 8:12PM
  I realize there would be a lot of factors  -- VTHokie2000  07/16/2014 9:08PM
  Re: I realize there would be a lot of factors  -- tennesseevol  07/16/2014 9:33PM
  From a football standpoint -- VTHokie2000  07/16/2014 10:18PM
  I Think You Are Right On.... -- tennesseevol  07/17/2014 9:54PM
  Why would it cause a scramble to 20? -- hokiefan86  07/13/2014 3:42PM
  3 (not 4) major conferences always made more sense to me. -- Maroon Baboon  07/13/2014 8:33PM
  Because that is the end outcome he wants. -- hokiebob01  07/13/2014 6:58PM
  WWE Network is not performing very well -- CobbCountyHokie  07/10/2014 10:06AM
  Could pro wrestling being a niche sport/entertainment -- VTHokie2000  07/10/2014 1:07PM
  Big ACC distribution boost for upcoming Georgia Tech budget -- goldendomer  07/09/2014 10:24PM
  So basically the sky is not falling on the ACC. ** -- hokiebob01  07/13/2014 7:00PM
  Interesting , key loss in revenue for GT ticket sales -- Mercury  07/13/2014 11:03AM
  Win more games. ** -- hokiebob01  07/13/2014 6:59PM
  One ** -- Stech  07/12/2014 10:49PM
  Never realized how terrible the Big Ten divisions are for Nebraska -- Will Stewart     07/09/2014 10:03AM
  Iowa is good rivalry game for big Red -- vtox1  07/14/2014 7:08PM
  Yeah, that's a pretty lousy schedule. -- santafe  07/14/2014 1:08PM
  They write about the issue constantly -- HOO86  07/11/2014 12:51AM
  Totally agree on all. Nebraska always won -- reestuart  07/11/2014 8:20PM
  I know what you are talking about. This claims  -- dallasvt  07/13/2014 9:07PM
  Yeah, but there's never been a bit of proof given by -- reestuart  07/14/2014 10:19AM
  Look at their division mates from the Big 12 though -- Pylons  07/09/2014 1:38PM
  Good point. ** -- Will Stewart     07/10/2014 4:20PM
  If the Big XII had been smart  -- VTHokie2000  07/10/2014 3:37PM
  FSU is their cross division rival, so they get them every year. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  07/09/2014 4:47PM
  I managed to miss that. That makes sense. ** -- reestuart  07/10/2014 1:34PM
  I suspect the Big Ten  -- VTHokie2000  07/10/2014 3:21PM
  Maryland has some good football teams in their division, too bad... -- Old Line Hokie  07/09/2014 11:44AM
  Doesn't seem much better for VT ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/09/2014 11:12AM
  True. The real appeal is having rivals in close proximity... -- reestuart  07/09/2014 12:31PM
  Just slightly....maybe. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  07/09/2014 11:27AM
  VT is going to be the first college -- VTHokie2000  07/11/2014 6:34PM
  Thanks Stech as always -- ahokie4u  07/10/2014 10:53PM
  You have got to stop reading the WV Dude's blog ;>) ** -- seekoHoG  07/09/2014 4:11PM
  Either spill it, or don't say anything at all... -- Culpeper Hokie  07/09/2014 4:07PM
  This guy has been a phony guru for years -- bulab  07/16/2014 01:44AM
  Re: Either spill it, or don't say anything at all... -- Old Line Hokie  07/10/2014 11:22AM
  Nahh.. It's more like this... -- Culpeper Hokie  07/10/2014 3:50PM
  I saw it this way -- Maroon Baboon  07/10/2014 6:41PM
  "Did your mother have any children that lived??" ** -- Will Stewart     07/10/2014 11:13PM
  Jackwagon! ** -- Culpeper Hokie  07/11/2014 09:15AM
  Kinda like the cliffhanger aspect of Stech's post. Gives us  -- seekoHoG  07/10/2014 10:37AM
  Have faith! ** -- reestuart  07/10/2014 10:09AM
  I'm guessing it has something to do with Al Capone's vault. ** -- Maroon Baboon  07/09/2014 10:51PM
  Ha ha ha... you made my day. ** -- Calamitous  07/09/2014 10:37PM
  Seconded. ** -- Late 80s Hokie  07/09/2014 7:39PM
  Sugar Cookies allowed in all stadiums? ** -- jesuisvtguy  07/09/2014 12:37PM
