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  Big12 demolition  -- osubuckeyes27  07/05/2015 09:04AM
  Will the ACC be proactive or reactive?  -- Victor Tango  07/04/2015 9:40PM
  Re: Will the ACC be proactive or reactive?  -- osubuckeyes27  07/05/2015 09:11AM
  I'm sure the ACC is being proactive. Takes 2 to tango though. ** -- jesuisvtguy  07/05/2015 03:16AM
  "IF" some or all the Big 12 schools decide to break apart, the... -- Old Line Hokie  07/05/2015 12:05AM
  I lost you at the first sentence... -- 133193Hokie  07/04/2015 11:40PM
  UTexas makes UHouston a Big XII front runner? -- PadrosWindup  07/02/2015 8:05PM
  This is the DudeOfMN not DudeOfWV. -- Maroon Baboon  07/04/2015 10:32PM
  Same thing, maybe different folks. ** -- RJHokie  07/04/2015 10:53PM
  B1G -- OU_Sooner  07/04/2015 4:07PM
  Some posters here mentioned VT's future OOC schedule being heavy B1G. -- GreatSmokieHokie  07/04/2015 5:53PM
  You forgot mighty Rutgers! ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/04/2015 6:26PM
  I think UT's motive is to stick it to TAMU -- I85Hokie  07/04/2015 12:18PM
  You can not underestimate UT's -- 133193Hokie  07/04/2015 4:26PM
  Re your last, think CA rather than PA -- Perfesser  07/04/2015 11:42AM
  It's a good school. It just has a huge perception problem -- Perfesser  07/04/2015 11:25AM
  UH actually has higher SAT scores than TT -- I85Hokie  07/04/2015 12:13PM
  "Cougar High". That's a quality zing. ** -- Maroon Baboon  07/04/2015 11:17AM
  UT would not be a big fish in a small ACC pond... -- jesuisvtguy  07/02/2015 11:43PM
  Lmao What a doofy analogy. ** -- Hokiefan5  07/04/2015 8:17PM
  Don't you just love the Soap Opera? And it is! -- HOO86  07/03/2015 02:15AM
  Re: Don't you just love the Soap Opera? And it is! -- Stech  07/03/2015 08:12AM
  True -- OU_Sooner  07/02/2015 11:28PM
  I think that the ACC would. Bring in Pistol Pete! -- HOO86  07/03/2015 2:51PM
  Thought you were talking about this guy... -- Edgeman  07/03/2015 5:41PM
  No, but maybe the end of the Big 12 and the beginning of.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/03/2015 10:53PM
  Which other Texas has the most political clout? -- DMaroonHokie  07/03/2015 6:07PM
  Texas  -- OU_Sooner  07/03/2015 6:38PM
  Re: Texas -- Stech  07/03/2015 7:23PM
  The SEC has only had 1 religious-affiliated member.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/03/2015 9:32PM
  Hard to say -- OU_Sooner  07/03/2015 8:03PM
  Re: Hard to say -- Stech  07/03/2015 8:25PM
  Re: Re: Hard to say -- OU_Sooner  07/03/2015 9:19PM
  Also -- OU_Sooner  07/03/2015 2:30PM
  I like the recruiting analogy -- OU_Sooner  07/03/2015 1:44PM
  If the ACC did it, we'd be going to 4 divisions of 5 -- HOO86  07/03/2015 3:01PM
  The problem with WVU is UT and OK need local teams. -- jesuisvtguy  07/03/2015 10:25PM
  Swap Miami with Louisville, and it could work. -- HOO86  07/03/2015 8:54PM
  Yep and Texas , OU :) ** -- goldendomer  07/03/2015 8:16PM
  I just don't see it happening -- OU_Sooner  07/02/2015 9:21PM
  This is where UTexas can leverage the LHN -- PadrosWindup  07/03/2015 09:09AM
  Agree, Houston won't help with a new TV deal. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2015 9:38PM
  In the future -- OU_Sooner  07/02/2015 11:41PM
  Wrong about BC and Cuse. Their purpose is to get the ACC -- corvt2000  07/03/2015 7:28PM
  NY and Boston are important, Cuse and BC aren't.  -- chuckd4vt  07/04/2015 02:27AM
  Hell, Miami might not be worth a ham sandwich either... ** -- crabcake77  07/03/2015 09:25AM
  Miami has a national following. ** -- HokieHollar  07/03/2015 3:24PM
  Re: In the future -- dayooper  07/03/2015 09:01AM
  Remember, for a big state school, VT has a small alumni base. -- PadrosWindup  07/03/2015 09:17AM
  Hardly any ACC schools do by that measure... -- Calamitous  07/03/2015 6:00PM
  Here's VT's enrollment history -- Old Line Hokie  07/03/2015 12:47PM
  Re: Here's VT's enrollment history -- dayooper  07/03/2015 1:20PM
  OK Question for the B1G people -- BigCrumpy  07/02/2015 1:16PM
  Re: OK Question for the B1G people -- BigTenPride  07/02/2015 6:03PM
  Re: Re: OK Question for the B1G people -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2015 9:41PM
  Re: OK Question for the B1G people -- dayooper  07/02/2015 1:47PM
  Great to see you on TSL's CRB... -- Calamitous  07/03/2015 05:25AM
  Thanks ** -- BigCrumpy  07/02/2015 4:43PM
  Oh no, a Michigan fan. :)  -- goldendomer  07/02/2015 1:52PM
  Thanks, I enjoy your posts across the various CR boards -- goldendomer  07/02/2015 2:44PM
  Re: Thanks, I enjoy your posts across the various CR boards -- dayooper  07/02/2015 10:33PM
  Great, a Domer is the first one to reply :p -- dayooper  07/02/2015 2:10PM
  Re: Great, a Domer is the first one to reply :p -- SeaBlue  07/02/2015 2:50PM
  Good to see two new posters. Welcome to TSL. ** -- Will Stewart     07/03/2015 12:16AM
  Re: Re: Great, a Domer is the first one to reply :p -- dayooper  07/02/2015 10:36PM
  For the bail to the B1G and SEC fans -- BigCrumpy  07/01/2015 2:15PM
  A better indicator might be alumni -- Alpharetta Hokie  07/01/2015 8:57PM
  Top five home states of out-of-state class of 2017 -- SeaBlue  07/02/2015 3:00PM
  Tech has focused on the Northeast for over 50 years... -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2015 9:35PM
  Thanks good point ** -- BigCrumpy  07/02/2015 08:50AM
  Key is students -- Mercury  07/02/2015 05:40AM
  Toured Alabama with my stepson last week -- Alpharetta Hokie  07/02/2015 6:49PM
  Re: Toured Alabama with my stepson last week -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2015 9:27PM
  Expect more undergrads from China. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2015 09:28AM
  Charlotte is the best place for ACC football championship... -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 9:13PM
  No city will support it really well. Charlotte's done OK.  -- chuckd4vt  07/03/2015 01:25AM
  What do you want to compare to? -- HOO86  07/03/2015 02:10AM
  Probably right on that point -- Alpharetta Hokie  07/02/2015 10:03AM
  FSU-Duke drew 67,694 in 2013 -- HOO86  07/02/2015 7:52PM
  I would not discount DC. ** -- maddogbob  07/02/2015 02:42AM
  Cold??? Who cares. Football isn't for wimps. ** -- maddogbob  07/03/2015 10:53PM
  As it stands right now, the only way DC makes sense is to -- corvt2000  07/02/2015 12:42PM
  Even if FSU and Miami had not tanked during that time period -- VTHokie2000  07/02/2015 1:00PM
  FedEx is a hassle to get to compared to BOA in Charlotte... -- BROman Hokie  07/02/2015 12:32PM
  It depends on where you live... -- marcbvtgm  07/03/2015 3:19PM
  Hard to fill 80k seats at FedEx -- PadrosWindup  07/02/2015 08:25AM
  Re: For the bail to the B1G and SEC fans -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 2:47PM
