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  Thought for the day: Did Stanford win last night hurt an ACC Network? -- CobbCountyHokie  11/29/2015 09:43AM
  Acc went 4-0 in 2014 and 3-1 in 2015 during rivalry week -- ahokie4u  11/29/2015 09:58AM
  Darned close if it isn't. ** -- reestuart  11/29/2015 09:04AM
  ACC Atlantic is probably 2nd worst, so I would have to agree -- VictoryTurkey  11/29/2015 07:38AM
  If LSU takes their coach, watch FSU get antsy again. -- chuckd4vt  11/28/2015 03:54AM
  And if you believe NightTrain, VT couldn't afford Herman.  -- chuckd4vt  11/28/2015 04:12AM
  Bull crap. VT can afford a lot ** -- ren_hoek  11/28/2015 4:06PM
  The "insider" is full of it -- ren_hoek  11/28/2015 4:14PM
  Let me disagree with your position -- BigCrumpy  11/28/2015 5:25PM
  Donations are a much bigger gap than TV payouts -- VictoryTurkey  11/28/2015 10:06PM
  And these bogus conference schedules do little to help that.  -- chuckd4vt  11/28/2015 11:19PM
  I hope you're right. They better want the ACC badly. -- chuckd4vt  11/28/2015 4:27PM
  Jimbo Fisher is paid higher than Les Miles now. -- HOO86  11/28/2015 12:12AM
  Kill a few non revenue sports (i.e. Money pits) -- ren_hoek  11/28/2015 4:10PM
  The top of the SEC and B1G aren't the ones to watch. -- HOO86  11/28/2015 08:24AM
  Sounds like Maryland doesn't know what they are doing -- BigTenPride  11/28/2015 09:51AM
  Watch James Franklin at Penn State. -- HOO86  11/28/2015 09:58AM
  That's what O and D cordinators are for -- BigTenPride  11/29/2015 10:01AM
  Dabo and Bama are an interesting possibility  -- ren_hoek  11/28/2015 12:49AM
  Yep, that's my biggest concern going into 2016 without an ACCN... -- Old Line Hokie  11/27/2015 11:24PM
  Appears vt feeling cash problems -- Mercury  11/28/2015 06:34AM
  The SEC isn't going to spend any money on field hockey -- VictoryTurkey  11/28/2015 06:09AM
  Seems reasonable to me -- Hokie `04  11/28/2015 9:56PM
  True about SEC, but Big 10 will try to be #1 in those sports. -- Old Line Hokie  11/28/2015 10:49AM
  Mo' Money, Mo' Problems -- RappinRodney  11/27/2015 11:23PM
  NFL Network is concerned about cord cutters. -- HOO86  11/26/2015 2:48PM
  If the NFL wants to entice people to continue -- VTHokie2000  11/26/2015 6:01PM
  Also nfl had to own the network  -- Mercury  11/26/2015 5:15PM
  The ACC's had that every week in recent years.  -- chuckd4vt  11/27/2015 03:21AM
  Swofford is still analyzing the changing college sports -- 133193Hokie  11/25/2015 9:50PM
  Re: Swofford is still analyzing the changing college sports ** -- 133193Hokie  11/25/2015 9:50PM
  If the Northeast is the target, this is the case. -- HOO86  11/26/2015 4:21PM
  UConn over Temple any day..... -- Old Line Hokie  11/26/2015 11:20PM
  But Temple will bring Bill Cosby to...oh, nevermind ** -- HokieDevil  11/27/2015 7:15PM
  They can pivot to Daryl Hall and John Oates :) ** -- HOO86  11/28/2015 09:53AM
  If we just take one, certainly. -- HOO86  11/27/2015 11:25AM
  From a strictly coach's perspective -- VTHokie2000  11/27/2015 7:38PM
  If you look at where recruits are, it may. -- HOO86  11/27/2015 11:47PM
  Here's some basketball data. -- HOO86  11/28/2015 01:09AM
  Even though the question was sports related -- VTHokie2000  11/28/2015 4:21PM
  Talk is cheap ** -- EDGEMAN  11/25/2015 5:18PM
  It is almost 2016 -- BigTenPride  11/25/2015 9:19PM
  Their primary concern 5 yrs ago was how to prop up Raycom. -- chuckd4vt  11/26/2015 12:42AM
  Industry article on ESPN subs and financials, including SECN -- HokieHill  11/25/2015 2:16PM
  Hedge Fund article referenced in above article -- HokieHill  11/25/2015 2:19PM
  Projecting how Big Ten rights race will play out -- VTHOKIE21020  11/24/2015 11:54AM
  That would probably freeze out acc for future acc network -- Mercury  11/28/2015 06:38AM