  We should hear something about the Maryland lawsuit by tomorrow. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/09/2014 11:31AM
  The O'Bannon lawsuit seems to winding down too. ** -- hokieball  07/10/2014 8:45PM
  I thought that this board was awfully quiet... -- CobbCountyHokie  07/09/2014 10:19AM
  Yes...sometimes I know things before they happen. -- CobbCountyHokie  07/09/2014 12:22PM
  I'd say supreme arrogance on both UTex & espn's part. -- Atlee Hokie  07/15/2014 07:26AM
  It will be interesting to watch... -- VTBB  07/10/2014 10:42AM
  :) ** -- goldendomer  07/09/2014 09:49AM
  I'm guessing the Power 5 football conferences and NCAA announce... -- Old Line Hokie  07/09/2014 09:34AM
  This, plus the launch of the SEC Network. ** -- hokieball  07/09/2014 2:47PM
  Do you think any ACC teams "step down" or are they all in? ** -- Femoyer Hokie  07/09/2014 09:42AM
  All are in. Big TV money. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/09/2014 11:29AM
  Montgomery Burns says.... -- Will Stewart     07/09/2014 09:30AM
  What more can u say grin???  -- Mercury  07/09/2014 08:07AM
  Will the Maryland-ACC lawsuit be settled by July 10th? -- Old Line Hokie  07/04/2014 11:08PM
  I believe this will be settled out of court because  -- Maroon Doom  07/05/2014 6:31PM
  If there is a settlement, the ACC will at least get to keep .. -- 133304Hokie  07/05/2014 10:09AM
  That is possible, but I think it depends on how eager  -- seekoHoG  07/06/2014 1:59PM
  Then we are going to trial. -- 133304Hokie  07/06/2014 2:09PM
  Re: I THINK THE ACC IS IN TROUBLE HERE... -- 33laszlo99  07/07/2014 10:07AM
  Yep, I think that's right. And the trial (and subsequent app.. -- 133304Hokie  07/05/2014 6:08PM
  If Maryland doesn't have to pay the entire $52 Million.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/05/2014 8:45PM
  Re: The GOR took the place of a dollar amount fee. The  -- 133304Hokie  07/06/2014 12:37PM
  Re: If Maryland doesn't have to pay the entire $52 Million.... -- 133304Hokie  07/05/2014 9:06PM
  If Maryland doesn't end up paying the $52 Million, then.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/05/2014 10:48PM
  Re: If Maryland doesn't end up paying the $52 Million, then.... -- 133304Hokie  07/05/2014 11:55PM
  I agree that UMCP doesn't want to pay the $52 Million... -- Old Line Hokie  07/06/2014 1:57PM
  Re: I disagree. -- daveinop  07/07/2014 4:38PM
  I've been curious about Grant of Rights contracts. -- hokieball  07/05/2014 11:00PM
  Re: I've been curious about Grant of Rights contracts. -- 33laszlo99  07/06/2014 5:33PM
  Thanks! This was helpful. -- hokieball  07/07/2014 09:21AM
  Sounds like Swofford -- VTHokie2000  07/08/2014 4:24PM
  University of Maryland ** -- Maroon Baboon  07/08/2014 3:58PM
  Please reread my post. -- hokieball  07/06/2014 5:04PM
  Re: I've been curious about Grant of Rights contracts. -- 133304Hokie  07/06/2014 12:02AM
  That's why I wouldn't make it as a lawyer because... -- Edgeman  07/06/2014 06:08AM
  Re: That's why I wouldn't make it as a lawyer because... -- 133304Hokie  07/06/2014 1:51PM
  Of course the leaving school is hurt. -- Atlee Hokie  07/07/2014 11:08AM
  Re: Of course the leaving school is hurt. -- 133304Hokie  07/07/2014 3:38PM
  Wow, that is a real cost to jump to another conference. ** -- RJHokie  07/06/2014 11:31AM
  I think that's the point... -- 133304Hokie  07/06/2014 12:40PM
  Of course as you get closer and closer to the 2027 date when.. -- 133304Hokie  07/06/2014 1:32PM
  WVU paid the Big East $20 Million to leave..... -- Old Line Hokie  07/05/2014 5:24PM
  Here we go again..... -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/02/2014 2:30PM
  Wow - I guess any dumb*** can be a writer. Here is the deal -- 133193Hokie  07/03/2014 5:11PM
