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  NCAA Details P5 autonomy - -- goldendomer  04/18/2014 5:12PM
  I don't believe the two schools have talked much -- VTHokie2000  04/18/2014 4:44PM
  JMU turns down FBS -- Truthahn  04/17/2014 1:14PM
  If you look at where JMU recruits its students -- VTHokie2000  04/17/2014 1:36PM
  UMass might be thinking about the AAC for all sports. -- Old Line Hokie  04/17/2014 11:07PM
  I have been surfing around a couple UMass message boards -- VTHokie2000  04/18/2014 01:08AM
  Football is the only sport that requires a conference -- VTHokie2000  04/18/2014 10:26AM
  Yes, that is a possibility. -- VTHokie2000  04/17/2014 4:16PM
  Re: JMU turns down FBS -- SoCloseHokie  04/17/2014 1:31PM
  Slive On the Future Of FBS--CBS Sports ** -- goldendomer  04/16/2014 8:23PM
  There seems to be some competition between UNC grads... -- Old Line Hokie  04/17/2014 09:49AM
  Yes it is. allows for meeting of the minds -- Mercury  04/17/2014 09:33AM
  Very interesting, thanks ** -- techman  04/16/2014 10:06PM
  I'd rather keep it the way it is. 2 Division champions. -- Old Line Hokie  04/15/2014 6:06PM
  If we have perm division, this is what I suggest. -- Maroon Baboon  04/16/2014 10:49AM
  I like your plan. -- Old Line Hokie  04/16/2014 2:48PM
  That's GREAT for us, but sucks for Division B.  -- chuckd4vt  04/16/2014 1:25PM
  Let me be clear... -- Maroon Baboon  04/16/2014 2:58PM
  Please clarify your clarification. -- VTHokie2000  04/16/2014 11:35PM
  Here ya go... -- Maroon Baboon  04/17/2014 12:26AM
  Something else to consider. -- VTHokie2000  04/17/2014 02:32AM
  You are correct. I failed to mention... -- Maroon Baboon  04/17/2014 08:24AM
  Not a problem. -- VTHokie2000  04/17/2014 10:10AM
  PPT of my plan -- Maroon Baboon  04/17/2014 12:14PM
  The link works and I was able to take a quick glance at it. -- VTHokie2000  04/17/2014 12:17PM
  I didn't give much thought to a desirable home schedule... -- Maroon Baboon  04/17/2014 3:12PM
  I don't disagree with your assessment. -- VTHokie2000  04/17/2014 4:34PM
  Yeah, it's a Catch 22; a shell game if you will -- Maroon Baboon  04/17/2014 5:31PM
  Very True. -- VTHokie2000  04/17/2014 6:32PM
  I don't disagree that basketball and football can co-exist -- VTHokie2000  04/18/2014 01:32AM
  Yes you are correct... -- Maroon Baboon  04/17/2014 11:14AM
  Re: Here ya go... ** -- Maroon Baboon  04/17/2014 12:25AM
  Comparing any school to Wake is a bad comparison. -- Maroon Baboon  04/16/2014 11:38PM
  I think scUM season tickets last year started below $100. -- Edgeman  04/17/2014 11:44AM
  I don't disagree with that. I guess we have two different... -- Maroon Baboon  04/17/2014 12:18AM
  Why do Clemson & FSU need to be in separate divisions?... -- BROman Hokie  04/16/2014 3:30PM
  Not about best teams at present, but best programs. -- Maroon Baboon  04/16/2014 11:32PM
  So we're in the BigEast w/out Miami? Great!!! ** -- chuckd4vt  04/16/2014 4:34PM
  'fraid so. That's what the ACC has become. ** -- reestuart  04/17/2014 09:50AM
  We're not playing a 7 game conference schedule... -- BROman Hokie  04/15/2014 9:16PM
  OK, here's a hypothetical... -- BROman Hokie  04/16/2014 10:58AM
  What we do RIGHT NOW is nowhere close to fair.  -- chuckd4vt  04/16/2014 1:53PM
  I think the ACC will go to a pod structure as soon as  -- mancunian  04/15/2014 10:02AM
  IMO 3 permanent/5 rotators is more likely than the pods... -- BROman Hokie  04/15/2014 3:20PM
  Do you believe 3 or 4 is the magic number? -- VTHokie2000  04/17/2014 1:40PM