  Just wait, Swofford has a plan..... -- 133193Hokie  11/25/2015 10:43AM
  They're going get paid, IMO it will shift the landscape  -- goldendomer  11/24/2015 12:08PM
  Yep. They're getting ready to cash in, big-time. ** -- reestuart  11/24/2015 12:23PM
  ESPN has the money and they will not let it go -- goldendomer  11/24/2015 12:26PM
  Exactly folks reading Disney wrobg -- Mercury  11/25/2015 06:09AM
  Yeah, there are a whole lot of reasons to lay people off... -- reestuart  11/25/2015 08:21AM
  Laying off folks does not always mean poor Finances. -- Mercury  11/25/2015 09:16AM
  Disagree only because the real issue is the lack of vision by Swofford & Co -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  11/24/2015 2:08PM
  Regrettably, we're married to ESPN for over a decade. -- chuckd4vt  11/24/2015 2:44PM
  Link doesn't work... ** -- VeroHokie  11/24/2015 11:46AM
  Should work now, I edited it -- VTHOKIE21020  11/24/2015 11:54AM
  WaPo Article on Colleges Losing Money on Athletics -- VTHOKIE21020  11/23/2015 12:45PM
  They're clamoring to get in because it's cheap marketing -- marcbvtgm  11/25/2015 1:17PM
  Thus, the schools aren't losing money on sports.  -- chuckd4vt  11/26/2015 02:26AM
  Coaching and staff salaries are more than double -- Pylons  11/24/2015 2:32PM
  Does it cost $30k to educate a non-athlete? -- Pylons  11/24/2015 3:09PM
  FWIW One of the authors is a Hokie -- HokieDevil  11/24/2015 10:49AM
  I thought VT had been operating in the black? ** -- VTBB  11/24/2015 09:15AM
  Thanks ** -- VTBB  11/24/2015 10:24AM
  Subsidies. Are these student fees or something else? ** -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  11/24/2015 09:46AM
  Student fees and other $$ flowing into athletics from school -- marcbvtgm  11/24/2015 11:42AM
  Athletics sends a multi-million dollar payment to VT for "services" -- VictoryTurkey  11/24/2015 12:42PM
  Yep ** -- chuckd4vt  11/24/2015 1:52PM
  As the Obannon trial proved, all the P5 ADs do make money. -- chuckd4vt  11/24/2015 12:33AM
  When tuition payments are considered, they all make $$$$$ ** -- chuckd4vt  11/24/2015 1:51PM
  The word tuition isn't even in the article you linked -- Pylons  11/24/2015 2:26PM
  Paying tuition is not the primary cost of the AD -- Pylons  11/24/2015 2:52PM
  The AD cuts a check and gives it to the school each year.  -- chuckd4vt  11/24/2015 3:04PM
  Doesn't make it "profit." -- Pylons  11/24/2015 3:11PM
  Perhaps they should have done a piece on LSU. -- HOO86  11/23/2015 5:14PM
  LSU football is about the best thing that state has going.  -- chuckd4vt  11/24/2015 12:11AM
  Eventually it will all implode.....And when it does.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  11/23/2015 3:36PM
  I hope Tech doesn't overpay. A lot of pressure on Whit.... -- Old Line Hokie  11/23/2015 7:11PM
  Even a "name" hire isn't a lock to win. That's why I'd rather... -- Maroon Baboon  11/23/2015 8:36PM
  Syracuse represented the ACC well this weekend. -- HOO86  11/22/2015 4:55PM
  Yes. UConn won last 2 and Princeton year before that. -- HOO86  11/22/2015 7:11PM
  Two NCs in one day vs. zero since 1872  -- Vippie1  11/22/2015 5:14PM
  We're getting there. -- Hokie Matt  11/23/2015 10:07PM
  Resentment is not mandatory. ** -- daveinop  11/23/2015 08:29AM
  Question 4 u regarding rights & coach salaries  -- Mercury  11/26/2015 08:22AM
  Vippie1 was only telling the truth. Congrats to SU. -- Old Line Hokie  11/22/2015 7:35PM
  That makes for a good discussion -- Vippie1  11/23/2015 12:03PM
  Wrestling will be an uphill climb. Dual meets & the NCAA's are -- manassashoo  11/23/2015 09:47AM
  Apples and oranges. -- Old Line Hokie  11/22/2015 9:27PM
  Those are both good ones to focus on. -- HOO86  11/22/2015 7:30PM
  Tech wrestling hosted #2 Penn State last weekend. -- Old Line Hokie  11/22/2015 7:33PM
