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  ACC Network holdup- Is this article an accurate assessment? -- KnoxHokie  03/26/2015 12:08PM
  Here are quotes from the ACC last September. -- Old Line Hokie  03/26/2015 3:46PM
  Did you notice it is 2013 article -- ahokie4u  03/26/2015 2:05PM
  Great. It is a good article. Just wanted to make sure  -- ahokie4u  03/26/2015 5:34PM
  Re: ACC Network holdup- Is this article an accurate assessment? -- SoCloseHokie  03/26/2015 1:57PM
  Well, Bubba has had his hands full over at the Public Ivy! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/26/2015 12:56PM
  We chuckle however programs are squeezed -- Mercury  03/26/2015 06:39AM
  What would drive UConn fans crazy is... -- Calamitous  03/25/2015 9:36PM
  UConn could give UMass a little payback -- VTHokie2000  03/25/2015 7:42PM
  They could be BC's cross division rival and we could be NDs -- FlyFishingHokie  03/25/2015 6:48PM
  Even with Bilas, Jason Williams, Cory Alexander and... -- Calamitous  03/25/2015 10:06PM
  Not much but think espn goal has been -- ahokie4u  03/25/2015 6:43PM
  Its not personal its business -- Mercury  03/26/2015 5:30PM
  That is kind of what I was wondering -- ahokie4u  03/26/2015 5:46PM
  Not much think it's a message ?? -- Mercury  03/25/2015 4:39PM
  Love espn lose their precious duke Carolina game -- Mercury  03/25/2015 4:42PM
  ACC has 10 teams in the Sweet 16 (M&W). ** -- aint2Hokie4me  03/25/2015 10:28AM
  I do remember the Big East getting -- Colonel Jessup  03/25/2015 10:11AM
  This is what I like best about ESPN not doing the NCAAT -- Maroon Baboon  03/25/2015 09:26AM
  This post needs more +1s. ** -- Will Stewart     03/25/2015 5:19PM
  That is also a very good point. ** -- goldendomer  03/25/2015 09:42AM
  Maybe ESPN know Comcast/NBC will be the new network for ACC ** -- hokie4ever  03/25/2015 07:56AM
  Starting to look like something is up... ** -- Edgeman  03/25/2015 11:20AM
  Time Warner Cable expected to take $1B loss for Dodger deal -- goldendomer  03/24/2015 2:09PM
  I read that as a $1B loss for DODGEBALL. ** -- Will Stewart     03/25/2015 5:20PM
  This is why carriage agreements matter... -- CobbCountyHokie  03/24/2015 4:05PM
  Since the O'Malley's left, the Dodgers have been a mess. -- Maroon Baboon  03/24/2015 2:26PM
  Unless I'm reading this wrong, sound like they duped TWC -- Colonel Jessup  03/24/2015 4:25PM
  Yes. I'm just saying they aren't worth it. And TWC over paid. ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/24/2015 5:11PM
  I just wonder if that bubble is approaching quicker -- goldendomer  03/24/2015 2:40PM
  Never thought that I would say this in a million years. -- Maroon Doom  03/23/2015 11:04PM
  No $$$ in WVU ** -- BROman Hokie  03/24/2015 12:03PM
  If there is no money in WVU, then why did the Big XII add them? -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2015 12:43PM
  Desperation ** -- Hokiefan5  03/24/2015 9:12PM
  Big 12 was reeling with loss of 4 great programs-vu -- VT75  03/24/2015 7:19PM
  Amen. ** -- BlackwaterHokie  03/25/2015 3:54PM
  Why didn't the BIG or the ACC add them? -- Mr. Touchdown  03/24/2015 2:18PM
  The ACC also would have taken Cuse over VT. ** -- reestuart  03/24/2015 5:02PM
  Yet BC was taken ahead of Syracuse & VT ahead of BC... ** -- marcbvtgm  03/25/2015 11:05AM
  VT was taken ahead of UM also. -- Atlee Hokie  03/26/2015 1:33PM
  Yeah, after we sued them. ** -- reestuart  03/25/2015 11:55AM
  The ACC asked Miami if it had a preference -- VTHokie2000  03/25/2015 7:53PM
  Cuse over us might have been the right move, who knows? ** -- BROman Hokie  03/24/2015 10:46PM
  They didn't NEED to add $$$... -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/24/2015 12:58PM
  If the Big XII could backfill with any 2 schools -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2015 1:44PM
  Well, at the time, I believe they were talking with FSU and Clemson... -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/24/2015 2:08PM
  If the Big XII was locked in to its current deal with Fox -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2015 3:48PM
  You are probably correct. Although it would be comical to see -- VTHokie2000  03/25/2015 7:58PM
  They were trying to get the NCAA to approve a CCG with 10 teams. ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/24/2015 2:07PM
  It wasn't that, the B12 needed 10 teams to keep their TV $$$... -- BROman Hokie  03/24/2015 3:28PM
  If the Big XII just needed a warm body -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2015 4:43PM
  SMU, Rice & Houston? -- marcbvtgm  03/24/2015 5:29PM
  If the Big XII had added UCF (instead of WVU) -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2015 6:32PM
  There are a couple of different underlying themes going on here. -- VTHokie2000  03/25/2015 12:54PM
  I never said that you mentioned UCF. -- VTHokie2000  03/25/2015 8:31PM
  Ok. I was confused because you responded to my post. ** -- marcbvtgm  03/26/2015 2:52PM
  Yeah, I think any of the SWC members would have worked. -- reestuart  03/24/2015 4:49PM
  If the Big XII wanted to revive the SWC (of sorts) -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2015 4:57PM
  So you think the safety of ACC fans just isn't important? -- Edgeman  03/24/2015 11:59AM
  +1,000 ** -- VTChip  03/25/2015 9:55PM
  Are you okay with VT's share of ACC revenues decreasing? ** -- marcbvtgm  03/24/2015 09:35AM
  Has it occurred to the WVU/ACC supporters....  -- marcbvtgm  03/24/2015 4:41PM
  Re: Has it occurred to the WVU/ACC supporters....  -- VT75  03/24/2015 7:57PM