  I agree. I think the SEC used to do something like that -- I85Hokie  04/16/2014 09:48AM
  Go to Pods make it 5 game schedule and a set number  -- goldendomer  04/15/2014 10:09AM
  I think a 7 game pod schedule would work.  -- chuckd4vt  04/15/2014 2:13PM
  Out-of-pod games should count as winning percentage to CC. -- Maroon Baboon  04/15/2014 12:07PM
  I don't think you would be alone :) ** -- goldendomer  04/15/2014 11:14AM
  Uhhh, yeah, no. -- mancunian  04/15/2014 10:20AM
  It sounds like Swofford is FINALLY caving on divisions.  -- chuckd4vt  04/15/2014 10:06AM
  I'll believe the ACCN channel when I see it (if I see it) -- Edgeman  04/15/2014 08:41AM
  A la carte is not going to happen... -- CobbCountyHokie  04/15/2014 12:17PM
  A bit early to throw dirt on the WWE isn't it?... -- BROman Hokie  04/15/2014 3:27PM
  Good. I hope they get rid of the divisions. -- hokieball  04/15/2014 12:29AM
  I think the O'Bannon lawsuit will have more of an impact.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/14/2014 09:38AM
  Tyhe current rule is no more than 20 hours per week. ** -- hokiebob01  04/14/2014 4:40PM
  Those greedy lazy kids nowadays. I worked 60 in school. ** -- chuckd4vt  04/14/2014 2:30PM
  We're fighting Maryland -- goldendomer  04/11/2014 12:43AM
  Subscription article. Who's going to cut/paste it? ** -- Freddyburg Hokie  04/11/2014 1:37PM
  Had no other choice -- Hamburger  04/13/2014 05:04AM
  Agree ** -- Hamburger  04/13/2014 4:09PM
  It would be safe to say that a great majority did not support.. -- Old Line Hokie  04/13/2014 12:53PM
  ACC graduates CEO's that oversee technicians from MD ** -- Mercury  04/11/2014 07:45AM
  Still say we need to counter these moves... -- Edgeman  04/11/2014 07:16AM
  Sounds great however... -- Mercury  04/12/2014 4:18PM
  Great to hear  -- Mercury  04/11/2014 05:54AM
  ACC schools will be stupid to continue playing -- Atlee Hokie  04/13/2014 03:07AM
  I have a feeling both Tech and UVA will be playing them ... -- Old Line Hokie  04/13/2014 10:48PM
  So Loh burned some bridges, eh? ** -- mancunian  04/15/2014 1:50PM
  Syracuse signed them up in football of all people. -- HOO86  04/13/2014 4:50PM
  Everything isn't about the Irish, believe it or not... -- Calamitous  04/11/2014 01:14AM
  Never said it was all about us. Just -- goldendomer  04/11/2014 09:11AM
  A previous article linked here stated VT... -- hokieball  04/11/2014 11:07AM
  Tech already complied so they can get into the B1G one day.;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/11/2014 12:47PM
  My guess is everyone sans Wake and Pitt are a smokescreen ** -- Calamitous  04/11/2014 09:23AM
  Help me connect the dots. -- hokieball  04/11/2014 11:17AM
  Interesting. I hadn't heard that before. -- hokieball  04/11/2014 1:10PM
  I read that it was Penn State who was being courted by Pitt and.. -- Old Line Hokie  04/11/2014 6:42PM
  Exactly, doesn't mean PSU wouldn't comply with the exit terms -- VictoryTurkey  04/14/2014 10:58AM
  Penn State is the only one that makes any sense -- HOO86  04/11/2014 5:24PM
  Well there is that dumb public/private deal.  -- chuckd4vt  04/11/2014 10:09PM
  Hey, if it's PSU and Northwestern, I'll take that deal. -- Maroon Baboon  04/12/2014 7:30PM
  Maybe all the privates should create their own conference? -- hokieball  04/12/2014 4:10PM
  I think one reason we're included was the fact we chaired. -- goldendomer  04/11/2014 11:25AM
  UConn vs Louisville? -- Calamitous  04/09/2014 12:12AM
  Might UCONN become a BiG target? -- MargaritaMike  04/10/2014 10:38PM
  Eventually probably. But not at the moment. -- HOO86  04/13/2014 4:45PM