  That's who VT needs to schedule to get good enough. -- HOO86  11/23/2015 5:34PM
  No joy -- Vippie1  11/22/2015 6:19PM
  Unlikely but 3 conf champs could miss the playoffs -- Colonel Jessup  11/23/2015 10:14AM
  I was looking at top shelf wins. Here is a bigger list -- Colonel Jessup  11/23/2015 10:32AM
  You are right. Conference title means something. -- Maroon Baboon  11/22/2015 11:36PM
  The crazy thing is that Iowa could be a playoff team. -- crabcake77  11/22/2015 7:23PM
  November is a very bad time to lose. -- HOO86  11/22/2015 4:51PM
  The B1G Champ would be in by virtue of their CCG. -- Hokie CPA  11/23/2015 07:34AM
  Agree ** -- manassashoo  11/23/2015 09:52AM
  B1G champions are not guaranteed anything -- Colonel Jessup  11/23/2015 09:52AM
  Radio color guy for VT in the 70s -- 48zip  11/28/2015 01:30AM
  Wanna bet Swofford's kid gets the job? ** -- Hokiefan5  11/21/2015 11:19PM
  Interesting article about a SEC/Big10 football Challenge -- Grandin Hokie  11/18/2015 8:44PM
  Frankly the source is not credible -- Mercury  11/20/2015 05:37AM
  Only the BTN and Big Ten championship games are Fox. ** -- reestuart  11/20/2015 09:07AM
  In principle I like this and would take it a step further but doing more -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  11/19/2015 4:26PM
  It is not a bad idea assuming everyone from both conferences -- VTHokie2000  11/19/2015 12:41PM
  Sounds like B10 is looking for something -- BigCrumpy  11/19/2015 10:29AM
  You mean ESPN? ** -- BigTenPride  11/19/2015 10:49AM
  B10 has tried to get this going with the PAC12 -- HOO86  11/18/2015 9:26PM
  Think it was the 9-game conference schedule -- The_VT_Rock  11/19/2015 09:17AM
  Nevermind – scheduling issues w/ a few P12 teams -- The_VT_Rock  11/19/2015 09:19AM
  This is a Fox initiated event.  -- HOO86  11/18/2015 9:33PM
  May be but IMO the B1G has little future ** -- BigCrumpy  11/19/2015 10:30AM
  Big 10 or 12? Big 10+ is going NOWHERE! ** -- Hokiefan5  11/19/2015 9:40PM
  Yeah, they're getting ready to cash in. Nevermind what looks -- reestuart  11/20/2015 08:27AM
  Long term demographic trends for the midwest aren't great -- mancunian  11/20/2015 1:42PM
  LOL. Based on what? ** -- reestuart  11/19/2015 10:54AM
  His imagination ** -- 93HokieDoug  11/19/2015 10:57PM
  Based on Nothing ** -- BigTenPride  11/19/2015 2:13PM
  Or add a ACC/Pac-12 challenge? ** -- EDGEMAN  11/18/2015 9:44PM
  Louisville Game Day Experience was a Hit. -- HOO86  11/17/2015 8:39PM
  Do they still urinate on the wall outside the men's room? -- Tailgate Guru  11/23/2015 12:33PM
  Great to hear that your fans were treated well and that the experience  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  11/18/2015 5:02PM
  For us it's night and day. -- HOO86  11/18/2015 3:32PM
  Thankfully they're the Big-10's problem ** -- EDGEMAN  11/20/2015 1:31PM
  Seriously doubt MDU fans will change  -- EDGEMAN  11/18/2015 9:15PM
  Tech fans will let you know about our experience in 2020. -- Old Line Hokie  11/17/2015 10:19PM
  If you want to see schools play each other more often -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 11:48AM
  Drop the crossover and go to 9 conference games.... -- Hokie CPA  11/18/2015 08:53AM
  Oh... one other needed step (and you guys won't like it) -- Hokie CPA  11/18/2015 09:21AM
  Why do you think that North South needs to happen? -- HOO86  11/18/2015 11:43AM
  If the ACC expands to 16 with Notre Dame and another -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 12:13PM
  If this happens -- RTFC  11/23/2015 09:19AM
  9 conference games is a non-starter for Notre Dame -- ren_hoek  11/18/2015 1:58PM
  If the ACC switches to pods and keeps 8 conference games -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 4:18PM
  It depends on how the pods are set up. -- Hokie CPA  11/19/2015 08:00AM