  Yep, and just below them was Louisville. ** -- reestuart  03/24/2015 9:14PM
  WAS. The outcome today & tomorrow is what matters now. -- marcbvtgm  03/25/2015 11:27AM
  We're forgetting context -- hardcorpshokie  03/24/2015 6:09PM
  What "political" motivations would be keeping WVU out? ** -- marcbvtgm  03/24/2015 5:38PM
  What were the "political" motives that kept VT out of the ACC? -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2015 6:55PM
  It doesn't mean that some of those practical reasons -- VTHokie2000  03/25/2015 1:22PM
  And thus any political motives would be...moot. ** -- marcbvtgm  03/25/2015 6:53PM
  Not necessarily. For the longest time the ACC viewed  -- VTHokie2000  03/25/2015 8:48PM
  Yeah, it was academics until the conference had to take UL. -- reestuart  03/24/2015 5:02PM
  The ACC wasn't looking for anyone when the Big XII took WVU. -- reestuart  03/24/2015 5:17PM
  WVU wasn't available when Syracuse/Pitt were invited? -- marcbvtgm  03/24/2015 5:37PM
  The ACC (ESPN) went for larger TV markets. -- Old Line Hokie  03/24/2015 6:00PM
  Since when was this a discussion about Louisville? ** -- marcbvtgm  03/25/2015 11:08AM
  Not saying Nebraska was a bad addition, just pointing out that -- Old Line Hokie  03/24/2015 1:26PM
  That's what I meant by football history. -- marcbvtgm  03/25/2015 11:20AM
  Sorry. US News. ** -- reestuart  03/25/2015 11:44AM
  Also, about 90% of every person who has left WV is a WVU fan. -- reestuart  03/24/2015 11:20AM
  I grew up in WV and agree with that statement 100%. ** -- reestuart  03/24/2015 1:40PM
  LOL. Good point. -- reestuart  03/24/2015 12:07PM
  Re: Never thought that I would say this in a million years. -- SoCloseHokie  03/24/2015 06:06AM
  Student athletic fees for public in-state universities. -- Will Stewart     03/23/2015 12:24PM
  Here is the passed bill (Link) -- FlyFishingHokie  03/24/2015 4:05PM
  Some of the "missing" $8 million is likely summer ** -- Pylons  03/23/2015 1:24PM
  Excellent, thanks. Here's the breakdown for 2014-15 (this year) -- Will Stewart     03/23/2015 2:12PM
  Seems like an easy area to raise money -- HokieZig  03/23/2015 10:49PM
  It's mathematically easy, but not politically easy. ** -- Will Stewart     03/24/2015 10:51PM
  What about student tickets? -- DKM  03/23/2015 3:54PM
  Tickets cost 0 at Tech but if you want to insure yourself a seat -- FlyFishingHokie  03/23/2015 4:11PM
  Which are $81 dollars this year, IIRC. ** -- Atlee Hokie  03/24/2015 07:40AM
  And the always forgotten Longwood University at $1,700. ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/23/2015 3:01PM
  Theirs is actually declining ... down from $1,829 last year. ** -- Will Stewart     03/23/2015 4:19PM
  WVu up to it again...this time Huggy Bear's daughters.. -- tcc_dc  03/23/2015 10:43AM
  It's unfortunate... -- Calamitous  03/23/2015 9:42PM
  The MV2 era was not our best. I also remember that we were... -- Maroon Baboon  03/24/2015 08:14AM
  To be fair, how is WVU "allowing" this? ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/23/2015 1:43PM
  Thinking......defamation lawsuit.......perhaps against WVU too..... ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/23/2015 1:10PM
  I was wondering how this was relevant to conference alignment ... :) ** -- Will Stewart     03/23/2015 12:25PM
  Things are slow in the conference realignment business. ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/23/2015 3:15PM
  Just another reason why WVU is a bad fit for ACC.  -- seekoHoG  03/23/2015 2:22PM
  Keep the cash flowing =) ** -- Hamburger  03/22/2015 07:29AM
  Re: Keep the cash flowing =) -- SAMMYNOLE  03/22/2015 07:48AM
  A small point on semantics.... -- Will Stewart     03/23/2015 12:27PM
  Re: A small point on semantics.... -- B-burg Hokie  03/23/2015 4:29PM
  I don't believe so, no. -- Will Stewart     03/23/2015 12:30PM
  Uniform choices, end zone paint and sugar cookie availability ** -- Tailgate Guru  03/23/2015 09:12AM
  Donor base, Infrastructure, recruiting talent base. ** -- PadrosWindup  03/22/2015 1:25PM
  Recruiting base is a good one... -- Calamitous  03/22/2015 1:49PM
  All football related facilities. -- PadrosWindup  03/22/2015 6:36PM
  Revenue and Net Income should be in there as well. ** -- jesuisvtguy  03/21/2015 8:15PM
  What are you evaluating them for? Conference admission? -- marcbvtgm  03/21/2015 7:26PM
  Simply a college football evaluation for now... -- Calamitous  03/21/2015 9:01PM
  Wins and Losses. ** -- ChrisLords  03/24/2015 10:37PM
  For stadium size, you may want to include the expandability -- VTHokie2000  03/21/2015 3:57PM
  ...and whether or not they're filling it.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/22/2015 2:25PM
  Attendance should be a factor for existing structures. -- VTHokie2000  03/22/2015 4:56PM
  That's an interesting one... -- Calamitous  03/21/2015 8:11PM
  Now by no means I am not an architect or engineer -- VTHokie2000  03/21/2015 8:38PM
  Had to be a cost issue because Indiana closed -- reestuart  03/22/2015 10:16AM
  In order to enclose the south side of the stadium -- VTHokie2000  03/22/2015 5:21PM
  Hmmm.... -- Calamitous  03/22/2015 12:04PM
  IIRC, that was part of the issue. I think it -- reestuart  03/22/2015 1:35PM
  Given the current angle of the East Stands -- VTHokie2000  03/21/2015 9:53PM
  In 50 years football will be played with jet packs. -- Old Line Hokie  03/21/2015 9:36PM
  It's already here... -- Calamitous  03/21/2015 10:11PM
  You could do worse than just going by average attendance. ** -- Gobbler-100  03/21/2015 2:08PM