  Hey, what do you know about GT to B1G prospects? -- Maroon Baboon  07/03/2014 5:52PM
  Dan Radakovich had no interest in the Big Ten -- HOO86  07/05/2014 4:36PM
  The B1G was simply trying to create panic, I think... -- Calamitous  07/03/2014 11:35PM
  Disagree. This thing was pretty close to goin down.  -- chuckd4vt  07/04/2014 3:14PM
  If FSU's intentions were real... -- Calamitous  07/05/2014 11:31AM
  FSU's top priority, then and maybe even today -- daveinop  07/08/2014 4:57PM
  I agree it was all over the news for months, but... -- Calamitous  07/05/2014 5:43PM
  Re: Disagree. This thing was pretty close to goin down. -- 133304Hokie  07/04/2014 4:26PM
  GT had one and a half feet out -- 133193Hokie  07/03/2014 6:31PM
  I'd rephase a little -- Vippie1  07/04/2014 07:04AM
  Ultimately, UNC will decide where VT and UVa go IMHO -- Maroon Baboon  07/04/2014 11:07AM
  The UNC athletics department sponsors 28 sports -- HOO86  07/05/2014 6:21PM
  I'm guessing they'd at least add men's soccer. -- hokieball  07/05/2014 11:09PM
  So basically you're saying we're a lock for the Big-10. -- Edgeman  07/05/2014 2:47PM
  Exactly... -- Calamitous  07/05/2014 11:47AM
  UVA and UNC to the B1G; VT and NCSU to the SEC. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  07/03/2014 3:44PM
  Why not move all to the SEC? -- hokieball  07/07/2014 09:23AM
  Expansion neophytes, clearly.  -- Maroon Baboon  07/02/2014 6:19PM
  If the SEC is going to expand to 16 members -- VTHokie2000  07/02/2014 5:32PM
  Take 1 = red herring; Take 2 = eSECpn's agenda -- hokieball  07/02/2014 3:37PM
  I'm not sure the heels can break from NCST ** -- HENRICO HOKIE  07/02/2014 2:56PM
  If SEC gets two, it will be UNC & UVa or NCSt & VT. -- Maroon Baboon  07/02/2014 6:20PM
  Probably so, but if UVA and UNC were "on the market"... -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2014 10:38PM
  The funny part about that is we used to say the opposite.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/02/2014 3:34PM
  Conference Realignment War Stories -- HOO86  07/01/2014 2:17PM
  The story about the TCU AD and DeLoss Dodds was interesting.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  07/02/2014 11:59AM
  Yeah, you're probably right. ** -- Will Stewart     07/08/2014 9:58PM
  Yeah, that was kinda strange. -- Will Stewart     07/02/2014 8:26PM
  I don't understand the Louisville exit fee part -- Colonel Jessup  07/02/2014 09:14AM
  That was a HUGE mistake for the Big 12... -- VTECHFAN  07/04/2014 12:59PM
  TCU was a good fit, but WVU was a panic fit -- VTECHFAN  07/08/2014 8:48PM
  TCU football was very good during that time...  -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2014 11:14AM
  He learned well after the first expansion (poaching) fiasco. ** -- Atlee Hokie  07/10/2014 2:52PM
  He even got his own Maker's Mark label. -- HOO86  07/02/2014 7:42PM happy Louisville fan I'm guessing ** -- HENRICO HOKIE  07/03/2014 11:36AM
  As a VT student from the late 80s, I cannot welcome Loserville today -- CobbCountyHokie  07/01/2014 10:19AM
  I agree. Reason enough to move to the SEC ;-) -- 133193Hokie  07/02/2014 12:10PM
  UL should be, but no one else wants to be stuck with BC. ** -- dallasvt  07/02/2014 11:58AM
  Syracuse would be happy to be stuck with BC -- VTHokie2000  07/03/2014 09:45AM
  Listen vt has to put on its big shoes on -- Mercury  07/01/2014 6:40PM
  Maybe so... -- Calamitous  07/02/2014 12:00AM
  Why are you always talking about "old VT fans" and .. -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2014 7:04PM
  I don't believe Mercury meant that "old VT fans" -- VTHokie2000  07/03/2014 10:17AM
  I applaud the replacement for MDU.  -- Edgeman  07/01/2014 6:48PM
  That game was where hokies lost the intensity -- Mercury  07/02/2014 10:26AM
  ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! ** -- techcutter  07/01/2014 4:59PM
  I sympathize with you... -- Calamitous  07/01/2014 3:27PM
  There is a world of difference between the two. -- Atlee Hokie  07/10/2014 3:25PM
  Tech didn't vote WVU out of a conference like U of L did.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2014 3:54PM
  So WVU has nothing to be mad about. -- Atlee Hokie  07/10/2014 4:14PM
  If wvu wanted us in they could have said no vt no wvu -- Mercury  07/02/2014 10:29AM
  That would've been a dumb move if WVU said that. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2014 10:57AM
  What VT needs is a strong VT. ** -- Atlee Hokie  07/10/2014 4:25PM
  I just hope it is a loooong time before they get a win -- Victor Tango  07/01/2014 12:27PM
  20 Moments that changed college football -- PadrosWindup  06/30/2014 9:47PM
  2014... -- Calamitous  07/02/2014 12:14AM
  Changes are Coming Soon....... -- Old Line Hokie  06/28/2014 7:09PM
  Maybe they'll clean CU and FSU's clocks in football... -- Calamitous  06/29/2014 9:24PM
  Meet the Cards -- HOO86  06/29/2014 6:17PM
  She doesn't sound very excited. -- Truthahn  06/29/2014 10:20PM
  Hopefully Louisville won't vote us out of this conference.:) -- Old Line Hokie  06/29/2014 9:07PM
  I'll take that change, ACC wins, Maryland loses. -- wwhokie1  06/29/2014 5:21PM
  ACC does not win, IMO. B1G is performing -- Colonel Jessup  06/30/2014 4:22PM
  They have too assualt DC/MD, UMD's fans hate the B1G move... -- BROman Hokie  06/30/2014 7:14PM
  The ACC needs to remain strong in the DC area. -- Old Line Hokie  06/30/2014 4:57PM
  I wish Maryland would have stayed too.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/29/2014 9:16PM
  Dang! The top of UL stadium looks like Pizza Hut. -- IB4TECH  06/29/2014 2:14PM
  Maryland's looks photoshopped. -- hokieball  06/29/2014 01:34AM
  Maryland has synthetic turf (FieldTurf). B1G logo is painted on. ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/29/2014 10:49AM
  I guess they can't afford the second coat yet? ** -- hokieball  06/29/2014 4:32PM
  They got a loan from Big 10 to pay for it -- Fast Hokie  06/29/2014 11:32AM
  I'd like to see Tech play Maryland in football in the near future.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/29/2014 12:13PM
  They should be a regular OOC opponent. Every year if possible. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  06/29/2014 12:33PM
  Agree, an easy to get to away game for fans. Also -- SHPHOKIE  06/29/2014 9:17PM
  Notre Dame Avoiding the B1G Looking Better By the Day -- HOO86  06/20/2014 7:11PM
  Well, of course... -- Calamitous  06/21/2014 09:24AM
  The ND/ACC deal is much better than the BE one... -- BROman Hokie  06/22/2014 12:49AM
  Plus it takes away from the other conferences. -- Truthahn  06/29/2014 10:35PM
  You say... -- Maroon Baboon  06/21/2014 6:10PM
  Yep. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  06/21/2014 1:40PM
  ^^ Agreed. -- jesuisvtguy  06/21/2014 1:13PM
  If Notre Dame did join the ACC as a full member... -- Old Line Hokie  06/21/2014 11:20AM
  Good stories need villains. :-) -- Gobbler-100  06/21/2014 5:26PM
  Delete ** -- goldendomer  06/21/2014 2:49PM
  We basically have a home-and-home 2016 and 2018... -- Calamitous  06/21/2014 10:33AM
  Yes, we play ND after 2018... -- gman86  06/21/2014 2:21PM
  The B1G would never give Notre Dame partial membership... -- Old Line Hokie  06/20/2014 9:36PM
  Big difference between MLAX and $$Football$$$ -- Old Line Hokie  06/22/2014 10:47PM
  Did Corrigan's deal include any football games? ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  06/30/2014 11:36AM
  Kevin White wanted us to join, you're totally correct ** -- goldendomer  06/20/2014 11:42PM
