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  An ND fan that knows what will occur if we are pushed -- goldendomer  03/04/2015 3:09PM
  Here's my question... -- Calamitous  03/04/2015 8:33PM
  I would be more pro-ACC if ND and WVU were #s 15 & 16 -- Calamitous  03/04/2015 9:11PM
  IMO if they showed ND they could go . IMO YES ** -- goldendomer  03/04/2015 8:34PM
  Sorry for all the questions, but I have one more... -- Calamitous  03/04/2015 9:40PM
  Inventive use of B1G name with Bug ** -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  03/04/2015 8:10PM
  My favorite line in the thread: -- Maroon Baboon  03/04/2015 7:31PM
  Lost to Louisville at home. Scraped by UNC -- Colonel Jessup  03/04/2015 4:36PM
  Will any of the major conferences take OU and OkSt together? -- Maroon Baboon  03/04/2015 8:03PM
  I think the SEC and PAC would take them as a package. ** -- Calamitous  03/04/2015 8:30PM
  ...and ESPN ** -- 133304Hokie  03/04/2015 4:37PM
  Makes a lot of sense -- ren_hoek  03/04/2015 3:46PM
  Nope, but you know ND has let the Big Ten -- goldendomer  03/04/2015 3:55PM
  This is high-stakes triangulation at its best. -- Maroon Baboon  03/04/2015 4:19PM
  2012 CUSE poster...sorta close to now talking! -- SoCloseHokie  03/04/2015 1:58PM
  Are B1G negotiations driving the ACC bus? -- Red Hokie  03/04/2015 07:14AM
  Other perspective  -- Mercury  03/04/2015 08:23AM
  Big 10 Stipend Rankings -- Old Line Hokie  03/04/2015 12:22AM
  Utah leads the PAC-12 at $5K -- Calamitous  03/04/2015 9:59PM
  From looking at PSU and OSU websites -- Pylons  03/04/2015 09:15AM
  Did the ACC schools sign a GOR with the conference or ESPN? ** -- Maroon Doom  03/03/2015 5:21PM
  With the ACC. ** -- HOO86  03/03/2015 6:58PM
  Who signed a contract with and sold them to ESPN... ** -- 133304Hokie  03/03/2015 9:32PM
  Don't think so. I think GOR belongs to ACC, not ESPN. ** -- seekoHoG  03/04/2015 09:43AM
  It's like a chain of title. -- 133304Hokie  03/04/2015 11:35AM
  There was talk of Navy - could this be a possibility...? -- The_VT_Rock  03/03/2015 1:51PM
  Exactly. Who will give more than they take? ** -- marcbvtgm  03/04/2015 09:21AM
  God I hope not -- hardcorpshokie  03/03/2015 7:46PM
  Why?? Football is the only sport where numbers matter -- Nova Hokie 95  03/03/2015 5:28PM
  Why do we need to go to 16 if ND joins? -- Hokies4Life  03/03/2015 5:29PM
  Can't do that because it can't happen -- The_VT_Rock  03/04/2015 12:33PM
  The MAC got away with it (when they had 13 members) -- VTHokie2000  03/03/2015 11:22PM
  Or they could convince Wake to drop football. ** -- 133304Hokie  03/03/2015 9:34PM
  Or, they could let VT go to the B1G. -- Maroon Baboon  03/04/2015 11:28AM
  Your title game setup won't work -- Nova Hokie 95  03/03/2015 5:34PM
  Now is perfect time for academies to bow out.  -- chuckd4vt  03/03/2015 3:59PM
  The service academies should be in the FCS. -- Old Line Hokie  03/03/2015 4:15PM
  I don't disagree with you that the service academies -- VTHokie2000  03/03/2015 4:59PM
  I can see the service academies competing in the FBS.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/03/2015 5:18PM
  It will be interesting to see the fate of the FBS. -- VTHokie2000  03/04/2015 12:02AM
  It pains me to say it but WVU is like the Steelers of CFB. -- hardcorpshokie  03/03/2015 7:51PM
  I would say OSU is like the Steelers of CFB. -- benthokie  03/03/2015 10:15PM
  WVU has a much larger fan base than UConn -- Tailgate Guru  03/03/2015 12:54PM
  WVU would normally be best except for its fanbase ** -- WestyHokie  03/03/2015 12:04PM
  1. UConn 3. Cinn/WVU ** -- marcbvtgm  03/03/2015 11:19AM
  It does. One only needs to look at attendance. We have enough markets -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 11:29AM
  You're viewing tomorrow's situation with today's lens -- marcbvtgm  03/03/2015 3:59PM
  Market over product quality -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 4:42PM
  I'll repeat...the future. UConn has potential. WVU doesn't. -- marcbvtgm  03/04/2015 09:17AM
  Yep. The ACC took the opposite approach of the others. -- reestuart  03/03/2015 1:40PM
  Ding Ding Ding. See SEC for fans vs. markets ** -- hokie4ever  03/03/2015 1:33PM
  Would the ACC add another basketball school in UConn? -- Old Line Hokie  03/03/2015 12:57PM
  Only if Clemson, FSU and maybe a few others left first -- ren_hoek  03/04/2015 07:02AM
  You all are killing me. -- Will Stewart     03/03/2015 10:26AM
  Another exciting off season!!!! ** -- goldendomer  03/03/2015 11:19AM
  Thanks for the forum Will -- CobbCountyHokie  03/03/2015 10:51AM
  It's a nice supplement to the Football Uniform Board ** -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 2:01PM
  Should it be renamed College Sports Business Board? -- seekoHoG  03/03/2015 1:46PM
  Sorry if asked before, but how are the Tiers decided?  -- Hokies4Life  03/02/2015 10:47PM
  Tier 1 is about the contract, not the games themselves... -- BUGGZY  03/02/2015 11:00PM
  Re: Tier 1 is about the contract, not the games themselves... -- SAMMYNOLE  03/03/2015 12:20PM
  Don't know who mouths more big 12 or big 10 -- Mercury  03/04/2015 06:35AM
  Just when I finally stopped following the Dude of WV and MN` -- CobbCountyHokie  03/03/2015 10:52AM