  Agree with your list most important to me -- ahokie4u  03/21/2015 11:16AM
  #s 1, 3 and 6 are good ones... -- Calamitous  03/21/2015 12:54PM
  Is WVU a top 20-25 fball program? -- chuckd4vt  03/20/2015 1:53PM
  Please, no eers!! MAC or worse would be wonderful ** -- Hokiefan5  03/21/2015 4:23PM
  One reason the ACC may not want WVU to go to the SEC -- VTHokie2000  03/21/2015 4:04PM
  This is a valid reason for the ACC to consider WVU. -- HOO86  03/23/2015 9:17PM
  If the ACC had to decide who should become the 16th member -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2015 11:42AM
  That's a tough choice. -- HOO86  03/24/2015 7:07PM
  Ummm.....I believe you need to re-read what I wrote -- VTHokie2000  03/21/2015 7:57PM
  NO-Fun site to compare historical records -- VT75  03/21/2015 07:16AM
  They are headed back to the cellar as we speak. ** -- chuckd4vt  03/21/2015 08:02AM
  No. As crystal cove pointed out 18-20 last 3years -- ahokie4u  03/20/2015 9:44PM
  Name 30 better programs. ** -- chuckd4vt  03/21/2015 02:51AM
  Re: Name 30 better programs.  -- Hamburger  03/21/2015 06:18AM
  Here's a ranking of BCS appearances the past 20 years.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/21/2015 11:23AM
  Deleted ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/21/2015 8:15PM
  And how many were after VT & Miami left the Big East? ** -- marcbvtgm  03/21/2015 6:30PM
  The point is WVU was only good 2005-2011 -- marcbvtgm  03/21/2015 9:10PM
  Re: The point is WVU was only good 2005-2011 -- Old Line Hokie  03/21/2015 9:30PM
  Deleted ** -- marcbvtgm  03/21/2015 6:30PM
  Iowa? Arizona? tcu? Baylor? ** -- chuckd4vt  03/21/2015 08:03AM
  Yep ** -- Hamburger  03/21/2015 6:25PM
  It's really debatable and subjective, isn't it? -- Calamitous  03/21/2015 09:58AM
  Sounds about right. ** -- seekoHoG  03/21/2015 09:47AM
  WVU is in the #20 to #40 group. -- Old Line Hokie  03/20/2015 9:42PM
  Yep. ** -- ACCJesse  03/20/2015 8:53PM
  No -- marcbvtgm  03/20/2015 8:06PM
  Ha! you said Stanford. That's funny. laughingstock of fball. -- chuckd4vt  03/21/2015 02:54AM
  At one time, so was Oregon & UFla & K St & FSU & VT & so on -- marcbvtgm  03/21/2015 3:08PM
  Not a laughing stock anymore ** -- Hamburger  03/21/2015 06:18AM
  Re: Not a laughing stock anymore -- Hamburger  03/21/2015 06:19AM
  No, a couple good years and a lot of mediocre years -- VT75  03/20/2015 7:47PM
  I think they are.... -- Calamitous  03/20/2015 7:23PM
  If performance mattered, Boise State would be in the Pac 12 ** -- BROman Hokie  03/20/2015 6:45PM
  Re: Is WVU a top 20-25 fball program? -- SoCloseHokie  03/20/2015 3:17PM
  18-20 last 3 years. Not very top 25ish lately. ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/20/2015 2:37PM
  In Miami/VT Big East & Big 12, WVU has been very average -- marcbvtgm  03/21/2015 7:14PM
  NCAA appeals: Precedent already set -- goldendomer  03/20/2015 12:33PM
  BYU, Army,ND will fit P-5 SEC requirement -- goldendomer  03/19/2015 4:46PM
  More proof that the academies mean a lot to the P65. -- Stech  03/19/2015 7:57PM
  Some SEC schools NEVER play OOC games outside the South. -- Maroon Baboon  03/19/2015 9:26PM
  Army??? The Army AD will be busy fielding calls from SEC land -- FlyFishingHokie  03/19/2015 5:03PM
  Mississippi State will schedule them from now to eternity -- I85Hokie  03/20/2015 09:21AM
  Army plays one game s year in Yankee Stadium. -- PadrosWindup  03/19/2015 9:17PM
  Did the SEC already say that it will count games against Navy -- VTHokie2000  03/19/2015 5:01PM
  Not Navy or Air Force(MWC and AAC). Really laughable. ** -- goldendomer  03/19/2015 5:08PM
  That's why 65 isn't the final number. -- Old Line Hokie  03/19/2015 10:29PM
  By reducing the number of power conferences from 5 to 4 -- VTHokie2000  03/20/2015 10:25AM
  So ESPN is going to pay more for this new conference -Link  -- FlyFishingHokie  03/20/2015 09:40AM
  There's also CBS, NBC, and Fox. -- Old Line Hokie  03/20/2015 11:14AM
  I am talking about P5 college playoff contract with ESPN -- FlyFishingHokie  03/20/2015 12:07PM
  Re: I am talking about P5 college playoff contract with ESPN -- Old Line Hokie  03/20/2015 2:01PM
  As a taxpayer I am very familiar with income redistribution ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/20/2015 3:40PM
  I think the pressure will come from legislators. -- chuckd4vt  03/20/2015 1:30PM
  Nah. Makes too much sense. Can't happen. ** -- BlackwaterHokie  03/20/2015 09:30AM
  I agree it is laughable. -- VTHokie2000  03/19/2015 5:15PM
  BigXII should add UAB and Georgia State. -- Maroon Baboon  03/19/2015 4:30PM
  Maybe Slippery Rock as well ??? :-) LOL ** -- HokieinClemson  03/19/2015 7:22PM
  No way Slippery Rock leaves the PSAC for the BigXII ;) ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/19/2015 9:23PM
  Notre Dame AD has a vision of two college athletic associations -- goldendomer  03/18/2015 2:18PM
  And Cal ** -- 133304Hokie  03/18/2015 8:37PM
  Yep I see several like that. ** -- Stech  03/18/2015 8:55PM
  "Game of Jacks"... -- Calamitous  03/18/2015 6:44PM
  There are already two college athletic associations. -- 133304Hokie  03/18/2015 3:24PM
  Sorry naia don't count . -- Mercury  03/19/2015 08:55AM
  Except that Randolph-Macon College is a member of the NCAA. -- VTHokie2000  03/19/2015 11:35AM
  "Congress may have a hand in governing college sports." -- Old Line Hokie  03/18/2015 2:33PM
  Sounds like ND will opt out of the pay to play model. -- goldendomer  03/18/2015 3:05PM
  That quote really surprised me -- ahokie4u  03/18/2015 7:51PM
