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I prefer Alewife in Baltimore over Max's

But Max's has the largest # of taps and a very longstanding tradition... they had a ton of taps way before the craft beer boom even began.

But Alewife has fantastic food and the stuff they do put on tap is really, really good.

[And I'm not saying Max's sucks or anything, by all means check it out and if you are a beer lover you will enjoy it. Just that if I had to put a Baltimore entry in the top 10 I'd go with Alewife]

My favorite beer bar might be the Hoppy Monk in El Paso which I visited two nights straight when out there for the Sun Bowl. You wouldn't expect a town like El Paso to have a place that great. But part of it was possibly that it had a lot of West Coast beers that I had never been able to get back east so that made it better.

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Posted: 04/21/2017 at 2:36PM

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