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Love Steph Curry...

I think he brings a skill set the NBA has never seen to the extent he performs said skill

However, it is very easy to look back, knowing what we know now, and say "yeah Steph Curry deserved a scholarship, what a bone head decision!" But there are 300+ other schools who would obviously make the same decision now too

So why is Steph Curry getting the fret thrown upon the situation as opposed to any other player who didn't get offered and went on to be an NBA Superstar (to my knowledge, Gordon Hayward didn't get a VT offer either...btw his situation with Purdue is decently similar to Curry/VT)

Obviously the answer is his close ties to the University. It worked out for Steph...but for every Stephen Curry, I've heard similar calls to offer Andrew Rowsey, Caleb Tanner and to a certain extent Mac McClung...all who have ties or live close by to VT

If VT were to have all 3 of those players on the roster, what 3 players off the current roster would you be willing to part with? I'm not actually sure I would trade any single player for any of the 3 at this point in their career...maybe Mac makes it and becomes the next Steph Curry, maybe he doesn't...but if he doesn't no one will talk about it, you only recognize the mishandling of Steph Curry due to his trajectory AFTER arriving in college

It's a crap shoot, but you trust your gut and look at the information you are provided in the limited amount you are allowed to evaluate a prospect...Greenberg missed that one, for sure...but so did everyone not named Bob McKillop or Ritchie McKay

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Posted: 07/03/2017 at 5:32PM

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