  We will pay the stipend but I don't think we will -- goldendomer  03/18/2015 7:55PM
  Thanks for clarification  -- ahokie4u  03/18/2015 8:05PM
  The dud from wv has tweeted again -- ahokie4u  03/17/2015 9:58PM
  The foil to the Dude says Texas is considering its options -- Maroon Baboon  03/18/2015 09:18AM
  "Both"? Do you mean ND and UT? Also, what about OU? ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/19/2015 08:48AM
  OU will not have a problem finding a home ** -- marcbvtgm  03/19/2015 09:04AM
  The dude is getting nervous again. Not good for the Big 12 or WVU. -- Old Line Hokie  03/17/2015 11:16PM
  Yep, WVU would be a good fit with UK and Tennessee... -- Old Line Hokie  03/18/2015 10:23PM
  Call it the Moonshine Pod... -- mancunian  03/19/2015 09:46AM
  That would be good -- ahokie4u  03/18/2015 8:09PM
  Agree. Fed ex makes sense -- ahokie4u  03/19/2015 9:41PM
  Totally agree. Should be a great atmosphere. ** -- reestuart  03/19/2015 12:37PM
  I would be on board with WVU in the ACC -- Red Hokie  03/18/2015 08:48AM
  No $$$ in WVU, just another mouth to feed ** -- BROman Hokie  03/18/2015 1:48PM
  Then they'd fit right in. ** -- reestuart  03/19/2015 12:14PM
  Exactly. ** -- marcbvtgm  03/19/2015 09:13AM
  No way Not ever!! never!! ** -- Hokiefan5  03/18/2015 1:18PM
  Re: He may also be a source of  -- BigTenPride  03/18/2015 3:53PM
  Good to get a B1G perspective on this board... -- Calamitous  03/18/2015 11:32PM
  Re: Good to get a B1G perspective on this board... -- BigTenPride  03/19/2015 02:35AM
  Re: Re: He may also be a source of  -- Stech  03/18/2015 6:43PM
  Re: Re: Re: He may also be a source of  -- BigTenPride  03/18/2015 8:01PM
  Re: Re: Re: Re: He may also be a source of -- Stech  03/18/2015 9:35PM
  Of the 7 or 15 more... -- Calamitous  03/18/2015 10:21PM
  Re: Of the 7 or 15 more... -- Stech  03/18/2015 10:48PM
  Off the top of my head, I could see the list of states -- VTHokie2000  03/19/2015 3:21PM
  Who exactly would this "disinformation" be aimed at? -- marcbvtgm  03/18/2015 08:55AM
  Re: Who exactly would this  -- Hokie72  03/18/2015 10:11AM
  Who said you did? -- marcbvtgm  03/19/2015 09:19AM
  Agree on the Dude's motivations -- mancunian  03/18/2015 08:03AM
  Chip Brown of orangebloods I think. ** -- dallasvt  03/17/2015 11:16PM
  Yep, that's the dude.  -- Atlee Hokie  03/18/2015 07:37AM
  Think he did a great job of painting the pic of a weak ACC.  -- chuckd4vt  03/18/2015 08:46AM
  Ok, so the media somehow bites on this what? -- marcbvtgm  03/18/2015 3:21PM
  Because those who play the game are making more money. ** -- chuckd4vt  03/19/2015 12:10AM
  That's quite a leap to connect those dots... ** -- marcbvtgm  03/19/2015 09:21AM
  Another P5 or bust story (CSU)... -- Calamitous  03/17/2015 7:42PM
  Re: Another P5 or bust story (CSU)... -- Stech  03/18/2015 7:48PM
  There are some P5 schools that bring less than CSU. -- Old Line Hokie  03/18/2015 11:57AM
  Denver is a small TV market? Better fans than Wake. -- Old Line Hokie  03/18/2015 6:32PM
  CSU is in Ft Collins, about an hour north of Denver..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/18/2015 6:47PM
  Ft. Collins is in the Denver TV market. -- Old Line Hokie  03/18/2015 7:10PM
  I think Colorado State's only hope is the Big 12. -- Old Line Hokie  03/17/2015 9:18PM
  BYU and CSU always seemed right to me. ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/18/2015 11:32AM
  I am looking at CSU season tix for next year. ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/17/2015 10:14PM
  Concur. B12 or nothing. ** -- Edgeman  03/17/2015 9:45PM
  Interesting conference realignment post -- Star City  03/14/2015 7:24PM
  To Quote Lawrence Taylor from the groundbreaking movie The Waterboy -- CobbCountyHokie  03/16/2015 10:26AM
  Everyone has their scenarios. Some crazier than others. ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/14/2015 8:42PM
  No thanks ** -- Hamburger  03/14/2015 8:02PM
  That's five minutes I'll never get back. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  03/14/2015 7:48PM
  That's just nuts IMO. ** -- goldendomer  03/14/2015 7:28PM
  UConn and the AAC -- Calamitous  03/14/2015 1:38PM
  According to this poll, 78% of PSU alumni want to join the ACC. ;) -- Old Line Hokie  03/16/2015 9:22PM
  I've heard the pushback is from the admin and faculty -- Vippie1  03/17/2015 12:59PM
  Right now, Maryland thinks VT is silly for not bolting.  -- chuckd4vt  03/17/2015 10:37PM
  True, their administration & faculty love the CIC. -- Old Line Hokie  03/17/2015 5:24PM
  WVU does. ** -- chuckd4vt  03/16/2015 09:34AM
  WVU's timing was off by a year -- Vippie1  03/17/2015 1:03PM
  Louisville or UConn a much better choice -- VT75  03/18/2015 06:01AM
  WVU moves the needle quite a bit in terms of passion... -- Calamitous  03/16/2015 7:56PM
  WVU passion may be deep, but it's also very narrow ** -- marcbvtgm  03/17/2015 10:08AM
  Correct BROman, nobody wanted wvu -- VT75  03/17/2015 7:14PM
  Don't agree. ACC also wanted Cuse & BC over VT.  -- chuckd4vt  03/16/2015 1:34PM
  Edgeman is correct. Small schools had nothing to do with it. -- Atlee Hokie  03/19/2015 3:57PM
  ESPN told the ACC who would up their TV $ (Pitt/Cuse)... -- BROman Hokie  03/16/2015 3:38PM
  TV $$$ is much more important than on-field competition ** -- BROman Hokie  03/18/2015 10:13AM
  There is merit in what you say.  -- Atlee Hokie  03/17/2015 09:22AM
  WVU doesn't move any dial outside of WV. ** -- marcbvtgm  03/16/2015 10:16AM
  "More" is a relative term... -- marcbvtgm  03/17/2015 10:10AM