  IMO, he has sources but his sources have an agenda and he -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 11:09AM
  He was right on some of the backdoor conversations that took place -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 1:20PM
  He did. ** -- hardcorpshokie  03/03/2015 11:19AM
  "The conference believes..."? I assume he's talking about the B12 -- Maroon Baboon  03/03/2015 08:25AM
  Bring lawyers, guns and money! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/03/2015 09:52AM
  The mysterious out clause -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 08:09AM
  The GOR out clause is total BS -- ren_hoek  03/03/2015 08:34AM
  Dude (and the person(s)) feeding him info specialize in -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 09:59AM
  Well, the ACC situation was unique. This GOR was in response to -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 10:04AM
  I enjoy playing Louisville and BC -- ren_hoek  03/03/2015 10:53AM
  You are one of few fans who enjoy playing BC, our "rival" ** -- WestyHokie  03/03/2015 12:03PM
  Of course they were given a rosy outlook and want to stay together -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 11:24AM
  Yep, and that would be VT's division. Much more attractive -- reestuart  03/03/2015 11:40AM
  I could live with a spot in the Eastern Division of B10. ** -- Atlee Hokie  03/04/2015 07:35AM
  And fill Lane Stadium! $$$$$$$ ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/03/2015 12:00PM
  It would happen if Big10 raids first -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 08:19AM
  Sounds like confirmation that nc states 81 was correct -- ahokie4u  03/02/2015 9:53PM
  I think if Jerry Fowler agrees that there is something going  -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 9:43PM
  Re: I think if Jerry Fowler agrees that there is something going  -- SoCloseHokie  03/03/2015 06:34AM
  I agree they won't.. But something is churning up the waters if  -- goldendomer  03/03/2015 09:15AM
  Does ESPN want... -- SoCloseHokie  03/02/2015 2:43PM
  Definitely now wondering if this guy knows anything(His Quote) -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 8:06PM
  The GoR applies to Notre Dame in 2 ways. -- 133304Hokie  03/02/2015 8:58PM
  I'm trying to wrap my head around this rumor -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 3:26PM
  There are only two scenarios that make sense to me on this -- CobbCountyHokie  03/03/2015 3:17PM
  Re: I'm trying to wrap my head around this rumor -- SoCloseHokie  03/02/2015 4:26PM
  Maybe Swarbrick and Jenkins have gaged the acceptance. -- HOO86  03/02/2015 4:10PM
  NC State board makes it appear that Cincinnati is #16.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/02/2015 5:24PM
  Something worth pondering over -- VTHokie2000  03/02/2015 7:25PM
  Take a prospective on business -- Mercury  03/02/2015 4:00PM
  Regarding B10, if I were ESPN I'd keep the modest ACC contract and -- Colonel Jessup  03/02/2015 4:07PM
  I agree, I have a real hard time with ND -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 3:48PM
  The only way I could see it... -- Calamitous  03/02/2015 5:51PM
  Keeping the ACC together and doing it again on their terms -- Colonel Jessup  03/02/2015 4:01PM
  I'll believe in the ACCN when, and only when, ... -- Atlee Hokie  03/02/2015 8:30PM
  ESPN wants all on ABC/ESPN. ** -- VTBB  03/02/2015 3:03PM
  Re: ESPN wants all on ABC/ESPN.  -- SoCloseHokie  03/02/2015 3:08PM
  Now with no specifics(Not asking who) what part has legs? -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 7:31PM
  Per the Moonda post ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/02/2015 7:42PM
  Cool, thanks... ** -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 8:22PM
  BYU to B12 and WVU to ACC (as a 16th) is interesting -- Colonel Jessup  03/02/2015 2:52PM
  I definitely like the add WVU/ND scenario as for pods.... -- CrystalCoveHokie  03/03/2015 3:18PM
  ND on line 1. We ain't comin no more ** -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 3:53PM
  That would be great from a rivalry perspective... -- Calamitous  03/03/2015 12:50AM
  I thought of an arrangment like that but stopped short -- Colonel Jessup  03/03/2015 1:57PM
  I would like have WVU over UC -- Victor Tango  03/02/2015 6:20PM
  The only problem with UC is the location of the city -- VTHokie2000  03/02/2015 7:40PM
  Ohio State owns all the Ohio TV markets. -- Old Line Hokie  03/02/2015 11:32PM
  Yep. In Ohio, it's Ohio State, Bengals/Browns, the rest... -- reestuart  03/03/2015 11:52AM
  I wasn't looking at from the standpoint -- VTHokie2000  03/03/2015 11:31AM
  When I was in Pittsburgh for wedding the weekend of UNC game... -- FlyFishingHokie  03/03/2015 12:36PM
  That is an interesting piece of information to learn. -- VTHokie2000  03/03/2015 1:59PM
  You can bet I was very disappointed and concerned about ACC image ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/03/2015 2:44PM
  One other thought to remember -- CobbCountyHokie  03/02/2015 1:28PM
  Here is what is interesting to me about this rumored deal -- CobbCountyHokie  03/02/2015 1:21PM