  Wow the last numbers I saw were NJ and WV about equal -- BigCrumpy  07/02/2015 08:54AM
  That is perfect, THANKS I OWE YOU BIG TIME -- BigCrumpy  07/02/2015 08:51AM
  Shocking number is 62 from West Virginia as undergrads at VT- -- KnoxHokie  07/01/2015 11:04PM
  If the conference is an indication -- BigCrumpy  07/02/2015 1:10PM
  Schools like vt will rely on out of state for revenue -- Mercury  07/02/2015 06:57AM
  A lot of Maryland undergrads pay in-state tuition.. -- Old Line Hokie  07/02/2015 12:17PM
  Probably much tougher to get into VT from OOS now. ** -- Hokiefan5  07/02/2015 12:11AM
  Maryland talks about first year in Big 10. -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 11:40AM
  VT was winning championships constantly in the A-10 -- VictoryTurkey  07/01/2015 6:11PM
  Big 10 finished ahead of the ACC in the Director's Cup... -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 4:54PM
  And 10 national championships. ** -- reestuart  07/02/2015 7:51PM
  SEC is just starting to get paid -- Colonel Jessup  07/01/2015 1:47PM
  UMd and GT were the only two schools that could leave... -- Maroon Baboon  07/01/2015 1:18PM
  Georgia Tech was not elligible for B1G Membership -- BigCrumpy  07/01/2015 2:04PM
  AAU membership not a necessity (see, Notre Dame) and.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  07/01/2015 2:39PM
  Re: AAU membership not a necessity (see, Notre Dame) and.... -- BigTenPride  07/02/2015 6:18PM
  Thank you. I've been saying this forever. -- marcbvtgm  07/02/2015 09:58AM
  By laws are just bylaws. They can be changed. -- marcbvtgm  07/01/2015 2:28PM
  I agree that the B1G will make more money but..... -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 5:02PM
  You would be wrong. GT had 1 foot out the door and -- 133193Hokie  07/01/2015 2:17PM
  You just make stuff up to support your anti-ACC view -- marcbvtgm  07/01/2015 1:02PM
  Regardless of why it happened or whoes fault it is, -- 133193Hokie  07/01/2015 2:23PM
  You are correct on the mismangement but -- BigCrumpy  07/01/2015 2:06PM
  The ACC is a primary REASON Maryland was lacking money.  -- chuckd4vt  07/01/2015 1:13PM
  Re: The ACC is a primary REASON Maryland was lacking money.  -- BalmerHokie  07/01/2015 2:09PM
  Where are you seeing that the Big Ten checks are declining? -- reestuart  07/01/2015 2:28PM
  What I've been reading is the Big 10 members are averaging... -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 3:04PM
  You are simply wrong. -- marcbvtgm  07/01/2015 1:52PM
  Yep. The ACC is way back in MD's rear-view mirror. Everybody -- reestuart  07/01/2015 12:59PM
  Let's make ND, OU, and UT an offer... -- Maroon Baboon  06/30/2015 11:16PM
  TV will sort it all out long before  -- daveinop  07/01/2015 10:16AM
  20 teams sounds unmanageable. That doesn't make sense. -- Edgeman  07/01/2015 12:11PM
  20 teams would be a joke & not last long ** -- Colonel Jessup  07/01/2015 1:48PM
  Re: 20 teams would be a joke & not last long -- 33laszlo99  07/01/2015 7:32PM
  When the WAC decided to expand to 16 -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 4:45PM
  Good point. I wonder if that was unique to the WAC teams... -- jesuisvtguy  07/02/2015 09:46AM
  You may be correct that the ACC would not have the same problem -- VTHokie2000  07/02/2015 10:40AM
  Wouldn't ACC get ND w/o a godfather offer in a P4 world? -- Colonel Jessup  07/01/2015 09:38AM
  AAC and MWC -- daveinop  07/01/2015 10:37AM
  Wake won't leave, the money is too good to pass up. ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 10:54AM
  Waiting for the horse head to show up ** -- goldendomer  07/01/2015 12:31AM
  Tommy Tuberville is stirring the pot. -- HOO86  06/30/2015 7:55PM
  He wants Cincinatti to get invited to the B'12' -- ShockWaveVT  07/03/2015 07:52AM
  So to recap  -- ahokie4u  06/30/2015 8:54PM
  Baylor is in Waco. Texas Tech is in Lubbock. ** -- RJHokie  06/30/2015 9:00PM
  And honestly who cares, Judge Roy Bean was in Langtry -- BigCrumpy  07/02/2015 1:18PM
  Finebaum Tweet !!!!!!! -- goldendomer  06/30/2015 8:13PM
  If I am SEC power, I don't want Oklahoma. Yet another major hurdle -- Colonel Jessup  07/01/2015 09:52AM
  Form will eventually follow function -- daveinop  07/01/2015 09:03AM
  Playoff. Expansion. Not. Gonna'. Happen. ** -- crabcake77  07/01/2015 6:33PM
  If there are 4 power conferences, then it could happen. -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 6:53PM
  That's exactly what is happening right now. ** -- crabcake77  07/01/2015 7:37PM
  Not exactly the same since there are still 5 power conferences -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 7:57PM
  Possibly -- daveinop  07/01/2015 10:24AM
  Re: Finebaum Tweet !!!!!!! -- OU_Sooner  06/30/2015 10:59PM
  Is it possible that the SEC is re-thinking its position -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 11:29AM
  It's certainly possible -- OU_Sooner  07/01/2015 11:51AM
  The interesting thing about Texas (WRT state politics) -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 12:07PM
  If OU goes to the SEC, would they still play UT? -- Mr. Touchdown  07/01/2015 10:19AM
  I'd assume the RRSO would be maintained -- OU_Sooner  07/01/2015 11:12AM
  Also -- OU_Sooner  07/01/2015 11:20AM
  Finebaum was just quoting Cowherd. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  07/01/2015 09:19AM
  If OU to SEC and UT to Pac12, what is to come of the other 8? -- Maroon Baboon  06/30/2015 10:45PM
  IMO, OU's best move would be to the SEC. -- Old Line Hokie  06/30/2015 9:57PM
  If the Pac-12 didn't want Baylor when it was exploring -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 02:32AM
  For some reason,Texas has always had Baylor's back.... -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 09:40AM
  It is my understanding that the only reason Texas -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 11:19AM
  If the ACC makes Texas & friends .... -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 11:30AM
  I agree with you that currently the ACC doesn't probably -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 11:40AM
  Logically it would seem to make sense about Texas Tech. -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 12:01PM
  Re: Logically it would seem to make sense about Texas Tech. -- BigTenPride  07/02/2015 6:38PM
  If the power conferences did have a commissioner -- VTHokie2000  07/01/2015 02:12AM
  Now TCU's AD is telling everyone to "Chill Out". -- HOO86  06/30/2015 8:22PM
  But it is more fun to overreact & not apply logic -- Colonel Jessup  07/01/2015 09:14AM
  If Finebaum is right, how does it shake out? -- jms41  06/30/2015 11:45PM
  Thats Tuberville's ploy to get Cincy into the Big12. ** -- corvt2000  06/30/2015 4:51PM