  Disagree. Top 20 football program. And they OWN a state.  -- chuckd4vt  03/16/2015 4:57PM
  The football factions in the ACC don't want UConn. -- HOO86  03/15/2015 10:21PM
  And there's that too... -- Calamitous  03/16/2015 8:11PM
  From what I read, UConn was 2nd to Louisville and... -- Old Line Hokie  03/15/2015 10:39PM
  Yes. That's the football faction. -- HOO86  03/16/2015 09:37AM
  The good news is that everyone has football. -- HOO86  03/16/2015 5:49PM
  I wonder where Tech falls in that situation. -- Atlee Hokie  03/17/2015 09:13AM
  FSU has new people too now. -- HOO86  03/17/2015 12:36PM
  Wrong, they fielded teams, but moved up to D1a 15 years ago -- PadrosWindup  03/15/2015 10:29AM
  Not 100% sure, but UConn may have had their hands... -- Calamitous  03/15/2015 12:07PM
  They can do that now without joining the ACC. ** -- Edgeman  03/17/2015 09:40AM
  Go to 17 w/ UConn, ND, and WVU.  -- chuckd4vt  03/15/2015 3:20PM
  Forget Uconn -- Hamburger  03/15/2015 3:35PM
  Forget WVU. Push for PSU to come in with ND! ** -- Edgeman  03/17/2015 09:42AM
  Why wait for ND, just add PSU and WVU ** -- Calamitous  03/17/2015 6:59PM
  Here it is in text form... -- Calamitous  03/14/2015 9:21PM
  Thanks! ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/14/2015 11:00PM
  Why in the heck would the Big 10 want UC? -- Hamburger  03/15/2015 02:43AM
  Bunch of reasons off the top of my head.  -- marcbvtgm  03/16/2015 10:12AM
  Nevermind...I now see you prob meant Cincy as UC, not UConn -- marcbvtgm  03/16/2015 10:14AM
  Congrats to your Irish... -- Calamitous  03/15/2015 2:06PM
  Our boards are elated!!!! so awesome, congrats Heels -- goldendomer  03/14/2015 11:07PM
  Delete ** -- Maroon Doom  03/15/2015 9:27PM
  Oooops. Sorry Old Line. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  03/15/2015 10:57AM
  It's worth saying twice or more to get in their heads. ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/15/2015 3:47PM
  Good Luck in the NCAA. Take Kentucky down.  -- HOO86  03/15/2015 10:24PM
  Your university needs to experience a win. Then it can... -- IB4TECH  03/14/2015 8:38PM
  Think it's going to be a heck of a game. -- ScottyHeel  03/14/2015 7:38PM
  Another article about the cable sports bubble and unbundling -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/14/2015 08:33AM
  SEC names next commissioner. -- Old Line Hokie  03/13/2015 09:55AM
  Re: SEC names next commissioner. -- SoCloseHokie  03/14/2015 07:33AM
  Absolutely not -- Mercury  03/15/2015 07:45AM
  Sure, but why would he leave his gig in the PAC-12? ** -- Calamitous  03/14/2015 10:41AM
  ACC graduates continue to lead 3 of the Power 5. ** -- Stech  03/13/2015 7:39PM
  Who from UNC should get the job? ** -- SAMMYNOLE  03/13/2015 11:55AM
  Vast experience and no 2 in the ncaa -- Mercury  03/14/2015 4:55PM
  Got to beat out Chad Swofford first! :-) -- Stech  03/13/2015 9:54PM
  Ole Roy as soon as he retires! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/13/2015 4:55PM
  Agree 100% on Hayden replacing the bowl of jello Emert. ** -- Hokiefan5  03/14/2015 5:46PM
  Knowing the ACC it will be Swarbrick or Father Jenkins ** -- goldendomer  03/13/2015 12:52PM
  Louisville AD Tom Jurich might be good too. -- Old Line Hokie  03/13/2015 7:04PM
  Jurich has an incredible track record.... -- Calamitous  03/14/2015 1:07PM
  He's done really well at Louisville. -- HOO86  03/13/2015 8:26PM
  TV about John Swofford's son Chad. -- Stech  03/13/2015 9:48PM
  LOL. I guess he is isn't he. UNC person too. -- HOO86  03/13/2015 10:09PM
  He did , but you're right he would be good ** -- goldendomer  03/13/2015 5:58PM
  I'm more of a Rev. Leahy guy :) ** -- Calamitous  03/13/2015 3:14PM
  No one from -- goldendomer  03/13/2015 3:20PM
  Delete ** -- Calamitous  03/13/2015 3:13PM
  Interesting, he has got some big shoes to fill. ** -- goldendomer  03/13/2015 10:12AM
  I don't disagree that Slive has done a lot for the SEC. -- VTHokie2000  03/13/2015 11:52AM
  Even if the bubble is going to burst within the next 20 years -- VTHokie2000  03/13/2015 4:40PM
  You are assuming that schools will continue with the current -- VTHokie2000  03/14/2015 3:48PM
  Americans are moving faster than ever away from traditional TV -- BalmerHokie  03/13/2015 08:34AM
  Adults average 4h51m of live TV each DAY? -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/13/2015 12:43PM
  Re: Adults average 4h51m of live TV each DAY? -- BalmerHokie  03/13/2015 4:58PM
  I'm no legal expert, but I wonder if these shady dealings -- I85Hokie  03/13/2015 11:35AM
  No, and yes (sort of)... -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/13/2015 12:46PM
  You assume that the ACC had a willing network partner in 2010.... -- BROman Hokie  03/13/2015 08:53AM
  Is it better to go it alone or have a TV partner for a network?... -- BROman Hokie  03/13/2015 11:50AM
  This is a pretty big point, which I'm sure Cobb can expound on... -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/13/2015 12:52PM
  So why didn't Slive shove Raycom down ESPN'S throat?  -- chuckd4vt  03/13/2015 08:53AM
  Re: So why didn't Slive shove Raycom down ESPN'S throat? -- 2hhoop3  03/13/2015 09:29AM
  In regard to Ken Haines (Raycom President) -- AshburnFarmHokie  03/13/2015 3:38PM
  Raycom has TV stations in all 11 SEC states & 7 of 10 ACC states.. -- Old Line Hokie  03/13/2015 1:14PM
  I know what I was told and don't need your input. -- chuckd4vt  03/13/2015 12:49PM
  You clearly need input and education -- 2hhoop3  03/13/2015 1:01PM