  I wonder... -- mancunian  03/02/2015 2:14PM
  Re: I wonder... -- Hokies4Life  03/03/2015 10:01AM
  Re: the 3:30 window, wouldn't ESPN get the top picks? -- Colonel Jessup  03/02/2015 1:47PM
  The theory is that ESPN would still be the Tier I holder -- CobbCountyHokie  03/02/2015 1:53PM
  Thanks... We need a highlight poster option. ** -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 8:23PM
  Had the same thought about leverage play.  -- VTBB  03/02/2015 1:39PM
  Dick Enberg and Merlin Olsen doing VT games is going to be awesome. -- Maroon Baboon  03/02/2015 11:13AM
  Isn't Merlin deceased? ** -- GreatSmokieHokie  03/02/2015 11:22AM
  2010 -- Maroon Baboon  03/02/2015 12:02PM
  That's why it will be awesome ** -- WestyHokie  03/02/2015 11:49AM
  Too much schtick out there that quality broadcasting gets lost. -- Maroon Baboon  03/02/2015 2:49PM
  You are looking live... ** -- dallasvt  03/02/2015 12:56PM
  And the intro song and goofy graphics (link) -- Colonel Jessup  03/02/2015 1:44PM
  "Just getting your bell rung" Take a few plays off! ** -- FlyFishingHokie  03/02/2015 5:28PM
  The good ol' days of the NFL. I always liked NBC's... -- Old Line Hokie  03/02/2015 4:11PM
  NBC 1979 Milder Version -- Old Line Hokie  03/02/2015 4:13PM
  Hope this rumor has some fire to it.  -- WildTurkey  03/02/2015 08:37AM
  Is it smart to part from ESPN? -- VTBB  03/02/2015 10:40AM
  I wouldn't worry about ESPN's SEC-pimping -- Maroon Baboon  03/02/2015 11:10AM
  People love to identify "agendas" but ESPN hypes the best -- Colonel Jessup  03/02/2015 12:55PM
  A "country mile"? Just shows what hype can do... ** -- marcbvtgm  03/03/2015 11:42AM
  The SEC may be the best conference by a country mile -- VTHokie2000  03/02/2015 1:27PM
  Can't get much worse. It would be nice to have NBC pimping ACC. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  03/02/2015 10:46AM
  Too good to check! -- mancunian  03/02/2015 08:19AM
  Re: Too good to check! -- BalmerHokie  03/02/2015 11:25PM
  Actually in a warped way interesting  -- Mercury  03/02/2015 06:19AM
  It must be the off season ** -- goldendomer  03/01/2015 11:15PM
  Now if you said this had teeth, I'd believe it, or.... -- Calamitous  03/02/2015 12:19AM
  I would be absolutely shocked if this is the way it went down -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 12:33AM
  Re: I would be absolutely shocked if this is the way it went down -- SoCloseHokie  03/02/2015 06:35AM
  Very interesting read -- ahokie4u  03/01/2015 9:21PM
  Comcast is a monster -- CobbCountyHokie  03/02/2015 1:25PM
  Thanks as always -- ahokie4u  03/02/2015 8:19PM
  It would be a smart move if they retain all the rights Raycom -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 10:29AM
  If 81 said it, Book it! -- ScottyHeel  03/01/2015 8:55PM
  NBC? As long as the source isn't Brian Williams, I'll play along. -- Maroon Baboon  03/01/2015 10:18PM
  I assume his source is one of our tweeting mega boosters... ** -- goldendomer  03/01/2015 11:19PM
  Re: I assume his source is one of our tweeting mega boosters... -- ScottyHeel  03/02/2015 07:34AM
  But did he stay at a Holiday Inn ? :) -- goldendomer  03/02/2015 09:53AM
  Nope ** -- ScottyHeel  03/01/2015 10:12PM
  Saw it earlier today. It's an interesting idea. -- HOO86  03/01/2015 7:44PM
  Not saying it's impossible.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/01/2015 11:07PM
  In theory, does ESPN have any say? -- BUGGZY  03/01/2015 11:29PM
  I think the stars are aligned for it to happen. ** -- moonda  03/01/2015 8:16PM
  Fresno State AD Bartko's vision... -- Calamitous  03/01/2015 12:18PM
  I don't believe the P-5 will always have 65 schools.... -- Old Line Hokie  03/01/2015 5:38PM
  I agree that communications technology will change but... -- Old Line Hokie  03/01/2015 5:29PM
  Why I think the p5 will be permanent in our lifetime -- ren_hoek  02/28/2015 12:56PM
  Depending on how old you are, I might agree. -- Atlee Hokie  03/02/2015 8:38PM
  No way, bubble's bout to burst on bigtime fball.  -- chuckd4vt  03/01/2015 07:28AM
  This is why the B1G is in trouble.  -- HOO86  03/01/2015 1:03PM
  It won't take 15 to 20 years. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  03/01/2015 08:20AM
  Re: Not sure how long  -- SoCloseHokie  03/01/2015 07:52AM
  Re: Why I think the p5 will be permanent in our lifetime -- SoCloseHokie  02/28/2015 1:25PM
  What is a "renegade education"? -- Calamitous  03/01/2015 5:44PM
  My $0.02 on degree values -- ren_hoek  03/01/2015 6:17PM
  They can ditch Texas but not their little brother schools -- ren_hoek  02/28/2015 1:47PM
  The only constant is change. :) ** -- Edgeman  02/28/2015 1:38PM
  Something to think about. -- SoCloseHokie  02/28/2015 09:48AM
  Why not BYU, Navy and Air Force for FB only  -- SoCloseHokie  02/28/2015 09:42AM
  No new $$$ ** -- BROman Hokie  02/28/2015 10:56AM
  Don't know about those three, but I can see 3 6-team divs working...` -- Freddyburg Hokie  02/28/2015 09:53AM
  Hell, let's just do 3x5 with what we have now... -- BUGGZY  02/28/2015 5:33PM
  An all in ND playing < full conf sched=dumbest idea ever -- ren_hoek  02/28/2015 8:44PM
  Jeff Fischel from ACCDN comments about the ACC Network -- HOO86  02/27/2015 10:42PM