  I don't have any problems with the pods you suggested. -- VTHokie2000  11/19/2015 12:29PM
  Oops... need a 9th game to complete the rotation -- Hokie CPA  11/19/2015 1:39PM
  I was basing it on the assumption that enough schools -- VTHokie2000  11/19/2015 2:07PM
  I love pods, personally. But I spent time learning them. -- Hokie CPA  11/18/2015 2:04PM
  Wouldn't it impact more "rivalries" than just UVA-UNC? -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 12:18PM
  Well, there is Wake, but do they really matter? 😇 -- Hokie CPA  11/18/2015 12:52PM
  Jokingly I would say no -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 1:48PM
  You are right. -- RTFC  11/18/2015 11:10AM
  The Landscape of College Sports -- Perfesser  11/16/2015 10:04AM
  American culture values athletics.  -- mica  11/17/2015 12:19PM
  Longwood #7, Radford #10... Who says... -- Old Line Hokie  11/16/2015 6:29PM
  How can they justify that?  -- chuckd4vt  11/17/2015 12:28AM
  What other options does Longwood have to support... -- Old Line Hokie  11/17/2015 11:21AM
  Agreed, but I think the argument would be that they -- Pylons  11/17/2015 11:25AM
  Why does VT need "bigtime athletics?" -- Perfesser  11/17/2015 4:24PM
  Vt's getting its money's worth. RU...not so much. -- chuckd4vt  11/18/2015 01:49AM
  Hampden-Sydney was on ESPNU -- mrcaniac  11/19/2015 01:44AM
  You don't think schools like Gonzaga and Butler -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 2:12PM
  They do/will, Radford doesn't/won't.  -- chuckd4vt  11/18/2015 4:18PM
  If a split does occur, then I am not sure the lines in the sand -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 5:00PM
  Line in the sand will be compensated players or not.  -- chuckd4vt  11/19/2015 01:00AM
  It still may not be that crystal clear. -- VTHokie2000  11/19/2015 1:15PM
  If u allow those 65-80 schools to keep all the money... -- chuckd4vt  11/20/2015 03:21AM
  I believe you are underestimating  -- VTHokie2000  11/20/2015 09:57AM
  I am not underestimating anything. -- VTHokie2000  11/20/2015 2:22PM
  It does not cost THAT much money to start a golf team.  -- chuckd4vt  11/21/2015 12:42AM
  Ummm...who said I was talking about golf? -- VTHokie2000  11/21/2015 4:32PM
  D3 isn't less expensive to run????? Are you nuts? -- Late 80s Hokie  11/18/2015 12:18PM
  I interpreted that statement to mean -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 5:38PM
  If he meant 'cost/benefit', then maybe. ** -- Late 80s Hokie  11/18/2015 12:30PM
  I don't think he meant cost/benefit -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 1:26PM
  I don't think the Perfesser is suggesting that schools -- VTHokie2000  11/18/2015 11:43AM
  If that happens, VT and UVA could start looking around.  -- chuckd4vt  11/17/2015 12:16AM
  The state has already limited Athletic Fees... -- VictoryTurkey  11/17/2015 07:57AM
  I'm completely ok with us losing that flexibility ** -- Pylons  11/17/2015 08:49AM
  Thinking about this more... -- Pylons  11/17/2015 11:36AM
  Colleges' first, second and third priority should be education..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  11/16/2015 3:42PM
  ND resume: Best win Navy? I don't see the playoffs happening. ** -- manassashoo  11/15/2015 09:23AM
  While not a lock, if ND wins out, they are likely in. -- Maroon Baboon  11/16/2015 8:24PM
  Probably a better resume than the rest of the top 10. ** -- reestuart  11/16/2015 5:15PM
  If Okie State wins out ND is in trouble -- VaTechHokiesACC  11/15/2015 10:42PM
  I'm pulling for ya =) ** -- VaTechHokiesACC  11/17/2015 05:22AM
  Stanford losing hurts ND- no real good wins out there now -- hokiewasp  11/15/2015 10:36PM
  I could see Notre Dame getting in and the ACC getting shut out... -- Old Line Hokie  11/15/2015 6:51PM