  See oldline's post and get back to me about education. ** -- chuckd4vt  03/13/2015 2:35PM
  I've been watching the ACC Tournament games and started  -- seekoHoG  03/12/2015 1:20PM
  Maybe he should consider leaving March Madness as is and -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  03/12/2015 06:18AM
  Remember the pac 12 proposed this and circulated it -- Mercury  03/12/2015 2:37PM
  Referring to Swofford article about changing season ** -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  03/12/2015 06:20AM
  Teel interviews Swofford again. -- HOO86  03/10/2015 7:19PM
  Stech, we agree. Make a copy or write it down. ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/12/2015 11:17PM
  Very true, Stech. +1 -- Will Stewart     03/12/2015 8:46PM
  Got to factor in NBA Playoffs -- Colonel Jessup  03/11/2015 10:01AM
  NBA should shave about a dozen games off its schedule -- mancunian  03/13/2015 08:25AM
  NBA talking about moving into July ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/11/2015 10:02AM
  Or August ** -- Edgeman  03/12/2015 11:23AM
  Makes sense for the NBA. -- I85Hokie  03/11/2015 2:58PM
  What the heck is he chuckling about? -- dallasvt  03/10/2015 9:25PM
  Re: What the heck is he chuckling about? -- SAMMYNOLE  03/11/2015 2:15PM
  When you got no map, exploring is difficult. ** -- KnoxHokie  03/11/2015 4:43PM
  Some folks don't like the condescending tone of the acc -- Mercury  03/11/2015 07:07AM
  The one time they blabbed, they got stuck with VT... -- Mr. Touchdown  03/11/2015 11:26AM
  Yup ** -- HokieHollar  03/11/2015 10:54PM
  Who are the 3 Presidents on the TV rights Committee? -- FlyFishingHokie  03/12/2015 08:17AM
  Then why waste money paying him if he does so little. ** -- Atlee Hokie  03/11/2015 4:43PM
  Not a big fan of May Madness. WVU baseball coach wants to... -- Old Line Hokie  03/10/2015 9:19PM
  Would be HUGE for the ACC. Naturally, Swoff's hesitant. -- chuckd4vt  03/11/2015 01:34AM
  It seems like almost every school has their anti-Swofford faction.  -- Old Line Hokie  03/10/2015 6:53PM
  I know his family well and 50% of them don't like him. ** -- Hokiefan5  03/11/2015 1:32PM
  Bet Donna Shala likes him, he did what she told him. ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/10/2015 7:01PM
  Domer -- SoCloseHokie  03/10/2015 12:27PM
  5 million more,Don't understand? -- goldendomer  03/10/2015 12:32PM
  Re: 5 million more,Don't understand? -- SoCloseHokie  03/10/2015 12:43PM
  Don't think ND would join to save the ACC, but... -- ren_hoek  03/10/2015 2:52PM
  Save is the wrong word, solidify is a word I would use -- goldendomer  03/10/2015 2:59PM
  Re: Save is the wrong word, solidify is a word I would use -- osubuckeyes27  03/10/2015 9:13PM
  Concur. although i already think the acc is solid -- ren_hoek  03/10/2015 3:23PM
  ACC is fine and not in a bad position yet. The divide will -- goldendomer  03/10/2015 3:34PM
  That about says it all. ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/10/2015 6:39PM
  VT will not leave ACC...especialyto join Big 10 ** -- BigChief77  03/11/2015 10:43PM
  A couple questions regard your comment about the Big Ten -- VTHokie2000  03/12/2015 5:57PM
  Re: A couple questions regard your comment about the Big Ten -- BigTenPride  03/13/2015 1:33PM
  Based on Table 3, which you referenced in your response -- VTHokie2000  03/14/2015 4:14PM
  Re: Which B1G culture do you mean; Mich/OSU or Neb/Iowa ??? -- BigTenPride  03/11/2015 9:07PM
  Megalomania is bad, m'kay?.... -- Culpeper Hokie  03/10/2015 10:03PM
  Was thinking the same thing. In 45 years of following the Hokies,  -- AshburnFarmHokie  03/10/2015 11:14AM
  Very few schools are in complete control of their destiny. -- mancunian  03/10/2015 12:49PM
  Was playing golf with Bill Foster (our former BB coach) in 1999 -- AshburnFarmHokie  03/10/2015 3:41PM
  Another fun fact from that 1999 Markon column... -- mancunian  03/11/2015 11:36AM
  I am not old enough to remember the 50 year snub. -- VTHokie2000  03/10/2015 6:08PM
  The day VT joins the Big 10 is the day I'm no longer a fan -- Virtual Hokie  03/10/2015 09:27AM
  Re: The day VT joins the Big 10 is the day I'm no longer a fan -- BigTenPride  03/11/2015 8:53PM
  Money Talks -- VT Rockie  03/10/2015 12:45PM
  I wonder what the Vegas odds are on VT and UVA to the B1G? ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/10/2015 11:15AM
  Long ** -- marcbvtgm  03/10/2015 6:09PM
  UVA either. Totally and Completely boring. -- HOO86  03/10/2015 10:49AM
  No improvement in football competition? -- Colonel Jessup  03/10/2015 11:22AM
  He's correct. NO improvement in football. ** -- marcbvtgm  03/10/2015 6:10PM
  Now that the Big Ten has switched its divisions to an East-West -- VTHokie2000  03/10/2015 11:41AM
  Right now, no contest with Michigan, OSU, and PSU in the East -- Colonel Jessup  03/10/2015 11:56AM
  If Michigan, Ohio St, or Penn St are having a "down year(s)" -- VTHokie2000  03/10/2015 12:22PM
  Ohio State kept them on life support this year. -- HOO86  03/10/2015 11:32AM
  Re: Ohio State kept them on life support this year. -- BigTenPride  03/11/2015 8:44PM
  Michigan State has a very good football team. -- HOO86  03/13/2015 5:46PM
  Yeah, OK. ** -- reestuart  03/10/2015 1:45PM
  ACC didn't win a BCS game for nearly a decade -- Colonel Jessup  03/10/2015 11:47AM
  Miami alone has 5 National Championships since 1980 -- HOO86  03/10/2015 12:48PM
  Miami hasn't even won the ACC Coastal Division -- Old Line Hokie  03/10/2015 1:55PM
  The attraction for me is simply $$$$$$$$ -- FlyFishingHokie  03/10/2015 1:26PM