  I think the catalyst for movement is -- ScottyHeel  02/28/2015 5:27PM
  Amazing that your perception that acc is the weak one -- Mercury  02/27/2015 12:00PM
  I agree that the Big 12 is weaker than than the ACC... -- Old Line Hokie  02/27/2015 2:12PM
  The BIG 12 is TEXAS toy. ** -- SoCloseHokie  02/28/2015 09:49AM
  It would all depend on how things shake out -- corvt2000  02/27/2015 2:22PM
  My plan -- CrystalCoveHokie  02/27/2015 11:13AM
  3 superconferences would be good. B1G. SEC. PAC. -- Maroon Baboon  02/27/2015 10:45AM
  Here ya go... -- Vippie1  02/27/2015 10:22AM
  22 is the magic number for the B1G imho. -- Maroon Baboon  02/27/2015 10:40AM
  Several points -- Vippie1  02/27/2015 4:05PM
  Your UVA/VT and UNC/Duke blocks don't make sense.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  02/27/2015 10:17AM
  It does makes sense- it is called leverage -- Vippie1  02/27/2015 4:11PM
  Except if you notice the current expansion trend -- VTHokie2000  02/27/2015 6:08PM
  Multilple-team states might be causing gridlock -- Maroon Baboon  02/27/2015 6:41PM
  The Commonwealth may or may not be in good shape -- VTHokie2000  02/27/2015 10:23PM
  I have no answer to your question. -- Maroon Baboon  02/27/2015 10:58PM
  The one reason I am bearish about VT's options  -- VTHokie2000  02/28/2015 08:35AM
  If VT is the best school available to them, they will take us. -- Maroon Baboon  02/28/2015 10:34PM
  Except that "best" is highly subjective. -- VTHokie2000  03/01/2015 10:21PM
  I'd switch Syracuse and Wake WRT your plan. ** -- Maroon Baboon  02/27/2015 10:08AM
  If the ACC ever broke up, I see thngs looking like this... -- Old Line Hokie  02/27/2015 10:03AM
  I could see Duke dropping FB and going to the BE -- corvt2000  02/27/2015 2:36PM
  Duke is spending $100 million in stadium renovations.. -- Old Line Hokie  02/27/2015 3:28PM
  Renovation is a wonderful design. -- Mercury  02/28/2015 6:22PM
  $90 million of which should go towards bathroom construction ** -- Nortazhokie  02/27/2015 6:24PM
  I agree they will go no where, but 100 million in P- 5 football -- goldendomer  02/27/2015 3:46PM
  Yep, but that $100 million investment will make more money. -- Old Line Hokie  02/27/2015 3:54PM
  Finally. Wallace Wade has needed this for a while.  -- HOO86  02/27/2015 5:39PM
  WRT your plan, I think the B1G should also go after Clemson. -- Maroon Baboon  02/27/2015 10:16AM
  My pipe dream -- Victor Tango  02/27/2015 09:48AM
  2 ways VT gets in B1G. -- Maroon Baboon  02/27/2015 3:44PM
  I agree. Tech could also cozy up with the presidents of the B1G... -- Old Line Hokie  02/27/2015 4:12PM
  Curious. Why do some think Big10 would want both VT and UVA? ** -- Femoyer Hokie  02/27/2015 09:42AM
  Doubtful. That doesn't fit the B10N model. -- Edgeman  02/28/2015 1:41PM
  If the BTN and SECN are already available in VA and NC -- VTHokie2000  03/02/2015 1:35PM
  Your design is pretty solid and makes sense. ** -- hokie4ever  02/27/2015 09:37AM
  2014 College Football TV Ratings -- HOO86  02/25/2015 6:38PM
  Seems meaningless unless you compare like time slots -- jms41  02/26/2015 8:39PM
  If VT played FSU and ND last season, we would be ranked much higher  -- Lakeridgehokie  02/26/2015 11:20AM
  It cannot be understated how important broadcast TV is for ratings -- CobbCountyHokie  02/26/2015 10:21AM
  Doesn't matter what the time or channel is... -- ACCJesse  02/26/2015 7:47PM
  Can VT carry an 8 pm national broadcast by itself??? -- PadrosWindup  02/26/2015 6:51PM
  WVU number 27... -- ACCJesse  02/25/2015 7:44PM
  They don't bring a big market.... -- VTBB  02/26/2015 2:49PM
  We played the National Champions! -- ACCJesse  02/26/2015 7:30PM
  Something to consider with WVU is the location of the school -- VTHokie2000  02/26/2015 9:31PM
  Good points ** -- ACCJesse  02/26/2015 9:38PM
  My guess is that the reason is smaller sample size -- HOO86  02/25/2015 7:52PM
  What the other 4 conferences need is a sexy product.... -- Calamitous  02/25/2015 8:40PM
  As long as BYU insists no student shall play on Sundays... -- A3genhokie  02/28/2015 06:37AM
  When Hawaii cancels football, they can just join the MWC -- Truthahn  02/25/2015 12:36PM
  Since Hawai'i is a football-only member -- VTHokie2000  02/25/2015 1:11PM
  Utep -- hardcorpshokie  02/25/2015 3:09PM
  UTEP could be a good fit for the MWC. -- VTHokie2000  02/25/2015 3:40PM
  True but it sets up BYU/AFA In the champ game against BSU ** -- hardcorpshokie  02/25/2015 4:46PM
  If UTEP were to replace Hawai'i as the 12th member -- VTHokie2000  02/25/2015 5:29PM
  Divisions are for football only. ACC does fine with 15. -- hardcorpshokie  02/25/2015 11:52PM
  This season the MAC and OVC are using divisions in basketball -- VTHokie2000  02/26/2015 01:44AM
  Youre absolutely correct -- hardcorpshokie  02/26/2015 1:26PM
  You are assuming that Hawai'i is able to sustain  -- VTHokie2000  02/26/2015 2:26PM
  BYU and ND should start their own nationwide conference. -- Maroon Baboon  02/25/2015 09:58AM
  Re: BYU and ND should start their own nationwide conference. -- Old Line Hokie  02/25/2015 11:34AM
  When the Grim Reaper (B1G) comes for the ACC, will ND... -- Maroon Baboon  02/25/2015 10:54AM