  I'm not so sure about that. If ND was in the -- seekoHoG  11/15/2015 6:42PM
  Yesterday was a VERY good day for ND if they win out -- daveinop  11/15/2015 11:28AM
  ND plays Stanford. Needed them to win ** -- Colonel Jessup  11/16/2015 08:46AM
  Bama is coming to the party from the SEC -- EDGEMAN  11/15/2015 11:31AM
  Probably right, a 2 loss Bama would be ahead of ND ** -- daveinop  11/15/2015 11:37AM
  Really don't see the SEC being denied -- EDGEMAN  11/15/2015 11:55AM
  Oh, they'll get one. i'm talking about 2 -- daveinop  11/15/2015 3:34PM
  UCF picked a bad time to go in the tank -- Tailgate Guru  11/13/2015 09:51AM
  True -- OU_Sooner  11/13/2015 10:23AM
  Intended to go under OU Sooner's post below ** -- Tailgate Guru  11/13/2015 09:52AM
  Rumblings from Big 12 land -- OU_Sooner  11/12/2015 11:38AM
  Be interesting on Texas position -- Mercury  11/12/2015 6:16PM
  I could dig that -- OU_Sooner  11/13/2015 10:06AM
  It would be for 5 additional. -- HOO86  11/14/2015 11:02PM
  ND, Big 12 and the playoffs -- Vippie1  11/12/2015 4:24PM
  I think logic says conference championship games will matter -- ahokie4u  11/12/2015 11:17PM
  Correct -- BigTenPride  11/14/2015 1:16PM
  Re: Correct -- 33laszlo99  11/15/2015 12:12AM
  Cincinnati and Memphis would make a lot of sense to me. -- seekoHoG  11/12/2015 3:18PM
  Assuming that OU and UT have to be in the same division -- VTHokie2000  11/12/2015 1:54PM
  I understand. I guess was asking if you heard the Big XII's -- VTHokie2000  11/12/2015 2:32PM
  It makes no sense to me to add Houston. ** -- goldendomer  11/12/2015 2:31PM
  The only logic that makes any sense -- VTHokie2000  11/12/2015 3:54PM
  I will trade them BC and Syracuse for WVU, then add ND  -- hokie4ever  11/12/2015 12:41PM
  Cincinnati? ** -- Broken Hawk  11/12/2015 12:41PM
  They come up in conversation occasionally, but not often -- OU_Sooner  11/12/2015 2:30PM
  We'll trade you BC & Syracuse for 100 bitcoins ** -- Colonel Jessup  11/12/2015 11:58AM
  We'll throw in Wake for some balls and bats too ** -- HokieHollar  11/14/2015 6:33PM
  ND-to-ACC helped w/ 11-1 no matter what? -- Colonel Jessup  11/12/2015 09:11AM
  You also need to remember  -- RTFC  11/12/2015 6:33PM
  Totally agree and that is what I have thought. I believe if  -- goldendomer  11/12/2015 09:25AM
  Yeah, funny thing is... -- crabcake77  11/13/2015 6:56PM
  Or a ND inclusive could expedite 8 team playoff -- Colonel Jessup  11/12/2015 09:55AM
  Playoff expansion isn't happening. It's a dead issue. -- crabcake77  11/13/2015 6:40PM
  Is this in the best interest of the football team? ** -- Maroon Doom  11/12/2015 4:50PM
  IMO no, players want to have the best chance to compete for -- goldendomer  11/12/2015 4:56PM
  If a Big 12 team runs the table they should get in really. -- goldendomer  11/12/2015 2:33PM
  They do now. : ) ** -- Atlee Hokie  11/15/2015 06:51AM
  Nope. BXII champ could have lost had they played a CCG. -- crabcake77  11/13/2015 6:43PM
  And there is no longer a 1 loss Stanford. -- Atlee Hokie  11/15/2015 06:54AM
  You'd see players held out of games -- Colonel Jessup  11/12/2015 10:35AM
  If the P5 shrinks and becomes the P4 -- VTHokie2000  11/12/2015 1:42PM
  I agree it is probably a long shot. -- VTHokie2000  11/12/2015 3:59PM
  Byu could make noise ** -- ahokie4u  11/12/2015 11:02PM
  That is what has been kicked around on this board -- goldendomer  11/12/2015 1:50PM
  You are correct that could be an issue. -- VTHokie2000  11/12/2015 2:04PM
  The money divide is going to hit its -- goldendomer  11/12/2015 2:12PM
  True, but what happens in the event that the Committee -- VTHokie2000  11/12/2015 3:19PM
  G5 Access to the playoff is only for optics -- Red Hokie  11/12/2015 3:24PM
  Temple President pushing hard for an on campus stadium. -- HOO86  11/11/2015 10:45PM
  Basketball arena is in that spot now. ** -- stuboy  11/12/2015 8:30PM