  OU-UC collusion? ** -- Maroon Baboon  06/30/2015 10:49PM
  Yep. ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/30/2015 7:18PM
  Oh, and had the BXII co-champs been UT and OU... -- Maroon Baboon  06/30/2015 10:52PM
  Flight Aware - Check this out -- ScottyHeel  06/30/2015 6:52PM
  Luke Ridnour's plane I think. ** -- Maroon Baboon  07/01/2015 09:35AM
  I remember one Flight Aware from Blacksburg to Birmingham back... -- Old Line Hokie  06/30/2015 7:15PM
  Nobody knows where the Big Ten and Nebraska people met. -- reestuart  06/30/2015 11:26PM
  You really think major university presidents car pool? ** -- Perfesser  07/01/2015 10:05AM
  WVU's president rode down on his donkey. ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  07/01/2015 09:47AM
  Agreed. The timing and locations are funny. Maybe these guys -- reestuart  07/01/2015 08:40AM
  Was scrolling through ESPN and saw this. -- Hokiepac  06/30/2015 4:09PM
  Hey OU Sooner. What's the deal w/ this SoonerSportsTV?  -- chuckd4vt  06/30/2015 09:46AM
  Not nearly LHN money, but -- OU_Sooner  06/30/2015 10:20AM
  Yeah, pales to LHN...but pretty good scratch actually compared to -- Late 80s Hokie  06/30/2015 12:13PM
  It's kinda hard to say consiering how much weaker the ACC may have ... -- GreatSmokieHokie  06/30/2015 3:35PM
  At this point in time, we would be in the SEC -- Victor Tango  06/30/2015 1:55PM
  I prefer ACC to SEC, but in this alternate reality, I'd choose SEC -- Late 80s Hokie  06/30/2015 12:21PM
  It's a Wonderful Life (in a bad way) -- Alpharetta Hokie  06/30/2015 11:33AM
  I honestly think VT would have gone with the SEC ** -- BigCrumpy  06/30/2015 10:51AM
  Being shunned in 2003, like almost happened, would have been -- 133743Hokie  06/30/2015 09:12AM
  SEC would have likely expanded with VT & TAMU. ** -- jesuisvtguy  06/30/2015 10:43AM
  Which for the sec would not have been a bad deal -- BigCrumpy  06/30/2015 10:55AM
  If you listen to some on here, VT/aTm was the SEC's first choice.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/30/2015 11:57AM
  You should be inclined to believe it -- BigCrumpy  06/30/2015 3:07PM
  We found a patch of some fairly high cotton. -- Alpharetta Hokie  06/30/2015 8:40PM
  B1G chooses VT to partner w/MD. Rutgers weeps. ** -- Perfesser  06/30/2015 08:45AM
  This is most likely. ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/30/2015 11:25AM
  I am guessing we settled with the ACC by accepting admission -- Alpharetta Hokie  06/30/2015 1:28PM
  No doubt about it. ** -- reestuart  06/30/2015 2:13PM
  Disney putting pressure on ESPN to cut costs ... -- seekoHoG  06/29/2015 3:02PM
  FS1 in cost cutting mode too -- PadrosWindup  06/29/2015 9:39PM
  So I will go ahead and say this now... -- CobbCountyHokie  06/29/2015 4:41PM
  Is the LHN  -- daveinop  06/30/2015 6:29PM
  Re: So I will go ahead and say this now... -- 33laszlo99  06/29/2015 11:33PM
  In business never say stop -- Mercury  06/29/2015 5:43PM
  What about GOR? ** -- Femoyer Hokie  06/29/2015 4:59PM
  IMO it makes converting lhn to BXIIN easier than to ACCN -- PadrosWindup  06/30/2015 08:26AM
  Irrelevant if the conference implodes. ** -- Edgeman  06/29/2015 5:25PM
  What implodes 1st, the Big 12 or world economy? ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/29/2015 6:15PM
  Good question, but I think they can duct tape the economy -- goldendomer  06/29/2015 6:29PM
  Agree but why would conference implode just because LHN dies? -- Femoyer Hokie  06/29/2015 5:43PM
  Where is the Big 12 in Football fan support? -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 1:23PM
  Baylor new stadium -- Mercury  06/28/2015 8:42PM
  Yes. Both are smallish private schools. -- marcbvtgm  06/28/2015 5:50PM
  I would agree with your evaluation ** -- BigCrumpy  06/29/2015 2:28PM
  McLane and Amon G. Carter each seat 45k -- Perfesser  06/27/2015 9:50PM
  Something to keep in mind -- OU_Sooner  06/27/2015 4:47PM
  They average about 10k more than the ACC each game. ** -- chuckd4vt  06/27/2015 1:39PM
  True, but the mean avg is only one view of it -- marcbvtgm  06/27/2015 2:26PM
  Bottom line. The ACC schools don't support football well.  -- chuckd4vt  06/28/2015 3:44PM
  Not as true as you think -- BigCrumpy  06/29/2015 2:33PM
  Incorrect. Avg payout '13-14...ACC=$20.8M; Big12=$19.8M -- marcbvtgm  06/29/2015 11:01AM
  President Boren -- OU_Sooner  06/28/2015 6:36PM
  Thank you, kindly -- OU_Sooner  06/29/2015 4:00PM
  The B12 payout was really large in the past -- BigCrumpy  06/29/2015 2:21PM
  If you average people, we all -- hokie4ever  06/27/2015 5:46PM
  Ha ha good, no what I mean -- BigCrumpy  06/29/2015 2:31PM
  It is really hard to use averages and means -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 4:02PM
  If...if...if...all totally irrelevant ** -- ACCJesse  06/27/2015 4:53PM
  ACC-Big 12 football attendance for 2014 -- Old Line Hokie  06/27/2015 3:14PM
  ACC "fans" watch the SEC in Atlanta. Compelling sports.  -- chuckd4vt  06/29/2015 11:37PM
  Re: ACC  -- Red Hokie  06/30/2015 3:36PM
  Gimmie a break, B12 schools can watch corn grow -- BigCrumpy  06/29/2015 2:34PM
  If the Long Horn network is the reason that the  -- Maroon Doom  06/25/2015 4:00PM
  Tubberville quote(Tweet) -- goldendomer  06/29/2015 12:07PM
  BI2 has issues. Needs to expand but no great candidates. ** -- jesuisvtguy  06/30/2015 10:46AM
  George O'Leary too. -- HOO86  06/29/2015 5:57PM
  Says the coach whose school is desperate for a Big 12 bid -- Tailgate Guru  06/29/2015 4:23PM
  Good post. ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/29/2015 2:07PM
  I think the ACC should do whatever it can to get Texas -- lawhokie  06/27/2015 10:47PM
  What if the ACC went with Texas and 5 games a year -- BigCrumpy  06/29/2015 2:36PM
  IMO if Texas was to come it would be for the same type -- goldendomer  06/29/2015 2:53PM
  Doesn't seem like a very smart move long term. -- crabcake77  06/28/2015 7:10PM
  Oklahoma, Nebraska, et al. were simply jealous of Texas... -- lawhokie  06/29/2015 09:23AM
  Jealous or not, they left the conference... -- crabcake77  06/30/2015 10:59AM
  OK.....Let's play that out a bit..... -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/29/2015 1:40PM
  The point of the excercise was to point out the obvious...... -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/29/2015 2:38PM
  Again, there's more to collegiate athletics than 'business' ** -- crabcake77  06/30/2015 10:56AM
  How did that work out for Marcellus....Bent over a chair... -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/29/2015 12:16PM
  But who got medieval in the end? ** -- lawhokie  06/29/2015 12:24PM
  And......Bruce Willis got the $$$$$ without being penetrated.... ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/29/2015 12:59PM