  UVA/VT would definitely have to be a package deal -- I85Hokie  02/26/2015 08:08AM
  I think the package deal part is  -- mancunian  02/26/2015 1:57PM
  I agree, but with one caveat. I think our relationship with UVa... -- Maroon Baboon  02/25/2015 3:07PM
  Agree with you. ** -- hokie4ever  02/25/2015 2:54PM
  I doubt ND would be okay with that, I assume FSU would be  -- goldendomer  02/25/2015 2:54PM
  IMHO, I think the ACC is safe fo another 11-12 years.. -- Old Line Hokie  02/25/2015 12:59PM
  Re: IMHO, I think the ACC is safe fo another 11-12 years.. -- SoCloseHokie  02/25/2015 2:48PM
  Prefer SEC. Long history going back to original So Con ** -- maddogbob  02/25/2015 7:16PM
  If only the dead weight would be left behind... -- Maroon Baboon  02/25/2015 3:46PM
  Re: If only the dead weight would be left behind... -- SoCloseHokie  02/25/2015 4:37PM
  If Clemson and FSU stuck around, it would be fine I guess. ** -- Maroon Baboon  02/25/2015 5:05PM
  This has to be an open question after the Maryland departure. ** -- Maroon Baboon  02/25/2015 11:18AM
  The Big 12's GOR ends after the 2024-25 season... -- Old Line Hokie  02/24/2015 6:44PM
  They can be #16 when ND goes all in in the ACC....TIC (kinda) ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  02/24/2015 6:08PM
  Wonder what ND would think if ACC somehow brought BYU and NAVY... -- Maroon Baboon  02/25/2015 09:47AM
  BYU wouldn't make a bad football only. -- HOO86  02/24/2015 7:45PM
  BC is my nomination for worst ** -- FlyFishingHokie  02/24/2015 8:31PM
  I'd trade Louisville for BC as the designated rival. -- HOO86  02/24/2015 9:05PM
  I would take that BC for UL trade. BC is boring and lame -- hokie4ever  02/25/2015 08:43AM
  Don't mind the trade, but I disagree with the intensity part... -- Old Line Hokie  02/25/2015 10:00AM
  I'd trade either for BYU ** -- CrystalCoveHokie  02/24/2015 10:08PM
  I'll trade WVU for UL, BC or any other future options... -- Calamitous  02/24/2015 11:24PM
  "Year of Readiness" *Update* -- goldendomer  02/24/2015 2:46PM
  Sounds like it would be DOA at the NCAA level. -- Truthahn  02/25/2015 12:42PM
  I agree the payout differences aren't as wide as some suggest... -- Old Line Hokie  02/24/2015 4:48PM
  No doubt money is a big piece of the equation,.... -- 2hhoop3  02/25/2015 09:21AM
  Tech appeared to do okay during the transition period... -- Old Line Hokie  02/25/2015 11:18AM
  I don't know what % of their revenue comes from TV.. -- Old Line Hokie  02/24/2015 6:26PM
  Dunno, but I'd guess a whole lot. ** -- reestuart  02/24/2015 9:35PM
  The Big Ten is loaded with good to great coaches right now. -- reestuart  02/24/2015 1:35PM
  WRT the ACC supporting VT in academics... -- Calamitous  02/23/2015 8:25PM
  Sands is running the shop and HIS team -- Mercury  02/25/2015 07:34AM
  I wish all 65 P-5 schools could start all over... -- Old Line Hokie  02/23/2015 10:07PM
  That would be a nice conference.... -- Old Line Hokie  02/24/2015 2:00PM
  We are right where we belong, geographically and culturally. -- Hokie Dale  02/23/2015 8:08PM
  I agree with Dale. -- Maroon Doom  02/23/2015 10:53PM
  Do our part? We carried the ACC for a decade. -- chuckd4vt  02/24/2015 12:37AM
  We proved we cannot be a flag bearer for a major conference ** -- Colonel Jessup  02/24/2015 09:30AM
  We won some ACC titles and then promptly laid  -- Maroon Doom  02/24/2015 01:00AM
  Yep. And Maryland was stuck in the league for 20 yrs too.  -- chuckd4vt  02/24/2015 03:02AM
  Not correct.  -- 2hhoop3  02/24/2015 08:18AM
  Maryland is doing well in their first Big 10 season. -- Old Line Hokie  02/24/2015 11:04AM
  Re: Maryland is doing well in their first Big 10 season. -- 2hhoop3  02/24/2015 11:12AM
  The BiG and SEC will continue to get better in all Olympic sports.. -- FlyFishingHokie  02/24/2015 1:13PM
  So you're saying the SEC finally sponsors men's soccer... -- Old Line Hokie  02/24/2015 2:13PM
  When Tech joined the ACC, I was happy. -- Old Line Hokie  02/23/2015 11:49AM
  I never had a warm-fuzzy feeling about joining the ACC. -- Maroon Baboon  02/24/2015 09:48AM
  The ACC should've expanded to 12 in late 1980's with.. -- Old Line Hokie  02/24/2015 10:46AM
  That would have worked out well. -- HOO86  02/24/2015 8:58PM
  Question on SC...... -- 2hhoop3  02/25/2015 11:19AM
  Re: The ACC should've expanded to 12 in late 1980's with.. -- 2hhoop3  02/24/2015 11:53AM
  Based on Old Line's proposal -- VTHokie2000  02/24/2015 12:11PM
  Having 4 schools from 1 state the size of NC may be too much. -- VTHokie2000  02/24/2015 1:47PM
  Stanford/Cal and USC/UCLA are in major population centers w/in... -- Maroon Baboon  02/24/2015 2:54PM
  38 million versus 10 million residents... -- Calamitous  02/24/2015 6:44PM
  I don't disagree with you. -- VTHokie2000  02/24/2015 3:32PM
  True,William & Mary might have had a better chance than us. ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  02/24/2015 11:08AM
  WRT UVA going private -- VTHokie2000  02/23/2015 4:43PM
  Penn ST, PITT and Temple are semi-private universities.  -- seekoHoG  02/23/2015 7:30PM
  Is the Cornell model feasible for UVA though? -- VTHokie2000  02/24/2015 12:30PM
  Best options for VT, IMO, are the ACC with a good TV deal... -- reestuart  02/23/2015 10:29AM