  UofL is one of only a few surprises thus far w/ expansion.  -- chuckd4vt  04/09/2014 11:04PM
  Utah & Loserville are the biggest surprises and biggest winners. -- Atlee Hokie  04/13/2014 03:46AM
  Just take UConn into the ACC. Why not? ** -- KnoxHokie  04/09/2014 01:09AM
  Guess you haven't seen this UCONN story: -- Edgeman  04/11/2014 07:35AM
  No need to see-- such behavior is not unique to UConn- -- KnoxHokie  04/11/2014 10:48AM
  I see no compelling reasons for not taking UConn- -- KnoxHokie  04/10/2014 11:54AM
  Bingo! ** -- Calamitous  04/12/2014 12:02PM
  Reasons why not -- Mercury  04/09/2014 06:46AM
  "Uconn lawsuit during the big eAst breakup" Wasn't VT a party? -- hokiebob01  04/10/2014 08:14AM
  And VT was the lynchpin in the suit due to being the only school ... -- GreatSmokieHokie  04/11/2014 08:08AM
  Re: Reasons why not -- Calamitous  04/09/2014 09:12AM
  Re: Reasons why not -- SoCloseHokie  04/09/2014 07:24AM
  UConn is a much better academic institution than U of L... -- Old Line Hokie  04/09/2014 2:07PM
  Academics don't matter to the ACC. -- Atlee Hokie  04/13/2014 03:23AM
  U of L is to football what BC and GT are to football... -- Calamitous  04/13/2014 09:30AM
  Exactly ** -- Hamburger  04/13/2014 05:02AM
  Re: UConn is a much better academic institution than U of L... -- SoCloseHokie  04/09/2014 2:35PM
  I first thought all this was football driven, but... -- Old Line Hokie  04/09/2014 5:37PM
  I'm sold on UConn and WVU now. -- HOO86  04/10/2014 6:19PM
  No I haven't. And the fan behavior is a drawback. -- HOO86  04/11/2014 5:17PM
  Yup... my thoughts exactly ** -- Calamitous  04/11/2014 01:01AM
  ...and WVU would have given the ACC the backyard brawl. And... -- Maroon Baboon  04/10/2014 10:51AM
  I agree with you about Notre Dame too. ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/10/2014 11:16AM
  Agree with both of you. I respected the ACC all in rule -- goldendomer  04/10/2014 11:20AM
  Thats exactly is it…. -- Mercury  04/09/2014 07:44AM
  Re: Thats exactly is it…. -- SoCloseHokie  04/09/2014 08:20AM
  Maybe not popular but I like the ND/Navy package over UConn or Cincy ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  04/09/2014 12:56PM
  Does the ACC really want to deal with a football-only member? -- VTHokie2000  04/10/2014 1:37PM
  Navy brings NOTHING!! Don't want them now or ever!! ** -- Hokiefan5  04/09/2014 7:59PM
  Both packages are unpopular. -- Maroon Baboon  04/09/2014 5:03PM
  And I think those choices are unpopular with B1G fans. -- Maroon Baboon  04/10/2014 10:46AM
  The overwhelming reaction among Big 10 fans is indifference. -- mancunian  04/10/2014 12:15PM
  Re: Both packages are unpopular. -- 133304Hokie  04/09/2014 7:07PM
  Re: Re: Thats exactly is it…. -- 133304Hokie  04/09/2014 12:29PM
  Re: Re: Re: Thats exactly is it…. -- SoCloseHokie  04/09/2014 12:36PM
  Re: Re: Re: Re: Thats exactly is it…. -- 133304Hokie  04/09/2014 1:05PM
  PSU would be my #1 draft pick! -- Edgeman  04/09/2014 1:37PM
  My new EAC-16 conference (dreaming...) -- Calamitous  04/09/2014 10:21PM
  Kind of a fun topic on ND board that will give you -- goldendomer  04/08/2014 7:02PM
  If we joined the ACC tomorrow I wouldn't flip out or lose  -- goldendomer  04/10/2014 1:42PM
  Sorry... Thought I linked it. -- goldendomer  04/08/2014 7:10PM
  RKG? Can't figure that one out. ** -- Shut Up Brent  04/10/2014 09:19AM
  Kelly coined a phrase "Right Kind Of Guy" and much to my  -- goldendomer  04/10/2014 09:33AM
  Link? ** -- Maroon Baboon  04/08/2014 6:55PM