  Spite. I remember a cool economics experiment that took this into  -- Late 80s Hokie  06/29/2015 10:51AM
  Texas, Tulane, and Houston wouldn't be that bad ** -- jesuisvtguy  06/29/2015 03:35AM
  I think an ACC-BigXII merger of sorts is an interesting idea. -- Maroon Baboon  06/28/2015 1:03PM
  How about add six from the Big XII and Notre Dame.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/29/2015 12:01PM
  What happens to Wake and the left out BXII teams? -- Maroon Baboon  06/29/2015 2:16PM
  Fair enough... -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/29/2015 12:16PM
  I think it would be a mixture of schools, Ville, Miami -- goldendomer  06/29/2015 12:29PM
  Consider this. -- Maroon Baboon  06/29/2015 10:47AM
  Re: Consider this. -- 33laszlo99  06/29/2015 4:15PM
  I know that Nebraska left the B12 b/c they were tired of -- HokieinClemson  06/28/2015 10:07AM
  Right now, the ACC is last in power conference payout... -- lawhokie  06/29/2015 11:19AM
  Expand the footprint and grow the network. -- HOO86  06/28/2015 7:56PM
  Money and access to recruits ** -- goldendomer  06/28/2015 10:40AM
  You're kidding us, right? -- Atlee Hokie  06/25/2015 5:04PM
  The B12 is on FOX ** -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:24PM
  No not really Atlee -- Maroon Doom  06/25/2015 7:05PM
  The ACC would fold like a cheap lawn chair... -- ACCJesse  06/27/2015 2:11PM
  Notice that only OU's president is out in front with criticism... -- Maroon Baboon  06/25/2015 5:25PM
  Pretty much ** -- Hamburger  06/27/2015 05:06AM
  Of course not, with out Texas they are not anything -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:40PM
  I know that, but Maroon Doom mentioned B12 outing Tex. -- Atlee Hokie  06/26/2015 4:51PM
  Well they's still have Oklahoma -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 12:35PM
  OU is strong, but they couldn't carry the B12 alone. -- Atlee Hokie  06/27/2015 6:08PM
  Frank the Tank on Boren's comments. -- PadrosWindup  06/25/2015 6:32PM
  Appears their is schism between Oklahoma and Texas -- Mercury  06/27/2015 1:59PM
  I think some interconference coordination is in order -- Maroon Baboon  06/28/2015 1:15PM
  Bottom line, the B12 with only 10 members is not significant -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:45PM
  Make more TV and bowl money than the ACC. ** -- chuckd4vt  06/26/2015 4:08PM
  For the time being -- Hamburger  06/27/2015 05:08AM
  They are in breach of contract -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 12:39PM
  I agree that they might if the schools were big names -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 1:10PM
  BYU and Col. St. would increase the payouts SOME.  -- chuckd4vt  06/27/2015 1:44PM
  No, they wouldn't.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/27/2015 10:58PM
  That previous deal is meaningless right now.  -- chuckd4vt  06/29/2015 01:05AM
  I'm not sure they would. -- Atlee Hokie  06/27/2015 6:18PM
  They would pay more if they actually delivered the game.  -- chuckd4vt  06/29/2015 01:01AM
  Sounds like just OU and maybe WVU want expansion -- goldendomer  06/25/2015 6:39PM
  Unless they have lost their mind they want expansion -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:29PM
  I think that was a tic ** -- Edgeman  06/25/2015 5:06PM
  What are VT fans' thoughts on joining the SEC? -- BreakawayZou  06/25/2015 3:12PM
  A Dream Come True! ** -- ACCJesse  06/27/2015 2:33PM
  Would "play" B1G vs SEC and see what would work -- 133193Hokie  06/27/2015 09:42AM
  Re: What are VT fans' thoughts on joining the SEC? -- JT4VT  06/26/2015 9:36PM
  Would love it. Premier ATHLETICS conference in the land.  -- chuckd4vt  06/26/2015 4:44PM
  It boils down to this -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:32PM
  Delete ** -- Femoyer Hokie  06/26/2015 11:30AM
  It all depends on my confidence level with the ACC's leadership. -- VTHokie2000  06/26/2015 10:59AM
  Conference stability is also an issue... -- lawhokie  06/26/2015 11:06AM
  Personally I'd place Maryland on the level of prostitution -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:36PM
  We are all prostitutes ** -- ACCJesse  06/27/2015 2:35PM
  LOL..B1G is rock solid...Maryland isn't going anywhere ** -- ACCJesse  06/27/2015 2:36PM
  Here's an article on their first season. Everybody is happy. -- reestuart  06/29/2015 5:10PM
  Yeah, the next TV contract will show that. -- reestuart  06/27/2015 3:19PM
  Disagree about Maryland's value...... -- Old Line Hokie  06/26/2015 2:09PM
  Also Maryland is in the top 20 in US population... -- lawhokie  06/27/2015 10:52PM
  Using your logic we should be going after Yale and Harvard -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 1:07PM
  Since I'm in the DC Market Maryland has little value -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 12:52PM
  I lived in NOVA for a decade, UM is all over the news... -- lawhokie  06/27/2015 10:56PM
  Go ahead and ignore the facts. ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/27/2015 3:18PM
  You are confusing your personal opinion with fact ** -- ACCJesse  06/27/2015 2:39PM
  Point of historic clarity: -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/27/2015 1:36PM
  Never understood why Maryland had financial trouble and- -- KnoxHokie  06/26/2015 4:03PM
  Several points -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 1:02PM
  The Washington Nationals. -- HOO86  06/26/2015 5:53PM
  Re: The Washington Nationals. -- bystander  06/26/2015 6:07PM
  If they are showing a loss, they want to show one. -- HOO86  06/26/2015 6:38PM
  Re: If they are showing a loss, they want to show one. -- bystander  06/26/2015 7:36PM
  I'm not sure where you are drawing your conclusion. -- HOO86  06/26/2015 8:07PM
  Re: I'm not sure where you are drawing your conclusion. -- bystander  06/26/2015 9:09PM
  Strongly disagree...... -- Old Line Hokie  06/26/2015 4:29PM
  Yes 18 of the 22 are women's lacrosse & field hockey. -- HOO86  06/26/2015 4:58PM
  I'm not talking about trading. -- Old Line Hokie  06/26/2015 7:09PM
  I like a mix, and we've talked about it before. -- HOO86  06/26/2015 7:34PM
  Like I've said before.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/26/2015 8:54PM
  Morgantown isn't a dump... -- ACCJesse  06/27/2015 2:45PM
  If the Big 12 implodes then I see a move to a more -- goldendomer  06/27/2015 11:50PM
  WVU made a solid rival for Miami too. ** -- chuckd4vt  06/27/2015 12:34PM
  Re: Yes 18 of the 22 are women's lacrosse & field hockey. -- bystander  06/26/2015 4:59PM
  The ACC lost Maryland and picked up Notre Dame.  -- HOO86  06/26/2015 5:17PM
  Re: Yes 18 of the 22 are women's lacrosse & field hockey. -- bystander  06/26/2015 4:57PM
  I'm not ranking one sport over another. -- HOO86  06/26/2015 5:45PM