  Old Line Hokie posted the plans a few weeks ago. -- HOO86  11/12/2015 2:20PM
  Where was all of this in the 90's? ** -- BROman Hokie  11/12/2015 10:47AM
  I was thinking the same thing...... -- Old Line Hokie  11/12/2015 2:51PM
  Yes. And Delaware.  -- HOO86  11/12/2015 2:11PM
  If the ACC added Temple, Cincinnati, and Navy.... -- Old Line Hokie  11/12/2015 12:39PM
  Temple would be bad fit -- NJHokie74  11/12/2015 11:04AM
  I admire their attempt to change that culture. -- HOO86  11/12/2015 4:55PM
  Hey, hasn't BC given the ACC the "Boston" market? -- EDGEMAN  11/12/2015 2:51PM
  ESPN Playoff Apocolypse Scenarios for each P5 conference -- OU_Sooner  11/11/2015 12:39PM
  Re: ESPN Playoff Apocolypse Scenarios for each P5 conference -- Old Line Hokie  11/11/2015 10:32PM
  Nah, I don't think the committee's that machiavellian. -- mancunian  11/11/2015 2:31PM
  I don't think it's intentional if it happens. -- HOO86  11/11/2015 09:23AM
  Agree on all counts. Ppl are looking far down the road -- Colonel Jessup  11/11/2015 09:41AM
  If Bama wins out, they're in. ** -- mancunian  11/11/2015 2:33PM
  Like I said... I don't think that's necessarily a given. -- Hokie CPA  11/11/2015 3:25PM
  If Bama wins out -- mancunian  11/11/2015 5:17PM
  Nonfinal playoff rankings are for controlling expectations  -- BigTenPride  11/11/2015 9:03PM
  TCU going from #3 to #6 last year -- Colonel Jessup  11/12/2015 10:43AM
  Re: TCU going from #3 to #6 last year -- mancunian  11/12/2015 12:53PM
  Refresh my memory...wasn't OSU on the outs  -- mancunian  11/12/2015 09:07AM
  I bet they would put Bama in over the Big 12 champ  -- Colonel Jessup  11/11/2015 2:08PM
  I believe messages are being sent and or set up to be sent -- ahokie4u  11/11/2015 07:48AM
  Ohio State's body of work was better last year -- Colonel Jessup  11/11/2015 09:33AM
  CCGs should be and will be a requirement -- crabcake77  11/11/2015 10:31AM
  I agree if a Big 12 team runs the table they should be in ** -- goldendomer  11/11/2015 09:26AM
  A four-loss P5 conference champion should get in over ND ** -- crabcake77  11/11/2015 09:04AM
  It crossed my mind, going to be an interesting finish ** -- goldendomer  11/10/2015 11:53PM
  Navy would be the 3rd ranked ACC team this wk -- Red Hokie  11/10/2015 8:15PM
  American operators stem subscriber losses -- goldendomer  11/10/2015 1:45PM
  Hardly anyone outside of Anne Arundel County, MD... -- Old Line Hokie  11/10/2015 2:05PM
  This is SO true -- Vippie1  11/11/2015 12:33PM
  Agree, Navy is a complete afterthought in the DMV -- Hokies4Life  11/11/2015 3:13PM
  Maryland isn't a college sports market.  -- HOO86  11/10/2015 6:07PM
  I know. It's a basketball school.  -- HOO86  11/11/2015 09:19AM
  True, but there are lots of Maryland fans.... -- Old Line Hokie  11/10/2015 6:43PM
  A bunch of guys in Norfolk and San Diego follow them. ** -- EDGEMAN  11/10/2015 4:23PM
  Here's the problem.... -- Old Line Hokie  11/10/2015 6:21PM
  I would think that beyond everyone else in the ACC -- BigCrumpy  11/10/2015 07:57AM
  Syracuse advertises 15,000 alumni in DC metro area. -- HOO86  11/10/2015 09:49AM
  I'm in....bring ND with ya for all sports =) ** -- VaTechHokiesACC  11/10/2015 05:07AM
  Dish misses revenue estimates as more subscribers ditch pay-TV -- goldendomer  11/09/2015 3:51PM
  That is plus 155k this quarter. Don't know the base point -- Barrett  11/10/2015 2:36PM
  ACCDN could get interesting. -- crabcake77  11/09/2015 8:31PM
  WatchNDTV is great, love there quality. ** -- goldendomer  11/09/2015 9:39PM
  I'm confused by the Navy discussion below... -- VT ChemE 1986  11/09/2015 11:26AM
  You lost me at "Navy has a worldwide audience " -- ZekeVT  11/10/2015 9:11PM
  Ahh, then you do understand, and to quote -- Hokies23  11/11/2015 12:32PM