  WWE Features 677K subscribers...and their stock price goes down -- CobbCountyHokie  04/08/2014 4:58PM
  Bilas' comments on M&M this morning re: UConn and ACC -- Maroon Baboon  04/08/2014 08:06AM
  BC could not keep UConn out by themselves.  -- wwhokie1  04/18/2014 5:44PM
  Agreed. UConn does helps the ACC solidify basketball. -- HOO86  04/10/2014 6:28PM
  IMO, Louisville was what FSU needed to stay in the ACC.  -- chuckd4vt  04/08/2014 10:01PM
  UConn and rutgers captures the ny market? lol -- BelAir_VT  04/09/2014 9:42PM
  Used to work with a guy from Manhattan, and -- Edgeman  04/11/2014 07:07AM
  Yep, just like BC captures the Boston market -- I85Hokie  04/10/2014 2:20PM
  I'm sure UConn got more attractive after last night.... -- Old Line Hokie  04/08/2014 12:50PM
  Or ND decides to bring their football team... ** -- Edgeman  04/08/2014 10:56AM
  That would be the only reason I see to expand at this point. -- goldendomer  04/08/2014 11:09AM
  What are the chances ND would want Navy as team # 16?  -- seekoHoG  04/08/2014 5:19PM
  Interesting. Can you explain further. Would love -- hokie4ever  04/08/2014 11:55AM
  Uconn has made comments regarding ND -- goldendomer  04/08/2014 5:09PM
  Do you want Cincy as the ACC's next member? -- Edgeman  04/08/2014 11:53AM
  I would take UCONN and WVU or Cincy 16 team league.  -- hokie4ever  04/08/2014 09:35AM
  It's not that we think we're to good. It's nothiing personal. -- goldendomer  04/08/2014 09:49AM
  I think it is a wise thing to trim the fat. Get rid of the  -- goldendomer  04/07/2014 09:44AM
  The NCAA will do all they can to keep the Power 5 -- Old Line Hokie  04/07/2014 4:31PM
  This is a real tough for all parties -- Mercury  04/07/2014 4:44PM
  The stipends are peanuts and really won't have a overwhelming -- goldendomer  04/07/2014 6:07PM
  Yeah, sorry I am lacking reading comprehension right now. -- goldendomer  04/07/2014 7:48PM
  It's not the fan the invester -- Mercury  04/05/2014 10:04AM
  Sorry-misplaced- meant to be under GoldDome's post ** -- Vippie1  04/04/2014 08:44AM
  It's the schools problem -- Mercury  04/05/2014 4:53PM
  Yep. It's on the Presidents. Not the NCAA. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  04/05/2014 7:03PM
  Cognitive dissonance -- Maroon Baboon  04/04/2014 12:32PM
  That's why that engineer needs to be savy on investing -- Edgeman  04/04/2014 11:55AM
  True, but if you are 1 in a million football talent -- PadrosWindup  04/04/2014 12:09PM
  Agreed. Dudes could learn to be trainers too. ** -- chuckd4vt  04/04/2014 10:10PM
  Do undergrads currently receive stipends from universities? -- Calamitous  04/06/2014 09:50AM
  Disagree -- marcbvtgm  04/06/2014 4:11PM
  The "pay" issue is all over the place.... -- Old Line Hokie  04/06/2014 12:54PM
  That doesn't mean it can't and shouldn't be done. -- hokieball  04/04/2014 1:16PM
  Are you against stipends for academic students?  -- Stech  04/04/2014 3:38PM
  LOL. My post was directly related to your subject line. -- hokieball  04/05/2014 6:06PM
  Why? What economic factors will drive this decision? -- PadrosWindup  04/04/2014 1:23PM
  The same ones that drive minor league baseball and hockey. -- hokieball  04/05/2014 5:53PM
  Not at VT. We've always honored our scholarships after... -- Edgeman  04/04/2014 10:39AM
  This will destroy college sports.  -- JHHOKIE  04/03/2014 5:52PM
  I'll join you like millions of college sports fans will. -- Old Line Hokie  04/03/2014 10:07PM
  Makes no sense... -- SECJesse  04/04/2014 06:49AM
  How many star attractions does each team have? -- Old Line Hokie  04/04/2014 09:43AM