  Why shouldn't they be happy? -- HokiePoq  06/20/2014 7:34PM
  I don't think it's a terrible deal for the ACC -- reestuart  06/22/2014 09:27AM
  ACC strategy -- vtbball80  06/29/2014 4:57PM
  Means nothing if you don't create the ACCN. -- Edgeman  06/21/2014 6:58PM
  I see it exactly the way you do ** -- Calamitous  06/21/2014 09:29AM
  With the 14 schools they currently have... -- Calamitous  06/21/2014 10:09AM
  If Notre Dame played 8 conference football games.. -- Old Line Hokie  06/21/2014 11:52AM
  I bet UMCP was the only school leaving... -- Calamitous  06/21/2014 12:21PM
  Not trying to be a homer here, but... -- Calamitous  06/21/2014 11:49AM
  Disagree on Syracuse -- Tailgate Guru  06/24/2014 1:16PM
  We're happy and I think it will be beneficial -- goldendomer  06/20/2014 8:43PM
  I am a fan of the ACC before we joined -- goldendomer  06/21/2014 10:59AM
  That's my understanding of the situation too. -- Edgeman  06/28/2014 09:41AM
  ACC has rights to ND fb games played @ ACC schools. ** -- Atlee Hokie  06/20/2014 8:30PM
  This is the only positive I see in the bottom line -- HokiePoq  06/23/2014 4:40PM
  And spur season ticket sales. ** -- Truthahn  06/29/2014 10:36PM
  B1G fighting for survival by adding Maryland & Rutgers -- HOO86  06/18/2014 4:06PM
  Geez, did JW negotiate Michigan's B10 home/away split? -- I85Hokie  06/20/2014 08:46AM
  He did wonderful? -- Mercury  06/20/2014 12:12PM
  Agreed... -- Calamitous  06/20/2014 10:00PM
  We are not making football scheduling decisions -- Pylons  06/20/2014 4:31PM
  Virginia Tech has always had presidents with Big 10 connections -- Old Line Hokie  06/20/2014 3:05PM
  Yeah, terrible this season. Next season is pretty good. -- reestuart  06/20/2014 09:45AM
  I resemble that statement. ** -- Atlee Hokie  06/21/2014 05:59AM
  We focus on southern growth a lot... -- Calamitous  06/20/2014 1:17PM
  Big Ten Schools plan to backfill with Chinese Kids -- HOO86  06/20/2014 5:41PM
  That's not just B1G schools.... -- Calamitous  06/21/2014 08:42AM
  It's not only the Big 10 that is taking in more international... -- Old Line Hokie  06/20/2014 7:03PM
  Michigan's ticket problem is due to -- reestuart  06/19/2014 09:09AM
  The venues have to be entertaining to students -- Mercury  06/19/2014 2:35PM
  Bad economy ** -- Calamitous  06/19/2014 1:44PM
  Re: Michigan's ticket problem is due to -- Old Line Hokie  06/19/2014 10:35AM
  The Disney quote has been largely taken out of context -- HokieDevil  06/20/2014 11:51AM
  Actually it is entertainment business -- Mercury  06/19/2014 12:44PM
  I'm guessing sports began catering to fans with ..... -- Old Line Hokie  06/19/2014 4:17PM
  Gilligan's Island reruns are rather entertaining.;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/19/2014 10:27AM
  Ginger or Mary Ann? ** -- Femoyer Hokie  06/19/2014 11:06AM
  Eunice 'Lovey' Wentworth Howell. ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/19/2014 3:55PM
  Shun! ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/19/2014 1:48PM
  .I see NOVA is now part of the B1G footprint according to... -- Old Line Hokie  06/18/2014 6:41PM
  UConn -- Calamitous  06/16/2014 9:13PM
  Why do we need to add ANY of those teams? -- Maroon Baboon  06/18/2014 08:28AM
  ACC needs no team until ND should decide what it's going to do. -- Atlee Hokie  06/20/2014 9:34PM
  I think ND has already decided what it is going to do. -- HokieinClemson  06/22/2014 12:55PM
  No question ND loves the status quo. They'll take this forever. -- Atlee Hokie  06/30/2014 06:00AM
  I actually liked it at 12... should stop at 14 too, but... -- Calamitous  06/21/2014 09:34AM
  If turning the ACC into a football powerhouse is the goal -- VTHokie2000  06/19/2014 6:50PM