  You really think the enlisted corps of the navy cares about the USNA? -- hardcorpshokie  11/12/2015 05:46AM
  Stech. I'm on your side. I want Navy in the ACC  -- VT ChemE 1986  11/10/2015 1:34PM
  Exactly -- hardcorpshokie  11/12/2015 10:47AM
  Let's be brutally honest it's notre dame  -- Mercury  11/10/2015 05:41AM
  Of course it is, but  -- daveinop  11/10/2015 08:46AM
  You answered your own question. They wouldn't. ** -- Hokiefan5  11/09/2015 6:02PM
  The days of Roger Staubach are long gone... ** -- VT ChemE 1986  11/09/2015 1:39PM
  My Ideal playoff scenario -- ahokie4u  11/07/2015 8:47PM
  Show me where they say CC games are mandatory? -- goldendomer  11/09/2015 3:50PM
  I agree would love to see things set up so -- ahokie4u  11/09/2015 5:22PM
  Two blue bloods, made for TV drama. lol ** -- goldendomer  11/09/2015 11:19AM
  Gotta love this board -- Maroon Doom  11/09/2015 11:22AM
  If it comes down to Notre Dame and a non-OU Big 12 Champion  -- OU_Sooner  11/09/2015 11:44AM
  Now most ACC fans would want the exact opposite, -- goldendomer  11/09/2015 11:51AM
  Most definitely -- OU_Sooner  11/09/2015 11:57AM
  I am not confident with Stanford still out ther -- goldendomer  11/09/2015 12:15PM
  BC & WF should be a walk in the park -- EDGEMAN  11/09/2015 12:31PM
  Should be, BC has spoiled a season for us before ** -- goldendomer  11/09/2015 12:39PM
  They have a great D this year, but their O sucks. -- EDGEMAN  11/09/2015 1:51PM
  That may be ND's second "playoff game" -- EDGEMAN  11/09/2015 12:32PM
  Right now they have their Mike Vick. Let's see after that. ** -- bburgnative  11/11/2015 5:01PM
  It's not about them being able to compete it's about -- 133193Hokie  11/09/2015 12:43PM
  Navy can compete in football.  -- HOO86  11/07/2015 8:41PM
  That's what I've heard from several Hoo friends. ** -- bburgnative  11/11/2015 5:01PM
  He's a great coach. -- HOO86  11/07/2015 11:49PM
  Makes no sense whatsoever to keep London. -- HOO86  11/08/2015 09:34AM
  Packaged with nd. Deal -- ahokie4u  11/07/2015 8:27PM
  I think Navy could become decent in baseball. -- HOO86  11/07/2015 9:13PM
  Disagree on the height restriction. -- Atlee Hokie  11/09/2015 04:40AM
  Not happening. Just like Navy in the ACC isn't happening. ** -- hardcorpshokie  11/08/2015 08:32AM
  Any Service Academy administrator -- hardcorpshokie  11/08/2015 09:07AM
  We will all just have to see if you're right on this.... -- Old Line Hokie  11/08/2015 9:59PM
  Where do you think that the academies end up? -- HOO86  11/08/2015 10:25AM
  Re: Where do you think that the academies end up? -- Stech  11/08/2015 8:39PM
  If Army and Navy are joining a P5 conference as full members -- VTHokie2000  11/08/2015 1:09PM
  The ACC has a basketball problem. Should add games. -- HOO86  11/05/2015 6:40PM
  More "conference" games, more interesting games, more... -- IB4TECH  11/07/2015 11:53PM
  I agree. ** -- Stech  11/08/2015 09:43AM
  The ACC's got 99 problems but basketball aint one. ** -- chuckd4vt  11/07/2015 02:39AM
  The Notre Dame basketball coach wants more ACC games? -- gman86  11/06/2015 12:45PM
  That was my first thought when i saw Brey mentioned ** -- goldendomer  11/06/2015 12:54PM
  I've been for 20 conference games since ACC went to 15 teams. -- Old Line Hokie  11/05/2015 6:59PM
  I believe the NCAA bylaws allow teams to play a max of 30 -- VTHokie2000  11/06/2015 10:16AM
  As for non-conference games, I'd still like to... -- Old Line Hokie  11/05/2015 6:57PM
  At least a couple of games every year would be great! ** -- EDGEMAN  11/05/2015 9:55PM
  There is a key paragraph in that report -- HOO86  11/06/2015 12:35PM
  Narduzzi: Notre Dame should have to join a conference -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 2:52PM
  I agree, the day of the Independent died in the 1990's ** -- BigCrumpy  11/06/2015 12:23PM