  How many fans will show up if there are no players? -- SECJesse  04/04/2014 09:46AM
  It depends on how much they get "paid"..... -- Old Line Hokie  04/04/2014 3:57PM
  That's the way it should be. -- hokieball  04/04/2014 10:17AM
  I have no problem with that... -- SECJesse  04/04/2014 10:53AM
  Exactly. We wouldn't be having this conversation. ** -- hokieball  04/04/2014 1:18PM
  Lot of misplaced outrage over this topic. Especially when... -- Gobbler-100  04/04/2014 08:52AM
  Certainly the current situation is even worse in that regard. ** -- Gobbler-100  04/05/2014 01:18AM
  Players can always grow up to be coaches, no? ** -- marcbvtgm  04/04/2014 09:49AM
  I concur... -- Go VT  04/03/2014 6:35PM
  It is hard for me to remember how many events -- JHHOKIE  04/03/2014 8:05PM
  College football players aren't getting engineering degrees. ** -- Gobbler-100  04/03/2014 11:48PM
  Document Details P5 Effort For Autonomy-CBS-Sports  -- goldendomer  03/31/2014 6:13PM
  Not asking for so much.......yet. ** -- JHHOKIE  04/03/2014 5:54PM
  It's not blitzkrieg. -- hokieball  04/01/2014 11:02AM is about the way things are trending. ** -- Stech  04/01/2014 7:40PM
  I think there will/should be 3 conference champs and 1 at-large. -- Maroon Baboon  04/01/2014 10:24AM
  That's my thought too. However... -- gman86  04/01/2014 11:43AM
  Exactly, that is the way I see it. ** -- goldendomer  04/01/2014 10:31AM
  The great Dude... -- SoCloseHokie  03/31/2014 07:38AM
  Every day is April Fool's Day for the Dude. ** -- Old Line Hokie  04/01/2014 12:46PM
  Sun Belt, CUSA, & MAC? -- hokieball  03/31/2014 11:21AM
  SEC, B12, ACC if you care to believe it. -- Maroon Baboon  03/31/2014 12:19PM
  All 3 entire conferences? That's absurd. -- hokieball  03/31/2014 1:42PM
  It just hit me: could it be for wrestling only? -- hokieball  03/31/2014 1:47PM
  UConn and Cincy expansion question -- Maroon Baboon  03/30/2014 7:23PM
  In the book Saturday Millionaires... -- CobbCountyHokie  03/31/2014 2:28PM
  No, BC was a solid choice -- SuwaneeHokie820  04/08/2014 1:44PM
  Is it true that BC is "blocking" UConn? If so, how? -- Maroon Baboon  03/31/2014 07:42AM
  I think BC's opposition to UConn is mostly greed. -- Old Line Hokie  03/31/2014 10:28AM
  Yep, college football needs to be a presence in the region.  -- chuckd4vt  04/01/2014 11:46PM
  This is an Error on the part of Boston College -- HOO86  04/01/2014 02:10AM
  I think they would solidify our NYC presence a bit.  -- chuckd4vt  03/31/2014 02:05AM
  Maybe the ACC is waiting to see if ND will be 15 to may UConn 16 -- Maroon Baboon  03/31/2014 07:29AM
  IDK, all it would take is a vote.  -- chuckd4vt  03/31/2014 1:10PM
  What pressure can Bama or any other single school put on us? -- goldendomer  04/01/2014 09:55AM
  All it would take is the SEC and B1G to do it. -- chuckd4vt  04/01/2014 12:36AM
  Allies? We have quite a few.,but that's not really the issue. -- goldendomer  04/01/2014 06:33AM
  ND may have less once they're playing them less.  -- chuckd4vt  04/02/2014 02:34AM
  I know several who have cut the cord -- ahokie4u  03/31/2014 11:13PM
  You are correct in that the largest group of cord cutters are below 30 -- CobbCountyHokie  03/30/2014 10:55PM
  Technology wise the acc operation beats the networks -- Mercury  03/30/2014 6:23PM
  A heartfelt good-bye video to Maryland. Very touching:) -- Old Line Hokie  03/28/2014 3:03PM
  I kinda wish it was us going to the B1G. -- Maroon Baboon  03/29/2014 02:35AM
  UVA and VT as #15 and #16 would be a good fit -- I85Hokie  03/31/2014 11:39AM