  Re: The day VT joins the Big 10 is the day I'm no longer a fan -- SoCloseHokie  03/10/2015 10:01AM
  I profess my eternal fan loyalty to VT. Even if we go to C-USA. ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/10/2015 09:41AM
  Half in jest however I'm not a fan -- Virtual Hokie  03/10/2015 10:09AM
  If anything, VT people would fit in better in the Big Ten. -- reestuart  03/10/2015 11:29AM
  Well, you might get your wish... -- Maroon Baboon  03/10/2015 10:15AM
  Re: Well, you might get your wish... -- SoCloseHokie  03/10/2015 11:02AM
  At this point here is my wish... -- Virtual Hokie  03/10/2015 11:00AM
  Re: At this point here is my wish... -- osubuckeyes27  03/10/2015 8:26PM
  I live in Pa and NO ONE ever talks about going to the ACC. -- Maroon Baboon  03/11/2015 09:20AM
  That would be awesome ** -- Pylons  03/10/2015 12:59PM
  And I think this is exactly what VT wants. ** -- ColumbusHokie  03/10/2015 11:49AM
  If VT and UVa leave, others will follow. -- Maroon Baboon  03/10/2015 09:28AM
  Yep ** -- goldendomer  03/10/2015 09:22AM
  I have a hard time seeing anything happening -- jms41  03/10/2015 11:42AM
  I see VA as being different. If the Big Ten takes both, -- reestuart  03/10/2015 11:31AM
  The B1G's best play to poach the acc is to invite 6 -- ren_hoek  03/10/2015 08:30AM
  You had 6 at FSU, GT, UNC, Duke, VT, UVA -- 4x4hokies  03/10/2015 3:54PM
  Having a legit Eastern division would be huge for the B1G -- Maroon Baboon  03/10/2015 09:39AM
  Re: The B1G's best play to poach the acc is to invite 6 -- SoCloseHokie  03/10/2015 08:35AM
  Georgia borders western North Carolina.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/10/2015 08:43AM
  Re: Georgia borders western North Carolina.... -- SoCloseHokie  03/10/2015 08:45AM
  I like the way you're thinking -- mancunian  03/10/2015 08:24AM
  What if you swapped divisions with Cuse? -- ren_hoek  03/10/2015 08:34AM
  Schedule has been a HUGE disappointment for me -- mancunian  03/10/2015 09:06AM
  We need to cut the crap and go to 10 games...or contraction. -- Maroon Baboon  03/10/2015 09:46AM
  No one said they are leaving, just having options -- Mercury  03/09/2015 11:00PM
  Looks look like Maryland might have made a hell of smart move ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/09/2015 9:34PM
  I said from the start that I envied UMd's move. -- Maroon Baboon  03/09/2015 9:44PM
  I think we are all in agreement here that VT is well positioned. -- Maroon Baboon  03/09/2015 8:33PM
  FSU and Clemson, yes. Louisville? Meh. -- Maroon Baboon  03/09/2015 9:54PM
  Not a big fan of Louisville myself. ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/09/2015 9:59PM
  Isn't the current trend that the US population -- VTHokie2000  03/09/2015 10:40PM
  I've always thought this is kind of a dumb argument... -- stuboy  03/10/2015 08:46AM
  I was not suggesting there would be a mass migration -- VTHokie2000  03/10/2015 11:04AM
  Projected U.S.Population 2050 -- Old Line Hokie  03/10/2015 09:56AM
  Good research...a couple points about it... -- stuboy  03/10/2015 11:02AM
  ESPN State of VA dilemna -- SoCloseHokie  03/09/2015 3:57PM
  UNC is the prize -- Calamitous  03/09/2015 9:10PM
  I would think NOVA is the prize....and only getting bigger ** -- HENRICO HOKIE  03/09/2015 11:10PM
  Re: UNC is the prize -- SoCloseHokie  03/09/2015 9:42PM
  UNC & UVA departing would severely damage the ACC. -- Old Line Hokie  03/09/2015 9:34PM
  Re: UNC & UVA departing would severely damage the ACC. -- SoCloseHokie  03/09/2015 9:37PM
  I can't see the ACC surviving if one more quality school leaves. -- Maroon Baboon  03/09/2015 9:52PM
  I'll never know because I'm not behind those closed doors... -- Calamitous  03/09/2015 9:44PM
  The old Tech leadership definitely wanted nothing but ACC. -- Atlee Hokie  03/10/2015 12:43AM
  Interest in B1G predated Sands/Babcock ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/10/2015 01:48AM
  Question and comment.... -- Maroon Baboon  03/09/2015 9:40PM
  2 Questions -- VTHokie2000  03/09/2015 10:24PM
  WRT the SEC, I think they'd take UVa or VT in a heartbeat. -- Maroon Baboon  03/09/2015 11:38PM
  Something to keep in mind -- VTHokie2000  03/10/2015 11:32AM
  I agree that both schools should do their due diligence  -- VTHokie2000  03/10/2015 3:49PM
  Re: Question and comment.... -- SoCloseHokie  03/09/2015 9:47PM
  Why do you think this? ** -- Atlee Hokie  03/10/2015 12:45AM
  FSU plans budget cuts to cover FCOA -- goldendomer  03/09/2015 2:26PM to the article inside -- Pylons  03/09/2015 3:18PM
  Yep, that's how I see it. No big deal.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/09/2015 6:35PM
  Interesting in their priorities -- Mercury  03/09/2015 5:02PM
  This is how I see the ACC right now..... -- Old Line Hokie  03/09/2015 7:02PM
  Pretty darn accurate. Blue bloods yearn for good ole days! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/09/2015 8:20PM
  This is true to a certain extent -- RTFC  03/09/2015 8:58PM
  Look like you all are off to the Big Ten :) -- goldendomer  03/08/2015 2:13PM
  Sorry, when I read Dud of wva, I quit reading. ** -- Hokiefan5  03/09/2015 12:47PM
  This is not from the Dude of WV, he was replying to him. ** -- ColumbusHokie  03/09/2015 7:23PM
  Essentially the Dude of MN though... ** -- marcbvtgm  03/10/2015 6:05PM
  Re: Look like you all are off to the Big Ten :) -- SoCloseHokie  03/09/2015 06:28AM
  I'd take it. ;) ** -- reestuart  03/10/2015 10:34AM
  Except if you look at the current expansion trend -- VTHokie2000  03/08/2015 10:12PM