  As of last year ND WILL HAVE TO BE UNDEFEATED to get a bid -- BigCrumpy  11/06/2015 12:14PM
  One year is not a trend , lets see what they do this year -- goldendomer  11/06/2015 4:19PM
  One loss ND v. 2 loss SEC champ or 1 loss Big 12 champ? -- daveinop  11/07/2015 09:00AM
  This is the consensus opinion of the P5 conferences and will do -- manassashoo  11/06/2015 09:11AM
  Candidly, even then ND still needs to be 12-0-0 -- BigCrumpy  11/06/2015 12:15PM
  It should say - "ND should have to join a conference -- 133193Hokie  11/05/2015 5:38PM
  The playoff committe was honest -- BigCrumpy  11/06/2015 12:17PM
  ND will need to change or die -- BigCrumpy  11/06/2015 12:18PM
  Lol, you're funny. ** -- goldendomer  11/06/2015 12:30PM
  6 games this year.... ** -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 4:14PM
  Goldendomer, what % of Notre Dame alumni/fans want to remain .... -- Old Line Hokie  11/05/2015 3:33PM
  And the majority of Yale and Harvard fans want the Ivy League -- BigCrumpy  11/06/2015 12:19PM
  Huh? Maybe ND should apply to the Ivy League -- goldendomer  11/06/2015 12:34PM
  Older fans are stuck in the Yale/Harvard concept -- BigCrumpy  11/06/2015 12:20PM
  I had a feeling more would favor football independence. ** -- Old Line Hokie  11/05/2015 3:58PM
  The ones on that nd nation board are indy or bust guys ** -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 4:04PM
  What benefit do they think they get for that? -- HOO86  11/05/2015 4:23PM
  Most are just anti-conference. Anti conforming to the powers -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 4:31PM
  Would a 13 game regualr season change things at Notre Dame? -- Old Line Hokie  11/05/2015 6:44PM
  Not really, if ND could get a 13th now it would help. I am  -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 6:52PM
  So what you're saying is it would take an ..... -- Old Line Hokie  11/05/2015 7:04PM
  It's time....... -- Old Line Hokie  11/05/2015 7:16PM
  VERY nice  -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 7:20PM
  That would definitely change some minds  -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 7:15PM
  I agree that ND has already given most of that up. -- HOO86  11/05/2015 5:08PM
  Fear of the unknown and clinging to the past ** -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 5:14PM
  Good for Narduzzi. ND special treatment is rancid ** -- hokie4ever  11/05/2015 2:54PM
  I'm no fan of Notre Dame, but -- OU_Sooner  11/05/2015 3:27PM
  ND has no real rivalries... well except maybe Navy -- crabcake77  11/05/2015 3:45PM
  What about Catholics vs criminals? -- EDGEMAN  11/05/2015 9:51PM
  USC is a rival. No way to say that isn't. Pitt calls us a rival -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 3:52PM
  I always think of USC, Navy, and maybe Stanford as your rivals.. -- Old Line Hokie  11/05/2015 4:04PM
  USC, Navy, MSU, Stanford is a new addition -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 4:10PM
  If the game means so little why did USC and Stanford scuttle -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 3:55PM
  I'm not touting schedule really, Narduzzi was, it is a  -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 4:02PM
  ND is the biggest game on most every team's schedule -- Colonel Jessup  11/05/2015 3:51PM
  Just like OSU was big this year, but that's not a rivalry. -- crabcake77  11/05/2015 4:03PM
  You stated it is tougher in a conference -- Colonel Jessup  11/06/2015 08:13AM
  Discussion on playoffs and access for non Conference Champions -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 11:27AM
  Personally if no P5 conference -- BigCrumpy  11/05/2015 1:42PM
  If we were undefeated we would make it. With a loss -- goldendomer  11/05/2015 1:54PM

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