  Geographically speaking, heck no! -- Edgeman  03/29/2014 10:19AM
  UVA is are #1 rival and ...... -- Old Line Hokie  03/29/2014 2:10PM
  Already know that, just comparing near by schools. ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/29/2014 10:55PM
  Shrinking mid-west versus the whole east coast. -- Stech  03/29/2014 9:24PM
  Map of Power 5 Conference Territories -- Old Line Hokie  03/30/2014 6:05PM
  If Tech were located near a big city, the Big 10 would be a good fit. -- Old Line Hokie  03/30/2014 11:51AM
  Classic, made me shed a tear... -- Marooned  03/28/2014 10:44PM
  ACC is having another press conference today at 3. Any guesses? ** -- CobbCountyHokie  03/27/2014 11:39AM
  Future ACC BB Tournaments in Charlotte and Greensboro ** -- hokiebob01  03/27/2014 6:23PM
  Not press conference worthy, IMO. -- hokieball  03/27/2014 9:58PM
  Teel said on twitter it was about future ACCTs in NC. ** -- Gobbler-100  03/27/2014 1:17PM
  Dunno. Maybe a statement on the new labor ruling? ** -- Femoyer Hokie  03/27/2014 12:01PM
  Umass leaving the MAC ** -- HokieJamie  03/26/2014 3:35PM
  I think UMass would be better off in the AAC (The American)... -- Old Line Hokie  03/26/2014 4:16PM
  Some real expansion/contraction news! -- goldendomer  03/26/2014 3:36PM
  Possibly a bummer for JMU and Liberty -- Truthahn  03/27/2014 1:11PM
  Screw Liberty! Hatefilled, racists pricks can rot!! ** -- Hokiefan5  03/29/2014 01:02AM
  Northwestern football players can unionize, NLRB rules -- goldendomer  03/26/2014 3:30PM
  So what's the potential impact on realignment? -- JEHokie  03/27/2014 10:49AM
  For now, the push is to unionize athletes at private schools,  -- FlyFishingHokie  03/26/2014 5:30PM
  The NCAA will officially become the farm system of the NFL. -- Old Line Hokie  03/26/2014 3:55PM
  SIR: Clay Travis speculates VT to SEC (link) -- vpibasketball  03/26/2014 2:15PM
  He spins a good story -- Vippie1  03/28/2014 3:31PM
  This is why I laugh when I am called a conspiracy theorist ** -- CobbCountyHokie  03/27/2014 09:54AM
  ... so you're saying there's a chance! ** -- VTurficus  03/26/2014 5:44PM
  I'm like Pavlov's dog when I see VT and SEC in the same sentence -- Maroon Baboon  03/26/2014 4:56PM
  This has been covered a million times...... -- Old Line Hokie  03/26/2014 4:11PM
  This case will be in litigation for years to come -- 133304Hokie  03/26/2014 5:22PM
  Clay Travis has always been a moron ** -- SuwaneeHokie820  04/08/2014 1:51PM
  The ACC should slap a $1B defamation lawsuit on MDU -- Edgeman  03/26/2014 4:05PM
  ACC has scheduled a press conference for 10AM this morning -- CobbCountyHokie  03/26/2014 08:21AM
  Barclay's NY deal signed sealed delivered -- Mercury  03/26/2014 08:31AM
  Outstanding! ** -- Edgeman  03/26/2014 12:08PM
  That is probably right. ** -- CobbCountyHokie  03/26/2014 08:38AM
  New proposal for division one voting -- goldendomer  03/25/2014 9:47PM
  I assume that they would want more but  -- goldendomer  03/26/2014 08:00AM
  If that is it. Not a big deal -- ahokie4u  03/25/2014 10:53PM
  Stech, believe many on here naive -- Fast Hokie  03/26/2014 08:03AM
  Re: Stech, believe many on here naive -- 133142Hokie  03/26/2014 1:38PM
  I sure hope it gets off the ground. -- Old Line Hokie  03/25/2014 9:40PM
  Let's say it gets done... -- marcbvtgm  03/26/2014 1:33PM
  Unfortunately, this is going to be the big separator -- Mercury  03/29/2014 09:24AM
  Whoa...Maryland subpoenas 10 ACC schools and ESPN -- CobbCountyHokie  03/24/2014 3:44PM
  I think UMD made a big gamble and lost -- I85Hokie  03/27/2014 09:43AM