  Yeah, MD was a huge loss. ** -- reestuart  06/26/2015 2:56PM
  A reason (maybe the only reason) I could see the SEC -- VTHokie2000  06/26/2015 12:01PM
  ACC doesn't have to outrun the bear, it only needs to outrun B12 ** -- VT ChemE 1986  06/26/2015 12:15PM
  Couldn't you make the case that ACC's vision or plan -- VTHokie2000  06/26/2015 4:05PM
  Sorry, the B12 isn't a P5 conference -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:37PM
  Would be my 3rd choice behind B1G and ACC (with viable network). ** -- Femoyer Hokie  06/26/2015 09:02AM
  ACC 1st choice, B1G #2, SEC #3 -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:48PM
  B1G is really only option unless there is conference apocalypse ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/26/2015 01:11AM
  BINGO ** -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:49PM
  I am curious to know why you think the Big Ten -- VTHokie2000  06/26/2015 10:03AM
  Because the powers that be at VT have made it clear that academic... -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/26/2015 11:43AM
  Powers that be change (ie, see Maryland) ** -- ACCJesse  06/27/2015 2:47PM
  You are correct -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:52PM
  Makes sense. I wasn't sure if you was looking at it -- VTHokie2000  06/26/2015 11:56AM
  SEC is where we need to be. ** -- maddogbob  06/26/2015 01:05AM
  From a football stand point yes, otherwise WHY> ** -- BigCrumpy  06/26/2015 12:53PM
  First, we have a history that predates the beginning -- maddogbob  06/26/2015 11:28PM
  I believe there are other sports that the SEC  -- VTHokie2000  06/26/2015 4:03PM
  Money. Money drives everything now. If SEC schools -- corvt2000  06/26/2015 2:04PM
  Mixed thoughts.... -- jesuisvtguy  06/26/2015 12:26AM
  Would love it. ** -- JohnsonCItyHokie  06/25/2015 8:59PM
  If the ACC continues to lag in revenue definitely -- lawhokie  06/25/2015 5:34PM
  Tech probably had the same percentage of students from... -- Old Line Hokie  06/25/2015 7:05PM
  Would love to be in the SEC. -- Maroon Baboon  06/25/2015 5:16PM
  Something you said raises a good question. -- Alpharetta Hokie  06/25/2015 5:59PM
  Tech's TV market probably has 3-4 million more residents... -- Old Line Hokie  06/25/2015 7:18PM
  I live a stones throw from TN so I'd be okay with it. -- Victor Tango  06/25/2015 4:33PM
  Welcome to our board..... -- Old Line Hokie  06/25/2015 4:03PM
  Personally, my 3rd favorite. -- reestuart  06/25/2015 3:17PM
  Deleted ** -- Maroon Baboon  06/25/2015 5:17PM
  CCG deregulation proposal advances out of committee -- goldendomer  06/24/2015 10:29PM
  A couple questions.... -- VTHokie2000  06/25/2015 2:42PM
  OU President says Big 12 needs 12(strive for 12) -- goldendomer  06/24/2015 3:24PM
  Sounds good. But after BYU, there is a big drop off in candidates. -- Maroon Baboon  06/25/2015 09:54AM
  If the Big XII is looking to expand back to 12 -- VTHokie2000  06/25/2015 2:50PM
  San Diego State would be a good add -- BigCrumpy  06/25/2015 11:54AM
  San Diego State and WVU in the same conference? -- BreakawayZou  06/25/2015 3:06PM
  What makes you think the ACC wants WVU? -- Maroon Baboon  06/25/2015 1:48PM
  Since UofL was added, the old rules don't apply for the ACC.  -- chuckd4vt  06/26/2015 12:34AM
  ACC needs some heated rivalries.............. -- hokie4ever  06/25/2015 2:46PM
  Please remember that Texas has a get out of jail free card -- BigCrumpy  06/25/2015 11:40AM
  Sounds like 5/8 of original members can dissolve -- lawhokie  06/25/2015 5:43PM
  8 original. I can't imagine that not all -- reestuart  06/25/2015 7:19PM
  Re: Sounds like 5/8 of original members can dissolve -- Red Hokie  06/25/2015 6:05PM
  My first thought was this is prepping for some other move -- marcbvtgm  06/25/2015 09:47AM
  The B12 has virtually no future unless they do something NOW -- BigCrumpy  06/25/2015 11:48AM
  Yeah, very interesting after all the smoke they've blown up -- reestuart  06/25/2015 08:42AM
  Or the former politician is blowing more smoke... ** -- marcbvtgm  06/25/2015 09:48AM
  Either way. The Big XII is run by one school. ** -- reestuart  06/25/2015 10:11AM
  I'm sure he's just trying to rattle some cages. ** -- reestuart  06/25/2015 4:44PM
  Wow -- OU_Sooner  06/24/2015 6:39PM
  You make some good points -- BigCrumpy  06/25/2015 11:42AM
  Re: Wow -- hokieone  06/25/2015 08:25AM
  Re: Re: Wow -- OU_Sooner  06/25/2015 09:07AM
  Was the Big 12's TCU addition about... -- Old Line Hokie  06/25/2015 09:39AM
  IMO Another Texas School. ** -- BigCrumpy  06/25/2015 11:43AM
  Re: Was the Big 12's TCU addition about... -- OU_Sooner  06/25/2015 09:50AM
  Best academic schools available are.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/24/2015 6:53PM
  For what reason would -- BigCrumpy  06/25/2015 11:52AM
  What 2 schools add value? -- Old Line Hokie  06/24/2015 6:02PM
  If I'm Iowa State or KSU or TCU..... -- Old Line Hokie  06/24/2015 9:27PM
  Iowa State and TCU appear to have no other options -- BigCrumpy  06/25/2015 11:55AM
  By the way, I hope you're watching your Hoos tonight. ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/24/2015 9:28PM
  Congrats HOO86! -- Old Line Hokie  06/24/2015 11:50PM
  I'll guess Cincy, BYU, UCF, CSU, Memph, NM in that order ** -- 4x4hokies  06/24/2015 8:46PM
  Think Cinn is a must for them. Maybe a NM school.  -- chuckd4vt  06/24/2015 6:10PM
  Not sold on either UNM or NMSU.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/24/2015 6:47PM
  OLH - Looks like you have the potential candidates. -- FrederickHokie  06/24/2015 7:40PM
  Article -- goldendomer  06/24/2015 3:55PM
  Interesting. But he doesn't say Why? -- HOO86  06/24/2015 4:48PM
  Wasn't the ACC #2 in players drafted too? -- Edgeman  06/23/2015 5:11PM
  A question for Stech -- Sugarrun  06/21/2015 4:12PM
  You have to remember that ND -- BigCrumpy  06/23/2015 4:15PM
  You can edit your own posts. Look for the EDIT link. ** -- Will Stewart     06/24/2015 4:22PM
  Agreed -- OU_Sooner  06/23/2015 2:25PM
  If Texas (Big 12) stay put we won't have to change anything  -- goldendomer  06/21/2015 6:45PM
  Re: If Texas (Big 12) stay put we won't have to change anything  -- BigTenPride  06/22/2015 11:05AM
  If you look at BYU's schedule you will see ND's future -- BigCrumpy  06/23/2015 4:08PM
  BYU's schedules look pretty good, if you ask me. -- reestuart  06/23/2015 4:23PM
  Is this a JOKE? -- BigCrumpy  06/23/2015 4:38PM
  Agreed, same with ND every year. Win and your in. -- goldendomer  06/24/2015 2:46PM
  IMO, it is tough following the Pac in the east -- Colonel Jessup  06/22/2015 8:07PM
  Texas ?? -- BigCrumpy  06/23/2015 4:11PM
  You may be right about both accounts. -- VTHokie2000  06/23/2015 5:07PM
  Your lost me at higher national profile.  -- VTBB  06/22/2015 12:31PM