  If one more school leaves, it WILL cause a ripple effect. -- Maroon Baboon  02/24/2015 09:22AM
  EXACTLY. UVA might do better not competing directly w/ VT. ** -- chuckd4vt  02/24/2015 03:11AM
  "direct competition with VT" isn't their problem. -- Maroon Baboon  02/24/2015 09:29AM
  Disagree. I think UVA would happily say goodbye. Seriously.  -- chuckd4vt  02/23/2015 2:02PM
  You Forget Football $ Drives the Ship  -- VT Rockie  02/23/2015 4:31PM
  Football may drive the ship for VT  -- VTHokie2000  02/23/2015 4:57PM
  I don't think a weakened ACC (made so by our departure), and... -- Maroon Baboon  02/23/2015 3:07PM
  UVA leaving the ACC is way worse for the ACC than VT leaving ** -- jesuisvtguy  02/23/2015 9:14PM
  Yes. But both are bad news for the ACC. ** -- Maroon Baboon  02/24/2015 10:09AM
  3 schools the ACC can't afford to lose: UNC, FSU and UVa ** -- Calamitous  02/23/2015 9:27PM
  Okay, I'll bite. Why those three? -- Freddyburg Hokie  02/24/2015 2:23PM
  Vt has alread planning where it too be -- Mercury  02/23/2015 05:32AM
  Almost every major university has aggressive strategic plans. -- Old Line Hokie  02/23/2015 10:49AM
  Henry Hill (Goodfellas) and the BC point shaving scandal... -- Calamitous  02/23/2015 8:35PM
  Don't disagree with much of your post the B10 started as the result of an  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  02/23/2015 7:02PM
  That's completely backwards  -- Pylons  02/23/2015 9:31PM
  Ok ** -- Pylons  02/24/2015 08:04AM
  The connection is much more perception than reality ** -- Pylons  02/23/2015 11:34AM
  "Legislation should put pressure" on Big XII to invite Houston -- Calamitous  02/21/2015 10:43PM
  They're the New York Yankees of college football... -- Calamitous  02/22/2015 8:35PM
  No worries I was being overly sensitive -- goldendomer  02/22/2015 7:49PM
  Get a room. Please!! ** -- Femoyer Hokie  02/23/2015 09:09AM
  OK. Time for a group hug! :) ** -- VT ChemE 1986  02/22/2015 10:30PM
  I don't drink but will toast a Diet Pepsi... :) ** -- goldendomer  02/23/2015 2:46PM
  Where there's a will, there's a way.... -- Old Line Hokie  02/22/2015 11:06AM
  That is old tactics, now is strategic partnerships -- Mercury  02/22/2015 2:53PM
  Don't underestimate some schools' ability and will to survive. ** -- Old Line Hokie  02/22/2015 4:00PM
  For example... Virginia Tech from 1953 to 2004 ** -- Calamitous  02/22/2015 4:18PM
  The athletic environment today is completely alien to 1953-2004. -- Atlee Hokie  02/23/2015 07:35AM
  Is that you Hillary? ** -- hokie4ever  02/22/2015 6:34PM
  I'd agree no urgency on ND or ACC to have them jon for football until they  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  02/22/2015 3:39PM
  I think you mentioned this in the thread below... -- Calamitous  02/22/2015 11:13AM
  Stop confusing athletic success and academic success -- Perfesser  02/22/2015 12:24PM
  Easy for a guy like me to lose this in translation... -- Calamitous  02/22/2015 1:27PM
  Best way for the P-5 to shut out all the other wannabes... -- Old Line Hokie  02/22/2015 11:25AM
  Schools like UConn, BYU, and Cincinnati want ... -- Old Line Hokie  02/22/2015 11:42AM
  Maybe... but the payout will probably increase. -- crabcake77  02/22/2015 11:30AM
  Yep, another way the P-5 could force Notre Dame.. -- Old Line Hokie  02/22/2015 11:15AM
  I use the term "shrewd" without passion or prejudice -- Maroon Baboon  02/22/2015 1:01PM
  WRT your first point, had Ole Miss and Bama ran the table after... -- Maroon Baboon  02/22/2015 12:55PM
  No evidence? How bout the their FIRST ever poll? -- Maroon Baboon  02/22/2015 1:43PM
  And we saw the SEC was waaaaaaaaaaay overated last year -- Edgeman  02/22/2015 3:15PM
  How would we know? -- Edgeman  02/22/2015 6:38PM
  I can see 2 teams from 1 conference making sense.. -- Old Line Hokie  02/22/2015 2:19PM
  It's already happening (LINK) -- crabcake77  02/21/2015 11:56PM
  Fair enough, but... -- crabcake77  02/22/2015 11:12AM
  Yep. The UH prez is fighting windmills here. ** -- Maroon Baboon  02/22/2015 10:47AM
  Yup and I find Bowlsby's stance the more telling ** -- Calamitous  02/22/2015 09:51AM
  The state of Texas has no. Authority here -- Mercury  02/22/2015 12:21AM
  I agree. But I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. -- Maroon Baboon  02/21/2015 11:41PM
  What you say in your 2nd paragraph is what bothers me too... -- Calamitous  02/22/2015 09:26AM
  Oops. read my post above. I put my response there. sorry ** -- Maroon Baboon  02/22/2015 10:32AM
  So how far off does that make Clay Travis' shill? -- HOO86  02/21/2015 2:04PM
  To be fair, was that what he was protecting in year one? -- Freddyburg Hokie  02/22/2015 11:06PM
  Clay Travis is a few beers shy of a 6 pack ** -- ren_hoek  02/21/2015 7:15PM
  His wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead ** -- ren_hoek  02/21/2015 8:57PM
  He must have been using Steiner math... -- BROman Hokie  02/21/2015 5:30PM
  They'll be receiving $26 million payout this year.... -- Old Line Hokie  02/21/2015 4:25PM
  The sooner the better for the ACCN. -- HOO86  02/21/2015 4:57PM
  SEC 2014-15 year payout of $26 million per school. -- Old Line Hokie  02/21/2015 11:06AM