  Which 2 B1G schools? Penn St and Ohio St? -- JEHokie  03/25/2014 6:37PM
  Penn State and N'western were most likely the 2 schools... -- Old Line Hokie  03/26/2014 09:45AM
  If it's two, I could see one of the Indiana or Illinois schools -- Maroon Baboon  03/25/2014 7:29PM
  Yeah, I could just about see that. Maybe Purdue due to their -- reestuart  03/25/2014 7:39PM
  What if ESPN tried to get B10 schools to leave? -- Mr. Touchdown  03/25/2014 1:11PM
  Tax payer paid attorneys vs conference paid attorneys -- FlyFishingHokie  03/25/2014 12:49PM
  MD is seeking $157 million from the ACC, plus ....... -- Old Line Hokie  03/25/2014 09:45AM
  Re: MD is seeking $157 million from the ACC, plus ....... -- 33laszlo99  03/24/2014 9:04PM
  Looks like UMd trying to muddy the waters ** -- Maroon Baboon  03/24/2014 8:47PM
  That's what terrapins do.;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/25/2014 09:41AM
  My question is.. so what? -- ShockWaveVT  03/25/2014 12:23AM
  Did someone say "Wallace Loh"? -- Will Stewart     03/25/2014 8:42PM
  I wonder about the coming stipend -- ahokie4u  03/23/2014 8:11PM
  Will it be... -- Go VT  03/24/2014 7:24PM
  Lots of expenses -- Mercury  03/23/2014 11:47PM
  We're oy talking a million or two dollars.  -- chuckd4vt  03/24/2014 08:06AM
  If you funded every single sport and gave a $2K stipend to -- reestuart  03/25/2014 11:03AM
  Could handle? Perhaps. Should handle? No, IMO. ** -- marcbvtgm  03/24/2014 10:14AM
  Why not? Plenty of scholarships award stipends. I *know* that ROTC... -- Freddyburg Hokie  03/24/2014 10:45AM
  IMO...& your argument doesn't persuade me at all ** -- marcbvtgm  03/25/2014 1:00PM
  All sports, nailed it with title 9 ** -- goldendomer  03/23/2014 8:18PM
  Depends on what the stipends come out to be. -- goldendomer  03/23/2014 10:12PM
  When that plays out there will be a separation.  -- ahokie4u  03/24/2014 12:20AM
  Is the Whit hiring a "A&M effort with VT and UVA -- Mercury  03/23/2014 08:22AM
  There's one other factor at play with A&M -- MPHOKIE  03/24/2014 1:46PM
  You think with the new president at UVA??? -- Mercury  03/23/2014 8:04PM
  I don't know what slowed them down. -- HOO86  03/24/2014 1:37PM
  That was informative for me.  -- HOO86  03/25/2014 02:10AM
  Re: Is the Whit hiring a  -- SoCloseHokie  03/23/2014 10:38AM
  I'm bummed that we are never in the NCAAs -- CobbCountyHokie  03/20/2014 3:07PM
  Buzz Williams is pushing for a VT move to the Big East... -- Calamitous  03/22/2014 7:25PM
  Buzzzzz gonna change that!!!!! ** -- Stech  03/21/2014 9:44PM
  Well this could happen... -- HokieDevil  03/21/2014 08:17AM
  Sorry Texas academics will not allow them to consider SEC -- Mercury  03/23/2014 08:23AM
  The merger with the ACC should make them feel better about it -- HokieDevil  03/24/2014 11:55AM
  I still like my 24 school ACC idea -- hokieball  03/23/2014 11:32AM
  Not sure SEC would take K-state, and P12, Texas Tech -- Maroon Baboon  03/23/2014 6:03PM
  SEC has no interest in Kansas State. -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2014 5:56PM
  2 words: Spring football. ** -- maddogbob  03/20/2014 6:05PM
  Unless you forgot to submit your ticket application. -- VTHokie2000  03/21/2014 12:23PM
  ESPNSUCKER??? ** -- maddogbob  03/21/2014 5:58PM
  No. Just a new spin on an old running joke -- VTHokie2000  03/24/2014 5:46PM
  Oh i know. I too was joking. ** -- maddogbob  03/25/2014 6:59PM
  ACC Digital Network Launches “ACC Sports” on Apple TV -- Victor Tango  03/17/2014 11:17AM
  This has been on ROKU for quite a while. That was  -- seekoHoG  03/17/2014 12:11PM