  The Viewership numbers are pretty clear. -- HOO86  06/22/2015 2:39PM
  Better football teams = higher ratings -- BigTenPride  06/22/2015 4:39PM
  Actually FOX has a deal with the B12 and Big East -- BigCrumpy  06/23/2015 4:30PM
  Question about Eastern vs. Central Time Zones? -- Old Line Hokie  06/22/2015 4:39PM
  Yes the SEC is the most visible.  -- HOO86  06/22/2015 5:05PM
  Texas game time will NOT change with conference -- BigTenPride  06/22/2015 12:56PM
  Which is 8PM Texas time. PERFECT for them. ** -- chuckd4vt  06/22/2015 2:04PM
  Good for them...bad for national exposure... -- VTBB  06/22/2015 2:08PM
  Re: Good for them...bad for national exposure... -- BigTenPride  06/22/2015 2:18PM
  UT won't be placed in the 12PM EST slot. That's silly talk... -- jesuisvtguy  06/22/2015 9:45PM
  FWIW the Red River Rivalry in recent years has had a noon EST -- VTHokie2000  06/23/2015 12:53PM
  Good point. I actually went to that game 2 years ago :) ** -- jesuisvtguy  06/23/2015 2:53PM
  True perhaps, but also moot -- marcbvtgm  06/23/2015 10:46AM
  It would come down to ESPN though. if ESPN wants UT to play -- corvt2000  06/23/2015 10:53AM
  Re: Your lost me at higher national profile.  -- BigTenPride  06/22/2015 12:50PM
  Is Larry Scott gambling? -- Calamitous  06/19/2015 9:28PM
  Its more marketing espy and fox much more experience -- Mercury  06/21/2015 11:19AM
  Probably really IMG's territory, but I could be wrong ** -- Calamitous  06/21/2015 5:42PM
  Actually img is cbs ** -- Mercury  06/22/2015 12:47PM
  Texas AD Steve Patterson becoming a pariah in Austin -- HOO86  06/19/2015 11:18AM
  I'm normally disinclined to defend Texas, but... -- OU_Sooner  06/19/2015 2:50PM
  Texas can leave without an exit fee ** -- BigCrumpy  06/27/2015 1:05PM
  The only current requirement is for FBS... -- HokieNoMaterWhat  06/20/2015 9:53PM
  I mostly agree -- OU_Sooner  06/19/2015 5:51PM
  Re: I mostly agree -- OU_Sooner  06/19/2015 5:53PM
  I'm not convinced the Big XII doesn't stay together... -- Calamitous  06/21/2015 8:28PM
  Hard to argue with any of that -- OU_Sooner  06/21/2015 11:04PM
  Agree, I would too ** -- VaTechHokiesACC  06/22/2015 01:25AM
  King Texas is WHY PAC -- BigTenPride  06/22/2015 12:37PM
  I feel the same way when I support WVU to join the ACC. ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/19/2015 2:56PM
  Texas is still their state's #1 football brand..... -- Old Line Hokie  06/19/2015 1:19PM
  Texas A&M has become the state's #1 football team. -- HOO86  06/19/2015 1:38PM
  Texas will be back on top very soon. -- Old Line Hokie  06/19/2015 2:50PM
  Yep. It's been a PERFECT storm for aTm.  -- chuckd4vt  06/19/2015 2:17PM
  Manziel's rise was due to beating Alabama. -- HOO86  06/19/2015 2:09PM
  I'll have to disagree a bit there. But we'll never know. -- reestuart  06/19/2015 3:50PM
  Everything crazy that would've happened if Texas had joined the Pac-12 -- Will Stewart     06/18/2015 10:16AM
  Here's how I see that shaking out -- I85Hokie  06/20/2015 6:40PM
  I think this guy's timeline is off wrt Colorado and Nebraska -- Maroon Baboon  06/18/2015 9:22PM
  Hard to say -- OU_Sooner  06/19/2015 10:27AM
  Revealing post. It looks like Baylor would have enough  -- ScottyHeel  06/20/2015 7:04PM
  FWIW, I'd take Baylor in order to get Texas. -- Maroon Baboon  06/21/2015 6:22PM
  I think the "religious school" issue is way overblown -- Edgeman  06/22/2015 10:31AM
  It is highly unlikely that the SEC would allow -- VTHokie2000  06/18/2015 8:42PM
  My version... -- ren_hoek  06/18/2015 5:08PM
  A few changes... -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/19/2015 2:35PM
  Gag. -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/18/2015 12:11PM
  That's completely possible. -- Will Stewart     06/19/2015 10:36AM
  They call that the 'ol poppycock ** -- Colonel Jessup  06/18/2015 7:17PM
  Disappointed, but not really surprised........ ** -- hokie77  06/18/2015 3:23PM
  UNC and UVa will not be separated. ** -- Maroon Baboon  06/18/2015 12:00PM
  If you go back 24 years, I agree that FSU is the biggest winner... -- Old Line Hokie  06/17/2015 9:36PM
  Tell the board what your criteria is... -- 2hhoop3  06/19/2015 08:12AM
  In regards to reducing cable subscribers...(idea of sorts) -- The_VT_Rock  06/17/2015 10:22AM
  WSJ article(Pay article) : Interviewing Dolan -- goldendomer  06/16/2015 3:41PM
  Re: WSJ article(Pay article) : Interviewing Dolan -- CobbCountyHokie  06/17/2015 11:21AM
  That is exactly how I would sell it if I were them ** -- CobbCountyHokie  06/17/2015 11:50PM
  Thank you for your take... ** -- goldendomer  06/17/2015 11:51AM
  Re: WSJ article(Pay article) : Interviewing Dolan -- Old Line Hokie  06/16/2015 3:47PM
  That has been discussed here. But many cling to an ACC Network  -- Colonel Jessup  06/16/2015 5:04PM
  It has been discussed endlessly but with Dolan -- goldendomer  06/16/2015 5:08PM
  It doesn't look good for the future of the other P-5 networks... -- Old Line Hokie  06/16/2015 4:14PM
  Maybe the ACC is planning to be first to the NEXT party ** -- VictoryTurkey  06/17/2015 08:31AM
  Well, I think the whole system is going to data usage -- VaTechie  06/16/2015 5:11PM
  Thanks in no small part to 'Ol Pig Eyes -- I85Hokie  06/17/2015 11:09AM
  ACC is a basketball conference in a football world -- Colonel Jessup  06/16/2015 5:08PM
  We could have EASILY pulled in double what the Pac12 has.  -- chuckd4vt  06/17/2015 12:49AM
  So $2 mil per school. Once cable trend ends -- Colonel Jessup  06/17/2015 07:01AM
  So the ACC should expect <$2 mil per school -- Edgeman  06/17/2015 09:23AM
  Knowing the ACC leadership, I can easily imagine it. ** -- Atlee Hokie  06/17/2015 11:32PM
  Non P5 recruiting -- BigCrumpy  06/15/2015 12:39PM
  Div IA p5 Div IA non P5, Div IAA, Div II Div III ** -- Mercury  06/15/2015 5:21PM
  I think you have the perspective dude :-) ** -- BigCrumpy  06/19/2015 1:01PM
  Speaking of the ACCN, have any schools started... -- Edgeman  06/10/2015 6:36PM
  I don't know whether/how any ACC schools have started prepping -- RappinRodney  06/11/2015 9:49PM
  Why would schools need to buy any equipment -- VTHokie2000  06/10/2015 9:28PM
  I don't believe the primary objective of the other networks -- VTHokie2000  06/11/2015 12:43PM
  Agree this is not focus on networks  -- Mercury  06/11/2015 1:46PM
  It can also sometimes be a disadvantage because -- VTHokie2000  06/11/2015 1:08PM
  They already have this capability  -- Mercury  06/11/2015 12:28PM
  Interesting article on Texas and LHN -- goldendomer  06/10/2015 11:56AM
  Respectfully disagree, big country -- Mercury  06/15/2015 5:40PM
  Texas would have to charter flights. -- HOO86  06/15/2015 4:29PM
  Seems a bit nuts to me but I defer to others on the matter. -- goldendomer  06/15/2015 11:52AM