  WVU's about the only school I could see us getting.  -- chuckd4vt  06/17/2014 9:28PM
  Agreed. WVU would be a solid addition. -- Calamitous  06/17/2014 9:33PM
  Yeah, WVU was a better option than BC, Cuse, or Pitt. -- reestuart  06/19/2014 08:29AM
  This post is TIC, is it not? wvu?? ** -- Hokiefan5  06/18/2014 10:06AM
  With the loss of MDU, the ACC needs one fanbase that -- Edgeman  06/19/2014 09:33AM
  The ACC needs fans in general, especially fball fans. ** -- chuckd4vt  06/19/2014 3:13PM
  Why should the other P5 schools care about ND's status? -- hokiebob01  06/17/2014 11:19PM
  They're way too slick... -- Calamitous  06/17/2014 9:57PM
  Your paranoia is showing. What promise to the ACC has  -- hokiebob01  06/17/2014 11:25PM
  Justifiable paranoia... also called the Big East syndrome :) ** -- Calamitous  06/18/2014 06:32AM
  I really doubt we will be forced to do a thing -- goldendomer  06/17/2014 10:51PM
  Why do you feel the ACC needs another land grant school? -- hokiehead  06/17/2014 4:58PM
  If USC-e would've stayed in the ACC.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/17/2014 10:27PM
  Why SU? What do they bring to the table? ** -- Atlee Hokie  06/17/2014 7:57PM
  Geographic contiguity and they may as well be... -- Calamitous  06/17/2014 8:29PM
  I've read there is a lot of bad blood between Fredo & UCONN. ** -- Atlee Hokie  06/17/2014 11:26AM
  Yep. Just like most VT people c. 2003. ** -- Maroon Baboon  06/17/2014 11:07AM
  Hated the ACC because we weren't in it and should have been. ** -- ChrisLords  06/20/2014 03:14AM
  I have nothing againist UConn, but I don't want them in the ACC... -- Mr. Touchdown  06/17/2014 09:32AM
  Interesting take... -- Calamitous  06/16/2014 9:38PM
  Vt did not have a NCAA record -- Mercury  06/17/2014 12:23PM
  We still have that perception today... -- Calamitous  06/17/2014 3:30PM
  No one that matters has that perception of VT... -- BROman Hokie  06/17/2014 6:25PM
  That seems like a subjective statement... but OK ** -- Calamitous  06/18/2014 4:13PM
  Re: No one that matters has that perception of VT... -- Mercury  06/18/2014 08:11AM
  Not True -- AshburnFarmHokie  06/17/2014 9:01PM
  Yep, Shalala was "the villain" as Will put it -- I85Hokie  06/18/2014 09:25AM
  Exactly. -- Atlee Hokie  06/19/2014 7:40PM
  I think the Clemson guys were misled..... -- Old Line Hokie  06/18/2014 12:12AM
  Tech got lucky in one regard. -- Atlee Hokie  06/17/2014 11:21AM
  Tech and the Big East -- vtbball80  06/18/2014 11:53AM
  Good synopsis. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  06/17/2014 12:58PM
  UNC & Duke voted against the original ACC Expansion plan. -- hokiebob01  06/17/2014 06:50AM
  They were just against expansion, they didn't want to add anyone... -- Mr. Touchdown  06/17/2014 09:22AM
  It's not very cozy, that's for sure... -- Calamitous  06/17/2014 07:02AM
  ECU is still a dark horse candidate for the SEC... -- 133304Hokie  06/17/2014 02:34AM
  ECU is not a fit for either ACC or SEC. It has neither..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/17/2014 10:44AM
  Re: ECU is not a fit for either ACC or SEC. It has neither..... -- 133304Hokie  06/17/2014 11:10AM
  Actually, UL has a very good endowment and branding. In theory, if -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/17/2014 11:33AM
  Even though ECU and ODU are currently not up to SEC standards -- VTHokie2000  06/17/2014 12:12PM
  I do agree with you  -- VTHokie2000  07/05/2014 7:41PM
  Realistically 10 years ago -- VTHokie2000  06/17/2014 1:17PM
  UVA in the B1G and ODU in the SEC... -- 133304Hokie  06/17/2014 1:29PM
  I agree that would be a nightmare scenario for VT. -- VTHokie2000  06/17/2014 2:31PM

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