  Buckle up, the arms race is going to get costly ** -- goldendomer  02/21/2015 11:11AM
  I think ND will maintain independence until at least 2027... -- Calamitous  02/21/2015 6:43PM
  Think about this. (LINK ) -- Stech  02/21/2015 7:04PM
  Call me when the CFP committee leaves out an undefeated ND -- Maroon Baboon  02/21/2015 11:05PM
  They did this year. Who knows next year. -- Atlee Hokie  02/23/2015 07:43AM
  Notre Dame had a high football recruiting ranking this year.. -- Old Line Hokie  02/21/2015 8:33PM
  This ain't the 1980's. -- crabcake77  02/22/2015 07:35AM
  When NBC ends their contract with Notre Dame football... -- Old Line Hokie  02/21/2015 10:46PM
  It's possible for ND to fully join and keep its NBC deal. -- chuckd4vt  02/21/2015 11:45PM
  I can't say the B1G wouldn't like to see them stay independent. -- crabcake77  02/21/2015 11:16PM
  Crabcake you got it. -- Stech  02/21/2015 11:27PM
  That is unproven...We don't know if we would be left out.. -- goldendomer  02/21/2015 7:07PM
  ND will still get the recruits... -- Calamitous  02/21/2015 8:30PM
  Some would say one team showed up. ** -- goldendomer  02/21/2015 10:16PM
  You mean Duke who lost to a 2 loss Miami team?  -- Stech  02/21/2015 10:29PM
  Nope I looked it up. (LINK ) -- Stech  02/21/2015 11:02PM
  You're right it was 2 Big 10 teams. I remembered incorrectly ** -- goldendomer  02/21/2015 11:09PM
  Not necessarily true -- Perfesser  02/22/2015 10:15AM
  "Not necessarily true" =/= "untrue" -- Perfesser  02/22/2015 1:59PM
  Access will require conference affiliation. ** -- crabcake77  02/22/2015 10:52AM
  Here's how it plays out. -- Perfesser  02/22/2015 2:38PM
  Like I said below... -- crabcake77  02/22/2015 3:25PM
  I hear ya', but... -- crabcake77  02/22/2015 1:07PM
  I don't think it's a stretch to say that... -- crabcake77  02/22/2015 1:41PM
  ND draws mostly from the NE and Midwest -- Perfesser  02/22/2015 2:14PM
  I understand all of the things you just said, but... -- crabcake77  02/22/2015 2:42PM
  Since when is recruiting about proof? -- crabcake77  02/21/2015 7:11PM
  The more I hear our admin I don't think it matters to them. -- goldendomer  02/21/2015 4:34PM
  Is it possible that the number of football independents... -- Old Line Hokie  02/21/2015 5:58PM
  Gooble Gobble one of us, one of us... -- crabcake77  02/21/2015 5:31PM
  Why would the conferences allow ND to take a playoff spot... -- crabcake77  02/21/2015 4:34PM
  Recruiting against ND made easy: -- crabcake77  02/21/2015 5:03PM
  Not take away, earn if undefeated. otherwise not likely -- goldendomer  02/21/2015 4:41PM
  Earn's got nuthin' to do with it. -- crabcake77  02/21/2015 4:48PM
  We have a recent data point for ACC basketball -- HOO86  02/21/2015 11:51AM
  There was no way the ACC was going before the SEC. -- Stech  02/21/2015 4:26PM
  Had hoped ESPN was going to pitch the ACCN with the SECN -- Edgeman  02/21/2015 4:38PM
  Very True. And the wait should not be much longer. -- HOO86  02/21/2015 2:39PM
  As you already know, this is all football driven... -- Old Line Hokie  02/21/2015 11:24AM
  I've never heard of FSU threatening over Louisville -- HOO86  02/21/2015 5:58PM
  The problem is that FSU IS the ACC's football product -- Calamitous  02/21/2015 4:55PM
  Clemson doing fine against SEC and big bowls. VT is -- Stech  02/21/2015 11:12PM
  ??? -- SoCloseHokie  02/20/2015 08:41AM
  Re: The only school in Nashville I would want to add is Vandy. -- SoCloseHokie  02/21/2015 04:30AM
  I traveled to MTSU for a VT preseason NIT game around 1987 -- Tailgate Guru  02/20/2015 4:48PM
  Rather take my chances with Memphis than MTSU. -- Old Line Hokie  02/20/2015 1:43PM
  Conference Members with Tech since 1895 -- Old Line Hokie  02/19/2015 2:46PM
  More information about previous conference memberships... -- Old Line Hokie  02/20/2015 7:09PM
  Yep, minus Sewanee and Washington and Lee ;) ** -- Old Line Hokie  02/20/2015 1:49PM
  Those Generals will get after ya!!! tic ** -- Calamitous  02/20/2015 4:27PM
  They used to...went to a Gator and an Orange Bowl in the 50's ** -- HENRICO HOKIE  02/20/2015 5:43PM
  And W&M was also a powerhouse back then... -- Calamitous  02/20/2015 6:31PM
  Re: And W&M was also a powerhouse back then... -- SoCloseHokie  02/21/2015 04:32AM
  Certainly has been a long and winding road, hasn't it? ** -- Calamitous  02/19/2015 11:30PM
  Alphabetical order conference mates since 1921 -- Old Line Hokie  02/19/2015 2:52PM
  B1G, ACC, PAC looking at making freshmen ineligible -- goldendomer  02/19/2015 2:45PM
  I think the only thing that would really work is if the school forfits a  -- anotherdamnyankeehokie  02/20/2015 10:59AM
  It is only about basketball. ** -- hokiebob01  02/20/2015 09:14AM
  Bluff to make NBAPA raise minimum age? ** -- Colonel Jessup  02/19/2015 9:37PM
  Why would that change the NBAPA stance? ** -- marcbvtgm  02/20/2015 10:47AM
  This punishes the innocent with the guilty. -- Maroon Baboon  02/19/2015 7:58PM
  Your two statements aren't the same. -- Atlee Hokie  02/19/2015 11:18PM
  Yup. Surprising how many "A" HS students struggle in college -- Perfesser  02/20/2015 08:10AM
  That would hurt Kentucky basketball. ** -- Old Line Hokie  02/19/2015 2:55PM