  It is easier to travel east than west -- Tailgate Guru  06/15/2015 1:26PM
  Yeah, coming from the east to the west when you're used -- reestuart  06/18/2015 1:06PM
  I travel all the time and I find the outbound.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/18/2015 09:56AM
  I think it's a challenge over content -- Mercury  06/11/2015 1:52PM
  Re: I think it's a challenge over content -- 33laszlo99  06/12/2015 06:10AM
  I'm against having a joint ACCN/LHN if it means Big TX... -- Edgeman  06/12/2015 11:21AM
  Yeah shouldn't be a joint network....... -- Hokies4Life  06/12/2015 12:17PM
  Re: Interesting article on Texas and LHN -- OU_Sooner  06/10/2015 1:29PM
  Welcome Sooner! Out of curiosity.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/10/2015 6:11PM
  Indeed, welcome. Glad to have you here, OU_Sooner. ** -- Will Stewart     06/19/2015 10:39AM
  Thank you, happy to be here ** -- OU_Sooner  06/19/2015 11:56AM
  Re: Welcome Sooner! Out of curiosity.... -- OU_Sooner  06/10/2015 9:12PM
  I liked Nebraska's RB's names I.M. HIpp & Jarvis Redwine. ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/11/2015 12:43PM
  Wasn't that the game where Holtz suspended several players -- reestuart  06/11/2015 2:43PM
  Sounds like a great trip! ** -- reestuart  06/12/2015 10:10AM
  Thanks. ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/10/2015 10:57PM
  I do hope something could have been worked out long term. -- reestuart  06/11/2015 09:46AM
  OU/Neb seemed like best game to me as a child -- Colonel Jessup  06/11/2015 08:41AM
  Re: OU/Neb seemed like best game to me as a child -- OU_Sooner  06/11/2015 09:59AM
  Right. Scores of rivalries have been killed by realignment. -- Maroon Baboon  06/10/2015 11:03PM
  Sooner don't be a stranger. -- Maroon Doom  06/10/2015 10:11PM
  Re: Sooner don't be a stranger. -- OU_Sooner  06/10/2015 10:52PM
  Don't forget that OU did play VT at home in 1991. -- VTHokie2000  06/10/2015 9:42PM
  Re: Don't forget that OU did play VT at home in 1991. -- OU_Sooner  06/10/2015 9:57PM
  And we have at least 1/2 of the Big 10, plus ND. ** -- Atlee Hokie  06/15/2015 11:09PM
  That reads like -- HOO86  06/10/2015 11:35AM
  All of those possibilities have been bantered about. -- HOO86  06/10/2015 1:44PM
  If ESPN decides to start broadcasting ACC sporting events -- VTHokie2000  06/10/2015 3:02PM
  Not that way. More joint SEC-ACC game scheduling.. -- HOO86  06/10/2015 3:57PM
  An SEC-ACC Football Challenge would be epic..... -- Hokies4Life  06/11/2015 12:25PM
  If an ACC-SEC Football Challenge were to come to fruition -- VTHokie2000  06/11/2015 1:21PM
  Do you know if ESPN or CBS has first rights to televise -- VTHokie2000  06/10/2015 4:40PM
  Don't know for sure. -- HOO86  06/10/2015 5:42PM
  ACC revenues...why the delay??? -- SAMMYNOLE  06/09/2015 2:53PM
  Still waiting on the bill from UNC's lawyers. ** -- chuckd4vt  06/10/2015 01:57AM
  ACC using the Julian calendar this year? -- Old Line Hokie  06/09/2015 6:58PM
  They'll probably use a Mayan Calander next year. -- Edgeman  06/10/2015 11:32AM
  Still counting the money from Raycomm ;-) ** -- 133193Hokie  06/09/2015 5:36PM
  You laugh, but there is a trigger for profit sharing... -- BUGGZY  06/09/2015 8:59PM
  OK - I hope that I am wrong and the ACC finds itself -- 133193Hokie  06/10/2015 08:54AM
  Saturday Night Massacre comin' on. -- Maroon Baboon  06/09/2015 4:26PM
  Too much money, still counting (j/k) ** -- goldendomer  06/09/2015 3:02PM
  Ole Miss, South Carolina, & UCLA ** -- Betabeachbum  06/14/2015 09:27AM
  Mine -- ahokie4u  06/09/2015 11:22PM
  Too much pressure..... ** -- VT ChemE 1986  06/09/2015 9:03PM
  The B1G and SEC are the same in that regard.... -- Calamitous  06/09/2015 9:02PM
  Re: The B1G and SEC are the same in that regard.... -- BigTenPride  06/09/2015 10:01PM
  Not the same beast..... -- Old Line Hokie  06/09/2015 10:12PM
  Look at it this way. -- 133193Hokie  06/09/2015 5:18PM
  Re: Look at it this way. -- BigTenPride  06/09/2015 6:50PM
  Agreed - it is a personal preference. I also look at the away -- 133193Hokie  06/10/2015 12:06AM
  And given GT's routinely poor attendance performance -- Alpharetta Hokie  06/09/2015 9:12PM
  Bobby Dodd full tonight and its not UGA, Clemson, FSU or VT -- Alpharetta Hokie  06/09/2015 9:08PM
  Here are the P5 football attendance figures for 2014.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/09/2015 6:40PM
  State schools versus private schools for the most part... -- Calamitous  06/09/2015 5:18PM
  Yep. Iowa's easily an upper half ACC program. ** -- chuckd4vt  06/09/2015 4:24PM
  They bring in more revenue than every ACC school.  -- reestuart  06/09/2015 4:28PM
  Great list, but I would replace Louisville with PSU -- GusDaMan  06/09/2015 4:08PM
  My top 12 (in no particular order): -- CrystalCoveHokie  06/09/2015 2:58PM
  Inside -- Colonel Jessup  06/09/2015 2:55PM
  The Miami game has slipped on my rankings... -- Old Line Hokie  06/09/2015 2:36PM
  MWC commissioner says Army-Navy refusing to move game... -- Calamitous  06/09/2015 06:41AM
  Forget that - even worse is the college playoff committee  -- I85Hokie  06/09/2015 10:14AM
  I agree with not having the major bowls on 2 Jan.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  06/09/2015 12:55PM
  I am going to agree with you  -- BigCrumpy  06/09/2015 2:20PM
  They only play on the 2nd when NYD falls on a Sunday. ** -- reestuart  06/09/2015 2:22PM
  Right - they played on the 2nd. Not the 31st. ** -- Gobbler-100  06/09/2015 3:51PM
  Yup... Army-Navy needs to stay where it is IMO... -- Calamitous  06/09/2015 4:52PM
  Given that exact situation, I bet most Army or Navy alum... -- Calamitous  06/09/2015 5:03PM
  Maybe so. I do wonder though if Navy had an opportunity -- VTHokie2000  06/09/2015 5:18PM
  It could have a larger impact besides just the CFC bowls -- VTHokie2000  06/10/2015 3:28PM
  I agree the game should have its own spotlight. -- VTHokie2000  06/10/2015 5:35PM
  No one cares what the MWC commissioner thinks... -- Mr. Touchdown  06/09/2015 07:42AM
  Yes I did -- BigCrumpy  06/08/2015 2:14PM
  I would not necessarily agree with that -- BigCrumpy  06/08/2015 2:23PM
  Not really. A simply 4*s/#of teams makes the point.  -- chuckd4vt  06/08/2015 1:18PM
  Re: Not really. A simply 4*s/#of teams makes the point.  -- BigTenPride  06/09/2015 1:59PM
  I haven't run them all but clearly there are 3 Below the ACC -- BigCrumpy  06/08/2015 2:18PM
  Re: Not really. A simple 4*s/#of teams makes the point. ** -- chuckd4vt  06/08/2015 1:19PM
  You can rationalize the ACC all you want, but at the end -- 133193Hokie  06/07/2015 4:45PM
  What bothers me is the anti-Southern attitude by some on here. -- Old Line Hokie  06/08/2015 09:57AM
  Disagree with this, in addition to folks from SEC country not -- crabcake77  06/08/2015 10:29PM