  The only way to get one is take both. -- Stech  03/08/2015 10:51PM
  Perhaps the play here is leverage -- jms41  03/09/2015 6:54PM
  Depressing to hear you talk like this Stech -- ScottyHeel  03/08/2015 11:34PM
  Re: Depressing to hear you talk like this Stech -- Stech  03/09/2015 07:49AM
  It may (or may not) be an incorrect assumption to make though. -- VTHokie2000  03/08/2015 11:20PM
  Texas A&M is big on research too. -- VTHokie2000  03/08/2015 11:14PM
  Texas A&M is also an AAU member. ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/09/2015 05:41AM
  Texas A&M became an AAU member in 2001 -- VTHokie2000  03/09/2015 10:06PM
  Don't ya think UVa and UNC want to be in the same conference? -- Maroon Baboon  03/08/2015 9:26PM
  VT and UVA are much tighter than UVA & UNC. -- Stech  03/08/2015 10:47PM
  They want to be together. ..partnership is stronger. -- Stech  03/08/2015 10:44PM
  Great. The board is referencing this clown again? ** -- marcbvtgm  03/08/2015 8:25PM
  My fault, i don't buy it but he does make for interesting  -- goldendomer  03/08/2015 11:30PM
  Packman81 sure. Dude of MN just a guy w/ a PC -- marcbvtgm  03/09/2015 10:24AM
  Greg who? The Dude of MN? When has he been right? ** -- marcbvtgm  03/10/2015 6:06PM
  The BiG's problem is that if they just weaken the ACC... -- DMaroonHokie  03/08/2015 7:36PM
  Agree. But my point was that if BiG forced ND into the ACC .. -- DMaroonHokie  03/09/2015 11:18AM
  Agreed. Both have moved on it seems.  -- chuckd4vt  03/09/2015 12:19AM
  I had always thought that B1G wanted UVA and UNC. -- GreatSmokieHokie  03/08/2015 7:17PM
  They probably look at the UNC scandal as an aberration  -- Maroon Baboon  03/08/2015 8:44PM
  Well, it's a 100 year decision, as they say.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/08/2015 9:15PM
  Here is my share in the conversation. -- Maroon Baboon  03/08/2015 4:40PM
  That's an incredibly silly statement. -- Will Stewart     03/08/2015 5:30PM
  Makes me think of Boeheim's wishes. -- Maroon Baboon  03/08/2015 5:43PM
  I don't see one thing that was incorrectly stated.... -- Calamitous  03/08/2015 6:36PM
  Network effort must be going well -- Mercury  03/08/2015 4:26PM
  Nice to be desired but I can't see VT pulling out first... -- jesuisvtguy  03/08/2015 3:20PM
  I would not discount the B1G's interest in VT. ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/08/2015 2:38PM
  Crystal Cove - question for you about ND & ACC negotiations -- ScottyHeel  03/08/2015 3:35PM
  No specific additional information on 16. I do know.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/08/2015 4:38PM
  What are ND and ACC negotiating over? -- goldendomer  03/08/2015 5:22PM
  Why not just allow ND to keep their NBC deal?  -- chuckd4vt  03/09/2015 12:23AM
  The TV deal isn't the problem. Never has been.  -- Atlee Hokie  03/09/2015 07:27AM
  Why are PSU and B1G at odds? -- Maroon Baboon  03/08/2015 4:58PM
  I thought I read at the time the big also -- ahokie4u  03/08/2015 5:28PM
  Psu feels big 10 threw them out of the bus  -- Mercury  03/08/2015 11:09PM
  Ren_hoek mentioned several posts down.... -- Calamitous  03/08/2015 6:27PM
  Assuming the ACC managed to get Penn State away  -- VTHokie2000  03/08/2015 10:36PM
  Neither would I if their wasn't a GoR in place -- goldendomer  03/08/2015 2:57PM
  Interestng vt research dwarfs uva -- Mercury  03/08/2015 2:37PM
  Howevef vt and uva are the biggest acc supporters -- Mercury  03/08/2015 2:39PM
  On the exterior, Tech may be but... -- Old Line Hokie  03/08/2015 3:32PM
  Thank you for making an excellent point. ** -- hokiebob01  03/08/2015 9:45PM
  As indicated in my post, my opinion........ -- hokie77  03/08/2015 8:55PM
  If Swofford didn't negotiate an out from espn should a ... -- Atlee Hokie  03/08/2015 9:18PM
  You nailed it! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/08/2015 4:08PM
  Holier than thou ACC takes another hit.  -- chuckd4vt  03/08/2015 12:31AM
  Believe it or not... -- Calamitous  03/08/2015 11:34AM
  Louisville had 7 ACC All-Academic MBB players this year.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/08/2015 1:34PM
  Aren't those listed only football related probation? ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/08/2015 1:19PM
  I think you're right based on Crystal Cove's post below... -- Calamitous  03/08/2015 2:03PM
  Louisville had 5 years bball probation since 1996 ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/08/2015 12:05PM
  Feinstein wrote about this today -- VTHOKIE21020  03/08/2015 10:04AM
  The ACC can still blame that on the Big East. ** -- atlhokie1  03/08/2015 09:27AM
  The non-BE ACC has its own set of skeletons ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/08/2015 11:27AM
  Re: Holier than thou ACC takes another hit.  -- SoCloseHokie  03/08/2015 09:12AM
  Paging Cobb once again ... link to LHN contract with ESPN -- ScottyHeel  03/07/2015 2:12PM
  Great question and great digging Scotty.(Edited with better math!!) -- CobbCountyHokie  03/09/2015 08:59AM
  Comment on LHN-Fios & ? About your last paragraph -- Colonel Jessup  03/09/2015 10:30AM
  For Texas, they need the money to compete with Texas A&M -- CobbCountyHokie  03/09/2015 2:41PM
  OK. You got me on my bad math, I re-posted with better numbers ** -- CobbCountyHokie  03/09/2015 09:01AM
  Re: OK. You got me on my bad math, I re-posted with better numbers ** -- CobbCountyHokie  03/09/2015 09:00AM
  I'd be surprised if UT came without OU and a few local rivals. -- jesuisvtguy  03/08/2015 10:58AM

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