  Probably waited until they could get the bugs out. -- Edgeman  03/17/2014 12:55PM
  A little history -- Tailgate Guru  03/21/2014 3:55PM
  Interesting that PSU wanted Maryland -- I85Hokie  03/24/2014 09:03AM
  Nice post. Thanks ** -- gman86  03/21/2014 3:05PM
  Key line: "We will rue the day" (wrt not inviting Penn State) -- Maroon Baboon  03/17/2014 12:39PM
  Didn't PSU demand a lot to join the BE? -- Truthahn  03/18/2014 2:17PM
  IIRC Pitt worked the membership to keep them out too. ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  03/24/2014 5:00PM
  I85Hokie's post is pretty much the story I've heard ** -- Edgeman  03/18/2014 3:03PM
  Wasn't Penn State just as much to blame? -- I85Hokie  03/18/2014 2:14PM
  Yeah, no reason to think VT would have been a shoe-in. -- reestuart  03/18/2014 4:21PM
  IMHO, BEFC was better than ACC top to bottom during... -- Old Line Hokie  03/17/2014 10:54AM
  I, for one, was bummed with 2003 expansion. -- Maroon Baboon  03/17/2014 2:53PM
  I've often thought about how things would have turned out -- I85Hokie  03/18/2014 2:39PM
  In terms of "what if"... -- Maroon Baboon  03/18/2014 3:10PM
  Re: IMHO, BEFC was better than ACC top to bottom during... -- MPHOKIE  03/17/2014 11:08AM
  Agreed. ** -- chuckd4vt  03/17/2014 10:52AM
  No divisions, One Permanent Opponent would  -- hokihoo  03/17/2014 2:10PM
  Only problem with that is there are several games -- VTHokie2000  03/18/2014 8:33PM
  No divs, 3 perm, 5 rotate, takes 2 yrs to play everyone -- ren_hoek  03/14/2014 8:09PM
  My 3 perm list -- Maroon Baboon  03/15/2014 4:43PM
  Re: My 3 perm list -- SoCloseHokie  03/16/2014 08:58AM
  Updated 3.  -- Maroon Baboon  03/16/2014 1:35PM
  I'm sure UM would be thrilled with that... -- IB4TECH  03/15/2014 7:40PM
  If anything, I guess I'd put NCSt & Str, and Mia & VT.... -- Maroon Baboon  03/15/2014 9:23PM
  Knowing the ACC, Tech would get UVA, Wake, & BC. ** -- Old Line Hokie  03/15/2014 5:54PM
  Yep. -- hokieball  03/16/2014 1:32PM
  For Clemson, FSU, GT & NCSU are a must -- ren_hoek  03/15/2014 2:35PM
  I have VT vs. UVa, GT, and NCSt (see above). But... -- Maroon Baboon  03/15/2014 6:16PM
  3X5 balances the schedules ** -- BROman Hokie  03/15/2014 1:11PM
  But the issue is then some schools permanents would be  -- Vippie1  03/15/2014 9:33PM
  UNC will be UVa, NCSt, and Duke (no Wake)... -- Maroon Baboon  03/15/2014 9:49PM
  Makes too much sense for the ACC to do it.  -- chuckd4vt  03/15/2014 02:46AM
  If the NCAA deregulates, the ACC will... -- ren_hoek  03/15/2014 2:40PM
  If the ACC keeps the divisions and cross over rivals,  -- VTHokie2000  03/18/2014 12:56PM
  Here's a link to the story. -- Old Line Hokie  03/14/2014 6:41PM
  So if the ACC is going to 14 teams in 2014... -- The_VT_Rock  03/15/2014 10:13AM
  Right. Had Clemson made the ACCCG and lost again to FSU... -- Maroon Baboon  03/15/2014 12:11AM
  This particular sentence makes no sense.... -- Gobbler-100  03/14/2014 8:08PM
  They're keeping these ridiculous divisions. ** -- chuckd4vt  03/15/2014 02:48AM
  I think somebody may have gotten through to them about that. -- Gobbler-100  03/15/2014 3:49PM
  Good, hope it happens.. ** -- goldendomer  03/14/2014 8:23PM
  JMU rumors to the MAC -- Truthahn  03/14/2014 3:27PM
  If I'm JMU, I'd take the MAC over CUSA... -- Old Line Hokie  03/14/2014 6:03PM
  According to JMU's AD, -- VTHokie2000  03/18/2014 8:09PM
  And the smart folks at Marshall would agree with you ** -- Tailgate Guru  03/17/2014 11:40AM

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