  Agreed with all of that. ** -- reestuart  06/09/2015 08:26AM
  One positive of Virginians. -- HOO86  06/08/2015 11:04PM
  Re: One positive of Virginians. -- Old Line Hokie  06/08/2015 11:33PM
  That's interesting. Your last name is not Sherman is it? -- RJHokie  06/08/2015 9:01PM
  LOL. Not a popular name in Georgia. ** -- HOO86  06/08/2015 10:58PM
  Maybe the Big 10 alumni are, but not the Midwest... -- Old Line Hokie  06/08/2015 2:49PM
  Re: Maybe the Big 10 alumni are, but not the Midwest... -- BigTenPride  06/09/2015 11:15AM
  Re: Re: Maybe the Big 10 alumni are, but not the Midwest... -- BigTenPride  06/09/2015 11:22AM
  Yep, Maryland is a "southern" school to many in the Big 10. ** -- Old Line Hokie  06/08/2015 12:32PM
  If the Big 10 wants more TV sets, south is the only direction .... -- Old Line Hokie  06/08/2015 3:37PM
  Re: Yep, Maryland is a -- BigTenPride  06/08/2015 2:05PM
  Oh no ! The B1G may actually -- 133193Hokie  06/08/2015 2:16PM
  As opposed to football snobbery? ** -- marcbvtgm  06/08/2015 08:42AM
  Mercury was talking academic. But football too. ** -- maddogbob  06/08/2015 5:25PM
  Yes, big difference in being a fan and a douchey snob.  -- chuckd4vt  06/08/2015 1:26PM
  At the end of the day neither of our opinions  -- 133193Hokie  06/07/2015 9:24PM
  Did you forget that Tech is a Land-grant school? -- Old Line Hokie  06/07/2015 9:23PM
  Tech has more in common with .... -- Perfesser  06/07/2015 9:48PM
  Re: Tech has more in common with .... -- Old Line Hokie  06/07/2015 10:04PM
  I'm not missing your point. I'm simply making another. -- Perfesser  06/07/2015 10:41PM
  Which is why VT's marketing is getting an upgrade -- crabcake77  06/17/2015 3:55PM
  One of many things that would derail a "farm league" -- Colonel Jessup  06/08/2015 10:47AM
  That's how I feel after trying to pick out 32 schools.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/08/2015 09:51AM
  Give me your 32 P-5 schools? -- Old Line Hokie  06/07/2015 11:36PM
  Not ignoring you -- been with inconsistent internet access -- Perfesser  06/10/2015 09:34AM
  I understand the business model. -- HokieEngineer  06/13/2015 6:32PM
  Depends on the field -- Perfesser  06/13/2015 6:53PM
  FSU/Clemson from ACC. All of SEC except Vandy. All of Big12  -- Femoyer Hokie  06/08/2015 09:30AM
  Step of the ledge, it isn't 2nd tier -- Hamburger  06/07/2015 9:53PM
  Three straight Orange Bowl Champions -- HOO86  06/07/2015 9:27PM
  WVU wants it badly and with good reason -- BigCrumpy  06/09/2015 2:27PM
  Please stop with the UCONN -- crabcake77  06/08/2015 12:55PM
  That's if the ACC pursues the Eastern Strategy -- HOO86  06/08/2015 1:15PM
  This is how sad UCONN is -- crabcake77  06/09/2015 9:42PM
  Well--maybe UConn has invented a way to create a rivalry- -- KnoxHokie  06/11/2015 2:21PM
  Re: This is how sad UCONN is -- UCHusky90  06/11/2015 1:47PM
  Primary objection is that it adds no value to the pie -- crabcake77  06/17/2015 3:53PM
  I suppose relegation could get UCONN into the ACC -- crabcake77  06/17/2015 6:40PM
  UConn attraction is being a large state university- -- KnoxHokie  06/11/2015 2:26PM
  Stech, thanks for the comment. We need football rivalries -- hokie4ever  06/08/2015 11:35AM
  The Science is to schedule for success. -- HOO86  06/08/2015 8:35PM
  Delete ** -- Femoyer Hokie  06/08/2015 11:13AM
  The ACC could just mix up divisions each year.  -- chuckd4vt  06/08/2015 08:05AM
  The SEC has it right...preserve near by rivalries. -- Stech  06/08/2015 7:11PM
  But then everybody shutters at a potential ACC North division... -- BROman Hokie  06/09/2015 10:09AM
  If the ACC insists on keeping BC, Syracuse, and Pitt then -- crabcake77  06/09/2015 5:30PM
  Don't stick us in that crud division. yikes -- goldendomer  06/09/2015 5:45PM
  Ha! I know you hate that... -- crabcake77  06/09/2015 6:56PM
  Northeastern definitely but don't need that -- goldendomer  06/09/2015 7:03PM
  I think they're going to put FSU and Miami in the same pod -- crabcake77  06/09/2015 7:24PM
  Re: Three straight Orange Bowl Champions -- Old Line Hokie  06/07/2015 9:46PM
  ND is gonna need to get a restraining order against -- goldendomer  06/07/2015 10:30AM
  WOW!! Thanks for the update,Kreskin!! ** -- Hokiefan5  06/06/2015 5:21PM
  Response to your points.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/06/2015 3:30PM
  Wrong on so many accounts. -- Old Line Hokie  06/06/2015 8:02PM
  I'm tired of you talking about this "winning" stuff. -- Old Line Hokie  06/07/2015 2:03PM
  "I'm not dead yet!" - Dave Mason -- GFallsFan  06/09/2015 09:54AM
  You are right. It does get old.  -- ahokie4u  06/07/2015 6:13PM
  Stech, I honestly want to see the ACC be the best that it can be. -- Old Line Hokie  06/07/2015 3:45PM
  And.... -- Old Line Hokie  06/07/2015 3:48PM
  Yep. I just want VT to have a great football schedule. -- Maroon Baboon  06/06/2015 9:33PM
  I'd agree, we are not in the same league -- BigCrumpy  06/07/2015 12:45PM
  A Miami fan on the OU board made a good point. -- HOO86  06/07/2015 11:17PM
  Yeah, ACC checked all the boxes for us. only -- goldendomer  06/07/2015 11:33PM
  Bravo- my sentiments about the ACC exactly. ** -- KnoxHokie  06/06/2015 9:11PM
  Some rumors are more equal than others (see: theDudeofWV) -- Maroon Baboon  06/06/2015 5:02PM
  Yeah, Michigan to the ACC may be the most laughable -- reestuart  06/06/2015 6:46PM
  I was quoting Maryland's legal brief -- BigCrumpy  06/07/2015 12:46PM
  Re: It seems far fetched, but this comment makes it less so. -- 33laszlo99  06/07/2015 2:52PM
  Re: It seems far fetched, but this comment makes it less so. -- 33laszlo99  06/07/2015 11:44AM
  He also talked about ND and Texas talking to the ACC.  -- Stech  06/06/2015 5:47PM
  I agree. I'll just add this about Penn State... -- Maroon Baboon  06/06/2015 4:11PM
  It was never a possbility with an Interim President. -- HOO86  06/07/2015 02:48AM
  Re: I agree. I'll just add this about Penn State... -- Old Line Hokie  06/06/2015 8:08PM
  PSU to the ACC was probably a possibility because -- reestuart  06/06/2015 6:48PM
  PSU in the B1G has always been a weird fit... numbers inside -- jesuisvtguy  06/06/2015 9:47PM
  Yeah. BBall schools held too much power though. ** -- jesuisvtguy  06/07/2015 6:44PM
  Agreed. The Big East could have been something great. ** -- reestuart  06/08/2015 09:00AM
  Re: PSU to the ACC was probably a possibility because -- Stech  06/06/2015 7:06PM
  This is interesting stuff, BUT, I recollect that some of your past ... -- GreatSmokieHokie  06/06/2015 1:27PM
  This was my first post in 3-4 years ** -- BigCrumpy  06/07/2015 10:31AM
  I know, but I remember the accuracy of some of your posts. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  06/07/2015 12:54PM

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