  UK is a notorious one and done program. Who are some others? -- Calamitous  02/19/2015 7:48PM
  Duke copying it now on a smaller scale... ** -- HOKIESHARK  02/20/2015 07:36AM
  Yep, take out their starting 5 every year. -- Edgeman  02/19/2015 3:13PM
  They would have to go to Europe because of the one -- goldendomer  02/19/2015 3:18PM
  Notice the two worst Academic conferences aren't included ** -- goldendomer  02/19/2015 3:12PM
  Looks like Bob Bowlsby supports it too... -- Calamitous  02/19/2015 7:28PM
  Glad Bowlsby does, bit surprised ** -- goldendomer  02/19/2015 7:42PM
  PSU and money making Hockey -- SoCloseHokie  02/17/2015 2:17PM
  Pegula Ice Arena is a nice facility. -- Old Line Hokie  02/17/2015 6:17PM
  Lacrosse First, Then Hockey -- Truthahn  02/17/2015 7:33PM
  I think ND has ice hockey too. ** -- Edgeman  02/18/2015 1:17PM
  Yep and NBC sports carries all our home games -- goldendomer  02/18/2015 2:17PM
  Part of the penn state push was to have a B1G hockey conference -- Jerseyhokie29  02/18/2015 11:14AM
  Cuse fans wish they had baseball and wrestling. -- Old Line Hokie  02/17/2015 9:58PM
  Here's another crazy part of the story... -- stuboy  02/17/2015 8:34PM
  VT needs a guy like that. ** -- PadrosWindup  02/18/2015 3:07PM
  He ended up giving over $100M. I read about it -- reestuart  02/17/2015 7:57PM
  VT friends and graduates have to step it up -- Mercury  02/18/2015 12:37PM
  Re: VT friends and graduates have to step it up -- SoCloseHokie  02/19/2015 09:03AM
  Uva has about 4.5 billion endowment -- Mercury  02/20/2015 09:00AM
  Dr. Sands has a good foundation, inthat -- wasris  02/19/2015 2:07PM
  Keep in mind that NACUBO growth rates are for a single year -- Perfesser  02/20/2015 11:01AM
  20% was a nice jump, but that may not be the norm. ** -- Calamitous  02/20/2015 11:58AM
  Gary Patterson wants to expand to 6 team playoff -- goldendomer  02/17/2015 12:02PM
  May be greed, but expanding to 8 is the right thing too -- Vippie1  02/18/2015 12:07PM
  A lesson learned in basketball -- Hotus  02/20/2015 09:40AM
  6 what an odd number to pick. Did he say why 6? ** -- Stech  02/17/2015 6:47PM
  Could it be b/c his team came in 6th in the last commitee vote ??? ** -- HokieinClemson  02/18/2015 11:09AM
  5 Auto bids(P-5) and an at large ** -- goldendomer  02/17/2015 10:20PM
  Pass on that. ** -- reestuart  02/17/2015 11:04PM
  I don't think it'll stop at 4 unless ACC and/or BigXII disband.  -- Maroon Baboon  02/17/2015 4:47PM
  Let's talk about the impact of digital TV such as sling -- CobbCountyHokie  02/17/2015 12:37AM
  I was on Dish, but went to Comcast because of internet -- The_VT_Rock  02/18/2015 09:05AM
  Main point -- The_VT_Rock  02/18/2015 09:32AM
  I have DirecTV, and I enjoy it. However, I would much prefer to have a  -- JohnsonCItyHokie  02/17/2015 11:19PM
  W/ the NFL in their back pocket, DTV is gonna be fine ** -- BROman Hokie  02/17/2015 6:21PM
  Thanks for coming back -- ahokie4u  02/17/2015 12:40PM
  I've been thinking about that $5 Sports Pack too. -- ScottyHeel  02/17/2015 09:20AM
  2 more Cobb questions -- ScottyHeel  02/18/2015 10:28AM
  2 More Answers -- CobbCountyHokie  02/18/2015 1:12PM
  Re: 2 More Answers -- ScottyHeel  02/18/2015 4:25PM
  Here is why a relaunch would work -- CobbCountyHokie  02/19/2015 2:12PM
  I agree with you ** -- WestyHokie  02/19/2015 2:30PM
  For me, Fios/DVR allows for binge watching -- Colonel Jessup  02/17/2015 10:09AM
  Definitely not free but we will always want it and pay for it -- Colonel Jessup  02/17/2015 1:23PM
  Acc been in this sector much longer -- Mercury  02/17/2015 07:08AM
  Baseball is Here! and ESPN is jumping in heavily. -- HOO86  02/15/2015 5:53PM
  Number crunchers please help me understand -- Vippie1  02/16/2015 11:18AM
  Concerns about production quality... -- Old Line Hokie  02/16/2015 5:58PM
  Just out of interest.... -- Calamitous  02/17/2015 12:06PM
  My gut is this ... -- Perfesser  02/17/2015 2:28PM
  Need better camera angles not being shot thru back screens. ** -- Femoyer Hokie  02/15/2015 7:39PM
  I noticed Boston College won't be hosting any... -- Old Line Hokie  02/15/2015 7:36PM
  I often see ACC baseball is on CSN in DC. It would get more views  -- Colonel Jessup  02/17/2015 10:14AM
  I live 3 miles from Clemson's baseball park, but I would rather -- HokieinClemson  02/16/2015 09:06AM
  True. Some may get 4K and the SEC may draw a little more... -- Calamitous  02/15/2015 7:34PM
  LIke to thank -- SoCloseHokie  02/15/2015 12:59PM
  My thanks to all of you coming back- I like your stuff- -- KnoxHokie  02/16/2015 10:42PM
  Thanks to everyone who contributes to this board! ** -- Old Line Hokie  02/16/2015 10:12PM
  Stech Cobb hoo86 all make board -- ahokie4u  02/16/2015 8:52PM
  I feel like we need a group hug...or something -- CobbCountyHokie  02/17/2015 12:05AM
  Glad You decided to stick around... -- Calamitous  02/17/2015 10:40AM
  This cable high speed internet of which you speak.... -- Freddyburg Hokie  02/17/2015 12:21AM
  Thanks. ** -- PadrosWindup  02/16/2015 6:23PM
  It's a good board. I like it. ** -- HOO86  02/15/2015 5:54PM
  Don't forget about domer and scottyheel. ** -- moonda  02/15/2015 5:38PM

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